Transformers: Dark Spark – How to Earn Easy XP [Farming Guide]

Get to level 25 the fast and easy way in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark with some of the simple farming methods right here. Whether you’re hungry for all the unlocks right at the start of the singleplayer campaign or just want to finish up another completion challenge when you’re done — don’t waste time replaying the same old levels over and over. Earn XP super fast with the suggestions below.

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How to Earn Easy XP [Farming Guide]

Earn easy XP with the simple farming methods below. Got a method of your own? Let us know in the comments.

Method #1: Big XP on the Turret – Chapter 7

Load Chapter 7 and play until the very end. Before entering the final turret section, stop at the weapons terminal then choose to hack it. While hacking, select “No Shield Regen” to gain a +300% XP. You won’t need shields for the next section.

To gain even more XP, equip the x6 XP Multiplier and assign it to one of the T.E.C.H. Slots. If you’ve collected multiples, equip to all three slots.

Move down to the Jazz prison area and clear the zone of basic enemies. Down below, move to the objective marker and jump onto the turret. Enemies will begin to spawn — unleash your T.E.C.H. XP bonuses if you’re ready. Blast each incoming bot, and use each bonus as the previous one lifts.

Wait for Jazz to die, or select the “Restart from last checkpoint” before the end of the section to continue earning XP. After restarting, you’ll keep the previously earned XP and can continue to farm this section continuously.

Method #2: Early Insect Hunt – Chapter 2

This method won’t earn as much XP as the first, but it can be started early on in the campaign. Load and select the Lost Vault of Chapter 2.

Play through the mission until reaching the objective to “Search for the Leaders of the Insecticons.”

Before tackling the objective, you’ll enter combat against swarms of Insecticon enemies. Just as you switch to Starscream, start fighting the waves of opponents until the room is clear.

Once the area is empty, use the weapon terminal and leave it behind for an autosave, keeping your XP progress. Now you can open the options menu and select “Restart from last checkpoint” to repeat the combat section.

Now you can repeat as needed. Keep going — just remember, there’s a faster way to earn XP above. If you’re looking for levels, start here before moving on to the Chapter 7 farming method.

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