Things That Need To Be Changed With The Wii

nintendo-wii-289-75.jpg came up with a great list of 7 things they would change with the Wii. Here are their suggestions and my comments:

1. The graphics
Compared to the PS3, Xbox and any PC less than five years old, the graphics on the Wii are fairly mediocre. Consequently, games can look pretty awful on a large television. True, the Wii has scored with Joe Public thanks to its emphasis on fun rather than graphical prowess. But give it better graphics and it would be a vastly more impressive console.

The big question is this: is the unique motion-sensing approach of the Wii’s control system enough to power the console into next year? Scott Steinberg, Sega’s US vice president of marketing, doesn’t think so and reckons the popularity of the Wii could wain by 2008. He believes that the PS3 will eventually emerge victorious. See the full story on our sister site CVG .

I couldn’t agree more. The Wii graphics are definitely mediocre and I simply cannot see them staying on top forever. They did mention Scott Steinberg’s reaction to the Wii, but we have to keep in mind that Sega has basically done everything they can to retract his statement and stay on Nintendo’s good side. I think the graphics are terrible on the Wii, but at the same time we can’t expect that to change much. As long as they remain innovative and bring fun games to the platform, they will continue to do well for a while.

2. The games
The great strength of the Wii is that it’s so different compared to any other console out there. But that’s also one of its weaknesses. The problem with being so different, both graphically and control-wise, is that developers have to make games exclusively for the console. That means that you don’t get many games ported across from the Xbox or the PS3, for example. And since the launch of the Wii there’s been a definite drought in quality games. How many top-notch Wii games can you name? We bet it’s less than five…

I’d also agree with them on these points for the most part. Of course Nintendo is trying out the 3rd party game route, but I think they will fail miserably. When you compare an identical game across the systems, Nintendo fails every time. They need to stick with exclusives. Too many multi-platform games on the system would make the Wii’s graphics stick out like a sore thumb.

3. Rechargeable Wiimote
The Wii’s remote control, the ‘Wiimote’, has got to be one of the boldest peripherals ever created. But again, it’s by no means perfect. The internal speaker is poor and the wireless signal will sometimes ‘get lost’, failing to connect to the console.

The main thing we’d improve about the Wiimote would be to make it rechargeable. If you could dock it between gaming sessions, that would be much better than running out of batteries when you don’t have any to replace them. Wiimote battery life isn’t bad, but we wouldn’t bet against a third party company producing a rechargeable Wiimote to fill this gap. Check out Thanko’s USB Wiimote charger in Japan.

Personally I could care less about the Wiimote speaker, but being rechargeable is a must.

4. More innovative peripherals
The Wiimote is motion sensitive, so it’s great to use for realistic physical interaction with the games you’re playing. Tennis is intuitive; bowling is idiot-proof. But how about some other controllers which work in the same way?

You could make Wii shoes, helmets, gloves etc. All with the same technology, and designed to strap to your body in order to better interact with the games. Imagine a soccer game you could interact with by placing a couple of sensors on your feet! Gamers already queue up to play Guitar Hero with a plastic guitar.

I’m not really sure if they need to get more innovative with the peripherals or not. I think they need to concentrate on the games. Right now the lineup isn’t all that great. I can really only name about 5 or 6 must have games for the system so far.

5. More storage
The Wii only has 512MB of NAND flash memory. That’s fairly poor by anyone’s standards. Admittedly, you can expand the Wii’s memory using SD cards but why couldn’t we just have a bit more storage inside the console? When you’re downloading content from the Virtual Console area of the Wii shop, you can end up using up lots of memory and shelling out for multiple SD cards.

Storage is yet another weak spot of the Nintendo Wii. People seem to think you are purchasing the cheapest system out there, but you do get nickel and dimed to death with all the add-ons you pretty much need to buy if you want to do anything. An internal or external hard drive would be a nice addition.

6. Network play
Considering that the Wii firmly places the emphasis on fun rather than high-def graphics, you’d have thought Nintendo would have made its online services a bit better. Full marks to Nintendo for the way you can use your Nintendo DS as an input device on the Wii. And Mii character creation is a stroke of genius. But Wii networking is nowhere near as comprehensive and enticing as, say, Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

Even though Xbox Live is a subscription service, Nintendo could do worse than emulate the success that Microsoft has had with it. Wii gamers have told us they’d willingly pay for a Live-like clone service that effortlessly linked them up with their friends.

They pretty much summed it up here.

7. Nunchuck
Finally, the Nunchuck controller needs to be wired to your Wiimote in order to use it. This is something that all Wii fans would like to see changed. Make it wireless, and then suddenly you make the games even more fun to play. Again, like wishing for a rechargeable Wiimote, this is something a third-party periperhal manufacturer might take on in the future.

Clearly all these suggested changes would cost money to implement. And for every change that’s made, the console might become a little more expensive to buy and run. But in an ideal world, who wouldn’t want the Wii changed? Both Sony and Microsoft have regularly updated the firmware of their PS3s and Xbox 360s since they were launched. While the release of the ‘Elite’ version of the Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s way of saying: “yes, ok, we really should have put an HDMI connection into the original Xbox.”

I don’t agree 100% with everything says, but they are right on it when it comes to pointing out what needs to happen in order for the Wii to remain a viable option. The press seems to have already handed the crown to Nintendo in the next-generation console war, but they fail to realize it’s far from over. Nintendo has a lot of work on their hands to remain a success.

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13 Comments on Things That Need To Be Changed With The Wii


On June 17, 2007 at 5:36 pm

Time to get the disagreement hat out :razz:

1) Yup, they’re mediocre compared to games on 360 and PS3, but playing Zelda as much as I have done, I can’t really say that they’re bad. Sure, Zelda on one of the other two would look nicer, but it’s not all about graphics. I’m a game-play enthuthiast, so I couldn’t care less about the graphics, so long as I’m having fun.

2) True, but we can hardly say the PS3 or 360 in its opening time had ‘great’ games. Oh, wow, Motorstorm…crashing looks cool in it, ahem. Like the PS3, just needs some time with the games. I mean look at the ones the 360 has, so I think that the PS3 and Wii will be doing the same thing in the same time.

3) £20 ($40) I got a dual-recharge pack (2 packs and recharger) with a good battery life. They’re already out. Also, the only bad thing about the speaker is lack of volume control, otherwise it’s fine. Looks like someone was nit-picking there. Also, the battery life isn’t that bad and considering how cheap batteries are, it’s hardly an erk.

4) Errr, sell that idea to Nintendo. It’d be good, but we’re talking PS3 prices.

5) My rule with VC is downloading only the games I don’t have (ie, I won’t be getting OoT because I have it on a fully functioning and still hooked up N64). Yes, memory would be nice, but you can pick up memory cards for next to nothing now because of how good the technology is becoming. Though yes, more is good, always.

6) Would I want it? Hmm, not fussed really. I wouldn’t want to pay for it, but if it was available, I’d hardly complain. I doubt I’d be a frequent user of it though to be honest. I do most of my hard-core multi-play on my PC (Battlefield 2142, anyone?)

7) Ya kidding me, right (Not you, the The wiring leaves more than enough room for entire flexibility. Unless you’re trying to have one person use each at opposite sides of the room, it’s hardly an issue.

Didn’t disagree that much and I can’t say I wouldn’t want the Wii changing in anyway, but if it stayed the same as it is (bar getting more games, that is a must, like for any console) I would still be as happy as I am now. Another Zelda game would be lovely :)


On June 17, 2007 at 6:32 pm

I think the Wii is great for what it is. In ways, I don’t like comparing it to the Xbox 360 and PS3 because it’s really for a different market. I do think they will have to make some of those changes though just to keep things fresh.


On June 17, 2007 at 7:40 pm

i dont think that its so easy to say things are wrong with the wii. i would prefer better graphics and a harddrive, its not like nintendo couldnt have done it. but they chose good graphics and reasonable storage for a price tag of under half the ps3. u cant say this tactic is wrong as its selling shed loads and getting the wii alot of 3rd party support, it also means lower development costs and shorter development times.
as for will the graphics look dated id just go and have a look at the videos of mario galaxy, metroid prime 3 and SSBB. besides noone seems to care the DS only has N64 graphics, its still succeeding years after when its rival has ps2 graphics.
Wiimote chargers are in shops……….
2gb SD cards are £10…………
and nobody wants the nunchuck to be wireless, that just means more batteries.
also the wiimote can work like a normal controller, it still has alot of buttons, saying games cant be ported easily isnt true, it can also use classic and gamecube controller. Just look at mortal combat. the Ps3 is ahead of its time by along way and as a result cost loads, im glad the wii isnt like that because whats the point i might aswell just play on a PC, after all its got LIVE and can use xbox360 controllers


On June 17, 2007 at 8:52 pm

I agree, the nunchuk being wireless would just be confusing, if u had 4 people, thats 8 separate controllers, all needing their own batteries, and having to be linked to the corresponding wiimote. yea u can compare it to the ps3 and 360 graphics, but the thing is only $250 plus game. its also way to early to judge the graphics, they are defiantly going to get sharper as time goes on. I am also sick of people listening to Sega of all companies about the future of consoles, do people forget the Saturn and Dreamcast. Not exactly the best source for this kind of criticism. However, I would like to find a Wii game that I can actually enjoy for more then ten minutes, a lot is riding on Metroid 3 for me.


On June 17, 2007 at 9:11 pm


Sometimes losers can recognize another loser easier..just a thought. I am not going to ever completely knock the Wii, but if you compare it to the other systems, it loses every time in my mind. Sure, it’s only $250 but you’re really only getting what you pay for. I just seriously have my doubts that the system can continue to dominate the market. The Wii is really not even an option for serious gamers. I have always classified it as casual fun and I think that’s where it’s going to stay.


On June 18, 2007 at 1:33 am

–”The Wii is really not even an option for serious gamers. I have always classified it as casual fun and I think that’s where it’s going to stay”—

The problem with people like you, is that you’re just pissed that the Wii came to rock your silly little world.

No longer is the videogame industry catering to the “serious gamer”, which is just a stupid term applied by nerds to themselves. These nerds, spend all their budget on videogames and are quite proud of that fact and even boast about it. Even though much of that money (for HDTV’s and expensive audio systems) comes either from mom & dad or the company they work for (as in the website/magazine that requires them to own such technology). And even though they’re a MINORITY (Wii sells proves they are one), they seem to think most “serious gamers” think alike and can spend thousands of dollars on tv toys, a.k.a. videogames.

As practically every nerd does, these so called “hardcore gamers” (not to be confused with “dedicated gamers”), are very fond of looking down at casuals and non-gamers. Just read this crap in the article above. The same old manure you always read from them.

The author of that article probably can’t even come to terms that he really plays games to have FUN, not to make up for the fact he has no real life or to get some of that cool factor of owning an expensive piece of junk. Just like some rap stars do and starlets like Paris Hilton (who was seen in every PS3 party). Are they really gamers because they can spend money on games? How about spending TIME playing them and actually be good at it?

I’m sorry but I just have to laugh at these analyst and writers that get in their high chairs and start spewing manure and looking down on casuals. At least casuals play games for the very reason these were created… to have fun.

“serious gamers” can’t understand that, because they have become emotionally attached to videogames. The same way computer dorks have become too emotional to either a Mac or PC. If they keep this up, they will lose and credibility.

Especially when they place graphics and technology over gameplay… nobody that’s calls himself a gamer does that… ever!


On June 18, 2007 at 3:39 am

dedalo, i’m not pissed off. The Wii has it’s place and is great for what it is. There is a difference between “casual” and “serious” gaming and both can be fun and equally valuable. I would have to say that fun is the most important aspect of gaming, but graphics and technology are also very important aspects to a complete gaming experience.

I also don’t think you should cut down “serious gamers” and refer to them as nerds. Everyone is into different things and that’s just how it is. When they take it as a serious hobby and as a way of life, then calling themselves “serious gamers” is an obvious term to choose.

If you think I look down on casual gaming, then obviously you should read more of my articles. I play a wide range of games myself. Everything from the simplest flash games to the most complicated “hard core” games. I don’t think many people would disagree when I classify the Wii games as casual fun. I’m not tossing out “casual” as a negative word or anything. It just is what it is.


On June 18, 2007 at 3:48 am

“The author of that article probably can’t even come to terms that he really plays games to have FUN, not to make up for the fact he has no real life or to get some of that cool factor of owning an expensive piece of junk. Just like some rap stars do and starlets like Paris Hilton (who was seen in every PS3 party). Are they really gamers because they can spend money on games? How about spending TIME playing them and actually be good at it?”

I really shouldn’t even be responding to this nonsense, but sometimes I can’t help myself. How can you go off on me for writing the article in such a judgemental way as if you know me or something. You seem to be the kind of dude who stereotypes gamers and lumps all of us into one category which is just nuts. I play games often, but I also have a life. It is possible to balance the two you know. I play sports, travel all over the country whenever I have the chance. I’m a photographer and an artist as well. I basically like to stay busy and have fun whenever possible.

My point is that gamers are all kinds these days. You can’t really restrict any one gamer to a specific category alone.


On June 18, 2007 at 9:40 am

Every article like this that I read makes me think back to an experience I had at a microbrewery a few years ago. I had just gotten off of work and stopped into the place for a quick beer and some conversation before I went home. I enjoy good beer, but I was really in the mood for a Bud Light at that point. I had just asked for one from the bartender when the stranger sitting next to me commented about how he had no idea how people drank that “p*ss.” I told him how I like the fancier stuff, but I was thirsty, and sometimes the cheap stuff just sounds better. We chatted a while longer, and it became clear to me that this guy had some kind of pent-up rage he was directing at domestic beer and the people who drink it. While we sat there the bartender kept busy, opening bottle after bottle of domestic beer while the microbrew taps sat unused. The bartender heard us talking and told the guy next to me that yes, he considered the “good” beer brewed by the place to be better than regular domestic beer, but if they didn’t sell stuff like Bud Light they would have gone out of business a long time ago. The guy next to me finished his $4.75 pint of porter, said “people are just f***ing stupid,” and left.
I see the same snotty attitude every time I read an article about the Wii that takes Nintendo to task for not incorporating more functionality aimed directly at “hardcore gamers.” These articles used to be patronizing and insulting toward the Wii and the few people who seemed interested in it, but now that Nintendo is leading in sales the tone has gotten defensive and b**chy. No one online can grasp why all these “morons” are buying this system that, OMG, doesn’t do HD! OMGZ, no hard drive! OMGZORZ, teh grahpix are TEH SUX! Yet it keeps selling. And keeps selling. And then your girlfriend wants one. And then your non-gamer brother suddenly has one, and he’s playing it more than his kids are. And the next time you see your parents, they talk about how they played it at your brother’s place, and had a blast.
How you react to this situation depends on what kind of person you are. Are you the type of person who lives for your own exclusion, unhappy with anything accepted by the masses? Or are you the type of person who likes to share the things you enjoy with others, because fun for its own sake is better than sitting alone and thinking about how much smarter you are than everyone else? Speaking from experience, I can tell you that the former is better than the latter.
I accept the fact that there are a fair amount of people who can’t enjoy the games they play unless they feel that it’s the most realistic and technologically advanced experience they can possibly have. Those people, however, need to understand that a MAJORITY of people out there don’t care about their system’s horsepower, just how much fun they have when they turn it on. It’s not because they’re stupid, they just have different priorities than you.
The sky isn’t falling, Chicken Little, and the Wii isn’t going to fail in 2008.


On June 18, 2007 at 1:11 pm

the wii is just the wii, thats all, it doesn’t need anymore, all people who tout that they are hardcore, and play 360 and ps3 are just noob wannabes who think resolution= owning. PC gaming is were its at for the leet games everyone whoes opinion matters knows this, The Wii is cool becuase it offers something different (if only for 5 mins before i cant stand it) but it does.


On June 19, 2007 at 5:02 am

William, I don’t see how you can classify an entire console as “casual.” What makes a “serious” game? Guns? Violence? RPGs? That’s not “serious” gaming. That’s what a gaming culture has become since the advent of the FPS and MMORPGs. Tons of us “serious” gamers don’t play those games. I consider myself a “serious” gamer, and I play tons of DS games. The Japanese, the OG “serious” gamers, are buying up the “casual” DS – and what do they get? DQIX. A damn “serious” game.


On June 25, 2009 at 3:02 pm

people wake up you need something to compete with halo1 2 and 3 you need: open fields to run around in, real time recoil on the guns, real time aiming and especially free melee attacks. people don’t like Microsoft any way they just buy people out and take the profit.
you don’t need to make another halo or any thing like that just improve some things on some of your games like resident evil. but just make it allot more active like wii promised.
p.s. think of a active halo “!”

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On January 22, 2013 at 3:56 pm

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