Tomb Raider 2013: Secret Tomb Locations & Solutions Guide

Earn extra XP, salvage, and secret treasure maps by completing every secret tomb in Tomb Raider. Each of these hidden tombs needs to be discovered, and each contains a tricky puzzle to solve. That’s why we’ve got every tomb location below with the solution to help you strengthen Lara. More XP and salvage means you’ll have an easier time surviving the island’s deadly challenges, so join us and finish these extra areas.

Those rewards will help you survive, but if you need some extra help try the Tomb Raider 2013 walkthrough. To dig deeper into Lara Croft’s next adventure, check out our list of Tomb Raider 2013 cheats, filled with extras like achievement guides, secrets, collectibles and easter eggs.

Secret Tomb Locations & Solutions Guide

Tomb of the Unworthy

  • Location: Travel to the Mountain Village once you have gained the Climbing Axe, and return to the Tomb of the Unworthy camp at the base of the waterfall. Use the axe to enter the tomb.
  • Solution: To solve this puzzle, you’ll need fire. Use the pot to light a fire, or use your flint if you’ve acquired it. Burn the bodies on the mesh platform and push off any extra weight to allow the lift to raise up enough for Lara to climb the rest of the way.
  • Reward: Mountain Village Relic Map

Halls of Ascension Tomb

  • Location: Once again in the Mountain Village, you’ll need Rope Arrows and the Firestarter flint before entering the tomb. Travel to the Overlook Camp where Lara went to find the rescue plane’s smoke signal. Instead of travelling down, use a Rope Arrow to reach the north ledge to follow the high path. You’ll need to use a second rope arrow to finally reach the tomb entrance.
  • Solution: To solve this puzzle, first survey the room. There is an open window on the left, and a platform hanging by ropes in the center. Start by closing the shutters on the left with the crank, then turn the crank in the center to raise the platform. Slowly, the shutters on the left will open. Quickly run up onto the platform once it is raised and wait for the second shutter to open. When it does, a strong gust of wind will blow the platform right and high. Keep your eyes right for a flat wooden board for Lara to jump to and hang on from the ledge. The rest is straightforward.
  • Reward: Mountain Village GPS Cache Map

Well of Tears

  • Location: Travel to the Shantytown’s Helicopter Hill camp with a Rope Arrow. To reach this area, travel through the town to find a building painted with white murals and protected by boobytraps. Destroy the floor to drop into a cave below leading down a straight path toward the tomb.
  • Solution: Inside the shaft, Lara can see a hanging platform above. Collect the yellow canisters one by one and throw them onto the platform to lower it. Once it’s on the ground, stand on the platform and throw the canisters off. Then step off and use the upper ledge to jump onto the raising platform, then quickly hop onto the left ledge.
  • Reward: Shantytown Relic Map

Chamber of Judgement

  • Location: Start at the Windmill camp in the Shantytown. Travel to the eastern caves below the gondola station in the southern half of the town and slide down the slick surface to reach the ledges across the gap. Follow the right passage after climbing up the ledge and cross the wooden beam bridge to find a narrow entrance.
  • Solution: Collect the yellow cans around the tomb and place them on the naturally raised section of the seesaw to weigh it down. Jump to one, and use a Rope Arrow on the other. Use the raised seesaw to jump to the ledge reachable with the climbing axe.
  • Reward: Shantytown GPS Cache Map

Stormguard Sanctum

  • Location: Travel to the Hunting Lodge camp in the Summit Forest and explore north beyond the bridge. Look for the lamppost marking the entrance.
  • Solution: Simply bring two fire arrows to set off explosives and gas to get through this puzzle. Explode the gas with a fire arrow, cross it and then destroy the explosive crates on the ledge. With the pathway clear, just climb up the rocky wall to the map.
  • Reward: Summit Forest Relic Map

The Flooded Vault

  • Location: Reaching Shipwreck Beach, the tomb is located on your way to the Cliffside Bunker. You’ll need the Climbing Axe, the Prying Axe, and some Rope Arrows. Climb to the top of the bunker and squeeze through the narrow passage to find the entrance.
  • Solution: Hit the button up the stairs, then hit the button beside the door near the entrance to enter the tomb proper. Inside, you’ll see electricity surging through the water and a floating platform. Light the mooring rope on fire to free the floating platform, then shotgun the wooden barrier on the right. Use the new opening through the barrier to shoot a Rope Arrow at the platform and pull it closer. Pull the platform to the steps, then use Rope Arrows to pull the beam at the far end of the room, raising the generator and stopping the electricity flow in the water. Pull the generator up, jump right to the platform, pull the generator again and continue through the safe water. Last, pull up the generator, then pull the platform underneath the generator. Now the water will be safe.
  • Reward: Shipwreck Beach Relic Map

Temple of the Handmaidens

  • Location: Still on Shipwreck Beach, travel to the zip line north of the Survivor’s camp to reach a barricade blocking the way to a bunker. Use the Rope Ascender to break the barricade and take the path forward. Use Rope Arrows to continue into a cave leading to the tomb.
  • Solution: To start the tomb, use the crank at the entrance to raise a platform and allow the buoy to move left. Climb the ledge left to follow the buoy as it releases a turning pole. Use it to jump the gap, then use the Rope Arrow on the white roped beam below. Wait for the buoy to move forward and push the beam perpendicular with Lara. When it lines up, jump to the bar to reach a rock wall with the Climbing Axe.
  • Reward: Shipwreck Beach GPS Cache Map

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