There Won’t Be A Timesplitters 4 Kickstarter

The Timesplitters series is a weird missed opportunity. The developer, Free Radical Design, was founded by ex employees of Rare who had helped create the original Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark; unfortunately, the series never matched the quality of its spiritual forebearers. Timesplitters was mostly good, and Timesplitters 2 an almost-classic for Playstation 2. But Timesplitters, Future Perfect was a half-assed clone of 2, and the series has since languished in video game limbo, waiting for someone to revive the patient and some other mixed metaphors.

I, for one, would love to see another run through the Timesplitters universe, and was subsequetly excited when, last year, a rumor swept the internet that there would ‘soon’ be an official Timesplitters 4 announcement. That announcement clearly didn’t happen, and Crytek clearly intends to sit on the IP for the foreseeable future. That hasn’t stopped fans from begging the former Free Radical team to try to bring it back, and as befits the news cycle over the last year and a half, the most common suggestion is that they do it via Kickstarter. Alas, that isn’t going to happen.

Speaking to Not Enough Shaders, Free Radical founder Steve Ellis totally ruled out a Kickstarter campaign to revive the series.

[P]ersonally I don’t think that it is currently possible. I think that the novelty of Kickstarter and the surrounding press coverable were a large part of the reason that Double Fine were able to raise as much as they did. I don’t expect games to be routinely funded that way, and I don’t expect that figure to be significantly exceeded any time soon. However, FPS’s are much more expensive to develop than point & click adventure games… A modern FPS would require several times as much funding, and I don’t think that that is currently achievable using Kickstarter.

This is actually a good thing. Having just played through a game with the absolute worst shooter mechanics and graphics I have ever seen (review pending, stay tuned), I would hate for an underfunded Timesplitters 4 to crap all over the series. In addition, Crytek, and not Steve Ellis, currently owns the rights to the Timesplitters series, so former Free Radical employees really don’t have a say in what happens to it.

So what do you think, Game Fronters?

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