The WoW Movie Will Be About The First Human/Orc War

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During a panel discussion of the upcoming World of WarCraft film at Blizzcon 2013, it was revealed by director Duncan Jones that the film will go back to the origins of the WoW universe, focusing on the original conflict between humans and orcs. Further, it was revealed that the characters Lothar and Durotan will both feature largely in the story.

“It is orcs versus humans, obviously, and for us the story that was most important to tell was an origin story of that first contact,” Jones told the crowd. “For us, me, and I think [Blizzard] would agree, the story to tell was between Lothar and Durotan.

For those (like myself) who aren’t gigantic Warcraft lore experts, Anduin Lothar AKA “the Lion of Azeroth”, introduced in Warcraft 2, was the leader of the Humans during the Warcraft universe’s second war. Durotan, the father of Orc leader Thrall, is an important background character who would have appeared first in the cancelled point and click game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans. These two characters have never interacted in the playable WarCraft universe, something admitted during the panel, but their respective roles within each race and the history of the series makes them, as Chris Metzen sees it, natural focal points for the story.

“Without saying too much, I would say that you guys who are really dialed into the lore might go ‘huh? did Lothar ever meet Durotan?’ Because we haven’t actually covered that. But the vision that Duncan’s been playing with, these guys are tailor made for each other,” Metzen said. “They both represent the highest ideals for each of these races. Lothar for is soldiery and his loyalty, this guy who has been burdened with protecting his kingdom for a very long time, potentially throughout a time of peace. And you have Durotan, [who] technically back in the RTS days you didn’t really see him, he’s a character introduced a little later, but Durotan himself kind of represents the highest ideals of the Orcs (when they are not crazy).

You know, that family and clan are the highest ideals. This is a guy that believes in his people, that believes in their future, and is ultimately horrified by the idea of them getting into some dark, cursed areas. And ultimately – I can [say it] without totally spilling the beans – both of these men are going to find themselves at this crux point of history, and they will be put to the test.”

Jones concurred with that assessment, adding that “both of them are protectors of their peoples, and in am impending war situation that you can’t see your way out of it, I think both of them want to do the right thing for the people that they’re responsible for.”

To be honest, I’m largely bereft of any real Warcraft knowledge and have no bloody clue how either character could be used or what possible story they could be telling. On the other hand, no doubt many Game Front readers could make me feel ashamed ten times over, so let us know in comments how you think things might play out.

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On November 9, 2013 at 9:25 pm

So not really a WoW movie, just a Warcraft movie then. Cool with that.