Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire / Napalm DLC Guide

Table of Contents

  • Evil Empire Campaign
  • Napalm Campaign
  • Tides of Change

    1. Right away, soldiers are streaming into the area from landing boats on the beach below. You have access to a Medium Tank, and some early cash. Forget the tank and build a Makeshift turret right in the center, just ahead of the controllable tank. Then build two MG turrets to the left and right.
    2. You’re going to need to prepare for some serious armor coming after the first wave. Use your new funds to purchase two Artillery turrets and point them toward the beach. The second wave is Jeeps and soldiers, but the artillery support should make them easy pickings.
    3. In the far back, there are three small mounds. Build two AT turrets on the left and right most, then a mortar turret in the center when you have the funds. Next up are soldiers and tanks. Use your controllable Medium Tank to help during this wave. When you’re finished, park it back on the recharge pad.
    4. Another wave of soldiers follows, but there are a lot of them. Upgrade your MG turrets and Makeshift to handle them, and save some extra funds for the following wave of Medium Tanks and soldiers. Use the IFV again if you need it.
    5. Next up are going to be tough APCs that drop soldiers. Upgrage the AT turrets, but not the artillery turrets. After the APCs come more APCs with Medium Tanks for the next two waves.
    6. When in direct control of a vehicle, sometimes you’ll notice a big red star over an enemy’s head. Destroying that enemy will grant you an instant barrage roulette.
    7. After those waves are dealt with, you’ll have a bigger problems — Heavy Tanks and Elite Soldiers. Upgrade your AT turrets to Rank 3, and save enough money to sell your artillery after that wave. Lots of air-units will attack after the Heavy Tanks, so prepare to bring in some AA.
    8. If you have a barrage, use it now against these Heavy Tanks. Then, prepare for air attacks. Sell your artillery turrets and replace them with AA batteries. Sell and upgrade the AA. You’ll also gain access to a Soviet Attack Helo with powerful missile attacks.
    9. Once the fighters are destroyed, you’ll have two waves of Helo Drop soldiers. They won’t be a problem with your AA defenses. The Bombers that follow them will. Just hunker down and be quick to repair your turrets after the bombers make their run.
    10. The Bombers are followed by Paradropping soldiers, then Heavy Tanks. With Rank 3 AT turrets and your Assault Helo, they won’t last long — but definately save your Assault Helo for the wave of Heavy Tanks. During the Paradrop, use your left MG nest to target the falling soldiers, one of them will have a Red Star. Kill the marked soldier for a useful Barrage.
    11. Fighting off the Heavy Tanks, make sure to target the tanks on the right path first with your Helo, they’ll reach your Toy Box quicker. Once they’re destroyed, switch over to the left path.
    12. ATVs are next, repair your turrets and they should be no problem. After the ATVs, you’ll have a wave of Fighters, then light Helos. Neither will offer a challenge to your AA defenses. The bombers afterward, will. Make sure your turrets are all prepared before they make their run, and repair immediately after the attack.
    13. Following the Bomber Run will be Attack Helos. These are dangerous, so use your own Attack Helo to swat these powerful enemy choppers out of the sky. APCs will follow, then more Attack Helos. Make repairs, as the Attack Helos will always do damage, and prepare for a short Helo Drop, then the final wave.
    14. The last wave consists of American IFVs, which are a deadlier form of APC, armed with a cannon and a group of soldiers. Use the Medium Tank or Attack Helo to help your defenses, but with the upgraded AT turrets, they shouldn’t be a problem as long as you keep your turrets repaired.
    15. Once again, target the IFVs on the right path with your controllable vehicle before moving on to the left. Keep pounding away, picking your targets one at a time. Eventually, the enemy will crumble before your Soviet might.

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