Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough

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    1. Approach the railing on your right and snipe the decepticons you see below, then drop down to the next level and access the store in the back left corner to purchase the necessary items.
    2. Turn around and make a left across the area to continue taking out the enemies ahead, then approach the blue jet shooting up from the floor and run across it in the direction of the next ledge above to launch yourself into the air.
    3. Land on the next ledge above and move into the corridor on your right, then jump dash across the next gap ahead and continue through the room beside you to activate a cut scene.
    4. Afterwards, wait for the larger enemy that drops in front of you to turn around and open fire on the turbines attached to his back.
    5. Continue firing into the back of the decepticon as it jumps around the area to destroy this enemy and get to your feet again, then move forward to witness the bridge explode and the next enemy to emerge.
    6. Keep your distance from the decepticon and wait for him to charge towards you, then dash out of the way and turn around to fire into the turbines on the enemy’s back.
    7. Approach the orange-lit wall marked with black lettering to collect a fuse and turn around to make a right across the area, then jump up onto the next ledge ahead and insert the fuse into the generator.
    8. Run through the blue jet ahead on the right to launch yourself onto the next ledge above and continue moving forward, then make a left around the corner and use another blue jet to launch yourself upward again.
    9. Land on the next ledge above and move forward across the bridge ahead, then defeat the next two deception leapers that appear by using the same combat tactics as before.
    10. Collect the neutron gun from the corner to the right of the generator you inserted the fuse into earlier, then use the blue jets to reach the third level above and cross the bridge ahead.
    11. Approach the consoles on your left to pull down on the indicated lever to activate a cut scene, then move through the door that opens ahead on the right and navigate the corridor to reach the next area.
    12. Pick up the rifle and move towards the edge of the balcony in front of you, then begin sniping the smaller enemies on the surrounding ledges to the right and use the nearby columns as cover.
    13. Get a line of sight on the enormous decepticon marauder across from you, then press the indicated buttons to launch an artillery strike and destroy this enemy.
    14. Approach the edge of the balcony again to snipe the enemies on the ground and use artillery strikes to wipe out the larger groups of decepticons clustered together, then drop over the edge to land on the level below and move left across the battlefield.
    15. Jump through the yellow-lit opening on your left and and pick up the fuse from the table in front of you, then return to the outside area and move forward towards the onscreen diamond-shaped icon.
    16. Climb the two ramps ahead and make a left at the top towards another yellow-lit area, then turn left again to ascend up a third ramp and turn around at the top.
    17. Head up the ramp to the left of the autobot in front of you and move through the next yellow-lit door that open on your right, then continue forward along the corridor to reach an elevator platform and descend to the next level below.
    18. Get off the elevator at the bottom and make your way forward to the opposite side of the room, then climb the next ramp in the left corner and turn right at the top to enter a new room beside you.
    19. Approach the indicated lever to pull down on it and activate a cut scene to complete this part of the chapter.

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