Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Audio Log Collectible Locations

Cybertron is a mess, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop to find some hidden audio logs to unlock collectible achievements and trophies. The home planet of the Transformers is in bad shape after the apocalyptic events of the first game, now the Autobots and Decepticons fight over the wreckage. Discover more about the story with cartoon-inspired designs and acting meant to really draw in the hardcore fans. If you want to hear more about your favorite transformers, or just like collecting stuff, we’ve got all the logs right here.

If you want to survive the Fall of Cybertron, you might want to check out our full Transformers walkthrough here. For more collectible locations, check out the cheats page.

Audio Log Collectible Locations

Chapter 2:

  • Audio Log #1: While on the objective to return to the gates of Autobot City, you’ll enter a room with a massive computer. Circle around the computer to another room behind, the audio log is in a crate against the back wall.
  • Audio Log #2: Reaching the flaming wreckage of a huge partially open metal door, run all the way to the end of the room and use the stairs leading up to find an audio log upstairs on a pile of crates.
  • Audio Log #3: After a turret sequence, run across the open landscape to the ramps on the right side. Up the ramp, turn left and go through a gold-tinted passage into a small hall on the right. In the back corner you’ll spot the audio log with more crates.
  • Audio Log #4: Just as you enter the large control room with the blue holographic display in the center, turn left and run to the smaller computer alcove. On one of the surfaces is the audio log.
  • Audio Log #5: This takes place while you’re still trying to reach the Artillery Control Center. In a large combat room, you can discover a Moleculon Fuse in the back of the area. This is used like a key to unlock secret rooms. The fuse is in the far back of the chamber, inside a brownish metallic corner hall on a desk. Take it back to the door lock to find ammo and an audio log.
  • Audio Log #6: On the way to the control center, you’ll enter a medium-sized room with a large girder pillar and a computer nook directly behind it. Look near the computers to find the log on a desk.
  • Audio Log #7: In a large stairwell, with a window looking over the area below, turn around and look for ammo in a small alcove directly behind the window. Below the ammo is a breakable vent. Shoot it and jump down to find the log on your left.

Chapter 3:

  • Audio Log #1: When in the large area looking out at the enormous robot, turn right and check behind a stack of pipes to discover an audio log.
  • Audio Log #2: On your way, you’ll run underneath massive anti-air guns firing above. Eventually you’ll enter a large ruined stairwell leading up. In the center at the bottom is an audio log.
  • Audio Log #3: At the top floor, look behind a crate ahead and left near the ledge to find a Moleculon Fuse. Then head toward the objective door. Left of it is the lock. Insert the fuse to activate a jump pad to your right. Use the jump pad to reach a room above, inside a broken vent you’ll find the log.
  • Audio Log #4: When you reach a large ruined hall with the floor and right wall ripped out, jump down to the stairwell below. Follow the ramps until you reach the exit door, then jump down one floor more to find an audio log on a ledge.
  • Audio Log #5: As you go outside to investigate the crashed Autobot Dropship, turn right and look behind one of the large pillars to find a hidden log.
  • Audio Log #6: When you help Warpath move the giant boulder, look behind it after the QTE for a hidden log.
  • Audio Log #7: As you go for the final warp cannon, you’ll go down a narrow (for Autobots) corridor. On the left of the path is another ruined room with the log inside.

Chapter 4:

  • Audio Log #1: While setting off to set a thermal detpack, you’ll cross an area with a long platform over slimy water with a circular machine at the end of the path. Check behind the circular machine to find an audio log.
  • Audio Log #2: After activating the crusher, ride it up and look in the corner ahead for an easy log.
  • Audio Log #3: On your objective to avoid the security gate, look on the left side of the sewer path for the log.
  • Audio Log #4: Inside the tomb, you’ll need to transform to drive through the tight passages. On one of the passages, you’ll need to make a left turn to reach the objective. Turn right instead to find a secret room with ammo and a log.
  • Audio Log #5: When you’re cut off by flaming wreckage and need to drive through another vent, you’ll reach a fork. Go forward to the objective, or turn left to find a secret room with an audio log.

Chapter 5:

  • Audio Log #1: As you continue Grimlock’s mission, you’ll be taken across a pool toward the objective. As you turn right, look left for an open pipe. Run up the ramp to look inside for an audio log.
  • Audio Log #2: Entering the facility through the front, you’ll take a ramp inside to face a computer screen freaking out and alarms going off. Right of the computer screen is an audio log.
  • Audio Log #3: While supporting Cliff Jumper, look for a hidden wall you can tear off then whip to. It’s above a walkway with a wall to the right and a drop to the left.
  • Audio Log #4: When activating the tiny dancing robot, look up and right for a hidden vent entrance. Whip up to it and find a stockpile of ammo with a log. This is found while working to break into the Control Center.

Chapter 6:

  • Audio Log #1: As you fly toward the tunnel door to destroy it, look low. Fly to the bottom of the tunnel and fly through the circular shaft to find the audio log at the end of the regular path you can walk on.
  • Audio Log #2: Flying through the path, you’ll turn left into a circular tunnel. As you land, look on the right of the tunnel for an easy log. It’s right on your main path.
  • Audio Log #3: Working to destroy the sentry turret, you’ll start on a high bridge. Jump off and fly down, turning left ahead as you spot a far off ammo crate in the mud below. Right next to the crate is an audio log.
  • Audio Log #4: When you’re on the objective to find the stabilizing controls, you’ll reach a switch in a series of tunnels. Start from the switch, then turn around and run directly down the hall. Turn left at the far hallway and fly over the debris to find an audio log against the left wall.

Chapter 7:

  • Audio Log #1: As you enter the large chamber you’ll need to zip across using the platforms over the acidic water, while trying to find a way to access the pools, immediately zip left on the platforms into the far left corner just off the entrance.

Chapter 8:

  • Audio Log #1: Outside on the catwalks around the engine, zip up to the next level then immediately spin around. Off in the distance above is a small ledge you can zip to. Look carefully, it’s there! Zip up and you’ll find ammo with an audio log.
  • Audio Log #2: At the objective lever while working to deactivate the shield, run to the far left corner of the arena to find the log.
  • Audio Log #3: This last log is found on a catwalk on the underside of the transport while on the objective to reach the opposite side. You’ll find it on the metal walkway at the right turn.

Chapter 9:

  • Audio Log #1: As you move through the prison transport to confront Starscream, look up and left at the last cell for a hidden alcove. Jump up to find the log inside.

Chapter 10:

  • Audio Log #1: While leaving to rendezvous with Soundwave, look above in the wreckage for a walkway above. Boost up to the walkway and follow it left to find some ammo with a log.
  • Audio Log #2: Out on the frozen pathway, look in the back corner of one of the black side-facilities off the snowy ground. An audio log is located behind a few black boxes.
  • Audio Log #3: As you leave to see a large ruined vista, look down and left. Just below and right of a walkway, you can find a large ammo stockpile. With the ammo, there’s also an audio log.
  • Audio Log #4: In another large metallic room on the hunt for Trypticon, look for a yellow-lit metal grating against the wall which can be spotted on one of the higher catwalks. You can see through the grating, there’s a hidden area containing an audio log and a robot body. To reach it, continue down the walkway until you find a small green circular mark on the ground. Jump up from here to get into an alcove and drop down into the yellow-lit room from earlier.
  • Audio Log #5: On the same objective, you’ll enter a small control room with a large control console. Look right of the console on your waypoint to find another log.

Chapter 11:

  • Audio Log #1: The first log is found just left of the control room door as you finish the QTE.
  • Audio Log #2: This hidden log is found during the mission to infiltrate Grimlock’s cell. Just as you leave the tower, you’ll see your objective far in the distance — a second tower above. Instead of flying toward the tower, circle around the exterior of the building you just left to find a secret room.
  • Audio Log #3: While planting charges on Shockwave’s tower, you’ll land on a platform where Starscream will comment on a replica being made. Enter the room and look against the right wall to find another log.
  • Audio Log #4: Against the back wall of a large room, you’ll need to backtrack from the control room to find this one inside the larger circular chamber.
  • Audio Log #5: At the last EMP objective, look on the right wall for the log.
  • Audio Log #6: Dropping down into the vent, you’ll need to run forward and transform to fly over the top. You’ll turn around, and reach a point where you can continue forward toward the objective or make a left turn. Turn left, and fly high over the ceiling to reach a hidden room containing the log.
  • Audio Log #7: When you switch transformers, look for a breakable door while on the objective to find Swoop. It’s located in a large arena-style room with a central pit.
  • Audio Log #8: Eventually, you’ll reach a lift. Instead of taking it, smash the doors to your left, then smash through the switch and door to find a secret room. Find the log against the back console with a holographic display.
  • Audio Log #9: On the sky bridge with the holes in the floor and the shifting energy shields, drop through the last hole and look right to find the log.

Chapter 12:

  • Audio Log #1: While tracking, you’ll jump down into a pit of wreckage and grimy water. Enter the destroyed hallway before turning to find a log on a robot body.
  • Audio Log #2: Further in the stage, you’ll be blocked off by a series of eggs when you need to make a turn right toward the objective. Look left of the passage to find a log.
  • Audio Log #3: Outside, while walking on ruined pathways, you’ll find an alcove right with some eggs and a flying critter. Destroy them to find an audio log hidden behind.
  • Audio Log #4: Still outside, while looking to find Swarm, you’ll walk down a wrecked path and turn right to jump down and continue toward the waypoint. Follow the path to a small alcove with some visible blue blood. There, you’ll find the very last log.

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