Torchlight 2 Walkthrough

Meet the Djinni

  1. Take the northwest exit out of town. You will have to cross yet another desert- this time, to seek out the Djinni.
  2. This time around, you’ll have to deal with even more powerful enemies. In fact, they will now be spawning infinitely. The traps get more difficult too here. Cages of bones will attempt to ensnare you. Break these as quickly as possible- you will be sniped while trying to free yourself.
  3. The Djinni is located in the Salt Barrens proper.
  4. The Djinni’s first task is basically a seek and destroy type of quest (I will include all 4 quests related to the Djinni in this section for efficiency’s sake. They are short and don’t warrant separate sections). Your first task is to take out Aruk the Cruel. Once you reach his lair, you can either go straight for him or take out the guards around him to make life easier first. Once you defeat him, you will have completed The Djinni’s First Task .
  5. To complete The Djinni’s Next Task, you will be sent to another dimension. You will have to stay inside the circle of light the Djinni places you in. There will be plenty of foes and things getting in your way trying to push you outside of the circle. It will get difficult- don’t hesitate to ingest a whole bunch of potions. Especially when the blades start coming down. Yikes. The second survival part of this task is easy. You will have to take out the Manticore again.. who is surprisingly easy the second time around.
  6. The Djinni’s Final Task entails you taking out his foe Ezrek. Once teleported to his lair, take out the enemies. They are actually pretty easy here. However, the boss fight is tough. Ezrek will summon waves of minions and eventually split into three. Keep attacking the original Ezrek. Towards the end of the fight, he will summon more of these clones and fly around trying to confuse you out of desperation.
  7. Upon the end of the fight, the Djinni will come congratulate you and give you your reward. Time to go back to Zephyresh for the conclusion of Act 2.

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