Top 25 Game Heroes of All Time – What, No Lara Croft?


To agree or not to agree that is the question. In many cases concerning this list I do not agree, and readily I protest many of these so-called heroes. Granted Stubbs the Zombie I can agree with, maybe even Leisure Suit Larry and Alucard – only because I am a Castlevania fan. The obvious and unsurprising ones like Kratos, Mario and Link, you really can’t argue with because they are just awesome all around. What puzzles me the most with this list is that Jade from Beyond Good and Evil made the cut but Joanna Dark didn’t? That is just completely moronic in my book as Joanna could blow Jade into the next century. She is intelligent, sexy, a weapons master, and she is a mercenary – how much cooler can you get? I also think that Conker should be on the list as well, because who else would start out as a drunken looser and end up becoming a King other than Henry the VIII? Conker had many hardships to endure. He had to climb Poo Mountain, kill the Great Mighty Poo, sacrifice baby dinosaurs, tickle a giant flower with ‘huge tracks of land’, battle the sadistic Tediz and deal with the loss of his love Berri. If he is not a true, albeit tragic hero, then no other character on the list can be considered one either. Period.

Here is the compiled list made by Mike Zeller and Vaga over at GameLemon. The method to their madness is expanded on the GameLemon site, so I will not go into detail on the characters or their back-story; also note that Lara Croft has been omitted as well as Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 2 & 4). I don’t know what these guys were thinking.

Top 25 Video Game Heroes of All Time

  1. Link
  2. Mario
  3. Solid Snake
  4. April Ryan and Zoe Castillo
  5. Samus
  6. HK-47
  7. Jade
  8. Luigi
  9. Gabriel Knight
  10. Minsc
  11. Mega Man
  12. Roger Wilco
  13. Alucard
  14. Kratos (should be much higher on the list)
  15. Guybrush Threepwood
  16. The Hero from Quest for Glory
  17. Kain (FF IV)
  18. Leisure Suit Larry
  19. Earthworm Jim
  20. Ryu
  21. Master Chief (should be much higher as well)
  22. Lenneth Valkyrie
  23. Blade and Stryker
  24. Vivi
  25. Stubbs the Zombie

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5 Comments on Top 25 Game Heroes of All Time – What, No Lara Croft?


On June 1, 2007 at 5:20 pm

I’m probably just too old… but, ummm… PacMan or Ms.PacMan aren’t on an all-time list ???


On June 1, 2007 at 5:26 pm

yeah, the last time i saw a list that i actually agreed with was on a video from GameTrailers of the Top Ten Biggest Douchebags in Gaming. Number one was that damn dog from Duck Hunt. I agreed, because from the age of four I always kept trying to shoot him almost as much as the ducks.


On June 1, 2007 at 5:30 pm

HK-47? Heh? I haven’t played KOTOR2, but I have 1 and he wasn’t a hero. He was sort of an anti-hero. He was definitely an anti-C-3PO, geez. That’s the first error.

Master Chief…hmm, possibly saves the galaxy, well, you know, *sligtly* more important than rescuing the princess (Mario) from a bad guy who is running out of castles, surely!

I noticed they also missed of Sonic the Hedgehog among many others. Just as heroic as Mario and thensome. He’s a hedgehog, so his capabilities are somewhat capped to that of an Italian (fat) plumber.

This is the kind of list where you expect Ash-the-one-from-Pokémon to be up there…deary be.


On June 2, 2007 at 11:54 am

Okay, luigi can go and kill himself, he should not be in the top 10. Have we forgotten the greats? Where the hell is Chrono from Chrono Trigger, SNES. Why is MC at 21?

Who the hell put this thing together.


On June 12, 2007 at 12:54 am

Dear god this is not so. I agree with Link as the first but Luigi? Mario 2? No Sonic who should be higher than Mario who should NOT be second. Oh and Earthworm Jim who even placed higher than Master Chief? Master Chief should be near Samus who has a good and true spot.