Toy Story 3 Walkthrough


Avoid consternation with our detailed, step-by-step Toy Story 3 walkthrough. All the know-how, all the collectibles, all the crucial tips are yours to be had, right after the jump. Third time’s the charm.

Table of Contents

Loco Motives

Horses and Aliens

  1. To start, Bullseye the horse carries you down the canyon at a pretty regular speed. Your job is just to jump over obstacles and not run into things.
  2. Hop the first two fences as they appear ahead of you. Bullseye can’t jump very far, so wait till you’re close to the fences before hitting A to jump.
  3. CARD: After the first fence, move to the left side of the path and jump up on a rock ledge. It arcs overtop of the path to the right side, where you’ll find the card.
  4. CARD: Just past the fences, bear right and hop onto the small rock there, then jump to the second, higher rock to snag a card. However, if you grabbed the previous card, you’ll have to play through the level again to get this one.
  5. Ahead, steer around the falling rocks to avoid taking damage. You should only have one to jump over before the path takes you past a cliff on your right.
  6. CARD: Snag the card on the right side of the path, where the ground is buckling. As soon as you get the card, jump clear or you’ll fall to your death.
  7. Snag the Toy Barn token that comes out of the breaking rocks. You may have to jump to get it. It’s a red vending machine capsule, floating above the path.
  8. The path starts to descend. Jump the obstacles and the gaps until you reach the mine shaft below. There, the path splits into two directions.
  9. CARD: Along the left path, right in the middle of the tracks, is the Prospector Roundup card.
  10. You’ll have more stuff to dodge and jump over. Look for tokens appearing on the path as you go. Before long, you’ll meet up with the train.

The Train

  1. Aboard the train, look for more Toy Barn capsules along the side wall of the caboose.
  2. Touch the blue capsules to learn how to do new moves and get other hints. The one ahead teaches you to do Woody’s dash move to open the door ahead. Execute it with Y.
  3. In the next car, another blue capsule teaches you to save the orphans. Approach them and they look like LEGO characters and and press X to save them.
  4. CARD: You get the Jesse card for saving your first orphan.
  5. Back outside, touch the blue capsule to learn to do a double jump by pressing A, then A again at the peak of the jump for an extra boost. Climb the boxes to move on.
  6. Jump a couple more gaps to get to another orphan. The game will teach you how to throw projectiles and aim with LT, fire with RT.
  7. CARD: Free the orphan to get the card.
  8. TOWNSPERSON: Just ahead, look for a silver crate along the left wall of the train car. Smash it with Y. Inside, you’ll get the Woody Townsperson figurine.
  9. You’ll encounter your first enemy next. The little alien guy will shoot at you with a ray gun. You can peg him with a bouncy ball to stun him, then pick him up with X and chuck him off the train with RT. Alternatively, shoulder dash him with Y to send him flying.
  10. Getting rid of the alien clears the path ahead. Keep moving and fight through a few more bad guys to reach another orphan.
  11. CARD: Bust through the door with Y to get a token and your card for rescuing the latest orphan.
  12. Go up the ramp ahead. You’ll now have to dodge all manner of passing garbage as you climb on top of the train. Wait for a clear spot and double jump to get up there.
  13. Run back and forth to dodge the debris. Watch out for the yellow and black guard rails and you’ll have to jump those.
  14. Grab the token on the left side of the car at the end, then drop down. Ahead, peg the bouncy ball marker with a ball to activate the catapult.
  15. SPECIAL CARD: Grab one of those cows you just passed right before the catapult. Once the catapult is down, drop the cow on the launcher. Reset the launcher and use it to toss yourself forward. The cow will have made a hole, where the Special Card waits, right in the middle of the area.
  16. NOTE: If you need additional balls, check for blue crates. You can open them with Y to get more ammunition.
  17. CARD: Upon landing, free the orphan to get the Woody card.
  18. This car has enemies popping up all over the place and the best way to deal with them is just to knock them out with the dash before they can react. Watch for tokens as you go.
  19. Further on, a spacecraft takes potshots at you as you approach. Hit the bouncy ball marker to take it out and clear the way ahead.
  20. Past that, a handful of aliens guards an orphan. Stun them from a distance, then run up and throw them all off the train. Then free the orphan to advance.
  21. Double jump off the wooden crate and Woody will automatically climb onto the stone blocks to get the last of the height you need to clear them. There’s a token at the top.
  22. Next you’ll have to carefully jump from platform to platform to clear the coal. If you get close enough, Woody will catch the edge of the platform and pull himself up, giving you some room for error.
  23. ACHIEVEMENT: About midway on the car, you’ll come across an orphan standing in the middle of the platform. That’s the final orphan if you’ve been following along. Free this one to unlock the “No Toy Left Behind” Achievement.
  24. MEMORABILIA: Freeing the orphan makes an “Andy’s Memorabilia” item appear and the Buzz Drawing. Collect all of them to unlock the “Memories” Achievement.
  25. Now as you advance, you’ll have the spaceship opening fire on you. He lets loose in two-shot bursts, so time your jumps to be in between his attacks and move laterally to dodge them.
  26. The ship stays on your case until you make it to the metal cars ahead. You’ll be accosted by aliens along the way, but they barely matter and take them out, or don’t.
  27. Use the red crates when they’re free of alien attackers to hide behind. You’ll need to dodge fire from the spaceship that’s blocking the way to the engine. The crates make good cover.
  28. Move to the end of the car, where the pig ship waits. Clear the aliens and take cover behind the last two crates. Step out when you’re ready and hit the pig bomb with a ball to finish the level.
  29. ACHIEVEMENT: You get the “Train Catcher” Achievement for finishing the mission.
  30. ACHIEVEMENT: When you get the game board, you’ll have the ability to highlight objects all over the place to access missions and other areas. Several pieces and the checkers, the dice, the submarine, the cannon, etc. and don’t activate anything. However, if you highlight them and press A, they’ll react. Touch all the items on the game board and hit A to get the “Mapnipulator” Achievement.

Hold the Phone

Andy’s Room

  1. First, run around exploring. There are collectibles scattered around the room.
  2. CARD: Look for a Roundup card in the trash can next to the desk behind where you start. The can is marked with a teepee.
  3. TOWNSPERSON: Check under the bed for the Jesse townsperson figurine.
  4. CARD: On the right side of the desk is a red, flipped-over laundry basket. Get behind it and use Y to push the basket away from the box it’s pressed against. Inside is a Roundup card.
  5. Use the boxes beside the desk to climb up on top of it. Head left and jump to the side of the room, where more boxes await.
  6. CARD: One of the boxes appears to have styrofoam peanuts falling out of it, and a blue capsule on top. Touch the capsule and the game will tell you to use the Ground Pound move by jumping and hitting Y while in the air. Do so to open the box and find the card.
  7. CARD: Continue along to the bed. On the side of it is another box with peanuts coming out. Pound it for a card.
  8. Back on the floor, take Woody over to the blue capsule in front of the bed. Touching it makes an icon of Buzz Lightyear appear in the air.
  9. Switch to Buzz using LB. Go over to Woody and hit X to pick him up. Aim using the green arc and toss Woody onto the bed with RT.
  10. As Buzz, climb onto the bed. Move both Buzz and Woody to the boxes on the left of the bed, looking toward the dresser.
  11. Use Buzz to throw Woody to the dresser. That causes it to open, clearing the way to climb onto the dresser if you fall down.
  12. CARD: This card appears in one of the open dresser drawers.
  13. Switch to Jesse and climb the dresser. Jump onto the dart sticking out of the wall.
  14. You can jump from dart to dart as Jesse by hitting A to jump, then X, which will cause Jesse to land on the next dart automatically. Do so to get to the phone.
  15. Grab the phone with X.

The Basement

  1. MEMORABILIA: First, head forward to the corner of the room where an ironing board stands. Turn left to find the basement stairs. Climb the steps, then jump onto the box on the top to find the “Camp Pamphlet.”
  2. CARD: From the top of the stairs, jump onto the railing to slid all the way down. You’ll land on the ironing board, where a Roundup card waits.
  3. SPECIAL CARD: If you look through the stairs at the bottom, you’ll see the Special Card spinning behind them. Go around the left side of the staircase to the wall, where there’s a dark brown air vent cover. Dash through it with Y to get to the card.
  4. From the board, head to the side of the room ahead where shoeboxes line the wall. Touch the blue capsule to get a tutorial on climbing and jumping.
  5. NOTE: You’ll eventually need Jesse to continue after getting your first two soldiers, so just switch to her now.
  6. Climb the shoeboxes to the top, where the first toy soldier waits. Pick him up with X and then throw him at the phone in the center of the room.
  7. Guide the parachuting soldier toward the phone. You can speed him up by pressing Forward on the Analog Stick. When his shadow appears over the shelf with the phone, press B to make him land.
  8. On the shelf again, turn right and jump to the next platform. Follow the path around to the window with the red handle.
  9. CARD: Along the way, grab the card that’s standing on the corner of the top of the fridge.
  10. Hit X to grab the handle of the window and swing it open. Inside you’ll find a soldier. Grab him and toss him at the phone.
  11. This soldier you’ll need to guide around all the things hanging between the shelf and the phone. Guide his parachute to the right, around the decorations, and through the inner tube’s center to reach the phone.
  12. CARD: Grab the card next to where you found the hanging soldier, behind the window.
  13. Jump down to the tool bench below you to create a quick way to climb back up. Use Jesse’s landing ability to climb up the darts and get to the top shelf.
  14. Continue around until you’re on the shelf above the washing machine. The next soldier is there.
  15. Toss the soldier and try to guide him either through the inner tube, or around to the right of all the obstacles.
  16. CARD: Behind the cleaning supplies on this shelf is the card. Walk through all the supplies to knock them out of the way.
  17. Now drop down onto the washing machine below. Crab the Toy Barn token to the left, near the corner, and then get the last soldier.
  18. CARD: Before throwing this soldier where he belongs, turn right and look for an orange pumpkin basket on a shelf. Beside that is a card. Throw the soldier and push forward on the Left Stick until he reaches the card
  19. Chuck this guy and fly him through the center of the inner tube, it’s the quickest and easiest route. With all four guys down, you’ll complete the area.
  20. ACHIEVEMENT: You get the “Off the Hook” Achievement for getting the phone.

To Infinity and Beyond

Flying Through the Canyon

  1. Like the opening of the first mission, your goal here is just to fly through the canyon and not hit things.
  2. Shoot down asteroids using RT.
  3. You’ll deal with errant rocks at first, but eventually you’ll hit a section of the canyon choked with asteroids. Stay steady and keep tapping RT to clear them without incident.
  4. CARD: Immediately following the straightaway filled with asteroids, stay in the center of the screen to snag this card.
  5. After the debris field, you’ll start seeing portions of rock marked with green. Dodge these by hitting A to roll clear. This won’t work vertically, however.
  6. Dodge around all the bits of stuff to get through. You’ll end up shooting debris next.
  7. CARD: Square up in the center of the screen while you’re shooting at asteroids to get another card.
  8. NOTE: Look for blue power-ups marked with a medical cross to restore Buzz’s health.
  9. The next section features another set of tough dodges, where you’re aiming for the corner for each maneuver, rather than just to the side or up and down.
  10. CARD: Just before the end of this section, another card in the center of the screen appears, but this one is tougher to get because it won’t be visible until after you dodge some rocks. Try to make it back to the center of the screen after each dodge and it makes your next move more effective anyway.

The Meteor Shower

  1. ACHIEVEMENT: You can nab the “Space Ranger Elite” Achievement during this mission if you can get all the way to Zurg’s fortress without dying. This isn’t too difficult if you take your time and make smart moves.
  2. None of these meteors is actually gunning for you, so just keep moving forward. The smaller ones will explode after a few seconds, so steer clear of their craters.
  3. Before long, the meteors start affecting your path. Follow the path the game lays out, jumping the obstacles and gaps along the way.
  4. A big meteor lands right on top of you next. Run forward up the ramp and jump across before it collapses. Then keep moving to stable ground.
  5. Keep heading forward, avoiding obstacles, and the shower ends. When you wake up, you’ll have floating platforms all around.
  6. Turn around and jump onto the platforms to grab health and Toy Barn tokens. When that’s done, advance where the platforms are larger.
  7. You’ll hit a green-marked platform before long. Perform a ground-pound by jumping and hitting Y. That’ll break the platform up and allow you to keep moving forward.
  8. NOTE: Buzz’s double-jump ability includes hovering with his jetpack. Just hold down A after jumping the second time to hover a short distance.
  9. Break up another platform and you’ll get to a large open area. It’s marked with some Toy Barn tokens right when you land.
  10. Hit LT to aim your laser cannon. Look for an area of the ground that’s trembling, with blue crystals sticking out of hit. Open fire on the crystals to open the way, holding down RT until the crystals heat up and explode.
  11. An enemy appears to slow you down. Take it out the same way you did the crystals, by holding your laser on it.
  12. Two more robots take the first’s place, but they aren’t very smart. Dispatch them and jump into the hole you made in the center of the area.
  13. The air geyser under the hole sends Buzz flying into the air. Use the jetpack to hover down to the rock platform ahead. It breaks up upon landing, so be careful.
  14. Follow the path forward. You’ll see a floating metal ball to the right: get near it and you can destroy it with the laser. It’s a mine, and it’s armed by proximity, so be careful.
  15. When you run out of rock path, look left for a floating platform marked with blue crystals. Blast the crystals to explode the platform, sending more shards your way to use as stepping stones.
  16. Ahead, you’ll see more mines and a floating health power up. Look left from the health marker for a platform with crystals on it. Take it out and it’ll help you later.
  17. Continue on to the right. You’ll eventually have to ground-pound a green platform. A little further, a platform will break under your feet.
  18. Here you should see another crystal platform ahead. Don’t shoot it until you’re ready, because timing is important to reach the!
  19. SPECIAL CARD: which is just ahead of you, spinning on a rock too far to get to by hovering. When you shoot the crystal on the platform ahead, the shards travel past this card, briefly creating a path to it. But you have to be quick with your jumps. Blast the platform and when the way is clear, jump to the card to snag it.
  20. Hop back onto the departing platforms, or just die. Back on the platform that crumbled under your feet, look for a new path to the left created by the two rocks you destroyed by breaking the crystals. This leads to the large area ahead, marked by Toy Barn tokens.
  21. Like last time, shoot the crystals on top of the trembling ground to make a geyser. Two spider enemies will appear when that happens and shoot them and they explode, sending a shockwave toward you. Jump to avoid it.
  22. The geyser isn’t strong enough to propel you up to the platforms you need to reach. Stand beside it where two rocks are also floating out of the ground. Climb onto one and ground-pound it back down.
  23. That triggers an attack by three more robots. Avoid their fire and take them out and shouldn’t be hard, and you can use the crystals as bombs to kill multiple enemies.
  24. Now pound the other rock back down. Fight off three more robots and jump into the geyser to get launched to the next platform field.
  25. In this field, many of the platforms move, and often look closer than they actually are. Pick your jumps carefully and wait on many of the floating platforms to see where they end up.
  26. CARD: In the center of the field, the card sits on a platform that’s not moving. Look for it in the distance among the health markers and it’s not too hard to get to.
  27. CARD: A second card is on an unmoving rock to the right of the first, on the edge of the field. Jump to it carefully using the platforms moving around it.
  28. Now head to the far side of the field. Time your jumps and you’ll reach it without too much difficulty. Toy Barn tokens await you when you land.
  29. You’ve got another geyser to activate. Watch for spider bombs to appear as you approach. Destroy them and then the crystals blocking the geyser.
  30. Destroying the geyser summons a handful of robots and more spiders.
  31. NOTE: Destroying robots close to spiders will blow them up, sending shockwaves your way. Those shockwaves will destroy other active spiders and robots.
  32. There are now five rocks to pound down. Destroy the first two and the others will rise higher.
  33. Use the air geyser to shoot you up, then float down to the unreachable rocks. Ground pound each one, using the geyser to get to the next one.
  34. When the geyser is fully pressurized, a bunch more robots will appear. Kill them, including the bigger purple one, and hop into the geyser.
  35. You’ll float down into a crater that marks the entrance into Zurg’s fortress. Shoot the little Zurg lock thing that you see in the short cutscene, avoiding the projectiles it throws at you.
  36. Drop into the open hole to reach the fortress.

Zurg’s Fortress

  1. Go through the door and down the hall. You’ll approach a crushing, spiky thing and use the dash to get through.
  2. The next crushy object is vertical. Past that, look left for a reddish-lit alcove with Toy Barn tokens inside.
  3. Beyond the alcove is an impassable set of crushing obstacles. Use Y to dash through the grate at the back of the red alcove to reach an alternate route.
  4. A forcefield blocks the way in this room. Shoot through it with the laser to heat up a spinning crystal power source beyond. It’ll explode, clearing your path.
  5. Run to the back of the room where the power source was, and drop down into a maintenance tunnel. Follow it around, hopping over electricity that blocks the path.
  6. You’ll wind up standing on a small circle marked with a “Z.” Ground pound it to fall into another area.
  7. Here you just have to dodge the electricity. Jump and duck under it until you reach a spinning cylinder.
  8. TOWNSPERSON: Go to the right, past the cylinder. You’ll see a place where you can wall jump, and there’s a electrical field at the top. The Buzz Townsperson figurine is right beneath the electricity. Stand in the center of the area and use the wall jump to get up there. The figurine isn’t quite at the back of the area, but in the center.
  9. The cylinder has threads you can hold onto, along with tokens all the way up. Hop on and hold the threads, moving to the right to stay between the electricity arcs. Climb to the top this way.
  10. CARD: Step to the left on top of the cylinder to find the card.
  11. Now head right. Jump the electricity conduits again until you fall into another maintenance tunnel. You’ll be confronted with a pair of moving electricity arcs to jump over before finding another grate to pound through.
  12. Dropping down puts you in a hallway with a spiky wall approaching from in front of you, so run toward the camera. If you need extra speed, use Y to dash.
  13. Running away gets you through a door that blocks the spiky wall. When the camera pivots around, you’ll see a path marked by colored tiles you have to jump to.
  14. Choose your path carefully. When you touch a tile, it lights up, and it and all the tiles of the same color drop a second or so later. You can get across if you go quickly (and hover at the end, if necessary).
  15. Through the door is another hallway. Dash through the grates until you get to the crushing obstacles. Dash through those to avoid getting killed.
  16. You’ll come to a tougher one after the first two. This one has a vertical crusher with a horizontal crusher just beyond. Both fall together at first, but the vertical crusher doesn’t lift at the same time as the horizontal one.
  17. To get through, wait for both to close at once. When the first opens, run until you’re pushing against the vertical crusher. As soon as it starts to rise, or you hear the horizontal one closing, hit Y to dash through.
  18. The next room is a bigger mess. There are all kinds of things inside trying to kill you. Start by looking on the walls for the things shooting purple projectiles at you and shoot them to knock them out.
  19. Below you are gaps forming a “Z” with electricity coursing through them. On the left side of the room, looking down, is a floating crystal ball that’s powering the first set. Destroy it.
  20. Now look for robots attacking you from the far side. Kill them and jump the gap so you can see the other side with more electricity.
  21. Look down to the right and destroy the second crystal. Do it quickly, because more robots are opening fire on you from behind.
  22. With those guys dead, you’re free to drop down to the bottom of the room, where the electricity formerly was. Grab the Toy Barn tokens in the alcove at one end.
  23. CARD: At the far end of this lower area is a card, right out in the open.
  24. Return to the alcove and dash through the grating. You’ll fall into a maintenance tunnel again. Hop the moving lasers until you get to an electrified grating.
  25. This is tough to get over and wait till the moving electricity coil is coming toward you from the far side, get close to the edge of the grate, and then jump. Hover to get over all the gratings and the moving arc.
  26. Pound through the grate at the end of the hallway. Here you have to deal with moving electrical currents going up and down. Jump the stationary coils and run under the moving coils to advance.
  27. At the end of the hallway is another cylinder. You have to grab onto the cylinder on the right and climb high enough to get over the electricity blocking the way left.
  28. When you’re clear of the first obstacle, hold onto the cylinder so that it brings you to the left side, then continue climbing to stay stationary as you go higher. When you’ve cleared the obstacle blocking the way to the right, go full-bore on the shimmying control to make it to the top of the cylinder without being shocked.
  29. CARD: Your reward at the top of the cylinder is this card, on the back side to the right.
  30. Advance left, hopping over the electricity again. You’ll fall into another maintenance tunnel, where you’ll deal with more electrified floors and moving conduits. Hop over the conduits as they approach, clear the floor, then jump the last conduit to get over.
  31. Dropping through the grate at the end of the tunnel puts you in another hallway with a spiky wall closing in. Don’t bother dashing this time and instead, just run down the hall, dodging the blue half-walls in the way. The first is on the right side; the second, on the left; and the third you have to jump over.
  32. Another path of colored tiles awaits beyond the door. This one’s much longer, and while the tiles will reappear if you wait, you usually don’t have that luxury.
  33. The best way to get across is by getting as far as you can with each jump, and landing on the colors in this order: purple, yellow, blue, green. The most effective path seems to be along the left side.
  34. Through the door, you’ll enter a large arena. A robot appears immediately, and after that, several turrets start attacking you from the walls.
  35. Destroy a couple of the turrets and the floor opens up. Drop through and Buzz will use his jetpack to float down. You just have to avoid the electricity along the way.

Boss: Zurg

  1. Zurg uses a force field to protect himself, making him impossible to damage while it’s still up.
  2. Instead, direct your fire to the base of Zurg’s platform. Heat it up with the laser and it’ll explode the way the crystals do.
  3. Dodge Zurg’s attacks and you can do so easily by running to the sides and and destroy the platform base. When you do, Zurg will float to the ground, defenseless.
  4. Unload on Zurg when he’s on the ground to do damage to him. You have to hit him with a full laser, the same amount it takes to destroy a crystal, to damage him.
  5. When Zurg retreats into the floor, you’ll face a handful of robots. Once they’re activated, the robots keep coming. You can destroy them, but more will take their place.
  6. For the time being, dispatch as many robots as you can to make life easier. When Zurg reappears, you can basically turn your attention back to him.
  7. Repeat the process for damaging Zurg and destroy the platform, then attack him head-on. He’ll drop into the floor again, and spider bombs will join the fight against you.
  8. NOTE: There’s all kinds of health in this room, so be sure to take advantage of it.
  9. You can clear a few robots and bombs while you wait, but when Zurg comes back, you’ll be dealing with a lot of enemies and a lot of firepower.
  10. Concentrate on Zurg while moving around as much as possible to avoid taking damage. You only have to hit the boss one more time to kill him.
  11. When the force field is down, blast Zurg one last time.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll unlock the “Defeat Zurg” Achievement for completing this mission.

Fair Play

The Daycare

  1. You can explore and choose which games to play by speaking with the toys marked with columns of light. The first is a praying mantis-looking guy to the left of the starting area.
  2. First, take a look around. There are a few collectibles hidden about that you can pick up first.
  3. PIECE OF ZURG: The first piece, the head, is just left of the bottom of the ramp from the starting area. Look for it spinning on a stool.
  4. PIECE OF ZURG: From the head, proceed forward past the mantis guy, toward the shelves behind him. The body of Zurg is beside the octopus, in the corner of the shelves
  5. CARD: Head back to the stool where you found the head. With it at your back, go to the space between two shelves on the left, where they’re close together. Go between them and wall jump to the top by pressing X when facing the wall while in the air. At the top, proceed to the right and climb up to the next shelf. The card is behind the stack of tupperware containers on the top shelf.
  6. From up here, climb the tupperware stack and you can jump to the light fixtures. Go across them to find tokens. You can jump to the further ones to the left and right with Jesse’s landing ability, by perching on the butterflies.
  7. CARD: Jump across all the light fixtures back toward the green starting area and get on the roof of that building, where another card waits.
  8. SPECIAL CARD: Use Jesse’s ability to get onto the light fixtures on the side of the room, opposite to the green starting building. Beside the center fixture, close to the wall, are two butterflies, one above the other. Use the special landing ability to jump up to the Special Card above them, spinning next to the wall.
  9. CARD: Back on the light fixtures, take Buzz and one of the other toys to the light closest to the kitchen and it’s across from the one you climb up. Get Jesse or Woody there, then as Buzz, climb across the lights to the roof of the green gazebo starting position. Jump with Buzz onto the silver wire there and he’ll grind on it all the way to the light you’re trying to reach. Then use Buzz to throw the other toy into the ventilation shaft that’s open on the green wall beside the light, just barely jutting out from the ceiling. Inside is the card.
  10. TOWNSPERSON: Switch to Woody and climb up to the light fixtures. Jump all the way to the roof of the green starting building. Standing on the roof, turn left and face off, parallel to the wall. You should see three golden, blinking hooks. Hit X to use Woody’s special swinging ability to swing from hook to hook. At the end is the green Townsperson.
  11. PIECE OF ZURG: When you drop down from the Townsperson, turn left and look for an easel. It’s past the shelf with all the aliens on it. Go underneath it and jump up to get Zurg’s Gun.
  12. As Woody, go to the kitchen area in the back corner of the room, beyond the easel. To the left of the kitchen counter, you should be able to wall jump up to the countertop. Grab the Toy Barn token when you get there.
  13. CARD: From the countertop, jump up to the shelf to the left, where Rex is standing. You’ll need to catch the ledge and then jump up to the next ledge. Spin around and use Woody’s pull string ability to get to the top of the cabinets, where the card is waiting.
  14. CARD: Get both Woody and Buzz up to the shelf with Rex on it, then use Buzz to throw Woody across to the shelf on the wall, near the robot with the light column coming out of him. Switch to Woody and climb to the top of the counter there for the card.
  15. PIECE OF ZURG: The final piece of Zurg, his Cape, is found under the green desk beside the robot that lets you play games. From the card you need Buzz to throw Woody at to retrieve, just drop down and check under the desk. It’s located to the left of the kitchen area, against the far wall. Collecting all four pieces unlocks the “We Can Rebuild Him” Achievement.
  16. Winning each of the games also unlocks a collectible. Return to the mantis near the start for the first one.

Horseback Balloon Pop

  1. The first game is timed, but your goal is to find a way to reach all the balloons scattered throughout the daycare. This isn’t too difficult if you look around.
  2. Paths to get on top of objects are almost always marked by flipped-over plastic containers that you can use as stepping stones.
  3. Start by getting on the two big tables in the center of the room after clearing the first group of balloons. Go for the ones to the left first and you can reach far locations by making Bullseye sprint before jumping by holding RT.
  4. Get the balloons in the kitchen next, then turn your attention to those by the blue easy chair. You’ll need to use the tables again to jump across to the balloons along the left wall.
  5. With all those balloons cleared, that should just leave two more sets, along the walls next to the green gazebo building. Go up the ramp into the building to get to a pair of containers that let you get to the last remaining balloons.
  6. From the ramp, go left to snag the stack of balloons on the wall. Then head back up the ramp and go right to get the last of them.
  7. Sprint and jump from shelf to shelf to nail the last of the balloons.
  8. CARD: If you’ve snagged all 40 balloons, you’ll get a card at the end of the race. Stop back by the mantis race coordinator to get your reward.

Alley Throw

  1. From the mantis’s game, turn right to face the blue, flower-patterned easy chair. Go around it to the other side to find an orange robot you can speak to.
  2. Alley Toss, the robot’s game, has you using a ball cannon to defend an area against approaching attackers. You need to clear 100 of them to get the prize, which is a Roundup Card.
  3. First, hold down the RT to fire, and just keep holding it. You’ll get a lot of accidental kills from bouncy balls ricocheting around the game area.
  4. The attacking aliens come in three waves: standard green aliens, which will run from position to position taking cover; space aliens, who jump over the cover positions rather than running on the ground; and sneaky aliens, who just barrel straight down either of the three straightaways, coming straight at you.
  5. You’ll deal with each set in stages: first, just green aliens, then just space aliens, then a mix; then sneaky aliens, then a mix of all three.
  6. Keep firing all the time and try to hit the aliens as they go behind cover. Often the helmet or the top of the head of an alien will be visible, and even just flooding the area with balls will take out a great deal of aliens.
  7. Do your best to take out the jumping space guys before they get to the last cover position, because they’re harder to take out in the air. Your goal should be to line them up and hit them as they are arcing down the first time they jump, as you can hit several at once when they line up.
  8. As for the sneaky guys, who are marked with red, you usually need to make them a priority. Look for them at the back of the field and take them out early.
  9. CARD: Nailing all 100 aliens, which is not so tough with the constant-firing strategy, gets you the card.

Tiny Racer Challenge

  1. In the back corner of the daycare, across from the kitchen, is a second robot. This one is white. Speak with him to start the Tiny Racer challenge.
  2. This game is similar to the Horseback challenge, except it requires much less precision. There are only 10 sets of blocks to run over, and you have two minutes to do so.
  3. Most of the blocks are accessible by going up a single ramp or performing a single action. Check by the kitchen to find a half pipe, and look inside the green gazebo and around the side of it for two more.
  4. The only sets of blocks that are difficult to get to are on the big wooden tables in the middle of the room. From the green gazebo, drive forward and to the right of the shelves to find a white ramp. Hit it at full speed to get on the table and take out the first set of blocks.
  5. From there, turn left and drive between the two tables over a small bridge. That gets you to the second set.
  6. The rest of the blocks are generally easy to see.
  7. CARD: Hit all 10 sets of blocks and receive a Roundup card for your trouble.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: If you complete all the games perfectly, you’ll unlock the “True Carny” Achievement.
  9. Complete all three games and return to Lotso at the Green Gazebo. Speak with him.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Completing Sunnyside unlocks the “Carnival Conqueror” Achievement.

Witch Way Out

Bonnie’s Room

  1. With the room filling up with coffee, you need to jump from platform to platform as they come floating out of the flood. Stay in any one place too long, and the item will sink again, drowning you along with it.
  2. Jump off the table first, onto the stool below. Ignore the bed and a chair will become available shortly that’s your actual destination. After that, more stepping stones will appear across the bed and around the outside of the room.
  3. NOTE: Some of the items move as they float around, so if a jump doesn’t look doable, look for other objects making their way toward you. Things are sinking, but you also have the ability to stop and wait at different intervals.
  4. You’ll wind up on a wicker hamper before long, with two drawn-on milk cartons on it. On the other side, wait for the objects to line up to make your jump easier.
  5. CARD: When you land on the desk with the lamp just ahead, look for a prompt to use Woody’s swinging ability. Hit X when the marker shows up (run around to find the right spot if you have to) and you’ll snag the card.
  6. Jump off the desk and you’ll get a short cutscene. Then hop to the chair and over to the wall.
  7. Head right. When you reach a pile of blocks, bash through it with Y.
  8. You’ll have to wall jump up to get above the next set of obstacles. Jump and hit X while beside the wall to kick off. Keep hitting X to get to the top.
  9. At the top, face right and crash through the red book with Y to clear the way.
  10. CARD: After the book, drop down and turn to the left. Dash through the blocks to get a Roundup card.
  11. Keep moving to the right. You’ll have to jump onto the wall and grab a ledge, then shimmy to the right. When you get to the end, hold Right on the Left Stick and jump across.
  12. CARD: When you land on the other ledge, you’ll see the card on the book right next to it. Drop onto the book with B to get the card.
  13. Keep moving. When the witch sets blocks in your path going downward, use the ground pound to destroy them. Dash through the next set of blocks to move on. Wall jump to the top of the next section and head left.
  14. Wall jump up again before the coffee flood reaches you. When you head right, you’ll be jumping onto books that sink when you touch them. Get to the end and then run toward the camera to avoid being swept off the side.
  15. At the end of the line of books, you’ll turn right and see several objects floating in the air. You have to climb on them to traverse the coffee lake here.
  16. Wait for the first book to come close, then jump onto it. Hold onto the edge of it as if you were shimmying on a ledge.
  17. The book will move and spin and link up with another book. When they’re aligned, hit A to jump to the new book.
  18. Continue this process until you get to the ruler. When you do, shimmy along it to the right and wait for it to line up with the green block beneath it, then hit B to drop down.
  19. The green block will take you to another spot where you can jump off. When you get there, catch onto the green block that’s not moving and wait. When another block appears beside it, shimmy left and ledge-jump to it.
  20. Ledge-jump off this block when it stops spinning and you’ll land on solid ground. Turn left and dash at the backpack to knock it flat.
  21. CARD: Past the backpack, heading left, is a gap where three helicopters hover. Use Woody’s swing ability with X to get across the chasm, swinging from helicopter to helicopter to make it to the card beyond.
  22. Backtrack to the other side of the chasm and jump up to the shelf to the right.
  23. CARD: Snag the card as you pass by it, right on the shelf.
  24. Crash the blocks and stand on the books beyond. Face the wall and you can start climbing a magazine rack there. At the top, look left for another ledge you can jump to.
  25. You have to move fast because the coffee continues to rise. Shimmy along this ledge and jump to the crayons to the left. Climb up the crayons and jump right to the shelves again. You’ll have blocks to crash through, and past that, a book that rises and falls to pull you up to the next shelf.
  26. CARD: On the right side of the moving book is another set of blocks that hides a card to the right. Jump down from above or crash through to grab the card, then quickly return to the book before the coffee drowns you.
  27. On the next shelf the book carries you to, head left. Wait when you get to the dead end, and a pink book will descend for you to ride on. Stand on the black mark and the book will put you into a hamster cage.
  28. SPECIAL CARD: Stand on the blue dish in the middle of the cage and jump up into the tube that heads off vertically. Use the wall jump to reach the top, where the Special Card waits in another section of the tank. Then jump back down.
  29. Go through the tube to the right and follow the path to the floating backpack. After the room comes apart, jump to the floating book that appears in front of you and shimmy left. Wait for more objects to make a path left and jump as soon as they arrive.
  30. On the path, step onto the items to the sides to avoid getting run over by the witch’s picture. When the path is clear, run to the next stopping point and get off the path.
  31. CARD: On the left of the path, the card hovers on a small platform. Just jump to it when you get close.
  32. At the end of that section, the path turns right and you’ll be chased by the picture again. Dash if you need it to make it to the end and turn off onto the next section.
  33. Follow the path outside.

Outer Space

  1. Follow the path to a rail and jump on it. The game will instruct you on how to ride it as you go. At the end, you’ll reach the space ship and head in.
  2. Turn right and grab the battery on the ground, then put it in the red battery case. That powers the elevator beside it and ride that to the top.
  3. CARD: Turn left instead of going through the door here and follow the wall to locate the card.
  4. Go back through the door and jump on the rail. Ride it until you reach the green rail on your right: jump to that, then jump to the next green rail you pass on your left. You’ll arrive inside a large meteor.
  5. TOWNSPERSON: When you land in the meteor, follow the tunnel and look for an alcove to the left. The floor there glows green and ground pound through it to get to the level’s Blue Dog Townsperson. Ride the rail at the bottom, jumping over the pinwheels as you go, to return to the meteor where you started. Grabbing this and the other Townspeople nets you the “Townspeople Hunter” Achievement.
  6. Now take the green rail at the end of the tunnel. You’ll land on a platform you can break up by ground pounding it, the way you did in “To Infinity and Beyond.”
  7. Jump to the newly created shards and get over to the battery. Pick it up and ride the rail.
  8. Jump to the next rail you come to and a green one and and then to the rainbow rail as soon as you have the chance. The witch is throwing more enemies at you that are riding the rail to, so jump over them. The rainbow rail will return you to the bridge of the spaceship.
  9. Take the elevator back out of the ship and ride the rail, this time jumping onto the yellow path. Ride it until it ends and head right.
  10. The witch throws obstacles in your path in the form of rotating platforms. Just wait for each to stop turning and hop on to it and you’ll be fine.
  11. After the rail, you’ll have another path of rotating platforms. This one’s tougher and the rotations are faster and but the platforms will light up before they turn, giving you a clue when you can go. Just move fast and you’ll make through.
  12. The next rotating path goes in a fast sequence. As soon as the first button stops rotating, hop on. Repeat the process, moving forward as fast as you can, to reach the battery.
  13. Grab the battery and ride out to the beginning of the area. You’ll have to jump through a star along the way, which is a new trick. Return along the rails to the rainbow rail.
  14. Use the blue rail to the left to jump back and forth, dodging the rabbit-things the witch sends your way. Then drop off your battery in the ship and return to the rail. You’re going for the pink one this time.
  15. Take the pink rail until it drops you off and head to the right, over the chair. Run to the end, where you’ll find a ledge to shimmy along. At the end of the ledge is the battery and a rail to ride.
  16. Ride to the end and take the next rail. As soon as you pass rails you can jump to on the left, take them or you’ll go in a big circle. Two jumps will put you back at the rainbow rail.
  17. Hop back and forth between the rainbow and blue rails to avoid being hurt and take your battery to the ship. That opens a new door and a new rail beyond.
  18. The exploding ship throws obstacles at you. Duck the first; jump the second; jump, then duck for the third; jump twice and then duck for the fourth.
  19. Two more rails will appear beside you on the left next. Immediately jump all the way left. Watch ahead on the rail for where it’s exploding: you’ll have to get all the way right next. Then jump to the yellow rail, then back all the way to the right.
  20. Next, portions of the ship explode outward. Jump all the way to the left to avoid them.
  21. You’ll have to bounce back and forth to avoid rail rabbits. Look for the gaps and time your jumps sideways. When your clear, get onto the yellow rail as you head inside.
  22. Watch for electricity traps on the rail that you’ll have to jump over, and keep and eye out for the point where the rails end and you’ll have to quickly jump sideways to new ones. When you’re back outside, you’ll do more dodging sideways to avoid getting run over.
  23. After clearing the bugs, which are fairly easy, the rails will start to explode in front of you again. This time, it’s much trickier, and you’ll have to move fast.
  24. The moves are as follows, starting in the center: right, center, left, center, right, then all the way left, then quickly all the way right. Right after that, jump all the way left as the debris from the ship knocks out the rails.
  25. More rail explosions. You’ll start on the left and go all the way right, then back to the center. Jump to the right rail as the other two end.

Back in the Ship

  1. Pick up the big battery and install it right next to you. Then jump from piston to piston ahead to get to the center cylinder.
  2. Follow the outside of the cylinder until you’re standing in front of the red platform. Walk toward the camera, where a path will lead you back out to the wall and another battery housing.
  3. Stick to the path and you’ll come to a rotating set of blocks. You can jump across these easily to get to the battery on the other side.
  4. The heft of the battery prevents Woody from jumping, so you’ll have to time your steps on the way back. Throw the battery onto the higher platform, then pick it up and watch the block path.
  5. Go when the first fast block stops, then step onto the slow block where it’s rising. As soon as the next block turns, move to it, then run along the rising side of the last block, on the left, and you should make it without falling.
  6. Install the battery and head back to the center. Climb the rotating platforms until you reach a spot to wall jump up.
  7. Up here, you just have to time your jumps to clear the rotating red walls. It’s not so tough if you take your time. Past that, wall jump up to a path made of rotating blocks. Carefully move to each block right after it spins.
  8. You’ll reach a button at the top. Step on it to create a new place where you can wall jump. You’ll find a rail at the top to ride.
  9. At the end of the rail, the path is blocked by more electricity. Time your jumps to go through each field when it shuts down and beyond it is the battery.
  10. To get back through, you’ll have to throw the battery ahead of you and then jump through after it. Wait till the electricity dissipates and throw the battery. Wait for it to shut down a second time to jump through.
  11. After that, just drop down and install the battery. You can follow the new bridge to the button that launches the rocket and ends the mission.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Rocket Launcher” Achievement is unlocked by finishing this mission.

Hide and Seek

Prison Break

  1. ACHIEVEMENT: If you can get through the level without being caught, you’ll unlock the “Sneaky, Sneaky” Achievement.
  2. Go to the end of the pen area and a light column will appear next to a vent. Climb up and hit X and the gate will be unlatched.
  3. Follow the path down and to the right, avoiding the red light at the bottom. Look for a button marked with an “X” against the wall to the left of the spotlight. Hit it and you’ll free Jesse.
  4. ALIEN: Go past Jesse and around the corner to the right to find the Prisoner alien figurine.
  5. Push the crate Jesse’s standing on over to the wall and use it to jump up. On top, you’ll grab a Toy Barn token and get the lay of the land.
  6. You have to avoid the spotlights, as well as the police cars patrolling the area. More dangerous, however, is Buzz, who is carrying a flashlight. He’ll spot you even on top of tables.
  7. NOTE: You can make a quick note of Buzz’s location and watch his patrol routes by switching to him with LB.
  8. Start by switching to Jesse and jumping up on the wall. Drop down when the coast is clear and go forward toward the set of spinning lights and this is the first holding area.
  9. Sneak past the lights when they separate to get inside. On the wall with the filing cabinet are darts Jesse can jump up using her landing ability. Get to the top one and wait.
  10. Look up and there’s a spotlight patrolling the vertical section you need to wall jump up to get to the top. Wait for the light to rise up, then wall jump quickly. Hop over the light when it descends and head right.
  11. Find the “X” button on the wall and hit it to shut down security over the cage.
  12. CARD: Continue to the right. Jump to the far shelf platform to reach the card.
  13. MEMORABILIA: Backtrack a little and look for a spot where you can jump up onto one of the ceiling lights. Right there is the Memorabilia item.
  14. SPECIAL CARD: Straight across from this light fixture is another, which you can jump to. Walk forward from the Memorabilia spot, facing in the same direction as when you jumped up. Jump across for the card.
  15. Return to where you hit the button. Get back on the path and head left over the spot where you wall jumped up. You’ll come to another wall with a shimmying ledge.
  16. The lights here rotate around the center ledge, so you can’t wait on it. Wait for the light to go up and move left, and jump left with it. Then keep shimmying and jump to the left as soon as you get to the edge. You want to follow that top light as you go.
  17. Drop down onto Rex and hit X to free him.
  18. Switch to Woody and go past the holding area where you left Jesse, to the back corner. This one is marked by two lights that spread out, then come together right in the doorway to the area.
  19. CARD: The table right beside this area has a card beneath it. It’s marked by two wooden stools you can jump onto to get on top of the table.
  20. Run past the lights when they’re spread out to get inside.
  21. CARD: Immediately inside this area, turn left and check the shelf for a card.
  22. Use Woody’s pullstring swing move to get onto the shelf. The spot is marked by a blue capsule to show you.
  23. On the shelf, head left to where you’re prompted to do the swing move again. Hit it and keep swinging until you reach the spot next to Slinky.
  24. Turn toward the wall and climb up the ledges to the top, then ledge jump right. Get to the shelf and head toward the lights.
  25. The timing here can be tricky. Wait until all four lights are on. Three will turn off, so run to Light 3, the third from the left. When Light 2 turns off, step under it. Next, all the lights but Light 1 will be off and run to the button and hit it.
  26. Pushing the button kills the lights, so return to the stack of books. Use the upright book to ledge jump back over and get to Slinky and free him.
  27. Now drop down and dodge the patrols headed along this wall toward the last holding area.  Ham is being held in the bluish one.
  28. CARD: Along the wall, to the right as you approach Ham’s area, look for a blue table. Underneath it is the card. This is right under the area with all the moving lights that you need to traverse to free Ham.
  29. Duck under the lights and they’re out of sync, but easier to avoid than the others.
  30. CARD: When you enter Ham’s area, check the corner of his cell for a card.
  31. Use the pink ramp to get onto the counter and head right. Dodge the first, moving light and climb the shelf beyond it. Wait until the vertical one is down, then jump to the higher shelf and climb up.
  32. CARD: Jump onto the red ledge on the window behind this platform. Shimmy right and jump across to the other ledge to snag the card. Then head back.
  33. On the red window ledge, climb to the top and shimmy left to avoid the first light. When you reach the second, wait till the light is below you, then ledge jump to the other side.
  34. Hop down and head back to Ham. Free him to end the mission.
  35. ACHIEVEMENT: You get the “Making a Break for it” Achievement for finishing the mission.

Trash Thrash

The Shredder

  1. To start, you have to avoid being drawn by the conveyor belt into the shredder at the far left side of the screen.
  2. To make matters worse, you have to defend three alien toys from being shredded as well. Basically, your job is to toss them to the right side of the screen.
  3. You can move the aliens by hitting them with the dash maneuver by hitting Y, or by picking them up and throwing them with X and RT.
  4. The dash method of controlling the toys is preferable here most of the time. You can knock the toys back while also traveling away from the shredder. Picking up the toys and throwing them takes longer.
  5. NOTE: You can also knock the metal cubes out of the way with the dash move.
  6. After you’ve protected the toys for awhile, the bin at the top of the screen opens. Knock or throw the three aliens inside it to save them.
  7. Once the aliens are safe, the conveyor picks up speed. You only have to survive for a short while on the belt.
  8. The best way to keep away from the shredder, as well as avoid the numerous metal cubes in the way, is to jump a lot. Double jumping puts you over the cubes without your losing speed to the belt.
  9. Keep jumping and running away until the shredder stops.

Saving the Toys

  1. In the next section, guide Buzz through the vent and out of the grate by crashing through it with dash. Drop down to the catwalk.
  2. Push the block out of the way with X and the Analog Stick. You’ll soon come to a dead end.
  3. Switch to Woody with LB. Crash down through the grate and go right. You’ll come to a gap where you can use Woody’s swinging move with X. It pulls a switch that clears the way for Buzz for a short while.
  4. MEMORABILIA: At the end of Woody’s swing, use the double jump to get onto the ledge above the walkway where you would normally land. Right up there is the last Memorabilia piece, which unlocks the “Memories” Achievement.
  5. Switch back to Buzz and continue along the catwalk. On the other side of the bridge is a metal cube. Grab it and turn back toward the bridge.
  6. When the bridge rises, drop the cube down the hole it creates. Then switch to Jesse.
  7. CARD: As soon as you become Jesse, head left back down the tunnel to find a Roundup Card.
  8. As Jesse, go through the vent and crash through the grate. Jump down by using Jesse’s landing ability with X to get to the lower area.
  9. Now push the cube over to the wall to the right and use it to climb up.
  10. CARD: Grab the Roundup card on the ledge beside you to the right.
  11. You have to jump the gap toward the back of the area, away from the camera. You’ll see Toy Barn tokens there when you land.
  12. SPECIAL CARD: Jump the gap left from the tokens you just picked up to nab a Special Card.
  13. Head to the right and use Jesse’s jumping to land on the valve cover. She’ll spin it, clearing the way forward for Woody. If you’ve been following this guide, this should unlock the “Really Holding All the Cards” Achievement.
  14. Switch to Woody and continue right. Grab the ledge on the wall and shimmy over to the gap. When the electricity arc clears, jump to the other side and climb up.
  15. Repeat the jumping process going left. You’ll land next to a red button you can push, which clears Jesse’s path.
  16. Back to Jesse. Jump to the platform and then use the landing ability to jump to each of the valves. The third valve turns off the incinerators.
  17. Keep moving as Jesse until you come to a ledge where you can jump to a small yellow platform. Stop going forward and switch back to Buzz.
  18. Keep going along the catwalk. You’ll come to a dead end before long, where two yellow walls enclose Buzz on both sides.
  19. Go back to Jesse and use her ability to jump onto the tiny platform. That activates a switch to open a gate above Buzz’s head. It also rotates Jesse to the other side of the gap, so jump over to the ledge.
  20. Switch to Buzz and wall-jump to the top. In front of you are two blocks, with fans across a gap from each. Pick up each block and toss it into the fans.
  21. ALIEN: The blocks behind Buzz will respawn. Pick one up and walk to the right of the platform to drop down into a gap where there are Toy Barn tokens. Look for the yellow caution stripe on the ground inside this gap (toward the back) and face away from the camera at the stripe. Drop the block down, switch to Jesse,  and use the block to jump up to the ledge on the left, where you’ll snag the Zurg Alien figurine.
  22. Now Switch to Woody. Jump to the ledge and shimmy across to the vent on the right.
  23. CARD: Grab the card right behind where Woody lands, in the back corner, away from the camera.
  24. Follow the vent past the two fans that Buzz destroyed. Climb up until you get to another switch and use Woody’s pullstring to activate it.
  25. Switch to Buzz again and run across the bridge Woody just lowered. You’re now standing next to the crushers that are active on the conveyor below. Wait till the two crushers are rising, then run across quickly.
  26. Now jump up to the ledge and head left. You’ll find a metal cube there and grab it with X and push it under the crusher to stall it.
  27. Run behind the block and wait till the crusher rises, then dash underneath it to get to the other side. Grab the cube on the other side and push it under the still-running crusher to destroy them both.
  28. Change to Jesse. There are small ledges you can use her landing move on, but they periodically erupt in flames. Jump as soon as the fire goes away from ledge to ledge until you get to a valve at the far end.
  29. CARD: Hop to the ledge across from Jesse and grab the card while you’re here.
  30. Run until you get to a dead end.
  31. Change to Woody and jump to the other side of the gap with the switch.
  32. CARD: Hop up on the vent ledge to the right to snag a Roundup card.
  33. Drop back down and run downward, toward the camera, and you’ll get to another ledge with a switch.
  34. CARD: On this ledge is another card, right in your path.
  35. Use the swing move, you’ll land next to a button that Jesse cleared of steam for you. Hit the button when you land. The button creates a bridge for Buzz.
  36. CARD: The steam Jesse removed makes a card accessible to Woody, to the right of the yellow button.
  37. Switch to Buzz. Go to the ledge and jump onto the swinging bridge. On the far side, jump up to the bridge next to the red button.
  38. Drop down and go to the bottom left of the screen, where there’s a metal cube. Grab it and drop it down over the side to the left for Jesse to use.
  39. Now go to the right and grab the other cube there. Carry it to the top of the ledge, to where yellow caution stripe is. Position Buzz there with the cube in hand, facing to the right.
  40. Get Woody. Swing back to the left and go back, away from the camera, to the ledge to the right, where you found that card. Hop up there.
  41. The button Buzz pushed released two swinging bridges for Woody. Jump from the ledge to the first, then to the second when the two bridges come together. On the other side, jump and grab the ledge along the back wall.
  42. Climb down to the longer shimmying ledge and jump right. Drop down and follow the vent to the end. Use Woody’s swing to flip the switch, opening the door on top of the shredder.
  43. CARD: Right beside where Woody landed is another card.
  44. Switch to Jesse. Use the cube to climb up to the ledge and follow the path until you find another switch Jesse can jump to and land on.
  45. Change back to Buzz when Jesse activates the door on top of the shredder. When it’s open, hit RT to toss the cube into the shredder and destroy it, ending the mission.
  46. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Mash the Masher” Achievement is unlocked by completing the junkyard.

Muffin to Fear

Muffin Town

  1. The Haunted Bakery at the back of town is spewing huge, evil muffins. You don’t have much to do except destroy them.
  2. Target the muffins with LT and shoot them two or three times to destroy them.
  3. Watch out for when a muffin rises up into the air and that means it’s about to dash forward, attacking you.
  4. Take some time during the early stages of the battle to run around and look for collectibles. There are Toy Barn tokens all over the map. Start by heading left down the street parallel to the Haunted Bakery’s street.
  5. SPECIAL CARD: You’ll see a blue and purple pad on the ground. Ignore that and instead jump onto the rock beside it to the left. The building beside the rock has the Special Card in it, which becomes accessible when the building gets destroyed. Try to lure enemies into attacking it or wait until you fight the witch and let her level it for you. Then use the rock to jump into the building and grab the card.
  6. Other than Toy Barn tokens, that’s it for collectibles, so turn your attention to the muffins. Take out the first wave of about four and a second of double that appears.
  7. Now a huge muffin joins the green ones. This one won’t attack you directly, but instead pounds the ground and sends a huge shockwave your way. Luckily, this is easy to avoid by jumping.
  8. Keep taking out muffins. Use the blue pads on the left and right sides of the town to spring you to the other side if you need a quick getaway.
  9. After you nuke all the muffins, a space cannon appears on the right side of the map. Run to it and enter it with X.
  10. At this exact same time, the witch from Bonnie’s Room has reappeared and is flying around with copies of herself, launching heat-seeking balls of green goo at you. Avoid them.
  11. Train the cannon on the goo balls to destroy them and defend yourself, then knock out the witches with it. After you’ve killed them all, the cannon will disappear, and the witch will become a giant.
  12. CARDS: All the collectibles in this level are hidden inside the buildings, and they need to be destroyed before you can get to the cards. You can do this yourself with the cannon, or by running behind buildings and letting the witch’s attacks hit them instead. Then just run around collecting them all while dodging attacks. Count them as you collect them and you want to end up with seven. Get all seven cards to snag the “Holding All the Cards” Achievement.
  13. The giant witch’s main attack is a slowly tracking pair of laser beams that will follow you around the level. She’s also reinforced by green muffins and one huge muffin. Take them out first.
  14. NOTE: You can use the witch’s lasers to destroy more buildings, which is handy for cover as well.
  15. ALIEN: During this portion, it’s easy to miss the Witch Alien figurine right in the middle of town, about where Buzz spawned. Just run to where the streets intersect. You’ll unlock the “No Claw Required” Achievement for nabbing it. If you’ve been following this guide, you’ll also receive another achievement, “The Collector.”
  16. NOTE: Depending on how much ammo you used with the cannon, you can run around collecting glowing spheres scattered around the town. That’ll replenish your supply for your next offensive.
  17. During the battle, on the other side of town from the cannon, a cow launcher has appeared. Run to it and use it the same way you did the cannon.
  18. Blast the witch quickly to knock her back before she can attack you. It’ll take three or four shots, but eventually the giant witch will be defeated.
  19. Use your remaining ammo to soften up any remaining buildings you need things from. You can also use it to take out the muffins tooling around the level.
  20. Eventually, the cow cannon will disappear. Run around the map collecting more ammo and knocking out muffins. After a few seconds, the flying witches will appear again and as will the space cannon.
  21. Go to the cannon and repeat the process. Don’t bother killing the muffins on the map this time and they keep respawning from the giant wedding cake.
  22. You do have to deal with flying muffins now, however, and they can be a slight pain. Don’t let them get close or they’ll attack you.
  23. Concentrate on the witches and take them out. If you run out of ammo, hit B to exit the cannon and go collect more.
  24. Destroying these witches triggers another switch. You’re going back to the cow launcher to kill a giant. Repeat the process from earlier, grabbing ammo and health as you go.
  25. When you’ve cleared the giant, the cow launcher will remain, but the space cannon will appear as well. That’s because you’re fighting the laser witch giant and the flying witches at the same time. Which basically means, you’re going to get pummeled a bit.
  26. Exit the cow launcher, collect ammo, and head to the space cannon. You want to take out the flying witches first, because their multiple attacks make them more dangerous. The giant witch can only hit you once ever time she attacks.
  27. Clear the flying witches and use the cannon to defend yourself. As soon as the immediate danger from the flyers is dealt with, leave the cannon.
  28. Grab some more ammo and make your way to the cow launcher. Use it to take out the giant witch and without the backup it should be easy. Defeat her and you end the mission and Story Mode.
  29. ACHIEVEMENT: Finishing the final mission unlocks the “Muffin Massacre” Achievement.

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61 Comments on Toy Story 3 Walkthrough

paul peterson

On July 5, 2010 at 7:32 am

1-In Woody’s Roundup – how do I turn OFF the ghost town (darkness) that came on after I did the Haunted House?

2-How do I get to Bonnie’s House? I’ve completed the previous ones (still didn’t get the last Collector’s Card from the Daycare)

Alyssa J

On July 6, 2010 at 7:13 am

You can change back and forth from daylight to darkness by pressing the button at the various stations that have the multicolored circle that looks like the old “Simon” game.


On July 14, 2010 at 5:09 pm

I love my friends Buzz, Jessie and Bullseye :)


On July 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm

i am stuck in the enchanted glen. how do i get out after changing pixies back and freeing dragon?


On July 14, 2010 at 6:04 pm

do you know how to get the dragon?


On July 15, 2010 at 4:41 pm

can u help me my son is driving me crazy? we changed the caterpillars to pixies but we couldnt det out. how do we get to the next part

Sara Chapel

On July 16, 2010 at 12:15 pm

How do i get into the cannon shooters to shoot the targets at zurgs place in toybox mode?


On July 17, 2010 at 10:07 am

Please, please help me. I purchased the game on friday (16th July 2010) and I want to know how to actually access ‘Story Mode’. All I seem to be able to do is play in ‘Toybox Mode – Woodys Roundup’. Should there be an option at the beginging to choose toybox or story mode? Please help me!


On July 21, 2010 at 2:59 am

i cant complete the one of the parachutes i have 19/20. help


On July 31, 2010 at 11:23 am

To get to story mode you have to find the gate in toy box mode that leads to the gameboard. I believe it is somewhere around slinky dog. Then drag the crayon over to Andy’s house.


On August 5, 2010 at 12:40 am

matt to play story mode you have to complete at least one mision in toybox mode as yuo call ”woodys roundup” then come out ongameboard and play first mission on story mode “andy’s house”


On August 5, 2010 at 12:41 am

i got the game for free


On August 6, 2010 at 2:23 am

hi,matt and buzz. to go to story mode you have to do quests that town people give to you then there is a mission that you have to save the pig who is the mayor of your town then a note came in your screen that wrote: your have complete the most important mission. then prees Esc then exit to gameboard and SAVE! then now you should see andy house in your map. when you complete a palce another place will appear in your map! for have the dragon you should go to toy store that is in your toy box mode it looks like a chicken then you should buy lotso’s enchanted glen that looks like a tree, then a gate will open for you that you can go in there when you reach there you should go up the tree and reach top of the tree then you will see a piece of wood on the top of tree stay on that then you will go in a path that you can have the dragon, finish the way and come out of water fall with dragon then you can ride the dragon in this place.


On August 6, 2010 at 2:39 am

i forgot to say i have played the pc game. and i had 47/48 of gold stars only the wand waver gold star is left, if you know please help me to complete that one too. tnx.


On August 6, 2010 at 2:51 am

to PAUL PETERSON. u get to bonnies house after playing all the games in daycare. i think u need to qualify in each game. then go to the pink bear at the beginning of daycare and talk to him. u shud b able to go to bonnies house then. if ur trying to get card out of air vent. get buzz and woody up 2 the light fixture facing it. get buzz to throw woody, immediately after throwing him, switch to woody, and you can get the card.


On August 7, 2010 at 8:05 am


HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On August 7, 2010 at 8:11 am



On August 9, 2010 at 1:32 am

you dont have to complete the pig mission in woodys roundup to get to story mode. my son who`s 4 got to the gameboard very quickly without doing all missions on woodys roundup. he was so quick i didnt even see him do it.
we are stuck on muffins town
any tips?


On August 9, 2010 at 8:36 am

On the Trash Thrash mission, where is the other card? There are 8 to collect from that mission but only 7 have been listed?

Phil Hornshaw

On August 9, 2010 at 8:44 am

@felix: Whoops, sorry about that. I just updated the walkthrough – in Trash Thrash, as soon as you start controlling Jesse for the first time, head down the tunnel to the left. You’ll find the Roundup Card just sitting tight at the far end.


On August 17, 2010 at 10:50 pm

My kids haven’t been able to get Bonnie’s house to show up on the game board. What exactly do they need to complete to get her house to show up?


On August 21, 2010 at 5:05 am

To Charles. To get to boniness house u have to complete all three games in the daycare level the car race the balloon pop and kill the aliens and u have to get top marks in all three


On August 21, 2010 at 5:07 am

Ps w hen u comple te these go talk to lottso in daycare


On August 22, 2010 at 7:24 am

In story mode we are in zurg’s fortress. We have the gun and have shot 2 of the 3 shapes. We are now stuck where you jump from green, red, blue then we get to the red door….how do we get past the red door to shoot the last shape?? Please help!


On August 22, 2010 at 7:26 am

Sorry It is actually in Toy box mode not story mode…

im abcd

On September 12, 2010 at 6:43 am

how to open a savcd game…
i was doing the mission to infinity and beyond that i was in zurg’s fortess
and i saved the game and closed the pc..after that when i go to the gameboard and click on the mission it starts from starting??


On September 15, 2010 at 1:47 pm

Hello. How do i unlock different things on story mode i can only see toy box andy house the train and the thearte. I have completed loads of mission in toy box mode but still day care and other things havent appeared Thanks


On September 22, 2010 at 9:15 pm

where can i find barbershop coin.I have found all dress up object for barbers ,but i can’t find coin?please help..! thx P.S. I’m playing this with my 4 years old son on my PC.


On September 28, 2010 at 11:16 am

i need help i have the ps3 game and we cannot play as zurg. it says we have to complete the first few missions and then u can buy him in the store. well we did most of the missions and still zurg is locked . please help


On October 4, 2010 at 11:51 pm

i’m playing the pc version. got all the stars except the wand waver. First few times i was able to find tat guy n gave it wings. Now i can’t even find him. Pls help =)


On October 10, 2010 at 1:39 pm

Thanks for the walkthrough. Always a couple of objects that are difficult to find. Good game design in that you don’t have to complete a level every time just to get another object.


On October 13, 2010 at 12:49 pm

Can’t find the treasure chest in the town. Also I keep getting new costumes that they ask for, but when I pull up the list their not there. How come? Or how can I remove some of the ones I already have.


On October 16, 2010 at 1:14 am

@j ; I’ve got some tips on completing the muffin town. A good way to complete it is as soon as your health is getting low, and you’re in one of your cannons don’t stay in for a while longer, just run out and get health and some more ammo regularly. That’s what I did to complete the muffin town. (:

Jackson Clester

On November 10, 2010 at 4:52 pm

How do you beat the field goal 30m challenge and I have beat the bean ball challenge like five times but the exclamation point keeps coming back to do that challenge. I am playing Toy Story 3 on the Wii.. Please Help!!!

nancy michelle

On November 11, 2010 at 12:21 am

I had that same issue Jackson, kicking anything and everything over that cactus and the furthest I got was 27m which i did by standing over by the corner building across from the saloon using buzz. That is where the game usually stopped for me so i gave up and we just got ps3 with toy story 3 and what a major difference it is, so much more to do and it just keeps on going, so much fun! Maskes wii look like an empty desert, boring! Good luck and let me know what happens when you hit 30m ;)


On November 24, 2010 at 11:18 am



On December 3, 2010 at 9:58 pm

I think I am missing some of the outfits. But can’t seem to find any more capsuls. Does any one know where I should look?

wolf tracker

On December 26, 2010 at 9:57 am



On March 22, 2011 at 3:17 pm

I am in Sid’s Haunted House right now and cannot get the head from the Lab for the scientist. How in the world am I supposed to get the head? Thanks!


On March 27, 2011 at 11:38 am

How do you get up the vending machine?


On April 1, 2011 at 7:06 pm

How do you get to the capsule on top of the town hall?


On April 28, 2011 at 2:44 am

@ Carla: Carla, to go upstairs to the head of the Sid’s Haunted House, at the side of the house the left side, you’ll see a window-like opened on the ground.. and then step on it and then you’ll be on the upper and then bats will go out the window coffins.. and then climb on it and there’s a wooden ladder there and then go up on it and then you got it!
@Kim: Kim, is that capsule on the town hall your getting is from the mission that you need to get the barber costume? well if yes, go at the right side of the town hall and there’s a stair there and go up it and climb on the rooftop of the town hall and then just fall yourself to get in the upper top to get it..
@Jackson Clester: well i did finished it. well it seems that i had finished the challenges or missions on that part but not slinky’s.. but maybe if you kicked or throwed that townspeople for 30m, maybe you’ll finish that mission and get another mission.. it gets annoying.
@Laura: well Laura, you could go out and go to the game board and then buy some at Al’s Toy Barn’s Store..

Well that serves it..

and also i got a question..

Please anyone there?? can you help me with the “Get the Cows to the Higher Ground” mission? i had searched it all over the net.. well nothing had solved it.. it said that i had the goo, and then i turned the cows into small cows and then i still can’t really really get them to the very high coral.. :D pls. help me thanks!



On April 28, 2011 at 3:38 am

but the first question in my reply, well i really get tried to climb anything and carrying the cow. then i tried to get it upstairs on it by the ledge or something there at the left.. and then i climbed but i’m stuck on the you know. the second floor of the u know, the coral.. :D pls. help me :D

:D thanks for reading..


On April 28, 2011 at 3:55 am

@Nancy Michelle: I know what happens if I hit 30m to the cactus, well i used buzz to hit it right there and then woooohooo!! I got lots of money and I unlocked many missions.. it’s so fun.. :D ARIANNE


On April 28, 2011 at 4:02 am

Hi! this is Arianne’s Sister, Diane well i’m using her email right now and i got permission from her.. well we are playing Toy Story 3: The Video Game and really is stuck at the mission that she asked.. well if someone there could help us and my sister, well please.. well i know she is answering the questions we already passed. well by the way I like to share cause i am 7 years old and my sister,Arianne is already 10 years old.. so she is a pre-teen and i am a good angel of mama, and she is an angel too but she is older than me.. well I wanna share that I LOVE YOU JESSIE, BUZZ, WOODY even that you can’t read these cause you are toys. but i really really believe that i really love you BUZZ,JESSIE,WOODY,BULLSEYE!! well actually all of them! i have you all toys in our room!! :D

Diane and Arianne

On April 28, 2011 at 8:38 pm

Hi! this is Arianne, answering the second reply of :buzz. after you change back the caterpillars into pixies, they will free the dragon upside of the screen.then turn your game camera and you will see a blue tablet that tells you to press “right click” (only on PC) to throw a fireball and throw a fireball on a woody gate-like. then light all of the fire woods on your way.then you will unlock an achievement for killing the pixies, well i unlocked “Junior Pixie _______” IDK what is after the “pixie” word. and then after that i unlocked the “Master Pixie _______” and then after killing all of the pixies, you can jump and go to the rocky ground,there you will have to collect a Yeti townspeople figurine. then jump onto the rainbow swings by the dragon, and then after that,fly onto the cave thing and then you will see a waterfall rushing by and then fly in it to go look for the wizard townspeople in Enchanted Glen. then you will need to go up the mushroom stairs and then go to the bridge to get the magic book for the wizard and you’ll unlock the achievement “Enchanted Sheriff” for finishing all of the missions in Enchanted Glen. Hi! this is Diane, also i wanna answer all of the questions here with the help of sister Arianne. well i like to agree with Ben.. because it’s true!! Toy Story 3 is the best of all pixar animations has did and the coolest game ever!! :D do anyone there has all of the toys?? well i had Barbie and all the toys, I love Jessie.. Arianne loves Buzz and kisses him anyway ahahaah LOL!!! love this day for school day!! :D

Arianne&Diane Rivera Family :D


On April 29, 2011 at 1:55 am

We have an enormous stack of gold coins collected but when we go to Al’s toy barn we cannot purchase anything as everything is locked? We need the camera for our next mission. Have we done something wrong? Please help my 5 year old son, he is driving me mad! PLEASE


On May 1, 2011 at 8:58 am

to fastwalker. you have to complete any available missions and items will begin to unlock so you can purchase them. There are special coins in the prize capsules u can use to buy mystery items in the toy store on the game board itself. I hope this helps :)


On May 3, 2011 at 11:17 pm

I’m stuck at Muffin to Fear…


On May 8, 2011 at 7:24 pm

how do you change it to day time in woody’s roundup ranch Please tell me

Arianne and Diane

On May 18, 2011 at 6:20 am

@shpitzza,McBOOGERBALL: We really don’t know what are the answers. we are still not on Muffin to Fear. and also we really don’t know how to change it to daytime.. thanks..


And watch out for our other comments and questions and answers!! :D =)


On May 21, 2011 at 9:11 am

hey i need help on the x marks the spot mission


On May 21, 2011 at 9:11 am

in woodys round up


On July 11, 2011 at 1:05 pm

hi i am stuck in getting the dragon to jump high enough to get over so i can complete the level any ideas??


On August 27, 2011 at 5:53 am

My son still can’t locate story mode. Please HELP?!?!


On October 4, 2011 at 1:31 pm

I need help with woody’s round up. We’re running around not sure what to do next. I clicked on the the details to show me the arrow, but I do not see an arrow. Please help.


On November 13, 2011 at 2:42 pm

i cant get past the desrert level where you play as woody and clime rock walls i keep starting over need help


On December 25, 2011 at 8:43 pm

Can anyone help with the army men and their targets? I am playing on the wii in toy box mode. I have 19/20 targets but I cannot find the last one. Pleaseee help.


On January 7, 2012 at 3:43 pm

just wondering, what do the army men say when woody throws them off the building? it really sounds like they said “s h i t”


On February 13, 2012 at 5:43 am

i need to know where the last capsule is located in woodys rndup is? am missing western collector
and engine city gold stars. assume they r linked. plz help

. we hav


On August 6, 2012 at 1:47 am

How do you beat the field goal 30m challenge and I have beat the bean ball challenge like five times but the exclamation point keeps coming back to do that challenge. i have done 32m. story mode is 100% done i am stuck in this mission. PLEASE HELP.