Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire / Napalm DLC Guide

Table of Contents

  • Evil Empire Campaign
  • Napalm Campaign
  • Evil Empire Campaign

    Arms Race

    1. Welcome back to Toy Soldiers: Cold War! It’s time to reacquaint ourselves with the controls and systems of this out-of-control Tower Defense title.
    2. First, remember your Overcharge Meter. If you kill lots of soldiers quickly, your meter will charge up and your turret will activate Overcharge Mode, where it has infinite ammo, fires faster, and deals far more damage.
    3. Refill the Overcharge Meter and you’ll unlock a free Barrage Attack. These special abilities provide a variety of special attacks — like a Nuke, artillery barrage, or anything else.
    4. You can directly control all of your turrets. Doing so provides you with a few bonuses. You make more money, deal more damage, fire faster, have extra abilities available, and charge the Overcharge Meter.
    5. Tanks and vehicles appear on recharge pads around each mission. Remember these can be controlled at any point once the blue meter is full. If you don’t want to destroy them, drive or land your vehicle back on the recharge pad to get it back into the fight faster. Until the blue meter is full, you won’t be able to use it again.
    6. Last, remember that the directional pad allows you to quick select functions. The most useful function you’ll need to play Toy Soldiers is the Repair option. Press down on the control pad with a turret selected to initiate a quick-repair.
    7. Now that you’re back in the game and ready to fight, start up the first mission. Forget about the Americans, you’re playing as the Soviets this time.
    8. The Soviets use different turrets, but mostly remain the same. There are major differences, but we’ll go over those as they become important.
    9. On this map, the Americans hold the high ground with MG and Artillery turrets near their base. As the mission begins, you’ll be in control of a Soviet IFV. Use the IFV to blast the rallying soldiers on the American base at the top of theĀ hill for some quick early money, and target the artillery cannons. Try to destroy the American MG nests while you’re at it.
    10. Jump out of the IFV once the American Soldier charge steps and build an MG nest on the small mound near your Toy Box. If any artillery turrets remain, they’ll be destroyed if you build any turrets closer.
    11. Use the IFV until it’s destroyed or runs out of power, and keep hitting the arty on the hill. Use the camera-guided rockets to dish out a little extra damage with each rocket attack.
    12. Now quickly switch to directly control your MG nest as the soldiers close-in. One should be enough to put you in Overcharge Mode and clear out the rest. If you can manage it, try to wait for the soldiers to close-in before attacking — that way you can get yourself an early barrage.
    13. Repeat the process until both artillery cannons are down. Now with the field clear, start building. You should have plenty of cash on hand. Construct an artillery turret on the left large mound and an AA turret on the right mound. In the forward position, build two MG nests and one AT turret in the center. Mix up your strategy as much as you want. Replace the forward MG turrets with Makeshift turrets or mortars.
    14. After the first few waves of soldiers, more fighters and soldiers will appear. Upgrade as necessary, and keep your turrets repaired after the fighters make their bombing runs.
    15. The next wave of Jeeps won’t be a problem if all your turrets are prepared and repaired. Use the IFV if necessary. Two waves of cannon-fodder soldiers, and para-troopers will follow with a fighter escort. Upgrade your AA turret to the second rank to easily swat the fighters.
    16. Keep your anti-infantry weapons upgraded as well. The MG turrets at Rank 2 will easily handle the next waves of infantry.
    17. Next up is a wave of Jeeps, fighters, and elite soldiers. Upgrade those MG turrets to easily handle those waves.
    18. Rank 2 AT Turrets can quickly fire a barrage of shells, and tear apart fast moving light vehicles. Rank 3 MG turrets are powerful auto-shotguns armed with grenade launchers that can only be used while in direct control. Don’t forget to use those grenade launchers against clusters of soldiers or light vehicles.
    19. After the jeeps and elite soldiers, a swarm of medium tanks will attack. Save your cash to upgrade the Artillery turret and AT turret. Use direct control on the Rank 3 AT turret to devastate the medium tanks — a single shot fired with Shell Cam will destroy the tanks.
    20. Make repairs, and prepare for a breather with a para-drop wave. Next up are Heavy Tanks, and they aren’t so easy. Use the Soviet IFV and shell-cam to help your Artillery and AT turrets destroy these powerful tanks. The one-two punch of the Rank 3 Artillery and your shell-cam direct fire AT turret will destroy the incoming Heavy Tanks in two hits.
    21. That completes the first mission. That one is a cakewalk compared to the next. Prepare for a long slog.

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