Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire / Napalm DLC Guide

Table of Contents

  • Evil Empire Campaign
  • Napalm Campaign
  • Knee-deep

    1. Here is where your mission gets tricky. This is an ambush, and you have three Toyboxes that need to be protected. You’ll start with a Helo Gunship, armed with an MG and rockets. This vehicle will be crucially to your victory here.
    2. First, let’s go over the layout of your base. In front of each Toy Box are three small mounds. At all three corners of the Toyboxes themselves, you’ll find a large mound for three large mounds total.
    3. Directly ahead of your Helo Gunship is the first Toybox. We’ll call this Toybox 1. To your right is the second Toybox that will come under attack, we’ll call it Toybox 2. And last is the Toybox to the Helo’s left, which is the final Toybox to be threatened by Soviet Invasion. We’ll call that one Toybox 3.
    4. Just as the mission starts, you’ll use the Helo Gunship and must defend your Helo Gunship from two Soviet AA turrets to your left and right. Back away and paint each AA turret with MG fire and rockets one at a time until they’re destroyed. Stay out of their range and you’ll have no problem destroying both for a quick payday.
    5. Clear out the VC infantry in the first wave with your Helo, picking up batteries to stay alive, and take out the second wave of armored cars. With that done, drop out of the Helo and start building. If you already lost your Helo, just start building right away to begin your defense.
    6. In front of each of the three Toyboxes are three small mounds. To keep the Toyboxes safe, build one MG turret, one AT turret, and one Mortar at Toybox 1 as soon as possible. Then move on to build the same in front of Toybox 2, as the third wave of VC infantry will attack there.
    7. Upgrade your MG and AT turrets at Pillbox 2 as quickly as you can, preferably before the first wave of VC infantry attacks, followed by a wave of armored cars. The armored cars won’t be a problem with a Rank 2 AT turret, but if you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to upgrade, construct an artillery turret to over-watch Toybox 2.
    8. After those waves are complete, build a MG, AT, and mortar turret at Pillbox 3. They’ll arrive by Helo Drop soon, but first you’ll need to deal with Elite Infantry at Toybox 1.
    9. When you’re able, construct one artillery piece to over-watch Toybox 1, and another artillery turret to watch Toybox 2. You won’t need to watch Toybox 3 with artillery, so use the last large mound to construct an AA turret when you have the money.
    10. Once the Elite Infantry at Toybox 1 are dead, another wave of VC infantry will attack at Toybox 1 and 2. Fight them off and build your artillery to prepare for future waves.
    11. Destroy the VC, and a Helo Drop wave will arrive outside Toybox 3. Prepare yourself with all the essentials, and upgrade your MG turret first, followed by the AT turret. Make sure all your MG and AT turrets are upgraded at least once by now.
    12. Following the Helo Drop is a small bombing run. On normal, you’ll only have to deal with three Bombers per run. Build an AA turret, and jump into your Helo Gunship to down at least one of the three Bombers for a large payday of funds.
    13. Make repairs after the bombing run, and prepare for another VC infantry charge at Toybox 1 and 2. Use the artillery to supplement your regular outfit of MG, AT, and mortar turrets at each Toybox. Upgradge your AT and MG to Rank 3 as soon as you’re able to.
    14. The next wave is heavy at Toybox 3. ATVs and Transport Helos will arrive to drop soldiers. Hop onto your US Helo Gunship to help defend Toybox 3 from the ATV, and make sure your MG and AT turrets are upgraded at least once.
    15. Things aren’t about to get easier. Next up is VC infantry and Medium Tanks. Toybox 1 is attacked by Medium Tanks, while Toybox 2 is charged by VC. Keep the Helo Gunship in action with a battery, and help destroy the Medium Tanks before splitting off and clearing away some VC infantry if needed.
    16. Kill off the remaining infantry and tanks, then dump your Helo. It’s time to upgrade fast. Upgrade your AT and MG turrets at Toybox 1 and 2, then upgrade your two Artillery turrets providing over-watch. Try to get everything you can upgraded up to Rank 3, with the mortars last in order of importance.
    17. The next wave is all APCs. Repair your turrets often to keep them from being destroyed. Focus all your upgraded, if you’re low on funds, on Toybox 2 where the APCs attack. Toybox 1 only needs to deal with infantry.
    18. After the double attack, upgrade you Anti-Air turret to Rank 3, if you’re able, and take control of the Us Helo Gunship. More Bombers will arrive soon, take out at least one to make yourself extra cash, then make repairs.
    19. The bombers will pass, and the wave after replaces them with IFVs and Elite Infantry. Boost your AT defenses at Toybox 2 with a Rank 3 Artillery and Anti-Tank turret, with a Rank 3 Mortar helping out. Point both artillery turrets to watch Toybox 2 to help crush the enemy IFVs, and prepare to make quick repairs on your turrets.
    20. Things are reversed afterwards, where you’ll have to deal with Heavy Tanks at Toybox 1 and Elite Infantry at Toybox 2.
    21. Move your artillery into position and use your Rank 3 AT turret’s direct fire to shell cam rockets directly into the tanks to destroy them fast.
    22. Before this wave is done, repair and upgrade your AA turret to Rank 3. That way, you’ll be safe against the wing of Soviet Fighters that follow. Use the Helo Gunship to help out, then grab some batteries in preparation for another wave of ATVs and Helo Drops at Toybox 3.
    23. Keep the Helo Gunship in action if you can, because the last wave is all Heavy Tanks at Toybox 1 and 2. If you have an Rank 3 AT turret, a Rank 3 mortar, and a Rank 3 artillery turret all protecting each of the two Toybox entrances, you’ll have no trouble taking care of the Heavy Tanks with a little Helo help.

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