Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire / Napalm DLC Guide

Table of Contents

  • Evil Empire Campaign
  • Napalm Campaign
  • Proletarian Defense

    1. The Americans are landing on Russian soil! Time to put up a massive defense! As the battle begins, allied soldiers and tanks will attack the American turrets in control of the railyard. Help clear the area out, but focus your attacks on the Artillery cannon at the top of the highway overpass. That’s your biggest problem.
    2. To destroy the Americans, you’ll have your pick of three Soviet battered powered vehicles. The Soviet Heavy Tank, the Soviet Naval Helo, and the Soviet Fighter. Don’t use the Soviet Fighter quite yet, you’ll have to deal with American AA on the other end of the map. Between waves, use the Fighter or Helo to damage the AA, you’ll need the skies clear as soon as possible.
    3. Looking at your three vehicles, the Heavy Tank is perfect for ground defense against slower moving forces like APCs, Medium or Heavy tanks, or clusters of soldiers. The Naval Helo is a great weapon for taking out the large Helo waves to supplement your AA, but it can also be useful for light ground support against weaker armored fast vehicles and soldiers. The Fighter is best used against Fighter or Bomber waves, but almost makes a last-ditch ground attack weapon with it’s ability to drop chemical bombs.
    4. If you’re quick, jump into the Naval Helo and destroy the American Artillery and MG turrets at the railyard, then keep your distance and shoot down the AA turret in the back right corner of the field. With all the American turrets destroyed, you’re safe to start building your own defenses.
    5. Build a combination of AA and AT type turrets — anything at all will help. A single MG nest at your Toybox is enough to defend it against the first few waves of Paradropping soldiers. After the first two waves of paradropping troops, you’ll have to deal with Jeeps and APCs.
    6. The Jeeps shouldn’t be a problem once you’ve constructed an AT turret, the Jeeps will come down the overpass and drive down the double tracks leading into the Toy Box. Keep your Naval Helo recharged, you’ll want it for the Helo wave after the APC wave. Your Heavy Tank can take care of the APCs.
    7. The Jet Fighter can also help against the Helo wave. Make sure to construct an AA turret before they arrive, just to help you clear the skies. APCs follow, but they shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is next, with Elite Soldiers and Heavy Tanks.
    8. As the Heavy Tanks approach, employ your own Heavy Tank to crush them. When the Helo wave arrives, simply switch to your Fighter and crush the arriving Helos. If you feel up to it, launch the next wave of Heavy Tanks and Jeeps, then use your Jet’s Bombing Capabilities to destroy them all as they arrive on the street to the left of your turrets.
    9. To use the Jet’s bombing ability, click the right stick and pull back on the left to slow down. Then use the fire button to drop bombs. Moving slowly, you can easily line up bomb drops using the large green circle and destroy entire columns of Heavy Tanks.
    10. Spend your new funds to upgrade what you have. The next wave is all APCs, and lots of them coming from the left and right of your base. A Rank 3 AT turret can destroy an APC in two hits. If you have two of these among the central small mounds, you’ll take care of the APCs with no problem.
    11. The following wave is all American Jets. Switch to your own Jet Fighter and shoot them down, and if you feel prepared, launch the next attack of Attack Helos and Heavy Tanks. Focus your Fighter’s AA missiles on the Attack Helos. When the few Attack Helos are down, pick up an extra battery and bomb the rest of the Heavy Tanks as they slowly move down the central causeway.
    12. Heavy Bombers are the next wave. They can destroy most of your base if you aren’t careful. Use the Naval Helo to try to shoot down the first few, or as many Bombers as you can to minimize damage. When the Bombers have passed, dump the Naval Helo and repair.
    13. Paradrop Helos will appear as the next wave, but they won’t pose much of a threat. If you’re worried, take direct control of an MG turret near your Toy Box and train your sites towards the nearest green flare.
    14. The next wave of Heavy Tanks come from three different directions. Target two of the three far off directions with an Artillery turret, then jump into your Heavy Tank to clear out the rest. Park your tank in front of your Toy Box and crush any that try to pass.
    15. Make repairs, then use your Fighter Jet again; a enemy Fighter wave is approaching. Use the Fighter to shoot the group down without a problem, preferably with the help of one Rank 3 AA turret.
    16. Grab extra batteries after the Jets are done, and train your sights on the far end of the field with your Jet still in use. Use the Fighter Jet to down as many of the bomber wave as you can — this is a large Bomber wave, and will destroy the turrets they attack if you don’t destroy two or three of the enemy.
    17. Attack Helos and Heavy Tanks follow that up, and they’re really playing hardball. Use whatever you have on hand, even taking direct control of your AA will help, as you’ll be able to target four of them at a time, while the AI only attacks enemies one at a time.
    18. For the last wave of Heavy Tanks and Attack Helos, use the Fighter Jet to wipe out the Attack Helos, then either focus on the Heavy Tanks with bombs, or switch to a Rank 3 AT turret to finish them off. One of the Attack Helos will have a Red Star, giving you an instant Barrage abilitiy, perfect for use against the Super Tank coming up next.
    19. The Super Tank appears last! Before it does, sell all your AA and replace them with Rank 3 Artillery, you’ll need everything you’ve got! Keep your MG nests, but if you have any open mounds, build AT turrets.
    20. At Stage 1, the Super Tank will roll down the main road, firing with it’s double heavy MGs and massive artillery cannon, while rolling over your turrets. Point all your artillery at it, so it’s constantly taking damage as it moves down the main double track causeway. It’ll also fire barrages of missiles.
    21. The Naval Helo and Fighter will go down fast to it’s double MGs. Luckily, the double MGs and rocket launchers can both be destroyed independently. The Super Tank will circle the field, blasting away, and your Heavy Tank is your best bet to do real damage to this beast easily. If you keep out of distance, you can actually attack the MG turrets on the Tank from far away, or use the Fighter to drop a salvo of chemical bombs.
    22. As the Super Tank nears your base, it’ll launch infantry from it’s front, as well as ATVs. Tanks will drop out of it’s backside as it turns and drives toward the tall buildings on the left side of the field. Make sure you have plenty of AT defense to wipe the medium tanks out.
    23. Target the MG turrets and rocket launchers on the Tank’s back during the first stage to weaken it for the rest of the battle. The biggest challenge will be rebuilding.
    24. During the second stage, after it’s health is brought down a bar, it will become faster and more aggressive. You have plenty of time — until the third stage.
    25. At the third stage, the Super Tank will employ a devastating Laser Artillery weapon that destroys anything it targets. Make sure to destroy the Super Tank fast, but save the Heavy Tank. Use the Naval Helo and Fighter Jet to help destroy the stage 3 Super Tank, and make sure your artillery is pointed toward your Toy Box. You need to destroy the Super Tank fast at stage 3, it’ll circle the battlefield once before going straight for your Toy Box.
    26. Once it’s down to the Final Stage, it will just charge your Toy Box with dramatically lower health. You don’t have much time, switch to your Heavy Tank and go all out with your main cannon and secondary MG. Keep shooting, and save any Barrage attacks you may still have for this last part.
    27. If you use the Heavy Tank, you should be able to just barely destroy the Super Tank before it crushes your Toy Box. Congratulations, the Soviet Union is saved!
    28. Achievement Unlocked: The Might Of The Red Army (10 Points) – Destroyed the Super Tank.

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