Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire / Napalm DLC Guide

Table of Contents

  • Evil Empire Campaign
  • Napalm Campaign
  • No Respite

    1. This is it, the last episode of the DLC US campaign. The VC infantry are already in the city, and you’ve got nothing to stop them yet. Work quickly.
    2. Once again, you have access to an US Helo Gunship. Hop inside and wipe out the VC infantry attacking the complicated run into your Toybox. There are two main roads that twist around a tall wall back through your main base, with a few extra mounds outside the walls. Ignore those for now, just focus on clearing the VC with your Helo.
    3. They can be hard to spot on the dark road, so make extensive use of your rockets. With the Helo, look ahead down the right road to spot a Soviet AA turret. Take it out with your Helo, it’s the only one on the map, but it’ll give you a good bonus to your early funds.
    4. The second wave is all Armored Cars and VC infantry. Focus on the Armored Cars with your Helo’s rockets, but you won’t have much time. Once the vehicle’s batteries are up, start constructing defenses.
    5. On the main wall into your base, there are four small round mounds. Build two Anti-Tank turrets on the left and right looking down the two main roads. In the inner two mounds, construct Machine Gun turrets. On the two large square mounds inside your walls, build two artillery turrets.
    6. On the left and right sides of your inner base, there are two more small mounds. Construct another AT turret to watch the main entrance of your base on the left, then a makeshift turret on the right near your Toybox.
    7. After the Armored Cars and infantry are defeated, you’ll have to contend with Medium Tanks and Elite Infantry, then APCs.
    8. Keep your AT turrets upgraded first, followed by your artillery to help fight off the enemy armor. Very tough armor will be coming soon, so save your Helo Gunship for now.
    9. Save any Barrages you might collect until after the APC wave. Laser Tanks appear once the APCs are gone, and they’re the toughest enemy wave available. They’ll destroy any of your turrets in range very quickly, but you’ll make plenty of funds back. Don’t bother constructing anything in the free two mounds outside your base, they’ll only be destroyed very quickly.
    10. Use any barrage once enough Laser Tanks are deployed, and then jump into your Helo Gunship to soften them up for artillery and AT turrets. Try to upgrade your Artillery and AT as quickly as you can to prepare for the very tough Laser Tanks.
    11. The Laser Tanks will drive down the right road and circle around. Just as stated above, you’ll want to hit them early and fast. Upgrade your AT turret on the right to Rank 3 and start shooting early. Once enough are out, switch to the Helo and barrage them with rockets.
    12. Once the three Laser Tanks are dead, repair, rebuild, and upgrade. use your new funds to get your artillery up to Rank 3.
    13. You’ll also soon have a new toy to play with — the captured Laser Tank. This thing uses batteries fast, but it’s very powerful against vehicles. Don’t use it yet, though.
    14. The Laser Tank’s power would be wasted on this wave of Armored Cars and VC infantry. Helos will arrive next, so build and upgrade an AA turret in the forward large mound, outside your base. Protect it and help out with your own remote-controlled Helo Gunship.
    15. Now you’ll need to keep that AA turret protected, and it won’t be easy. The next wave is Medium Tanks coming from both roads, followed by Heavy Tanks doing the same. Use Rank 3 Artillery to help stave the tanks off, and take direct control of your AT turrets to soften the enemy up and clear them out.
    16. If the tanks become a problem, use the Laser Tank to help defend your Toybox. Once the tanks are gone, make sure your AA turret is fully upgraded and repaired, then use your Helo Gunship. Fly up, and prepare for a large bombing run. This one is dangerous, and some of your weaker turrets might be destroyed. Try to take down as many of the bombers as you can, and try to target whichever your AA turret has picked first.
    17. Following that deadly bombing run, repair and rebuild. IFVs attack next, they’re fast and very deadly. This is another good time to break out the Laser Tank to supplement your turrets. You may need to repair your AA turret multiple times to keep it alive, but it’s worth it, as Fighter Jets will attack afterward. A single fully-upgraded AA turret will tear the Fighters to pieces without a problem.
    18. The battle is winding down now. Take direct control of your AA turret and target the Fighters as they appear on the far side of the map. Helos and Heavy Tanks will follow, but they won’t be a problem with your Rank 3 AA turret in action. Just focus on the Heavy Tanks with your artillery and AT.
    19. With the Tanks and Helos gone, prepare for another tough round. Four Laser Tanks will arrive, two on each approach. Jump into your Laser Tank and start picking them off. The boss is next, but you won’t be needing the Laser Tank for it, instead save your Helo Gunship.
    20. Take out the Laser Tanks, then repair your small turrets. Sell off your artillery, and build all AA turrets on each of the three large mounds. Upgrade them all to Rank 3, and prepare yourself. Don’t use your Helo Gunship until the Final Stage, which comes after Stage 3, don’t forget!
    21. The Mi-29 “Homer” is here, and this Super Helo will ruin your day if you aren’t prepared. Upgraded and build three Rank 3 AA turrets to really damage this flying monster.
    22. The Homer will circle the battlefield, dropping tanks, paratroopers, and bombs. You know it’s about to bomb when it slowly passes through your base. When it does, be quick with the repairs, you don’t want to lose any turrets during this crucial battle.
    23. With all your turrets ready, they can do most of the work for you. You just need to keep the repairs coming. The AA will focus on the Homer, while your ground turrets take care of the dropping enemy units.
    24. The Homer also comes equipped with a powerful main cannon on it’s front. It’ll use that once it backs away. Take control of one of your rear AA turrets to keep launching even far out of the AI’s range.
    25. At Stage 3, the Homer will drop off powerful IFVs. Use the Laser Tank to wipe the IFVs out once they’re about to drive through the main entrance into your base. By that time, the Homer should be almost down to it’s Final Stage.
    26. When the big “FINAL STAGE” prompt appears on screen, stop whatever you’re doing and jump into your waiting Helo Gunship. Pummel the Homer with rockets and MG fire until it’s destroyed — if you don’t move fast, it’ll fly right into your Toybox and destroy it in one swift move. Don’t let that happen, keep your Helo Gunship saved for this last moment. If you do, the Final Stage won’t be a problem at all.
    27. Smash the Homer, and you’ll be the proud owner of a new achievement.
    28. Achievement Unlocked: The End Of An Odyssey (10 points) – Destroyed the Homer.

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