Tons of New Assassin’s Creed 3 Information


A trove of Assassin’s Creed 3 information dove off a church steeple today and landed in the hay we call the Internet. Thanks in part to reporting by VG247, Vox Games, and Kotaku, we can add to what we already know about this highly anticipated title, which has been in development for “well over two years” according to IP development director Tommy Francois.

The Assassin

Assassin’s Creed 3′s hero, new assassin Connor Ratohnhak√©:ton, is a fascinating character. Part Mohawk, part British, Connor is caught between two cultures and between two warring factions vying for control of America’s revolutionary destiny.

  • Whereas Altair was motivated by “duty,” and Ezio by “revenge,” Connor is apparently motivated by “justice.”
  • This might have something to do with his traumatic past; Connor sees his village destroyed and is left frustrated by his tribe’s unwillingness to do anything about it.
  • Though the character is an “Olympic-caliber athlete,” designers were careful to ground his abilities in reality, and not rely on any super-human gimmicks.
  • The voice actor performing the character is half-Blackfoot.
  • This time around, Ubisoft is performing all the motion, voice, and facial motion capture simultaneously.
  • They’ll also be rendering even more bones in the face, and the game will switch to hi-res faces on the fly to increase realism during conversations.
  • UPDATE: Speaking with Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo, creative director Alex Hutchinson and producer Francois Pelland compared Connor’s character to Mani, the Native American badass from 2001 film The Brotherhood of the Wolf. Check out this video for a primer on Mani’s distinctive brand of ass-kickery, replete with some French rap.


The World

The game’s distinctive setting has driven a lot of early buzz; the prospect of exploring the northeastern United States during the 18th century is certainly an appealing one. The world of Assassin’s Creed 3 is by far the biggest game in the series to date, although the level of detail is not likely to change. Ubisoft’s team thinks of the cities as “characters” in the Assassin’s Creed series, and they receive a lot of attention.

  • The two primary locations are Boston and New York. Ubisoft developers were keen to point out the “raze and rebuild” approach of American city planners — some extant landmarks will be appear in-game, others will not.
  • In contrast to the settings featured in previous games, these 18th century cities are primarily made of wood, with sloped roofs and wide streets.
  • Connor will be able to enter more interior spaces, and interact with moving obstacles like carts.
  • More attention was paid to the behavior of people in cities, who will be more aware of their surroundings and less likely to repeat actions. NPC’s will even steal from each other, when given the opportunity.
  • The story will take players to other cities, including Philadelphia, but they will not be explorable.
  • Children will be included in the game for the first time, but you won’t be able to kill them. (Sorry, psychopaths! Actually, not sorry).

A large portion will take place in what Ubisoft is calling “The Frontier,” a vast wilderness that will enable Connor to leverage his skills as an outdoorsman.

  • The Frontier will be a “living city” with trees and rocks taking the place of buildings. It will also be full of hungry wildlife, including bears.
  • Connor is comfortable in trees, and can move around the Frontier by clambering from branch to branch and rock to rock. The developers wanted to make him seem like the Predator, sowing terror in the British ranks through his use of the natural environment. This system is analogous to the free-running in earlier games — only the surfaces have changed.
  • The game will have changing seasons, and weather will have an important effect on the gameplay.
  • This is particularly true of snow, which will hamper character movement when it falls in sufficient quantities, even resulting in a whole new set of animations. By using the treetops, Connor can get the drop on enemies who are slogging through the snow below. Ice will also play a role, although it is unclear how.

Read on for information about the story, the gameplay, and the Special Editions!

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3 Comments on Tons of New Assassin’s Creed 3 Information


On March 27, 2012 at 2:21 am

I get very sick of video game makers foisting their morals on me. If they want to include children for realism, then they should be vulnerable (as children are). They could put in real consequences for child murder (the people turning against you and your cause) but don’t take away player agency because you think I might do something distasteful.
Sorry, rant over.
This game looks awesome. I can’t wait to jump from tree to tree and bury the Brits in a snowdrift. Also, the “uneven surfaces” technology is one thing I have been waiting for.


On March 28, 2012 at 2:59 am

My only problem with this is that I hope they don’t pull a Patriot and make the Brits “the bad guys”….. ugh that’s so cliche and obnoxious anymore. American independence, since I am one, I consider a good thing but I believe putting it into a more accurate historical light would benefit a lot of people… blind nationalism and blind nationalist history is the downfall of people. :(


On March 28, 2012 at 10:04 am

Since the AC world is all about conspiracies, and the Templars attempting to consolidate power and control everything while the Assassins try to make everyone free from ‘the man,’ I would not be surprised to see the Brits (at least those controlled by Templars) portrayed as the villains.