Titanfall Beta Begins February 14, Maps & Modes Revealed

Register for the Titanfall beta yet?

That’s a question that’s sure to be popular around the gaming water cooler this morning. And now we have detailed information on what you’re registering for.

According to a new trailer from EA (watch it below), the Titanfall beta will officially begin on Friday. As in two days from now, February 14, aka Valentine’s Day. (Respawn will likely break a few hearts with this scheduling.)

According to a post on EA’s Titanfall Support page, the beta will end on Tuesday, February 18, at 9 p.m. Eastern (6 p.m. Pacific). From Friday through Tuesday, beta testers will have access to two maps and three modes. EA provides the details:


  • Attrition - If you have never played classic Titanfall before, this is the place to start. Kill anything on the enemy team to earn Attrition Points. The winning team is the one that hits the score limit first, or has the highest score when the time is up.
  • Hardpoint Domination – Capture and hold the three hardpoints in the map for your team to earn points.  The more hardpoints you hold, the faster you win. Capture neutral hardpoints by standing near them for a short period of time. Retake enemy-held hardpoints by standing near them for a longer period of time – a hardpoint must be rendered neutral before you can begin to capture it.  If enemies are near a hardpoint, you must find and eliminate them before any capturing or neutralizing will happen.
  • Last Titan Standing - In Last Titan Standing, everyone starts in a Titan. Your team must eliminate all of the enemy team’s Titans or Pilots to win. This is a round-based mode, and the team that wins the best of five rounds wins the match. Within each round, there is no respawning, and there are no replacement Titans, until the next round starts.


  • Angel City – When the IMC instituted martial law in Angel City, massive walls were built and a system of security checkpoints was created to divide the city into many smaller districts. The unfortunate residents of the Harbor District, now unable to move freely throughout the city, are only able to view the glittering skyline from afar.  Pilots fighting in the city gravitate to the highly accessible rooftops, using them to cross entire city districts without ever touching the ground.
  • Fracture - The IMC’s discovery of fuel-rich veins beneath this once-beautiful community led to aggressive, systematic fracking of the area, turning it into a seismically unstable shell of its former opulence.  Titans rule much of the jagged terrain, forcing Pilots to move through and take cover within the interiors of the abandoned buildings. The best Pilots will carefully time their Cloak usage for the precise amount of time that is necessary to move between the protective interior spaces, or use every available square inch of vertical surface to string together complex wall-run routes.

A few other notes: EA says everyone is welcome to register for both the PC and Xbox One Titanfall betas, though it’s possible you’ll make it into one and not the other. If you do make it in, you’re welcome to share screens and gameplay footage with the Internets, because there will be no non-disclosure agreement attached to the beta.

Really looking forward to this one. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and the original Call of Duty rank among my favorite shooters ever. Titanfall is crafted by the same folks who created those two classics (not to mention CoD4), so I’m anticipating something pretty fantastic. My only fear is that EA is once again following the Battlefield model with the beta and won’t really be prepared for the crush of players sure to play at launch.

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2 Comments on Titanfall Beta Begins February 14, Maps & Modes Revealed


On February 12, 2014 at 8:27 am

Are you an actual gamer or do you even care about misinforming your readers? The last sentences makes question why you’re writing about stuff on games. TitanFall does not use EA’s servers, the game will be using Microsofts Azure servers. The same servers that didn’t have any problems at launch of the Xbox One or during christmas.

Phil Hornshaw

On February 12, 2014 at 9:07 am


WHICH servers are used will have some effect, but so will the number of servers and code of the game, both of which were contributors in the Battlefield launch. The point is the same — beta testing Battlefield 4 didn’t eliminate the bugs it had at launch or prepare it for the weight of how many people signed on. Servers aren’t going to improve code or patch problems, and it’ll be EA and Respawn’s preparedness for the number of players in the game (on PC, too, not just Xbox One) that matters.