Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough

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    1. Enter the structure in front of you to move up the incline ahead and make your way through the door that opens at the top, then continue forward into the next room and climb the steps to your right.
    2. Make your way across the next area above and head down the next set of steps on the left, then move forward at the bottom to speak with Perceptor and activate a cut scene.
    3. Afterwards, make your way down the staircase to your left and approach the electrified corridor at the bottom to watch one of the autobots explode.
    4. Wait for the electrical charge to disappear momentarily, then dash forward into the hallway ahead and pick up the fuse.
    5. Quickly turn around and dash out of the corridor before the electricity reactivates, then return to Preceptor’s previous location and approach the flashing red generator to install the fuse.
    6. Following the next cut scene, make your way forward around the right side of the room ahead to approach the autobot and follow him down the next set of steps.
    7. Move into the next room on your left and collect the Dimensional Decimator from behind the barricade, then wait for the door in front of you to open and toss the gravity bomb at the enemies ahead to clear them out.
    8. Enter the next area ahead and make your way to the back of the room, then move up the ramp on the right and take a left at the top.
    9. Approach the red-lit area ahead to pick up the Photon Burst Rifle and move into the next room on your left, then access the store to purchase the necessary weapons and upgrades.
    10. Turn around and move through the red-lit area on the left, then enter the next room below to your left and collect additional ammo.
    11. Move down the ramp on your left to make a right at the bottom and pass through the next door that opens in front of you, then climb the ramp ahead on the right and approach the edge of the platform.
    12. Zoom in with your rifle on the explosive barrels below and shoot them to clear out nearby enemies, then take out the remaining decepticons beneath you and head back down the previous ramp.
    13. Make a right at the bottom and move into the outside area you were previously firing on, then pick up the Scatter Blaster on your left and continue taking out the enemies ahead.
    14. Approach the red lit area across from you to eliminate the surrounding enemies and make a right upon reaching the wall ahead, then move forward along the corridor and mow down decepticons in your path.
    15. Move up to the next railing ahead and zoom in on the explosive barrels in the distance to clear out the surrounding enemies, then make a right to exit the enclosure and continue forward across the battlefield.
    16. Take out the enemies on the ledges above to your right and continue moving forward to snipe the group of decepticons in the distance ahead, then dash to the back left corner of the battlefield to enter the enclosure again and make a right up the ramp.
    17. Make your way around the ledges above to move up the ramps and get on top of them, then approach the yellow area across from you and move through the door that opens on the left to complete this part of the chapter.

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