Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough

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    1. Move to the left around the consoles in front of you and make your way forward to approach the Path Blaster, then pick up this new weapon and activate the next cut scene.
    2. Afterwards, transform to drive down the path in front of you and follow it to merge onto the next roadway below.
    3. Continue following the road forward and make the necessary turns when indicated to, then destroy the red obstacle at the top of the next hill by firing the Path Blaster weapon
    4. Destroy the next row of obstacles on your right to clear a path and follow the road ahead, then continue navigating the area in this way until you jump off a steep hill at the end.
    5. Land in the area below to continue driving forward and fire upon the decpticons in front of you, then enter the next tunnel ahead and make your way through it to transform back into a robot upon reach the yellow barricades.
    6. Walk forward between the yellow barricades to activate a cut scene, then continue moving ahead and speak with your teammate.
    7. Make a right at the end of the corridor ahead and move through the next door on your left, then walk forward into the room to activate another short cut scene.
    8. Afterwards, continue moving forward to turn left around the corner in front of the bridge ahead and approach Ratchet in the next room to assist him.
    9. Press the indicated button to stabilize Silverbolt and activate a cut scene, then turn right to exit the room and follow the hallway around to witness the next explosion.
    10. Approach Cliffjumper to assist and speak with him, then move into the next corridor ahead and enter the next doorway that opens in front of you.
    11. Make your way past the explosion down the steps ahead and take a left at the bottom, then interact with the drone on the table beside you and approach the console at the back of the room to access the store.
    12. Purchase the desired upgrades and weaponry from the store menu, then turn around and move the ramp beside Warpath on the left.
    13. Follow Warpath into the next area above and over to the door in back left corner, then listen to his speech and exit the room after the door opens in front of you.
    14. Make your way up the ramp ahead and open fire on the enemies at the top to clear them away, then continue moving forward to the outside and collect additional ammo on the right.
    15. Approach the edge of the balcony to take cover and eliminate the enemies on the platform below, then make your way back towards the left and move through the hole that’s been cut into the vent ahead.
    16. Make your way over to the window on the right and fire upon the enemies outside, then move down the ramp beside you to reach the next area below and pick up the Scatter Blaster.
    17. Turn right to exit the enclosure and open fire on the enemies ahead to clear them out of the way, then follow Warpath across the battlefield and approach the Detpak on the wall behind him to activate a cut scene.
    18. Afterwards, turn around to grab the lever across from you on the left and pull down on it to reveal the turret.
    19. Enter the turret and point the guns forward at the open doorway across from you, then fire at the dropship that flies into your line of sight until it is destroyed.
    20. Aim your turret to the right of the open doorway and mow down the wave of decepticons that appear next, then train the gun on the balconies and lower platform of the area to the left.
    21. Take out the decepticons that occupy the left side of the battlefield ahead and around the doorway across from you, then alternate between attacking each of these areas as enemies continue to emerge.
    22. When your health begins to drop, exit the turret and collect supplies near the wall behind you before manning the mounted gun again.
    23. Use the turret to take out the enemies that occupy the length of the battlefield in front of you, then turn around to approach the detpak and press the indicated button to complete this part of the chapter.

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