Toy Soldiers: Cold War Golden Slots Locations

Feel like you’re missing something, that there’s just something hidden beyond your Toybox? Your hunch was right all along, Toy Soldiers: Cold War is hiding a secret collectible in each mission. These hidden gems will net you a special decoration, so start searching for the Golden Slots with our special unlockable guide below. If you’re just looking for the regular kind of help, check out Game Front’s complete text and video walkthrough for the game proper.

Golden Slots Locations

Basic Training: Look at the rocky mountain behind the truck stop. Use your helicopter or the AT turret’s shell-cam to hit the Golden Slots.

Jungle Heat: Use an AT turret to blast the trees across the rice paddy on the left side of the field. Destroy the wooden tower, as well. Just behind the tower, nestled between the two shacks you’ll find the Golden Slots. Use the AT shell-cam once again to hit the hidden collectable.

Beached: Jump into your helicopter, and fly to the beach left of your Toybox. Look at the beach, the Golden Slot is right in the middle.

Panic at the Wall: Build an AT turret, and use the shell-cam to hit this Golden Slot. Look at the historic building to the left, with the tall glass windows and unique sloping design. Use the AT turret’s shell-cam, firing just beyond the building to a walking path just behind the building.

Mind the Gap: Jump into the IFV and drive across the left bridge, blasting the stuff blocking your path as you drive. Continue up the hill to the left of the church. Look between the gray house, and the white house. Behind these two houses, on the hill, you’ll see the Golden Slots. Look underneath the huge pair of shades.

Surrounded: Use the helicopter, and fly towards the Eiffel Tower. Look between the tower itself and the back drop wall to find the Golden Slots on a raised platform.

Trouble at the Canal: Fly the jet fighter very high into the sky, looking to the left of your Toybox and the entire field. Search for a drawer with a small aircraft carrier sitting on top. Fly towards it, in the center of the miniature aircraft carrier, you’ll find the Golden Slots.

Deadly Dunes: Use the chopper, fly it past the pyramids and towards the lawn mower in the background. On the lawn mower engine, you’ll spot the Golden Slots.

Rainy City: This one is tricky, drive your heavy tank over the second left bridge, not the closest bridge to your Toybox. Drive up the ramp leading to the helipad, taking another left and driving past the Soviet barracks behind the warehouses. To the right, look between the two warehoues in the corner to spot the Golden Slots.

Monumental Defense: This one is funny. Use an At turret’s shell-cam, and fire into the giant soda can. Hidden behind the black opening, you’ll find the Golden Slots.

Capitol Crisis: For the last slot, use a helicopter and fly higher above the capitol. Follow the left side of the huge diorama backdrop, on the roof of the flat capitol in the frame, hidden behind the reef. It may take some careful positioning, but you’ll find the Golden Slots nestled behind the reef on the backdrop capitol’s roof – not the actual, destructable capitol building below.

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