Transformers: Dark Spark – Entrepreneur Logs Locations Guide

Complete your Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark collectible hunt with our entrepreneur locations guide, providing text instructions for earning the final set of audio logs located in chapters seven and nine.

Like all other audio logs and collectibles, earning these will instantly save your game. If you happen to die or reload, you’ll always have these saved in your progression menu. Pick them up by following the button prompt, then feel free to exit out of the chapter.

If you’re still missing some audio logs, check out the Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark cheats list and find extra achievement guides, Easter eggs, or anything else we uncover. For a trip back into the past, explore GameFront’s Transformers: Fall of Cybertron text walkthrough.

Veteran Audio Logs Locations Guide

There are 6 Entrepreneur audio logs located in Chapter 7 and Chapter 9 of the singleplayer campaign. Collect them all to earn the “Make It Rain” achievement / trophy.

Chapter 7: Infiltration

  • Audio Log #1: At the end of the driving sequence that gets the chapter started, your allies will wait at a doorway to the right of the road. Hop onto the ground to the left of the road before continuing to find a little hidden alcove. The log is located to the left of the locked tunnel entrance that ends the highway.
  • Audio Log #2: Entering the room with the toxic green waterfalls, stick to the outer right wall and climb the ramps up into a storage room at the top. The audio log is to the left of the entrance, near one of several boxes.
  • Audio Log #3: This one is easy to miss but right along the main path. Leaving the toxic water room, you’ll enter a combat situation down a long hallway with cover along the walls. Keep your eyes on the left side of the passage to spot the third audio collectible.
  • Audio Log #4: Entering the room with the red laser barriers where you’ll need to find each generator to disable them, stop and look at the barrier near the right wall, opposite the way forward. Backtrack along the raised platform to find the glowing red generator above. Blast it and climb up the ramp where the red lasers shutdown. Follow the wall up to the next ramp. Swivel around the railing to find the next log.
  • Audio Log #5: Inside the final chamber of the chapter where one of your Aubobot allies is trapped, you’ll be able to find an audio log on the passages overlooking the room. Don’t jump down into the prison area yet. When you reach the massive atrium-like viewing area, move down the optional right pathway and look behind a crate to find the collectible leaning against the glass.

Chapter 9: Ascension

  • Audio Log #6: The last audio log is in the room where Optimus Prime needs to hack the computer terminal in the center, opening the doors ahead. Go up the ramps along the back left wall and continue through the hallway until you reach an opening to the left. Don’t go that way, just keep going forward to find the last collectible in the game.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Make It Rain (25 points / Silver):
    Discovered the fate of the Entrepreneur.

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