The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Episode 5

  • The Chapel
  • Out In The Open
  • Vagabonds
  • Face To Face
  • On Fairness
  • The Life Of A Good-For-Nothing

  • Face To Face

    Outside the Metalworks plant, Bigby can take a look at the parked limo or go straight inside. The car is indication enough that Crooked Man is inside, and waiting.

    Not shockingly, the door is locked. Mash the use key to snap the lock and get inside. It’s no problem for Bigby Wolf.

    Move down the hall and follow the catwalks left after opening the interior door to the main factory floor.

    Check out the torture rack and spy photos on the wall before entering the back office. Bloody Mary taunts from afar, so be prepared for a final confrontation.

    Inside the smaller office at the end of the path, examine the work bench to see where Crooked Man has been manufacturing silver bullets.

    Bloody Mary appears behind Bigby and taunts him to attack. Don’t choose the [Hit her] option just yet or you’ll miss a book entry.

    She opens herself up to a punch later. This begins to big fight, so strap in because this one is going to take some time.

    After missing his first punch, she’ll tackle Bigby to the ground. Dodge [Left] – don’t worry, if you miss, you’ll get another try. Try another punch, and she’ll disappear.

    You’ll get a choice to search high or low. I chose to search high, but it only makes a cosmetic difference to the battle. Frighteningly, Bloody Mary shows her true form.

    Try hitting her, but she proves too fast. Dodging every attempt and clinging to Bigby’s back. Mash the prompt until both of you fall to the floor below.

    Bigby isn’t about to hold back now. He becomes even more like an animal, but Mary has something up her sleeve. She can multiply.

    As they surround Wolf, pick your target and attack. Like before, you can survive multiple hits before failing, so just keep trying.

    Eventually, the army of copies swarms Bigby, surrounding him and pinning him to the ground as they cut him to ribbons.

    Mash the use key, and Bigby reveals one final transformation. This is his true form as the big bad wolf. Tear the Bloody Maries off and follow the prompts. The fight is turning and Bigby won’t give up just because of a few mis-timed QTEs.

    Wipe the floor with the clones until Bigby gives one massive roar, shattering all but one.

    As she dives, click the last Bloody Mary to end the battle and confront Crooked Man. He’s waiting in the office upstairs.

    One quick transition later, Bigby gets dressed and breaks in. Crooked Man is waiting with a silver-loaded revolver.

    Here, you can share a conversation with the crime boss, but it all boils down to one big decision. Bring him in or kill him here. It’s up to you. I chose to return to Snow with Crooked Man alive. Previously, I promised not to harm anyone else, and I mean to keep that promise.

    If you do choose to kill him, you’ll instead bring Crooked Man’s body in and defend your actions in front of the crowd.

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