Thief (2014): Collectible Treasure Locations Guide

Sometimes silver spoons and coin purses aren’t enough — hidden throughout each chapter of 2014′s Thief reboot, there are multiple secret collectible treasures just waiting to be found. Don’t miss one of these unique items with the text guide below. We’ll explain where to find each item, and provide codes for every locked safe.

Enjoy the spoils, or get some extra help on our Thief (2014) video walkthrough. For even more extras, guides, and informative articles like this, drop on by the Thief (2014) cheats list.

Collectible Treasure Locations Guide


Prologue – 1 Collectible

  • Collectible #1: Can’t be missed.
  • Chapter 1 – 4 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Serendi Stone Circle #1): At the start of the chapter, use the claw to climb onto the blue-hued ladder and wall. After a short cutscene, drop down onto the streets below. Move left and look near a barrel and a cart to find the first ring.
  • Collectible #2 (Client Loot #1): Entering the Stonecutter’s Court, sneak by the two guard down the street and lock-pick into the store to their left. Watch out for the guard, and turn right. Lock-pick the center cabinet beneath the red drapes
  • Collectible #3 (Moral Coils #1): In the same jewelry shop, enter the back room where there’s a sleeping guard on a chair. Pick the lock of the wall safe to find the treasure.
  • Collectible #4 (Unique Loot #1): Enter the basement of the shop. In the back left corner, interact with the painting and discover the secret switch. Set the code to 739 to unlock the safe.
  • Chapter 2 – 5 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Memories of the Dead #1): Entering the Old Foundry courtyard, climb onto the crane and use it to leap over to the roof. Move right and sneak under the pipes to find an open hatch. Drop into the locked shack and look in the desk.
  • Collectible #2 (Flowers Eternal #1): Inside the manufacturing area, enter the hallway where two guards are patrolling. Use a rope arrow to reach the wooden scaffolding with the treasure.
  • Collectible #3 (Unique Loot #2): From the previous collectible, enter the hallway full of mannequins and enter the furnace room. There a vent in the back of this room, crawl through to reach another office with a wall safe. Input 314 to unlock it.
  • Collectible #4 (Serendi Stone Circle #2): At the chamber with two guards and an automated furnace, sneak into the dark room with the conveyor belt opposite the furnace. The ring is located on the open grate above the conveyor.
  • Collectible #5 (Client Loot #2): Once you’ve reached the Supervisor’s Office, solve the puzzle on the metal safe.
  • Chapter 3 – 5 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Pinned Castinets #1): Purchase the wirecutters before reaching the Warrens area of Riverside, where Garret must trail the rich man. In the dark stone pathway, climb the stone on the left of the path to find an electricity box. Cut the wire, then jump down and open the metal door now that it’s unlocked. Inside, climb the box and jump into the stone path. The collectible is on the floor ahead, in the light.
  • Collectible #2 (Serendi Stone Circles #3): In the lower level of the whore house, move to the stairs and use the claw to climb up into an abandoned room. The ring is on the floor next to some debris.
  • Collectible #3 (Unique Loot #3): At the underground ruins entrance, don’t go down the long hallway just yet. Past the sepulcher is a locked door in the back left corner. Down the stairs, you’ll find an underground library. Between each cabinet, use focus to finds four strange symbols, then match the symbols on the device at the end of the path.
  • Collectible #4 (Memories of the Dead #2): Continuing into the ruins, Garret will find an larger library. Stick to the right-hand wall and search the books to find a secret switch.
  • Collectible #5 (Client Loot #3): Inside the Library Towers area, climb up the stairs to find a few wooden planks pointed toward an open window. Jump through and solve the focus puzzle.
  • Chapter 4 – 6 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Serendi Stone Circles #4): Garret witnesses a fire in the distance from the Dayport rooftops, but don’t continue through the window. To the left, use a rope arrow and slide down to the ground. Look under the benches to the right of the steps.
  • Collectible #2 (Unique Loot #4): On the first floor of the Eastwyck mansion, enter the office on the left of the entrance hall. Use focus to find a button on the back side of the desk to reveal a wall safe.
  • Collectible #3 (Court of Montonessi #1): Moving up to the second floor of the grand house, move to the back room and continue to the third floor. The painting is right next to the banister just at the top of the stairs.
  • Collectible #4 (Memories of the Dead #3): Check the dead body’s hand in the boiler room of the Keep.
  • Collectible #5 (City Heritage Plaques #1): Starting from the dead body mentioned above, walk forward to find the city plaque on the stone wall.
  • Collectible #6 (Moral Coils #1): Inside the safe chamber, after putting in the first code, a group of guards will enter the room. Climb up and follower the upper pathway to a dark alcove. On a large crate, look behind the kerosene tank to find a bracelet.
  • Chapter 5 – 6 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (City Heritage Plaques #2): On the path outside the asylum, climb the gate wall with the claw device. Within the asylum courtyard, move to the left corner of the building.
  • Collectible #2 (Flowers Eternal #2): Just as you enter the asylum’s women’s ward through the turnstyle doors, look left to find a caged shaft. Use a rope arrow to descend down and find the brooch on a pipe. Climb the crates to the left after dropping off the elevator.
  • Collectible #3 (Court of Montonessi #2): Going to the men’s ward, take the second hallway to the right, and pick the lock of the first door. Use the peep hole to spot the painting.
  • Collectible #4 (Serendi Stone Circles #5): On the third floor, enter the small room in the southeastern corner. Take the item sitting on an electric chair. Right next to the electric chair is another room with a wall safe. Open it using the code 737.
  • Collectible #5 (Unique Loot #5): After using the switch to enter the old prison from the stairwell, move right and move through the reformation room. Drop down into the chamber with hanging cages, and leap to the hanging rope — you’ll need another rope arrow to reach it. The collectible is located on a hanging cage.
  • Collectible #6 (Memories of the Dead #4): From the previous collectible, jump back down and enter a long hallway on the right side of the chamber. At the end of the dark path, use focus to spot a vase surrounded by hand prints. Smash the vase to find the item.
  • Chapter 6 – 6 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (The Pinned Castinets #2): From the start of the courtyard, move down the stream to the last pillar, closest to the water fall. Climb up and jump to the pillar across the water.
  • Collectible #2 (City Heritage Plaques #3): The plaque is located on the huge concrete stand for the statue at the entrance of Northcrest Manor.
  • Collectible #3 (Serendi Stone Circles #6): In the first floor of the manor interior, sneak into the sitting room with the chess game lit by a fireplace. In the back corner, use the code 889 to open the wall safe.
  • Collectible #4 (Unique Loot #6): In the “waiting hall” of the manor, move down the hallway with the stuffed animal hunting trophies. On the walls, there are claw grates that Garret can use to reach a spinning vent. Unscrew the vent cover to get inside the office. Pick open the door to the right after dropping down to find a painting with a secret switch straight ahead. Inside the secret room, align both lion-shaped cylinders to form seamless images. When the puzzle is solved, a treasure will rise up.
  • Collectible #5 (Court of Montonessi #3): Back on the first floor of the manor. check out the partially destroyed section. Near one of the open doorways, you’ll find a collectible painting.
  • Collectible #6 (Memories of the Dead #5): Inside the strange laboratory, climb up to the top platform and fire a rope arrow into the beam. Use it to climb down and jump to a previously unreachable platform. Around the corner, look on the wooden crates to find this chapter’s last treasure.
  • Chapter 7 – 4 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Unique Loot #7): While climbing down in the loading dock, drop down to the wooden platform with the wheel to lower a bridge. Moving across the bridge, a ghostly figure will run into the wall to your left. Look carefully at the collapsed wall, there’s a collectible hidden against the wooden beams on the right edge.
  • Collectible #2 (Moral Coils #3): Just as you enter the catacomb passages from the steps, turn left and use a rope arrow on the beam. Swing across and pick the lock to the door. Inside, use the wire cutters on the box before opening the treasure chest.
  • Collectible #3 (Memories of the Dead #): Inside the graven lair, sneak toward the next objective checkpoint. Just before reaching the waypoint, look up and right for a hanging wooden crate. Shoot it down to climb up onto the balcony. There are several glowing plants just to the left, look carefully to spot the collectible between them.
  • Collectible #4 (Serendi Stone Circles #): During the rotunda battle, sneak behind or stun your opponent and pick his pockets.
  • Chapter 8 – 2 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Pinned Castinets #3): Just inside the mine tunnels, look to the right for a small passage. Crouch in and move through the tunnels. Stick to the right wall, move down the ramp until you spot a crouching creature. Wait for it to leave, then open the treasure chest nearby with a lockpick.
  • Collectible #2 (Court of Montonessi #4): Reaching the stowage deck, swerve right and enter the small office. The painting is just against the wall, straight ahead.
  • The City – 27 Collectibles

    Note: Complete all 8 chapters, then accept 25 Basso jobs to open every area of the city.

  • Collectible #1 (City Heritage Plaques #4): Go to Clocktower Plaza in Stonemarket and look on the small platform along the large building.
  • Collectible #2 (City Heritage Plaques #5): Check the exterior wall of the Crippled Burrick tavern in Clocktower Plaza.
  • Collectible #3 (Mortal Coils #4): Still in Stonemarket, travel down the path to Mourningside. At the large mourningside sign where two bums stand near a fire, climb the nearby wooden crates and crack open the window. Travel downstairs into the basement, open the vent, and crawl through to a secret room. Use focus to find four secret buttons in the rafters — shoot all four. A secret panel will reveal a rope arrow point. Down here, look on a sarcophagus to collect the jewel.
  • Collectible #4 (City Heritage Plaques #6): Travel up to the northern point of Stonemarket and explore the chapel. In the graveyard, check the ruined archway to find a plaque.
  • Collectible #5 (Flowers Eternal #3): Back in Clocktower Plaza, look for a rope arrow anchor point near Reynard’s Anchorpoint. Crack open the window above and sneak into the second door on the right. There’s a civilian here. Knock him out and open the cupboard to find the shiny jewel.
  • Collectible #6 (City Heritage Plaques #7):Move up to Baron’s Way North in Stonemarket and check the wall right of First Bank gates.
  • Collectible #7 (Court of Montonessi #5): In the same area, open the door to the Leatherworker’s and travel downstairs. Behind a pile of crates and barrels, you’ll find a hidden vent. Sneak through and press a secret button on a barrel ahead to reveal the painting chamber.
  • Collectible #8 (Court of Montonessi #6): Returning to Clock Tower Plaza, move to the first building south of the tower. Shoot an arrow into the rope anchor point. Climb up and jump through the open window, the painting is right of the desk.
  • Collectible #9 (Mortal Coils #5): Go to Blackfurrow and climb up onto the platform in the far southeastern corner of the map. There’s a window to open across the railing. In the apartment, enter the bedroom and check out the painting near the bed for secret switches.
  • Collectible #10 (City Heritage Plaques #8): In Blackfurrow, there’s a small shrine with a large obelisk in an enclosed courtyard. The plaque is attached to the obelisk.
  • Collectible #11 (City Heritage Plaques #9): Move down to the southern section of Stonemarket called Moorsditch. In the southern tip of the zone, there’s another courtyard with an obelisk.
  • Collectible #12 (Court of Montonessi #7): In the same courtyard, climb the crates onto the lowest roof and shoot both rope arrow anchor points. Jump over and crack open the window. Jump on the table to take the painting.
  • Collectible #13 (Flowers Eternal #4): Go down to Baron’s Way South. Next to the boarded up stone tower are two crates with a locked box and the jewel.
  • Collectible #14 (City Heritage Plaque #10): In the same area, travel to the unlocked Crowley and Sons building. Go downstairs to find the hidden plaque.
  • Collectible #15 (City Heritage Plaque #11): Another plaque is located in Market Street. Between the market and the watch station you’ll find the obelisk.
  • Collectible #16 (Unique Loot #8): To get the next treasure, you’ll need to travel to all three obelisks and activate the switch in a specific order. First, use the Kaitlin Court obelisk. Second, use the Watch Station Plaza obelisk. Third, use the Moorsditch obelisk. Now move up to the Gullet and go inside the building to grab the treasure from the special case.
  • Collectible #17 (Flowers Eternal #5): Travel to the South Quarter from Baron’s Way South, the go down an alley in Glimmer Lane. Look above for an open hatch and shoot the rope anchor point. Climb up through the missing floor and open the window. Inside, open the cupboard in the room with the bandit, and smash the vase to find a secret button. A secret compartment will open across the room.
  • Collectible #18 (Court of Montonessi #8): In Riverside, start from the Canal. Move up to the wooden platform above ground and drop down into a narrow pathway leading to a window. Leading into the Riverside Rooftops area, drop down and turn right. Climb the shelves to reach a beam where Garret can jimmy open another window. Go downstairs to find the painting in the bathroom.
  • Collectible #19 (Flowers Eternal #6): Travel to the northwestern corner of the underground sewers in Riverside. Pull the switch to open a gate. Before reaching the door with the glowing handle, jump down the railings to the left. Down in the lowest alcove you’ll find the pendant.
  • Collectible #20 (City Heritage Plaque #12): From the sewers, exit out to Eel’s End. Climb up onto the crates on the right and you should spot the plaque on a wall straight ahead, just behind a rope.
  • Collectible #21 (Mortal Coils #6): Down in the Fish-Hawker’s Market, shoot the rope arrow anchor on the postmaster. Jump through the open window and press the secret button on the table. Move right and climb the cupboard into the bedroom. Pick the lock next to the bed and open the treasure.
  • Collectible #22 (Pinned Castinets #4): In the Fish-Hawker’s Market, move down the stone archway with leather tanning. Hop over the table and press the secret button to reveal a hidden wall-safe. Pick the lock and press the button to open yet another secret door. Down in the bar, hop over the bartop to find the collectible.
  • Collectible #23 (Court of Montonessi #9): Back in Baron’s Way South in Riverside, turn the corner where a store with a sign marked “South Quarter” and look up for a rope anchor point. Crack open the window above, and enter the room on the left to find the painting.
  • Collectible #24 (City Heritage Plaques #13): Returning to Baron’s Way South in the South Quarter, go down the steps to the left of the boarded up bridge to find a plaque.
  • Collectible #25 (City Heritage Plaques #14): Back down in the docks on the southern edge of Riverside, check the right exterior wall of the Siren’s Nest.
  • Collectible #26 (Pinned Castinets #5): Returning to Moorsditch in Stonemarket, look for a vent near the locked large gate. Open the window through the vent. Inside the burning section of the city, crawl through the vent. Just as you reach the road, cross over and look up. Shoot an arrow into the anchor point in the roof. Inside the bedroom, pick the lock and check the painting for secret switches. Cut the wire and climb out the window. Move across the narrow path and shoot another arrow into the rope anchor. Use the rope to leap into the open window.
  • Collectible #27 (Pinned Castinets #6): Still in Stonemarket, go to Shinsworth Lane. From the street, climb onto the rooftops from a pile of crates and a blue claw shutter. Move forward and open the vent under the low ceiling. Press the button near the window in the office. When the window opens, fire a rope arrow into the anchor point and climb down. Jump into the bedroom below and collect the jewel in the crate at the foot of the bed.
  • Ector Client Job #1 – 3 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Client Loot #4): Pick the wall-safe lock in the basement to discover the mechanical hand.
  • Collectible #2 (Whiteridge’s Duty #1): In the bedroom, pick the lock to the nightstand cabinet.
  • Collectible #3 (Court of Montonessi #10): Once you’re inside Alfonso’s shop, go upstairs to the residence and open the first door on the left. The painting is on the left wall of the room.
  • Ector Client Job #2 – 3 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Whiteridge’s Duty #2): In the dock for the butcher, enter Perry’s shop and go upstairs. Open the lowest shelf of the cupboard in the bedroom.
  • Collectible #2 (Court of Montonessi #11): Back downstairs, enter the door to the right, then continue through a second door. The painting is hanging beyond the open doorway ahead.
  • Collectible #3 (Client Loot #5): The final item is located through the metal door near the painting. Open the way into the storage and pick the lock.
  • Ector Client Job #3 – 2 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Whiteridge’s Duty #3): In Clockwise’s residence, go upstairs and enter the bedroom to the left of the window. Inside, check out the cupboard.
  • Collectible #2 (Client Loot #6): The last item is tricky. Press the button on the display, then rush into the room with the fireplace. A wall will slide open. Go through and turn left to find a button in the far corner. Press it, then back out and run through the kitchen to an office. Press the button on the right wall, then enter the next room where the wall is sliding open. From here, inspect the books to find a secret switch to reveal yet another button. Move through the pantry where there’s a hidden switch in the bricks to the left of the painting. Inside, use the elevator switch to go upstairs. Move down the hallway, unlock the door with lockpicks and press yet another secret button in the workshop. Push in every stone section and use the elevator to ride down. There’s only last trap in your way before getting the client loot, a floor panel trap. Use focus, sneak by, and grab the heart from the lit brazier ahead.
  • Vittori Client Job #1 – 3 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (City Heritage Plaques #15): Entering the Black Market and moving to Piss Alley, hug the wall to your right to find the plaque.
  • Collectible #2 (Whiteridge’s Duty #4): Go to the Eelbiter’s Warehouse in Piss Alley. In the first floor room with a few people standing around, there’s a treasure chest next to the stairs.
  • Collectible #3 (Client Loot #7): Next, go upstairs and pick the treasure chest’s lock to get the last collectible for this job.
  • Vittori Client Job #2 – 3 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (Court of Montonessi #12): Get to the Collector’s Lodge from the Baron Way Side Street. The painting is located in the back left room on the first floor.
  • Collectible #2 (Whiteridge’s Duty #5): Enter the Wine Cellar through the garden, and check the painting directly ahead of the entrance for a secret switch. Input 812 to reach the hidden vault. Press the secret switch under the bear head trophy to reveal a deeper hold. Check the chest down there.
  • Collectible #3 (Client Loot #8): The objective is back in the regular vault, inside an unlocked cupboard.
  • Vittori Client Job #3 – 2 Collectibles

  • Collectible #1 (City Heritage Plaques #16): Entering the wrecked watch station from the back, go to the boarded up front doors and look on the walls to find the plaque.
  • Collectible #2 (Whiteridge’s Duty #6): Go to the locker rooms (right of the statue) and unlock the treasure chest in the corner to discover the final collectible in Thief.
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    Patrick Maka

    On February 28, 2014 at 7:46 am

    If you need videos for these collectibles, here’s a playlist:


    On March 2, 2014 at 2:43 pm

    Good article.


    On March 3, 2014 at 6:26 pm

    Instead of generic names, like “City Heritage Plaque #5″, this would be far more beneficial if you actually NAMED the collectible as it’s named in the collection back in the clock tower, like “The Crippled Burrick Tavern”. When I’m trying to see what collectibles I have and what I don’t have, this list is *pointless* because you don’t even list the actual names of the collectibles so I have no frame of reference.

    Delusional King

    On March 7, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    why can’t I find a interactive map of the whole game so I can check off the stuff I’ve missed. I just cant find one anywhere