Titanfall Beta Preview: The Shooter Genre, Distilled

Titans have loadouts that work similarly to Pilots, although they’re defined largely by Titan type. The beefier the Titan, the more explosive the firepower, although all the Titans come equipped with similar offensive and defensive capabilities, like missile launchers, shield generators, and other Tiers/Perks.

The Titan used throughout my pre-beta experience was the Atlas type, pictured above-left, which came in three classes: Assault, Tank and Artillery. Once we get into the Ogre and Stryder Titans, expect at least the same, if not more, classes. It will be interesting to see all the Pilot-Titan combinations over the next few days, since a speedy, scout-like Assault class Stryder could be piloted by a beefed-up CQB pilot. The juxtaposition will be fascinating.

The game modes available the beta are nothing new  — you’ll see Attrition, or deathmatch, and Hardpoint Domination, in which there are three flags to control — but throwing a few Titans onto each six-player team certainly adds a fresh coat of paint to the usual FPS game types. Running around like a maniac gets a little tricky when two or three enemy Titans are on the prowl, although Pilots do have some advantages on the ground.

Pilots are hard to kill if they get up-close to an enemy Titan — but not too close, what with the squishing and the crushing and the death. But staying just out of mechanical foot’s reach, or getting onto a Titan’s back? Now you’re onto something. The Titan-Pilot fighting dynamic screams Battlefield 4, reminiscent of an RPG-toting Engineer attempting to take down an enemy’s Main Battle Tank.

Certain scenarios, set up by the right-size, right-feel level design, will favor Pilots, and others favor the mechanized terrors. What doesn’t have a meaningful impact on battles in Titanfall? The AI-controlled Grunts and Spectres, which fill out matches in a Star Wars: Battlefront style to make battles larger, even though teams are limited to six players each.

Both bot classes, the former being space marine-types and the latter reminding me of Battle Droids, had a fairly small hand in the game when I played. A few of my deaths came from these AI characters, but seemingly only in death-is-imminent situations — if they didn’t kill me, a human-controlled character would have within seconds. That’s not a letdown though, and frankly the inclusion of bots make for some heartfelt, funny moments. One AI Grunt dragging another to safety between buildings on Angel City is a moment for the scrapbook.

Titanfall’s marriage of ground combat and fast-but-not-too-fast mech mayhem seems to be a holy matrimony so far.

The mechs in Titanfall are meant to invoke superhuman feelings as you rampage about Angel City and Fracture (and hopefully a few additional maps), and they accomplish that goal beautifully. Even in the Last Titan Standing mode, when it’s six Titans against six, you feel invincible at times … until your core starts to melt, and you eject amid an irradiated fireball of glory. The melee combat is especially brutal; knife executions as a Pilot are old hat, but uppercutting an enemy Titan, ripping the Pilot out and throwing his dead or dying shell across the map? It’s equal parts unsettling, brutal and wonderful.

Titanfall is the entire FPS genre, distilled into one slick package. The Portal tutorial, the refined hat tips to the Call of Duties and Battlefields of the world, even a callback to Unreal Tournament with the Titan’s dashing movements — every known aspect of Titanfall manages to invoke memories of FPS titles past. We’re in the beta phase, yes, but Titanfall’s marriage of ground combat and fast-but-not-too-fast mech mayhem seems to be a holy matrimony so far.

There are a few potholes on this hype highway; underwhelming AI integration, a questionable design choice in the Burn Card system, and Aim Assist making an appearance on the PC version all stand out. But even accounting for some potential shortcomings, Titanfall seems to be happily approaching the hype, if not completely rising above the challenge.

[Writer's Note: If you want to see several of the above images in glorious 4K, go here, here, and here.]

The Titanfall beta runs Feb. 14-19, followed by a retail release on March 11 (PC, Xbox One), and March 25 (Xbox 360). Game Front received access to a pre-beta build on the Xbox One for three hours.

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5 Comments on Titanfall Beta Preview: The Shooter Genre, Distilled


On February 12, 2014 at 3:07 pm

I mentioned it over on said article, but having aim-assist for those who choose to play with a controller is not a ‘pothole’. Anyone worth there salt with a mouse can aim circles around all but the very best of console players.

You guys are really blowing it out of proportion, it’s hardly an issue.

Devin Connors

On February 12, 2014 at 4:16 pm


Appreciate the comment, but agree to disagree? Aim Assist leaves the door open for exploitation (see: Crysis 2). Seeing complaints about it in Ghost as well.

-Devin Connors


On February 12, 2014 at 4:29 pm

No worries Connors.

Titanfall is on a modified Source engine, which has had a hit-or-miss track record with hacking & exploits. But with this games absurd hype (justifiably so?) I’m sure Respawn/EA/Microsoft will stay on top exploits/hacks if it becomes an issue.

Especially if they expect Titanfall to be a new franchise. Can’t have that sort of nonsense going on ruining the game through word of mouth.

Either way, I’ve not been this anxious to play a FPS since Halo 2.

Devin Connors

On February 12, 2014 at 4:32 pm


Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think Aim Assist is going to cause the ruination of Titanfall, I just think it’s a silly add-in. With Crysis 2, they thought it would be a good add-in at first as well, then the rampant exploitation caused them to patch it out of the PC version.

But yeah, get hype for this game, because it’s delivering so far. Hopefully you’ll find out in the beta this weekend!
-Devin Connors


On February 17, 2014 at 12:27 am

So, finally got into the beta… Not sure what happened to the last four hours of my life, but it was a lot of fun. I like the player counts, I like the Titans, the guns feel good, and the gameplay is awesome, fast, hectic, and fun.

Crazy as it sounds, I almost feel like the Titans need another 30 seconds added to there refresh time… There is always SO much going on in matches that I haven’t had any time to settle down & relax.. It’s “GO-GO-GO-REACT-RUN-SHOOT-TITAN-FIRE-ZELAZERZ!!!!111!”… And if that’s how it’s supposed to be, I’m totally fine with that. I’ll just have to drip-feed myself some Mountain Dew.

One thing I can see people complaining about is the Smart Pistol. Awesome as that gun is (I love it), I can see it trivializing the other main weapons and becoming something that can be abused by the players. We’ll have to see.

But yeah, totally on board the Titanfall train.