Toy Soldiers: Cold War Walkthrough

The Soviet Union is back to its nefarious ways — luckily, with the double-barreled shotgun of liberty loaded with the buckshot of freedom and equality, they won’t stand a chance. The sequel to the surprise hit Toys Soldiers is back and out of the trenches of WW1 to bring you the exciting over-the-top action of the Cold War, but with less historical accuracy. This unique tower defense game brings a slew of upgrades to the formula, allowing you to take personal control of helicopters, tanks, jet fighters, and Rambo-stand-ins to smash those dirty reds. Fend off incoming waves of enemies with specialized turrets than you can take direct control of, and take the game online with versus and cooperative play.

This Cold War is about to go hot, so look below for our walkthrough. If you’re in need of more cold hard facts concerning Toy Soldiers: Cold War, look up our mission briefs on achievements and cheats. Good hunting, soldier!

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Table of Contents

  • Campaign: Cold War

    Campaign: Cold War

    Basic Training

    1. Welcome to Toy Soldiers: Cold War. Just as the game begins, you’ll get a chance to play around with the first turret. Fire the minigun at the dolls ahead and try launching a grenade. You have a limited supply of secondary weapons, so use them sparingly.
    2. When you’re ready, hit the [A] button to launch a wave of enemy infantry. Destroy as many as you can in 30 seconds.
    3. This is all just for score, so don’t worry if you screw up. Soviet infantry will pour out to the left and right of the Russian dolls, then run on the ridges of the dolls themselves, before running out from the right of the table.
    4. Hold down the fire button, your weapon won’t overheat, and you won’t need to reload. After your thirty seconds are up, you can choose to continue or try again for a better score.
    5. The next turret you’ll be using is the rocket launcher, with a built-in Shell Cam. Hold the fire button after launching a shell to steer and control the speed of your shell with the [Right stick] and the [Left stick] respectively.
    6. When you’re ready, punch [A] to deal with another score time trial, this time you’ll be shooting at clouds, airplanes, and missile targets. Use the Shell Cam to speed up your firing rate, and try to aim for the hard-to-hit missile for a score boost.
    7. Once your 60 seconds are up, try again or continue.
    8. Now onto the meat of the game – defending your Toybox. In front of the Toybox, you’ll see circular and square mounds of dirt. Those are build points, where turrets can be placed. Hold down the [Right Trigger] to bring up the Placement Menu.
    9. Eventually you’ll have access to six turrets, but for now, you only have the US Machine Gun 1. The M2 Machine Gun has long-range and comes equipped with a zoom feature, making it effective against infantry.
    10. Move the cursor over a build site and place the US Machine Gun 1 turret. Once it’s placed, infantry will fall from the sky. The turrets work on their own, but there are advantages to taking direct control of the turret.
    11. Take control of the turret and start mowing down soviets. While directly controlling turrets, you gain a combo that greatly increases how much cash you rake in for destroying enemies. Also, with combos you fill a Turbocharge meter – when that’s full, you will randomly unlock a special Barrage ability.
    12. Eventually you’ll gain access to a Barrage once you shoot down enough infantry. Press [Y] to activate it. You’ll gain control of the Commando, a soldier on-foot armed with a machine gun and bazooka. Sadly, you only have a limited time with Rambo before you have to fight the Soviet from your sandbags again.
    13. Once the Barrage ability is complete, you’ll be kicked out and given new turret types. With access to all the turrets, build whatever you want to fight off the incoming horde.
    14. At the center top of the screen, the unit indicator will show what enemies you’ll have to deal with next. In this case, APCs. Build mortars or anti-tank turrets to destroy them with ease.
    15. Here’s a rundown of the different turrets at their first level. Upgrading turrets will improve their performance and sometimes add new abilities.
    16. The US Machine Gun 1 is a good starting weapon that can destroy infantry with ease over medium range. Another powerful anti-infantry weapon is the US Makeshift 1, which sprays an area with poison gas over short distance. The Makeshift turret is only good at close range, and won’t do much against armored opponents, so only use it to secure bottlenecks from loads of infantry.
    17. The US Anti-Tank 1 Turret is good against enemy tanks as a direct-fire weapon that can be controlled, but it isn’t so good against masses of infantry. The US Mortar 1 is actually quite good at destroying tanks and infantry, but it’s slow and cumbersome to aim. Taking direct control of the mortar turret lets you fire three shells in quick succession, but still takes practice to use effectively.
    18. The last two turrets can only be built on the large square mounds. The US Anti-Aircraft 1 turret is a powerful weapon against helicopters and airplanes. They’re easy to use and very good at what they do, but they attack ground-based opponents. You’ll have to deal with helicopters soon, so build one of these.
    19. The US Artillery 1 is a huge weapon that fires massive shells that can be direct-fired using the Shell Cam like the US Anti-Tank 1 Turret. It’s also slow, and you’ll have to direct the turret using the shoulder buttons – it won’t turn a full 360 degrees, it only fires in narrow arcs. Artillery is powerful, but only useful at long-range.
    20. That’s it for the turrets, now back onto the mission at hand. Upgrade your US Machine Gun 1 into the US Machine Gun 2, which adds a second machine gun and provides improved zoom.
    21. At any time during a mission, press [X] to launch the next wave before the timer reaches zero. That is, if you’re impatient.
    22. At this point you should have: One US Machine Gun 2, one US Anti-Tank 1, and one US Anti-Aircraft 1. With as much cash as you have now, go ahead and upgrade your turrets to their second ranks and make sure to fill the remaining slots with anything you want to try out or feel like you need.
    23. Eventually, you’ll reach a wave of helicopters. These helicopters don’t attack, they just drop off more infantry, like APCs, and can be shot down before they deliver troops. If the troops do land, don’t worry, you’ll have that upgraded machine gun turret to take them out.
    24. Upgrade your US Anti-Tank 1 and use it to demolish a wave of armored cars. The US Anti-Tank 2 can now fire several rounds in quick succession, making it a much more useful weapon. It does need to reload between volleys, though.
    25. At this point, you might notice that some of your turrets are smoking. Some enemy types will attack your turrets, so keep an eye on their health and repair as necessary. Your front-line turrets are the most likely to take damage.
    26. Soon you’ll run into Soviet Tanks, these guys will shoot your turrets with their main cannon and machine guns, making them dangerous adversaries. Build an artillery turret in anticipation to rain shells down on them from afar, but you’ll want to take direct control of your US Anti-Tank 2 to destroy the stragglers.
    27. Destroying the tanks will bring in a battery-powered Attack Helo. Like in the previous Toy Soldiers, you’ll have access to special vehicles in certain missions. Take the Attack Helo for a spin. If you leave the vehicle, it will land and begin to expire. Stop vehicles on the battery-charger they spawn from to keep them active, instead of waiting for a long respawn.
    28. One nice feature of the Attack Helo is the ability to lock-on to enemy vehicles. Hold your reticule over a vehicle to lock-on and fire a missile – that way, you’ll never waste a shot.
    29. The downside of battery-powered vehicles is that don’t last long. Once the battery is used up, the vehicle will explode. It takes awhile for a new vehicle to recharge, so focus on your turrets for now.
    30. Enemy Jet Bombers are incoming, so make sure your US Anti-Aircraft has been upgraded to Rank 2. The upgraded AA turret can lock-on to enemy aircraft and fire tracking missiles, making these tough bombers a little easier to deal with. Try to track down each one, destroying the five Jets one at a time. They’ll be bombing your turrets, so jump out and make repair if you need to.
    31. When the Jets are destroyed, you’ll have to deal with something new – the Antonov A-40. This truly gargantuan tank flies into view, so you’ll want to start painting it with rockets from your AA Turret right away.
    32. As it lands, the Antonov’s deployment doors will open, and tanks will join the fray. Make sure your Artillery turret is correctly positioned to lob shells at the boss while you take direct control of the AT turrets to blast the tanks menacing your positions.
    33. Another strategy is to jump into your battery-powered Attack Helo and pelt the giant tank with machine gun and rocket fire. Do enough damage, and the tank will switch to Stage 2 mode.
    34. While attacking the Antonov, stay on the move as you circle it – the AA machine guns will rip your helicopter to shreds if you stay still. You’ll also notice several floating electric batteries around the battlefield, those will recharge your vehicle’s battery power once collected. Use them to continue the fight a little longer.
    35. The Stage 2 Antonov will drive around the field, blasting your turrets with its Tesla Cannon. Dangerous, but using your combined arms, you’ll make short work out of this stage.
    36. At Stage 3, the tank will begin to spark and drive erratically. Continue to pummel the thing with your AT turret while keeping your Artillery turret correctly positioned to fire its powerful shells. The Stage 3 Antonov will continue to blast your turrets while summoning smaller tanks – this time also electrified and moving at double speed.
    37. Once the Antonov’s third form is destroyed, you’ll have to face off against it’s Final Stage. The tank will drive wildly and go straight for your Toybox. Blast it with an AT turret. One volley of shells should do the trick.
    38. Congratulations, you’ve completed the first mission. After completing a mission, you unlock Elite and General modes. In Elite mode, your turrets won’t fire unless you take direct control. In General mode, your turret will fire, but you can’t take direct control. Sounds like fun? It’s harder than it sounds.

    Jungle Heat

    1. Just as the mission starts, you’ll have control of the Commando. To complete your first decoration, use the Commando’s rocket launcher and machine gun to take down all three enemy helos.
    2. Once your time is up, quickly construct a handful of machine gun turrets to defend against the tide of enemies rushing towards your Toybox. Fill most of the spots with the MG turrets so you’ll have a strong position against infantry.
    3. The first wave of infantry will run down the main road, while another infantry wave will come from the left, through the rice paddy. Build an MG turret to defend against incoming infantry from the left and right sides.
    4. When you have a chance, construct a AT turret along the main dirt road to take down incoming APCs or armored cars. You also have access to a mortar, which will be useful just about anywhere for now.
    5. Upgrade two of your front-line MG turrets after destroying the armored cars, they’ll come in handy later. Build a MG turret along the left approach to stop the soon-to-be incoming communists as they cross the rice paddy.
    6. Use the AT turret at the central position – just to the left of the main road, looking over the rice paddy, but behind the front-line positions, to blast the armored cars driving through the rice paddies to the left. Upgraded MG turrets will be useful here, as well.
    7. You have limited resources, for now you can only upgrade the MG turrets to their second rank, so do that for every MG turret, starting with the most important.
    8. Turbocharge is very useful here, especially against the hordes of infantry. Start shooting early and try to pick off as many enemies as you can from afar, once your Turbocharge meter fills up, you’ll have unlimited ammo and do extra damage. Once it’s filled entirely, you’ll unlock a Barrage ability, which you can save and use later.
    9. During the tank wave, using the AT turret’s Shell Cam to do extra damage to your enemies. You may also want to build a second AT turret to help deal with the tanks, but it won’t be totally necessary. Build another AT turret on the large mound for a good view of the field.
    10. For the last three waves, you’ll have to deal with infantry and armored cars, then two waves of armored cars with tanks. Focus on the tougher opponents first – the armored cars first, then the tanks. You’ll definitely want a second AT turret by this point, in the large square mound. An accurate gunner can take care of both waves before they get far, but having an extra AT turret nearby will take some of the load off.
    11. Once the waves are cleared, you’ll have completed the mission and unlocked Elite and General modes. You’ll also unlock the US Anti-Aircraft 1, and the US Anti-Tank 2 for use in the next mission.


    1. As the mission starts, build some MG turrets on the front-line mounds, with an AT turret on the single mound behind the front three. Start blasting infantry with an MG turret, and if you want access to a Barrage, launch the next wave right away to fill up your Turbocharge meter.
    2. After the first waves of infantry, you’ll have to deal with Dropships and… more infantry. Construct AA turrets at the back of your base to help take care of incoming air threats, while upgrading your MG turrets and AT turrets. Slowly build them up, don’t blow all your money until you know what you need.
    3. The next wave is Attack Helos, use your own battery-powered Attack Helo to fight them off. Keep your Attack Helo spinning and clear out the next infantry waves to unlock an easy decoration.
    4. You’ll want those AA turrets built up to deal with more enemy Attack Helos. Dropships also have a tendency to drop infantry behind your front-line, so AA turrets will be invaluable at stopping those incursions.
    5. A double wave of Tanks will be problematic for your base. Either build a second AT turret, or use your Attack Helo and a saved Barrage ability to tear apart those Tanks. If you have multiple AT turrets, make sure they’re upgraded.
    6. Passing the tanks, a wave of dropships will swoop in to bring lots of infantry to bear. Fill all three large square mounds with AA turrets, you’ll need them, as the next wave is all Attack Helos. Don’t bother repairing, as long as you have MG turrets still standing for the final wave, you’ll be alright.
    7. The final wave consists of Soviets on ATVs. They’re fast, but your Rank 2 MG turrets will eat them alive. Congratulations!
    8. Completing this mission will unlock the standard Elite and General modes. You’ll also gain access to the US Anti-Aircraft 2 turret, the US Artillery 1, and the Bombing Run Barrage.

    Panic at the Wall

    1. The mission begins with you in control of a battery-powered tank. Quickly destroy the three Soviet AT turrets down the street with a combination of your machine guns and main cannon. When all three Soviet turrets are down, quickly back out of the tank.
    2. Start building, you should have plenty of cash to place turrets in the construction mounds near your Toybox. Construct some MG turrets and an AT turret at the front-line, throw up some AA turrets and one artillery turret over the large mounds as well, if you’ve got the extra cash.
    3. At the three front-line positions, construct two AT turrets and one MG. A wave of APCs will try to drop infantry behind your front-line, so construct at least one MG turret near your Toybox to protect it from marauding infantry.
    4. At the heels of the APCs will come tanks. Upgrade your MG and AT turrets, and point an artillery turret at the arch.
    5. Jump into the US Heavy Tank and use it to help defend against the swarms of armored vehicles. Stick near the charger to keep your energy high.
    6. Upgrade your turrets, especially the AT and AA turrets as you’ll have to deal with even more armor and helos.
    7. A wave of paratroopers will land near the statue square – they’re easy fodder for a single upgraded MG turret. The problem is the wave of Attack Helos following them. Two upgraded AA turrets will smash the helicopters, no problem.
    8. The next wave is of speedy armored vehicle. Start shooting at them early with your AT turrets, or switch to the US Heavy Tank to clear them out. A wave of medium soviet tanks will follow accompanied by APCs. Focus on the tanks, your MG turrets will handle the infantry.
    9. Before the end, you’ll have a wave of heavy tanks to destroy. Hopefully your US Heavy Tank is powered up and ready – use it to wipe out the tough enemy armor. Protect your AA turrets and repair them if the heavy tanks get that far to hurt them.
    10. With the tanks finished, take control of an AA turret and prepare for a raid. Remember to upgrade and build two AA turrets. The jet fighters are fast, and they fly directly for your Toybox. Lock-on and shoot them down one at a time.
    11. Congratulations for another successful mission! You now have access to the US Artillery 2 and the US Makeshift 1.

    Mind the Gap

    1. To start, build two MG turrets near the roads leading to the bridges to mow down the first wave of infantry. Next, you’ll want two artillery turrets built on both large square mounds. You could also try using your new makeshift turrets, they spew a cloud of chemicals that slow down enemies and do damage over time. Mortar turrets provide a similar effect, with the added bonus of longer range and an explosion.
    2. For this mission, you also have access to an US IFV. It’s a small APC style vehicle with a machine gun, it isn’t as powerful as previous vehicles, but it’s still handy for cleaning up enemies that get by your artillery shells.
    3. After those first waves of infantry, you’ll have several waves of ATVs to destroy. Try using your artillery turrets to destroy them early for a decoration. Your upgraded MG turrets should take care of the ATVs nicely.
    4. With the three waves of ATVs erased from history, you’ll deal with armored cars. Build some AT turrets near your IFV as a second line of defense for when armor sneaks by your artillery, and build AA turrets on the large square mounds closer to your Toybox.
    5. Upgrade as necessary, starting with the artillery preferably. The last wave of armored cars comes with tanks, but your upgraded artillery won’t have a problem taking them out. If any do sneak by your artillery, switch to the AT turrets near the IFV to finish the job.
    6. Paratroopers drop in for the next wave. You’ll know where they land based on the red smoke streaming off the ground. Train your MG turrets on the air and start blasting infantry.
    7. Jet bombers will fly into the fray just as the enemy paratroopers land, making your life difficult. The dual AA turrets should work on their own, but it’ll help if you upgrade at least one of the AA turrets.
    8. Next up are ATVs, which will be no problem for Rank 2 MG turrets and artillery. The heavy tanks following the ATVs might be a problem, take direct control of the artillery if you want to dish out greater damage. AT turrets on the second row of circular mounds will help here, as the fast heavy tanks will no doubt cruise on by your artillery. If they’re closing in on your Toybox, swivel the artillery around to help take those tanks out.
    9. The next wave is a breather, just infantry. After that, you’ve got APCs, so make sure your artillery are pointing in the right direction. Clear out the infantry with your MG turrets and mop up the APCs with the AT turrets.
    10. Following the APCs are heavy tanks. Grab the IFV and use its anti-tank missiles to really punish those monsters. In preparation for the next wave of jets, make sure both AA turrets are upgraded.
    11. The final wave consists of heavy APCs, but they should be no problem. Point your artillery in the right direction, use your MG turrets to mop up the infantry, and use your AT turrets on the second line to destroy any APCs that try to sneak by.
    12. The heavy APCs can be dangerous, they’ll shoot at your turrets while dropping off infantry, so keep an eye on their health and repair as necessary. Switch to the IFV if you need that extra something to destroy the rest.
    13. Mission complete. You now have access to the US Makeshift 2 and US Mortar 2 turrets.


    1. As the mission begins, build two MG turrets or a makeshift turret near your Toybox to keep out those pesky infantry that make up the first few waves.
    2. When your Toybox is secure from infantry, hop into the Attack Helo and destroy the surrounding Soviet turrets. The extra cash will be useful, and the extra construction mounds will provide another layer of defense.
    3. You’ll need everything you’ve got for this one. Build MG turrets or makeshift turrets at your front-line with AT turrets to back them up. Build artillery turrets and AA on the three center spaces when you’ve got the cash.
    4. One new wrinkle to the proceedings are air-dropped APCs from the sky. Take direct control of your AT turrets to help pick those suckers off quickly once they land.
    5. Eventually, the air drops will include medium tanks too. Medium tanks are actually slightly easier to destroy than APCs, but they shoot back. Keep checking back to repair your turrets as needed. Remember that you can quickly select actions with the D-pad. Down on the D-pad will initiate a repair.
    6. Once medium tanks start falling from the skies, prepare yourself for a bombing raid. Build and try to upgrade two AA turrets. There’s not much you can do to stop a bombing raid, the bombers will pummel your turrets, so be quick on the repairs if you want your most expensive turrets to survive.
    7. Rebuild and upgrade your MG turrets to stop an incoming wave of ATVs following the wave of Helo infantry. Rank 2 MG nests make short work of the ATVs. Armored cars are next, and they’re easy pickings for Rank 2 AT turrets, so use your money wisely from the previous wave to upgrade the AT turrets.
    8. The following waves are Helo infantry and ATVs, which your Rank 2 MG nests will eat alive without a problem, if you work fast, you might grab a Barrage ability while you’re at it.
    9. The Medium Tanks are a bigger problem, make sure your artillery is correctly positioned and upgrade at least two AT turrets. An upgraded artillery turret will help, too.
    10. Helo infantry and ATVs follow to give you a quick breather, but you’ll need the extra cash as Heavy Tanks follow them. The Helo infantry try to get clever this time – they’ll land on the big VHS tape to the right of your Toybox. Point your artillery that direction and rain hell on those Soviets.
    11. The Heavy Tanks are a problem, save your Attack Helo and use it as these tough tanks appear. Blow them away with ease using the helpful helicopter, and make quick repairs of your turrets, the Heavy Tanks pack a mean punch.
    12. Speedy drill tanks follow, make sure to land the Attack Helo on the charger pad once the Heavy Tanks are finished, that way you’ll be able to use it again as the drill tanks swarm in. There are a lot of these suckers, and you’ll need the Attack Helo’s multiple missiles to quickly take them out.
    13. A bombing run follows, so keep your finger on the repair button. Your turrets are effectively invulnerable while they’re repairing, so hit that repair right away if you have to.
    14. After the bombing run, you’ll have more Helo infantry and para-drops to handle. All of these are extensive attacks from all sides, keep your Attack Helo fully charged incase they break through. The first para-drop includes APCs, while the second is all Medium Tanks. Use your AT turrets, and you should handle it without a problem.
    15. Another bombing run! They’re really trying to wear you down now. Repair your turrets just as they take a hit, and rebuild quickly, swarms of infantry follow as the next wave. Use the infantry as a breather and mow them down with an MG turret. Use this opportunity to grab a Barrage ability if you can manage it.
    16. Make sure your Attack Helo is ready for use, as speedy drill tanks swarm in after the infantry. These things are fast and come in huge numbers. Jump into the Attack Helo and destroy the annoying things.
    17. If you’ve saved your Barrage ability, use it to clean up the last wave of Heavy Tanks, because it is a doozy. After the infantry wave, if you have the cash, knock down all of your MG turrets and build AT turrets to replace them.
    18. Once the Heavy Tanks are defeated, you’ve won, unlocking the US Mortar 3, the US Anti-Aircraft 3, and the Close Air Support Barrage ability. I get the feeling you’ll need these next mission.

    Trouble at the Canal

    1. Defending the Suez Canal isn’t easy, and you’ll need all the Anti-Air you can get. Start the mission by flying through the star rings for some easy money and a quick tutorial on how to fly the Jet Fighter. Stick to the Jet Fighter and grab a battery so you can shoot down the first wave of enemy jets.
    2. After the Jets are destroyed, jump out of your jet and start constructing. Start with MG nests at the bow of the aircraft carriers, with some AA turrets to back up your Jet. No need for artillery here, load all the positions with AA turrets.
    3. Use your Jet Fighters to pick off the incoming jets, followed by multiple attack Helos. Use your battery of AA turrets to smash the helicopters, and save your Jet Fighter for the bombers in the next wave. Jump into the Jet Fighter just as the bombers deploy, slow down, and pick them off one by one with missiles and machine gun fire.
    4. The next wave consists of a combination attack/infantry Helos. By now, you should have plenty of cash to upgrade all four of your AA turrets to their Rank 3 versions. Do it now and you’ll turn the helicopters into hamburger.
    5. Jet fighters, followed by air-drops follow, but they’re no problem for your Rank 3 AA turrets. The final wave will be a problem, though.
    6. The Typhoon submarine will appear below water and begin deploying Attack Helos. Jump into your Jet Fighter and start bombing the Typhoon while it is above water. When the Typhoon submerged it takes far less damage, and missiles will not be effective. Look out for the Typhoon’s AA turrets and target those with your Jet’s lock-on feature.
    7. During the second stage, the Typhoon will launch cruise missiles before moving to the side of your carrier and deploying tanks. Build AT turrets on all of the small construction mounds and upgrade them to fight off the incoming tanks.
    8. Make sure to repair your turrets after every cruise missile launch, you’ll need those AA turrets up and running as the Typhoon deploys another wave of Attack Helos. The Typhoon will absolutely pummel the center of your carrier with cruise missiles at Stage 3, so it isn’t a bad idea to build at least one upgraded artillery turret to help deal damage while your Jet Fighter recovers.
    9. Keep an MG turret or a makeshift near your Toybox to protect it against infantry incursions, and don’t forget that any of your weapons can hurt the Typhoon, even the upgraded MG turret can do some damage if you’re still waiting for your Jet Fighter to recover and have no alternatives.
    10. At the final stage, the Typhoon will just go into overdrive. Finish it off with some well-placed missiles or bombs from the Jet Fighter.
    11. Victory here rewards you with the US Makeshift 3 and the US Machine Gun 3.

    Deadly Dunes

    1. Enjoy the CAS, or Close Air Support Barrage Ability. You have you choice of three weapons, switch between them when you have to reload for maximum efficiency. The heaviest cannon explodes, but takes time to reload with only two shots. The smallest is great at picking off infantry. Clear out the three groups of infantry before they reach the Toybox, and you’ll start the mission properly.
    2. As the mission begins, you’ll have two giant hordes of infantry charging your base. Build MG turrets and makeshift turret in the center of the three front-line positions.
    3. Infantry combined with armor will start appearing, build an AT turret at the center position of your base, with two artillery turrets to the left and right, saving the center large square mound for now.
    4. Upgrade your MG turrets to Rank 3 miniguns. They’re not just fun to use, they also have grenades while you’re directly controlling them. The next waves of ATVs won’t stand a chance.
    5. With those two artillery turrets upgraded, you’ll be able to take on the wave of Medium Tanks that comes after the ATVs. Placing a Rank 3 makeshift turret at the center of the front-line is also a powerful strategy to use against any kinds of enemy armor.
    6. APCs swarm in after the Medium Tanks, but they won’t offer much resistance. If you do place a makeshift turret near the front-line, keep a close eye on it’s health bar. Makeshift turrets are frail in comparison to other turrets.
    7. The next wave consists of a huge swarm of small helicopters. Upgrade your AA turret to Rank 3 before these suckers show up. When they appear, take direct control of the AA turret and swat them down.
    8. Infantry and tanks will show up, followed by Heavy APCs, followed by Attack Helos. Switch to the AA turret to deal with the Attack Helos, but Heavy Attack Helos follow those. Use your own Attack Helo to shoot down the Heavy Helicopters, and make any necessary repairs after the attack.
    9. A huge wave of Heavy APCs and infantry will attack once the helicopters are shot down. This is a big one, so don’t be afraid to jump into your Attack Helo and provide back-up.
    10. After that land attack, another air attack will come your way. Jump into a Rank 3 AA turret and swat the little helicopters out of the sky.
    11. Repair and rebuild after the wave of Heavy Tanks. With your turrets, you shouldn’t have a problem with them. The Heavy Helos, you’ll need your AA turret again, but otherwise the Heavy Helos won’t anything but a nuisance.
    12. Next wave up is infantry Helos that drop behind your front-line. Have a Rank 3 MG turret built near your base and point your artillery turrets inward to easily take care of these dirty reds.
    13. The final two waves are infantry and missile launchers. The infantry aren’t a problem, but the missile launchers are. Hit them early, they fire powerful tracking missiles at land or air targets. Jump into your Attack Helo and start shooting to pick them off before they do too much damage to your turrets.
    14. When the last wave is complete, you’ve won another mission. This time, you unlock the US Artillery 3, the US Anti-Tank 3, and the Nuclear Strike Barrage ability. Wait, a Nuclear Strike? Wow, things have escalated in the Toybox.

    Rainy City

    1. Seattle is under attack! Those sneaky Soviets are invading, and they already have a foothold in the city. Jump into the US Heavy Tank to drive off the infantry and target the Soviet artillery waiting on the platform to the left of your Toybox.
    2. If your Heavy Tank is destroyed by the enemy artillery, build an artillery turret of your own and keep it repaired as you rain shells down on the enemy. Keep the artillery turret for now and use it to destroy the remaining two Soviet turrets.
    3. Build two MG turrets on the front-line with an AT turret to back them up. Construct makeshift or MG turrets on the previously Soviet controlled construction mounds, and build some AA turrets and another artillery turret to help fend off Soviet armor and air.
    4. Try to upgrade your AT and MG turrets to Rank 3, that way you’ll have a good foothold on your position again armor and infantry. Upgrade your AA turret as well, for when the Heavy Attack Helos show up. Uniquely, the Rank 3 AT turret is actually a good AA weapon against Helos, just hold down the fire button and use the shell-cam to direct your missile right into enemy helicopters.
    5. Following the Helos, you’ll have armored cars, ATVs, and Medium Tanks. Nothing too much to worry about with your upgraded AT and artillery watching over your position. Make sure your AA turret is placed near the giant crane, on the left side of the lane, artillery is useless there.
    6. Infantry Helos show up after the Medium Tanks, followed by infantry and more Medium Tanks. Use your Rank 3 AT turret to blast the infantry Helos, and upgrade your artillery to Rank 3 to really put the hurt on those Soviets.
    7. Heavy Helos will be a problem, let your fully upgraded AA turret work while you stick with the fully upgraded AT turret. Use the shell-cam again and pick them off as they fly into view to your left.
    8. Two waves of Heavy Tanks and infantry will swarm you, first from the right, then from the left. Point your artillery in the right direction and use the AT turret’s shell-cam to blast the Heavy Tanks from long-range. Your MG turrets can easily take care of the infantry.
    9. The Heavy Tanks make way for a large group of Heavy Helos. They’re dangerous, but if you’re quick on the trigger with you AT turret, you can take them all out with just one Rank 3 AA turret and one Rank 3 AT turret.
    10. Make repairs and rebuild, armored cars and Medium Tanks are about to show up from the right side of the battlefield. After them, a double dose of Medium and Heavy Tanks appears from the left side. Smartly use your artillery and launch AT rounds to knock the tanks out before they get too far. Your US Heavy Tank is always available, right next to your Toybox, if you need firepower fast.
    11. The next wave of missile trucks will hurt. As the two trucks close in, use your US Heavy Tank to destroy them, then park it back on the charger pad.
    12. The final two waves consist of infantry, which won’t be a problem for your MG nests, and two Laser Tanks. The Laser Tanks are enormous monstrosities that rapidly fire laser beams that deal serious damage to your turrets. Point your artillery to the left of the battlefield and start lobbing AT shells over to them early with the shell-cam.
    13. With both experimental tanks destroyed, you’ll have this mission in the bag. Looks like you’ve already unlocked everything important, soldier.

    Monumental Defense

    1. The Soviets are looking to destroy America’s greatest landmarks, and you’re the last line of defense. Start the mission by jumping into the US Heavy Tank and blasting the Helo infantry on the hill ahead to smithereens. When they’re done with, start targeting the Soviet turrets across the bridge.
    2. You won’t have enough battery-life to destroy all three Soviet turrets, focus on just one or two before backing out of the Heavy Tank. Build MG turrets on the front-line, with an artillery turret in the center, and an AT turret in the rear.
    3. Armored cars and infantry will try to breach your perimeter. The infantry won’t stand a chance, but the armored cars might. Upgrade your AT turret at least once and take control to fend off the armored cars.
    4. When you have the chance, build on the vacant Soviet construction mounds. An AA turret, AT turret, or mortars will be helpful for harassing the enemy, just keep a close eye on their health and repair when necessary.
    5. Continue to repair, the next wave consists of Medium Tanks, followed by infantry Helos, then air-dropped APCs. Keep upgrading your turrets as you fight, especially the AT turret and artillery. At Rank 3, both of these are devastating to armor. Keep using the Shell-cam on the Rank 3 AT turret to blow helicopters out of the sky.
    6. Wave 7 is made up of armored cars and Medium Tanks, you should be ready. The Heavy Tanks following will blitz you, so use the US Attack Helo if you’re in trouble. Stick with the battery-powered Helo and take out the next wave consisting of a single Laser Tank.
    7. Attack choppers, then missile trucks. The attack choppers will be no problem for your AA, you can also use the AT turret to help with its Shell-Cam. All of your turrets should by fully upgraded by now. The missile trucks are always a problem, four of them will roll out, so point your artillery at them, and jump into the US Heavy Tank.
    8. Make repairs and rebuilds, as the Soviets aren’t about the let up yet. The next wave is a para-drop of Medium Tanks in the center of the park. ATVs come next, but your two MG nests will eat them alive, combined with everything else you’ve got blowing them up.
    9. After that, a wave of Heavy APCs will make itself a nuisance. Use your Rank 3 AT turrets, and use one of your battery-powered vehicles if you need to. Save one of the vehicles for the following wave.
    10. With the Heavy APCs taken care of, you’ll have a real problem. The missile trucks are back. Use the AT turret to hit them early, and use either the US Heavy Tank or the Attack Helo.
    11. Two waves of para-dropped tanks follows, with a wave of Heavy APCs launching immediately as the second para-drop lands. Focus on the dropped APCs first, then knock out the remaining armor with your AT turret and artillery.
    12. Repair and rebuild before more missile trucks arrive. Sell any MG turrets you have and replace them with AT turrets, as the last three waves are all armor. Save one of your battery-powered vehicles for the last wave, so if you need one for the missiles trucks, use it.
    13. The armored cars make up the penultimate wave. They’re a problem, but you’ll beat them. With three or four AT turrets, artillery, and direct control of the Heavy Tank or Attack Helo, the final wave of Laser Tanks are very beatable.
    14. Congratulations! Sadly, you’re out of unlocks. Move onto the final mission to finally defeat the Soviet menace.

    Capitol Crisis

    1. This final mission is tricky, as you now have two Toyboxes to protect. On the plus side, you have every single one of the battery-powered vehicles at your disposal. Use them wisely.
    2. You don’t have many construction mounds for this one. Jump into the IFV and shoot down the first wave of Soviet infantry. The second wave will go for your other Toybox, use the Heavy Tank to mow them down.
    3. Start building defenses, construct an MG turret and AT turret on the two mounds next to each of the two Toyboxes. Upgrade as you go. The third wave will exit through the Lincoln Memorial, so train an upgraded MG on the entrance and unload for an easy Barrage Ability and Turbocharge.
    4. More waves, more problems. This one is a combination of Medium Tank and missile trucks. Jump into a Helo or the Heavy Tank and take them out. Don’t forget to always park your battery-powered vehicles back onto their chargers so they can get back into the fight faster.
    5. As the Jet Fighter wave begins, jump into your own Jet and shoot those things down. If you’re so inclined, construct AA turrets on the forward square construction mounds that flank the Lincoln Memorial.
    6. Next up are missile trucks and Medium Tanks, again. Use everything you’ve got to take them down, if your vehicle is destroyed, just switch into another one. Upgrade your artillery and AA between waves now.
    7. Gunships will show up to harass you next, so get those AA turrets upgraded and jump into your Attack Helo to lock-on and knock the enemy out of the sky.
    8. Infantry Helos, followed by gunships, followed by more infantry Helos. Get those AA turrets online and fully upgraded ASAP to give yourself an advantage.
    9. Heavy Tanks spawn from boxes behind your Toyboxes. Use your AT turrets to shoot the Heavy Tanks down, but that won’t be enough. Take control of your own Heavy Tank to keep the enemy out of your Toybox.
    10. Enemy Jet Fighters won’t be a problem with your AA turrets fully upgraded, but it won’t hurt to use your own Jet Fighter to help out.
    11. After the fighters, you’ll have Heavy APCs to agonize over. They come from every direction, and drop lots of infantry. Use your vehicles wisely and destroy them early before they overrun your position.
    12. Two swarms of speedy armed drill tanks will make your day lousy. There are a lot of them, so use the IFV’s main cannon to quickly knock them out or the Attack Helo.
    13. Two waves of missile trucks come next, and they are always a pain. The missile trucks will always focus on your vehicle, so if you need to give your turrets some breathing room, use a Helo.
    14. The missiles trucks will harass your turrets, so keep those turrets healthy. Keep your AA turrets online, you’ll need them for the swarm of incoming tiny Helos. With two fully upgraded AA turrets, the wave of Helos won’t be a problem.
    15. The penultimate wave is all Laser Tanks. Four Laser Tanks, keep your artillery pointed forward and your AT turrets firing, and you’ll be okay. Repair and upgrade, because the final boss is about to rear its ugly head.
    16. Say hello to Project R.I.S.E. The boss will fly around the field and land directly on the Capitol, so be prepared to fight. Upgrade, rebuild, and repair everything you’ve got. Don’t forget to face your artillery at him.
    17. At Stage 1, the robot will roll around while deploying infantry, and blasting your turrets and vehicles with a barrage of missiles. Jump into the IFV to cut down the infantry and blast the robot with AT missiles.
    18. At Stage 2, the robot deploys Medium Tanks instead of infantry, uses a devastating laser gun, and will use a huge roller to flatten nearby turrets. Repair, rebuild, and jump into the two helicopters to harass the robot while knocking out armor. Use the IFV and Heavy Tank too, anything to slow down the robot’s rampage.
    19. At the third stage, you’ll want to keep those AA turrets running, as the robot begins deploying small swarms of Helos to invade your Toybox, while using a death-ray from its chest to smash any turrets at long-range. He’s faster, tougher, and even more powerful.
    20. If you have access to a Barrage ability, Stage 3 is the time to use it. Blast the robot to dust with your vehicles while making sure your AA turrets are still standing to take care of the Helo swarms.
    21. At the Final Stage, the robot goes berserk, but with so little health left, hit it with whatever you’ve got and end the war.
    22. Congratulations, you’ve completed Campaign: Cold War.
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