Total War: Shogun 2 mod — DarthMod

The DarthMod series improves the AI and gameplay of Total War games and adds realism.

DarthMod for Shogun 2 continues the trend by focusing on gameplay improvements without making drastic changes.


  • The speed, accelerations and physics of the units are taken to realistic levels
  • Various changes to morale and battle mechanics create longer-lasting, challenging battles
  • Projectiles do not lock onto targets; they realistically spread and can miss
  • An option for increased unit sizes for epic battles
  • Removed all the insane cheats for the CAI, which provided a “fake” challenge and kept a moderate handicap system that reflects better the actual difficulty level
  • Diplomacy and campaign AI have been improved significantly to cover the gap of the reduced handicaps. For example, the AI invades with large armies consisting of more samurai than archers (vanilla problem), uses ships better, allies are more trustworthy, realm divide effect is reduced so that the clans do not berserk against you, etc
  • Autocalculation of battles works better
  • Fortifications have more garrison troops, so now the major AI clans can survive and become very powerful opponents, like the Oda clan
  • The economy system is slightly improved to encourage the recruitment of larger armies for both the AI and human player
  • Upgrade points for characters are increased from 2 to 3 for better and quicker character creation
  • Several annoying things, for the majority of players, are removed like the projectile trails (laser trails) and the Horo (Balloon). The removal of laser trails in combination with the reduced speeds brings a significant FPS increase
  • Increased army and navy control radius in the campaign map for a more strategic positioning system. An army cannot easily pass by another army and has to fight it, or several small armies can trap other armies
  • Better naval battles; now ships turn and accelerate like wooden vessels full of soldiers instead of not like motorboats
  • Ships have much more movement points that allows the AI to launch powerful naval invasions
  • Clans have more diversity for their special units, so the AI makes the right choice and builds characteristic armies, for example the Takeda raise powerful cavalry, the Date a lot of No-Dachi, Shimazu their deadly Katana, etc.

Download DarthMod: Shogun II here.

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