Top 10 Best Skyrim Steam Workshop Mods

Bonus Mod 1: Seratic Armor

This mod adds a suit of slick Seratic Armor to the game. The armor is of the heavy variety and comes in a couple of flavors, as seen in the picture above. Both male and female variants are included, and it can be crafted as a suit of ebony armor and bears that armor’s stats.

Bonus Mod 2: Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers

Here’s a simple mod for you obsessive compulsive completionists that adds quest markers to all 24 of the Stones of Barenziah (Unusual Gems) that you need to find and collect for the “No Stone Unturned” quest.
The markers are only added after you take an “Unusual Gem” to Vex. It may be cheating, but it’ll save you one hell of a headache.

Bonus Mod 3: Hermit’s Tree House

If you’re looking for a different kind of house to call home in Skyrim, check out this tree house mod. A humble abode, what the house lacks in size, it makes up for in having a fantastic view — that’s right, you can actually look out the window and see directly outside.

The location is ready to fast travel to, and the house comes with a tanning rack, wood chopping block, two weapon racks and a chest.

Bonus Mod 4: Spend Dragon Souls For Perks

Keep playing Skyrim for long enough and you’ll run out of interesting decisions to make with your Dragon Souls. Quite simply, this mod allows you to spend Dragon Souls to gain Perks. Ta da!

Bonus Mod 5: Bandolier – Bags and Pouches

Here’s a mod that offers you a selection of items that will increase your carrying capacity — 67, to be precise. Bandoliers, satchels, belt pouches… You can wear up to seven of these items at a time, transforming into a veritable Batman. You also get to look stylish while wearing them.

Bonus Mod 6: Pure Waters

If you’re looking for more realistic water, this mod is for you. It offers:

  • Colors enhancement: natural, wild and varied water colors.
  • Realistic transparency: a big improvement tp shorelines.
  • Varied streams: each type of water area has its own texture and flow effect.
  • Reflections improvements: water no longer appears too “glassy.”
  • Underwater redone: underwater visuals are more realistic.

Bonus Mod 7: Unread Books Glow

Another simple mod, this one makes any books that you have no read yet visibly glow. When you
read a book for the first time, its glow will disappear. All copies of the same title are considered the same book, so once you’ve read one “Cats of Skyrim”, you’ve read them all.

Bonus Mod 8: Here There Be Monsters

The mod adds nine massive boss monsters to the Ghost sea, based off of various world myths about sea monsters. It also includes three ship captains that can be hired, three survivors in the docks, and an expert monster hunter for hire. Talking to the survivors will lead you on a quest that will pit you up against each of these monsters, which include Karkinos, Leviathan, Iku-Turso, Jormungandr, Curriud, Kraken, Ymir, Tiamat, and Phorcys.

Bonus Mod 9: Horse Armors

Based on how often you’re randomly attacked on the road, don’t you find it odd that your can’t get a hold of some armor for your horse? This mod adds armored horses, replacing each city’s purchasable player horse with a unique armored horse. From Whiterun’s Nordic Steel armor to Markarth’s Dwarven armor, Windhelm’s Ebony armor to Riften’s Leather armor, all the way to Solitude’s Dragonbone armor, I’m sure you’ll find a look that you enjoy.

Bonus Mod 10: Build Your Own Home

If you don’t have Hearthfire, this mod allows you to create a completely modular house wherever you’d like, be it a riverside shack, a two-story farmhouse, or a small fortress.

If your favorite mod didn’t make the list, leave a comment linking us to it!

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7 Comments on Top 10 Best Skyrim Steam Workshop Mods


On February 19, 2012 at 4:17 am

I love this one from Pluto and Leviathan

“Realistic Lighting”
It makes the world much more beautiful and realistic. Especially the night and the dungeons.


On February 29, 2012 at 8:32 am

WOW! those sounds of skyrim are creepy, id have to play without headphones….


On May 10, 2013 at 10:21 am

These mods make me want to buy the game for my laptop… Have it for the Xbox (2 copies (£50) because one broke)… It’s £15 on steam :)


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