Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire / Napalm DLC Guide

Table of Contents

  • Evil Empire Campaign
  • Napalm Campaign
  • Napalm Campaign


    1. Welcome to the American DLC campaign, where you’ll be more familiar with your own weapons and tactics. But, that doesn’t mean the Soviets won’t try some new tricks. What sets this map apart from other missions is the second Toybox in the back left corner with no defenses whatsoever.
    2. Periodically, a wave of Soviet transports will move along the ridge and attempt to take over your secondary Toy Box. The only effective way to combat these tanks and transports is with artillery. Luckily, you’ll have four large mounds to build on.
    3. Don’t worry about building yet, you start under attack by VC. Jump into your Medium Tank, armed with a flamethrower, and quickly find the Soviet AA guns on the map. There should be one directly ahead of your Tank, and another to the left. Spot them by the Soviet flag in the distance.
    4. If you’re quick, you can take out both AA turrets and unlock a decoration. The second decoration is also very easy to get with the right defense set-up, and we’ll go over just what you need to keep the Soviets out of your Toybox.
    5. With the AA gone, a wave of VC will move on your base. Start off by building two MG nests to the left and right of your Toybox, with an AT turret in the center. Take direct control of one of your MG turrets and wipe out the VC infantry.
    6. Another three waves of VC infantry will follow, giving you plenty of time to make money and prepare your defenses. Build either two Makeshift turrets or two mortar turrets in the left and right forward positions of your base to help defend against infantry and vehicles later on. Personally, go with mortars to assure hits.
    7. This will also be your chance to construct four artillery turrets. Don’t upgrade all of them yet, but you’ll want to upgrade a few one at a time as the battle continues. Leave one artillery turret un-upgraded, as you’ll need to sell it and replace it with an AA turret later in the mission.
    8. It’s best to upgrade the two turrets to the far left and far right first, as they have the most room to hit targets. Take time to upgrade your AT turret in the center, as well. It’ll become very useful later in the mission when more tanks and transports show up in the convoy.
    9. After the first waves of infantry, you should have four artillery turrets and an AT turret built, with at least one of the artillery turrets upgraded to Rank 2. Then you’ll be ready for the convoy. Point all artillery toward the ridge, and take control of either your AT turret or artillery to help destroy the trucks. I recommend using the Rank 2 artillery, and taking advantage of its Shell Cam MIRV ability.
    10. With the first convoy crushed, two tank columns will appear. Target to artillery turrets forward and two left to wipe the tanks out, and make sure to keep your mortars repaired. Following the tanks is another convoy. Use your new funds to upgrade another artillery piece. If you can get one to Rank 3, that would be best. Getting your single AT turret to Rank 3 will also help, target the vehicles just as they cross the path up the hill for an easy shot and let your artillery mop up.
    11. Another wave of Medium Tanks will appear, from forward and left positions. Point your artillery, and keep your mortars repaired to make short work of this wave. Tanks with VC infantry follow. Take this turn to sell one of your Rank 1 Artillery to prepare for the next wave of Helos. Upgrade the AA as much as you can, if you keep it alive, you’ll only need one for this mission.
    12. The Helos will go down easily with even a single Rank 1 AA turret. Once they’re clear, you’ll have to deal with more Medium tanks and Infantry in a wave. With one less artillery turret, but your three upgraded Artillery turrets should be more than enough to handle them all, just be extra diligent in keeping them pointing at your targets.
    13. Smash the infantry and tanks, and prepare for yet another convoy wave. Point your artillery, and take direct control of the AT turret to wipe your opponents out. Start hitting them while they’re still moving into position on the wooden plank with the Rank 3 Turret’s Shell Cam.
    14. Now that the convoy is gone, you’ll have to fight Elite Infantry. Prepare to repair your mortars or makeshifts, and upgrade the rest of your turrets to Rank 3 to mop up. The Elite Infantry aren’t a problem compared to a double attack of Medium Tanks and Trucks both on the ridge and both going for your secondary Toybox.
    15. By this point, you should have three Rank 3 Artillery turrets and one Rank 3 AT turret. With those combined arms, the tanks won’t be a problem. Aim and direct your artillery, and use Direct Fire to weaken the tanks for your Artillery to finish off.
    16. Next, is Heavy Tanks from the left and VC forward. Aim all your artillery left to take care of the tanks, with the AT turret as a last ditch defense. The VC should be easy pickings for your Mortars or makeshifts, and your MG turrets. The followed wave is Heavy Tanks forward and VC infantry left. Switch your artillery to point in the right direction, and you’ll have no problem.
    17. By now, make sure your AA is fully upgraded to Rank 3. Attack Helos will appear for your next wave. Take direct control of the AA turret and knock the Helos out of the sky personally. Take them out one at a time, then make repairs.
    18. The last two waves aren’t too tricky — the first is another convoy with Heavy Tanks and trucks. Start shooting early, and use your AT turret to target the vehicles while they’re still on the big sign in the background to destroy them in one hit. The very last wave is just Elite Infantry. Wipe them out and complete the first part of this humid campaign.

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