Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough

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    1. During the examination, use the indicated controls to look around and follow the retinal scanner as it hovers above you.
    2. Choose the camera’s settings to finish the exam and encounter the first three enemies, then aim your crosshairs over them and press the indicated button to open fire.
    3. Destroy the two enemies directly in front of you and the one on the ledge above in the distance.
    4. After getting on your feet, move forward up the stairs in front of you and step sideways at the top to take cover behind one of the nearby obstacles.
    5. Wait for the enemies to arrive ahead and poke out from behind cover to open fire on them, then zoom in on the decepticons to score head shots and clear the area of all remaining threats.
    6. Move forward to join your teammates and listen to Optimus speak, then turn around and watch him exit through the door in the left corner ahead.
    7. Wait for the next objective to appear and approach the glowing computer screen on your left to collect the fuse, then turn around and exit the cockpit through the open doorway across from you.
    8. Follow the corridor around to your left and press the indicated button to jump over the obstacle ahead, then continue through the hall to reach a malfunctioning doorway and activate a cut scene.
    9. Afterwards, press the indicated button to dash through the malfunctioning door and continue moving forward across the next hallway ahead.
    10. Approach the autobots ahead to activate another cut scene, then move towards the gap in front of you and press the indicated buttons to clear it with a dash jump.
    11. Follow the hallway around to the left and enter the room at the end to approach the generator, then press the indicated button to insert the fuse and reactivate the lift in front of you.
    12. Enter the lift in front of you and press the indicated button to break the locks in the four corners of the room by using melee strikes, then ride the elevator upwards and look around as it rises to eliminate the surrounding enemies.
    13. Continue firing on the deceptions through the open doorways of the elevator shaft to protect yourself during the ascent and reach the top floor above, then move forward across the bridge in front of you to activate a cut scene.
    14. Afterwards, dash through the flame jets blocking the bridge ahead and collect the energon on the other side to repair the damage you endure.
    15. Enter the next room in front of you and take cover behind one of the obstacles ahead, then open fire on the surrounding enemies to begin clearing the area.
    16. Take out the enemies on both sides of the area across from you and dash over to finish off the remaining decepticons with melee strikes, then use the adjacent console to move through the next doorway ahead and activate a cut scene.
    17. Afterwards, sprint towards the enemy ahead to execute a melee on the run and eliminate him to activate the next cut scene.
    18. Following the cut scene, wait for scanning to complete and press the indicated button to transform yourself into a vehicle.
    19. Drive forward along the center of the road and pass beneath the decepticon on the bridge above, then enter the tunnel ahead and accelerate through the next barricade in front of you.
    20. Make the right turn ahead and continue driving across the roadway, then stay towards the left side of the track and take the next turn at the end.
    21. Collect the energon in front of you and continue following the track around the corners ahead, then accelerate off the next ledge to ramp into the air and land in the area below.
    22. Turn right ahead to approach your teammates and transform back into a robot, then follow them through the next door in front of you and navigate the corridor to reach the last available room.
    23. Equip the heavy weapon and move through the next door that opens in front of you to sprint up the ramp, then continue making your way forward at the top to exit the enclosure take out the enemies on the surrounding perches above.
    24. Make your way forward between the various cover points and battle through the wave of autobots on the road ahead, then move into the next enclosure and refill on ammo.
    25. Exit out the other side of the enclosure and open fire on the ground enemies to clear them away, then take out the decepticons perched on the highest ledges above in the distance.
    26. Continue fighting your way forward through the ground troops by moving between cover points and switching weapons when necessary. Use the automatic gun for long distance shooting and the heavier artillery to hit multiple-targets at once.
    27. Charge towards the last few remaining decepticons and eliminate them quickly melee attacks, then approach the obstructed enclosure ahead and squeeze through the opening to activate a cut scene.
    28. Press the indicated button to crawl back up to Optimus’ location and activate another cut scene complete this chapter.

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