Top Torchlight 2 Gameplay Mods: Enhanced and Amplified

It’s been just a few months since the release of the long-awaited GUTS Editor for Torchlight 2, but the output of TL2′s modding community has already been impressive. Game enhancements, expansions and the like were released with surprising speed, but now that modders have had ample opportunity to play around with editor (so named because, it opens up Torchlight 2′s innards; “GUTS”, which isn’t an acronym for anything), it’s long past time for another look.

And that’s just what we’ve done.  What follows is a collection of some of the best of the real nuts and bolts modifications made with the new tools. New spells, more fish, enhanced respecs, it’s all here and it’s all awesome. Read on, and make sure to brush up on your fishing skills.

Enhanced Fish Mod
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Fishing in Torchlight 2 allows you to use the fish you catch to transmogrify your pet into a completely different creature for added bonuses to damage and special abilities. Great, but the game tops out at 27 fish. What kind of biodiversity is that?

This mod adds nine new types of fish into the game, including: a robotic sushi that turns your pet into a mechanical robot armed with a cannon; a venomfish that turns your pet into a poison elemental that summons zombies; and a doomfish, which turns your pet into a warlock.

The mod also raises the stack size for all fish to 100, so you won’t have to worry about running out of space with the fish in your inventory.

Item Affix Expansion
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In Torchlight 2, Affixes are basically the magical properties that grace each and every one of your weapons, armor, and gear. But like Liberace once said, too much of a good thing is wonderful. Enter the Item Affix Expansion. Designed to improve the diversity of the items you find in the gamethis mod adds around 450 new item affixes to the game. Emphasis is on variety and balance.

According to its creator, the mod makes it so these affixes will randomly appear on items at all levels throughout the game, on both enchanted (green) and rare (blue) items.

Spell Pack
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This mod adds a dozen new spells that you can learn through scrolls. (In Torchlight 2, the spells you can learn from scrolls allow you to augment your character with skills that are otherwise unavailable to your class.)

Among these spells is the ability to unleash a flaming skull and have it chase monsters around until it explodes, a spell to summon a sand storm, and an ability to summon a barrage of flaming grenades.

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Most fish in the game affect only your pet. This mod adds fish that allow you to boost your own statistics for various periods, or even permanently. By eating seafood, you’ll be able to raise all manner of stats including magic find, gold drop, experience bonus, and every base stat. Keep in mind that you’ll have to fish first and then transmute said fish into these “fish potions” for them to work.

Respec Potions
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The main draw of this mod over the Runic Games’ “official” version is its compatibility with other mods—and the fact that it doesn’t cost an inordinate amount of money for players to buy. It’s designed to make respeccing your character as painless as possible.

Extra Chunky
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A “chunk”, for those not in the know, is an element of a level. Each level is divided into —or rather, made up of—many chunks, which give the game its randomized elements. Players who’ve gone through the game multiple times will no doubt be familiar with all the chunks presently available in the game, so this mod is designed to mix things up and add more variety into the game. All new level chunks are brand new and built to the same specifications and standards of those in the original game.

Bag Mod
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It’s not that space was ever really an issue to begin with, as it’s easy to simply return to town and stash what you want, or send your items back to town to sell whatever junk you’ve accumulated, but it’s still kind of a pain having to wander back to the crib every time you need to resupply.

Like the name suggests, the Bag Mod is a mod that enlarges the amount of bag (or inventory) space you have with you, so you’ll never have to worry about which items to loot as you’ll be able to carry everything you find with you and sell them as you please. The mod mostly exists so you can adventure uninterrupted.


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