Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Blueprint Collectible Locations

Blueprints for new and exciting weapons are located throughout the shattered world of Cybertron, where the Transformers call home. The giant bots with more than meets the eyes are locked in a massive struggle, and more weapons tend to fix most problems. Unlock every single special tool of destruction, and don’t miss a single blueprint with our full location guide below.

If you want to survive the Fall of Cybertron, you might want to check out our full Transformers walkthrough here. For more collectible locations, check out the cheats page.

Blueprint Collectible Locations

Chapter 2:

  • Blueprint #1: While running through the yellow-tinted access tunnels on your way to the Artillery Control Center, go up a ramp and turn left to find an open interior area with a large turbine-like device. Against the right wall, there’s a dead transformer holding the blueprint.
  • Blueprint #2: In the wrecked control center strewn with robot bodies, check the left corner to find a blueprint.

Chapter 3:

  • Blueprint #1: On your way to the second warp cannon, you’ll reach a room that’s been torn apart with a large hole in the right wall and a chasm ripped into the floor. You’ll have to make a tricky dash across the space to reach what looks like a dead end. On the other wise, look for a short ramp leading to a dead transformer on the left side of the room.
  • Blueprint #2: When investigating the crashed dropship, look inside to find some ammo, weapons, and an obvious blueprint against the door.

Chapter 4:

  • Blueprint #1: During an early objective, you’ll be taken through a large trash tunnel with a spinning rotor on the ceiling. The blueprint is on the left of the hall.
  • Blueprint #2: While sneaking to the control room for the crane, you’ll reach metal grid walkways. Go up the ramps and look in the right corner for a body holding a blueprint.
  • Blueprint #3: As you search the ancient tomb, you’ll need to climb a hill of dirt on your right. Instead, turn left to find a blueprint in the alcove.
  • Blueprint #4: Looking for the distress signal’s source, you’ll enter a large room on the way to a computer console. In the hall with the console is a dead robot with a blueprint.

Chapter 5:

  • Blueprint #1: On the way to the service tunnel, you’ll enter a small armory where you’ll need to interact with the glowing ceiling for your objective. Look near one of the wracks in the corner just left of the entrance to find a blueprint.
  • Blueprint #2: While supporting Cliff Jumper, you’ll enter a chamber with electricity blasting a dead robot in the center. Wait for the electricity to stop, then you can grab the blueprint off the body.
  • Blueprint #3: Entering the lab, you’ll find a switch on the left side of the room. Skip it and go straight for one of the operating tables to grab a blueprint.

Chapter 6:

  • Blueprint #1: On the job to destroy the turret, you’ll run through catwalks filled with enemies. On one of the catwalks, you’ll find a covered area turning left. Look on the right side of the entrance into the covered walkway to find a blueprint hanging from the ceiling. Jump up to reach it.

Chapter 7:

  • Blueprint #1: While chasing down the transport to shoot it’s wheels, look for a concrete island defended by enemies. Against the back wall, you can find a blueprint.

Chapter 8:

  • Blueprint #1: As you run down the exterior side of the flying machine, with sky to your left, follow the main path until you need to turn left onto a large metal platform while walking on the more narrow catwalk. In the corner of the left turn is a locker containing the blueprint.

Chapter 9:

  • Blueprint #1: Inside the control room with the switch on the left, you’ll find the blueprint in the center.

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