The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Episode 5

  • The Chapel
  • Out In The Open
  • Vagabonds
  • Face To Face
  • On Fairness
  • The Life Of A Good-For-Nothing

  • On Fairness

    Whether you kill Crooked Man or bring him to the trial, everything Bigby has said or done will be called into question before the community. Everything changes drastically based on your decisions here, so speak carefully.

    One side demands justice, while the other begs for mercy and transparency. Play to either side of the crowd, but don’t try to play to both. You’ll lose them fast, and if you’re not careful the Crooked Man can go free.

    Because I brought Crooked Man in alive, Snow congratulates me while the crowd calls for punishment. Everything looks good now, but Crooked Man is known for his ability to turn everything around.

    As Snow accuses Crooked Man of murder, he explains that Georgie was behind it. I choose to defend my position, stating that Crooked Man gave the order. I don’t try to hide what happened to Georgie either. He died from his wounds after the fight.

    The crowd doesn’t want to hear it, but I allow Crooked Man to speak. First, he tries to argue that he had nothing to do with Georgie’s murders.

    I speak up, explaining that Georgie felt like he had no say in the matter. Georgie was afraid he’d be on the chopping block if he didn’t follow Crooked Man’s orders.

    He explains that he was more than helpful in his lair, and that his men only attacked out of loyalty. I counter that Crooked Man intimidates and threatens loyalty from everyone in town.

    Eventually, the conversation shifts and Crooked Man defends himself using Auntie Greenleaf. Be thankful if you chose not to burn down her tree – otherwise she won’t help out Bigby or Snow.

    Defend Snow and eventually the town will join her side against Crooked Man. Promise to do better and to fight the weakness that lead people into Crooked Man’s trap – but this isn’t over yet.

    Crooked Man switches the narrative – if he’s responsible for Georgie, Miss Snow is responsible for Bigby’s actions. This is where all of your dirty laundry comes out to dry, so be prepared to go over everything you’ve done so far.

    The plaintiff argues he was the only one to defend Fabletown from the fools in the Business Office… until Nerissa steps in to speak her piece.

    Nerissa was one of the slaves kept silent by the purple ribbon around her neck. But, the spell is broken thanks to Vivian’s sacrifice. Crooked Man seems shocked that she can speak her mind, only making him look more guilty.

    Snow and the crowd are sure of Crooked Man’s guilt after Nerissa explains she was around to hear the crime boss give the order to kill Faith and Lily. That’s enough for everyone, and after some discussion, the group agrees to give Wolf authority to choose the punishment.

    Whatever you choose, Crooked Man won’t go quietly. Fight him off with the use key, then make your final choice – rip his head off, throw him down the well, or lock him up.

    I chose to lock him up. Something about Nerissa’s story doesn’t add up, and there are still too many questions to make a judgement. Crooked Man is still evil, and reveals his true hatred for the community before taking his punishment. Whatever you pick, it’s too good for him.

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