The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Episode 1

  • Tenement Building
  • Woodland Luxury Apartments
  • Bigby’s Apartment
  • Business Office
  • Lawrence’s Apartment
  • Toad’s Apartment
  • The Trip Trap Bar
  • Episode 2

  • Upper West Side Precinct
  • Woodlands Basement
  • Fabletown Business Office
  • Trip Trap Bar
  • Pudding and Pie
  • Open Arms Hotel

  • Open Arms Hotel

    When Nerissa gave away the key to the hotel, she gave Bigby room #204, not room #207. That complicates things. Standing in the lobby, there are a few tidbits to check out, but the main attraction is the bell.

    Ring it, and Beauty appears! Yep, she’s the one running the front desk of this grimy hotel. I covered for her once before, so I’ll cover for her again. Wolf tells Beauty that her secret is safe.

    Next, you’ll get a chance to grill her on several topics. Most importantly, Dee mentioned her in passing. Beauty reveals that she took out a loan with someone called the “Crooked Man” and the two brothers have been on her case to pay the loan back.

    When you’re done, Beauty will accompany Bigby upstairs.

    Instead of waiting around, I head straight for 207 at the end of the hall. Trying to open it, Beauty objects, but Wolf tells her this is the room Lily was in. Thankfully, there’s no need to knock the door down, Beauty opens it.

    Except, the key doesn’t work. Not only that, but Beast appears down the hall. What are the odds he’d show up here? He isn’t happy, either.

    Beast thinks Beauty is cheating on him. A fight is inevitable. Duck [S] then weave [W] to escape his attacks, before mashing [Q] and choosing a direction. After two rounds of smashing Beast into the walls, Beauty will try to stop the fight.

    It doesn’t last. Beast goes for a pipe. Once he’s down on the ground, Bigby can choose to hit him while he’s down. Beauty and Beast won’t forget that.

    With one last lunge, Bigby knocks Beast through the door to room #207. The bloody bed is proof that a murder took place here. Beauty was on duty, but admits she didn’t see anything.

    The room is full of things to examine. Let’s start with the bed. The sheets are covered in blood and lilacs. Comparing the lilacs with the one from Lily’s body shows that they match.

    On the floor near the window, there’s an apple. Nothing special, but picking it up places Bigby next to the desk. On the right corner, take the odd cassette tape and use it with the cassette player on the night stand.

    It’s just music. On the table next to the desk, examine the story book. Many of the pages are marked with sticky notes… is this how the killer picked his targets? Turn the page, and suggest that the apple was how the killer acted out the scene in the book.

    On the desk, the killer also brought wine. He’s a smoker, too. Be on the lookout for smokers of “Huff and Puff” – it might just be important.

    Finally, let’s check the closet. Connect the dress, the apple, and the glass coffin to the story in the book to completely connect each piece of evidence.

    Before leaving, Bigby discovers an envelope in the closet. The photos inside are all of Snow, from years back. This is a long-term stalker.

    And for the big reveal, the final image shows the perpetrator himself. It’s Crane.

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