Transformers: Dark Spark – Stalker Audio Logs Locations Guide

Get every observation from the stalker in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark with this quick audio logs locations guide. These hidden collectibles are scattered across chapters two and three. They might be early in the campaign, but they’re just as tricky to find.

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Stalker Audio Logs Locations Guide

There are 6 Stalker audio logs located in Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of the singleplayer campaign. Collect them all to earn the “Somebody’s Watching Me” achievement / trophy.

Chapter 2: The Lost Vault

  • Audio Log #1: Right as the stage begins, cross the toxic water to meet Starscream on the opposite shore. Instead of running up to his location, move up the hill on the left side of the beach. Circle around the slope to find the first audio log.
  • Audio Log #2: As you enter the complex and gain the “Proceed through the complex” objective, you’ll eventually reach a catwalk over more toxic water. Use the pipes near the entrance door as a stepping stone to drop down and reach the pipe running directly beneath the grated walkway.
  • Audio Log #3: Reaching a massive room watched by shiny statues, enemy bots will spawn from pods in the floor. Once the room is clear, a cutscene will play and a new objective marker will appear. Switch to flight-mode and look above the left back corner of the chamber. There’s a path that was previously unreachable. There’s one more audio log located next to a Corrosive Slime Cannon.

Chapter 3: Getaway

  • Audio Log #4: Entering the long metallic canyon with the grappling hook, move forward until you reach a barrier, forcing you to move right and continue forward. Instead of moving right, look for a high ledge to the left of the barrier. Move down the path then drop down a level below to find the audio log in the middle of the floor.
  • Audio Log #5: Once the pair of insect-bots are defeated, you’ll move into an enclosed room with a large hole in the center where the objective marker is. Don’t jump down just yet. Instead, jump into the open gap with the red lights in the back right corner of the room. There’s an audio log inside this maintenance area, behind the walls.
  • Audio Log #6: The last stalker log is hard to miss. In the station, you’ll get a mission objective to summon the train in the control room. After activating the switch, turn right and the audio collectible should appear. This is at the very end of the chapter.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Somebody’s Watching Me (25 points / Silver):
    Found all the Stalker’s Observations.

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