THQ's James Scalpello: "Girls Have Better Things to do Than Play Games"

James ScalpelloSpeaking recently to on the nature of casual games, THQ’s Jame’s Scalpello called mobile games for girls ‘a lost cause’ and stated that:

“I’m just not convinced by the whole ‘games for girls’ idea. I don’t think there’s ever been a successful game really pinpointed just for girls. I think it’s a lost cause, quite frankly.”

But he was originally quoted as stating that “girly games are a lost cause” and supposedly went on to say:

 “When girls play console games, they have to have gone through a whole other list of things they could have done before sitting down with them… Guys get home, have dinner, and play a computer game. It’s much higher up the list of priorities. To put it bluntly, girls have got better things to do. “

Ok, so his quote may have been taken out of context so that it could be read as much less benign that it was originally intended – but it still makes some sense. Speaking from a female gamer’s perspective I can identify with this quote rather well so if he had actually said this in the first place, I still would not have found it derogatory towards my gender.

Not only do I have to clean the house, feed a menagerie of animals, work another job besides this one, cook dinner, clean-up after dinner and spoil my boyfriend on a daily basis, but there are other “chores” that are not done everyday. Responsibilities that are also on my plate include: college, balancing the checkbook, paying bills, buying groceries, running errands, doing yard work, trying to find time to socialize with family and friends, riding my horses so that they do not become wild and unruly, and also playing my cello and/or piano so as not become rusty.

It is no wonder that I would find it hard to fit playing a nice hack and slash into the mix so imagine what other female gamers go through on a day-to-day basis and he would have a legitimate point.

So what all the hubbub was about to begin with is beyond me. Personally, I would have thought that men would have taken umbrage with the “guys get home, have dinner, and play a computer game” quote because I am sure most males have tons of other things to do as well besides sit on their asses from the moment they get home and play games till the wee hours of the night. I could be wrong, but that is just my gut feeling.

Regardless of how the interview was originally posted, the main content of the post had to do with Scalpello discussing mobile games. This is what the updated interview states instead:

Scalpello added that he believes girls are less likely to play any type of mobile game because of differing lifestyle requirements:

“You have hardcore gamers that are girls, that don’t need to be patronized, and you have games that come with a phone – which girls will always play. But not in a million years would most girls connect to a mobile portal to download a game,” he added. It’s much higher up the list of priorities for guys. To put it bluntly, girls [believe they have] better things to do.”

Sigh. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Thanks for Clearing Things Up: Kotaku, GamesRadar

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4 Comments on THQ's James Scalpello: "Girls Have Better Things to do Than Play Games"

The Twin

On June 10, 2008 at 2:44 pm

Actually, video games are fairly high on my list of priorities. So the, “Guys get home, have dinner, and play video-games” quote is more or less accurate. For me, at least.


On June 10, 2008 at 2:57 pm

work 4pm-1am, eat “dinner”, play computer games till 6am, wake up and 230pm and go back to work…..but when college starts up again i hardly touch it and just hang out with friends or whatever.


On June 11, 2008 at 8:13 am

I was a monster gamer when I was younger and it wavered some during my late high school and college days but I have to admit that since I have had my four year old little girl and now my 1 year old little boy I have much less of a social life or at least not as much as I used to. So gaming has really come back full circle. Especially on those late nights when the baby won’t sleep because he has a fever because he is teething and he lays on my arm and watches me play while the Motrin kicks in to reduce his fever…..

Go Marlins!!!!


On June 11, 2008 at 12:54 pm

I think I would lose what little sanity I have left after working full time and caring for four school age children I it weren’t for video games. It’s always better to take your most violent impulses out on an Orc than your pre-teen.

That said, video games are a high priority with our family and are family activities in our household.