Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough

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    1. After pulling the lever in the engine room, pick up the nearby fuse and make your way forward across the bridge that’s dropped in front of you.
    2. Approach the large circular mechanism at the back of the next room and wait for it to open before proceeding forward, then move through the next series of mechanical walls that recede on your left and climb to the top of the area.
    3. Make your way down the next ramp and take the steps that appear on the right at the bottom, then continue navigating the corridor and mechanical receding walls to reach a narrow opening at the end.
    4. Squeeze through the narrow opening to reach the area on the other side and wait for the bay doors in front of you to malfunction, then enter the corridor on your right by prying it open and move forward through it.
    5. Drop off the edge at the end to land in the area below and move into the adjacent room, then blow open the vent in the corner and make your way through it to reach the next corridor ahead.
    6. Pick up the scatter blaster on your right and continue moving forward through the corridor, then blow open the first vent ahead on the left to enter the next area behind it and eliminate the approaching decepticons.
    7. Make your way into the back right corner of the room and climb the staircase, then turn around at the top and sprint jump over to second floor ledge across from you.
    8. Move left across the balcony and enter the next room to your right, then collect the fuse and drop back to the level below.
    9. Approach the the back left corner of this area to install the fuse and open the door in front of you, then pick up the Chaos-Rift Combustor from within and back up out of the small room.
    10. Climb the nearby staircase again and pry open the doors at the top, then make a left through the orange-lit area move up the steps in the corner and pick up the blueprints from the fallen autobot in front of you.
    11. Turn around to make a left through the blue corridor and exit into the outside area to activate a cut scene, then approach the store in front of you to purchase the necessary upgrades and equipment.
    12. Approach the orange lit area at the back of the area below and make a left up the ramp to see Megatron’s hologram, then target the platform covered in decepticons and launch an artillery strike to clear them out.
    13. Continue using artillery strikes and your chaos-rift combustor to snipe the decepticons on the battlefield below, then back up into cover whenever you see an oncoming rocket and locate the enemy carrying a missile launcher on the right to destroy him as soon as possible.
    14. Drop into the battlefield below and turn around to enter the orange-lit area behind you, then use the nearby columns as cover to continue taking take out the enemies across the way and move through the leftmost doorway ahead to reach the blue-lit room.
    15. Fight your way forward through the blue area ahead to activate the armory recreator in the back left corner and enter the orange-lit area on the right to continue eliminating decepticons, then return to the battlefield outside and move up onto the platform where you saw the Megatron hologram appear earlier.
    16. Use a scoped weapon to take out the surrounding enemies on the ledges and in the windows above, then move towards the right side of the platform to launch yourself upward off the floor jet and land on the next ledge to continue eliminating the decepticons ahead.
    17. Stay close to the wall on your right as you continue moving forward up the ramps ahead and eliminating decepticons above, then make a left at the top to defeat the enemies by the orange-lit area ahead and look out into the distance over the battlefield to target the airship for an artillery strike.
    18. Use the surrounding columns as cover against the airship’s missiles and wait for the artillery strike to destroy the vessel, then fight your way into the orange-lit area beside you by opening fire on the red explosive containers and continue eliminating the decepticons on the surrounding outside ledges.
    19. Continue moving across the upper ledge to reach the indicated hurts of blue light and pull the lever to activate a cut scene, then move down the ramp on your right to drop back to the lower level below and enter the orange-lit area beside you to descend on the elevator platform.
    20. Exit the elevator platform to reach the adjacent red-lit room and follow the corridor around to drop off the ledge at the end, then squeeze through the next narrow opening to move forward past the receding platform ahead and jump over the third one to continue moving forward.
    21. Make a right at the next fork in the hallway ahead to collect additional supplies and make a left at the fork to witness the electrical malfunction, then wait for the blue electricity to disappear before continuing forward past it and pry open the door on your left to reach the next room.
    22. Head left through the orange-lit corridor below to reach the outside area and approach the side of the neutron gun to take control of the turret, then train the crosshairs on the vessels and decepticon foot soldiers below to begin opening fire on them.
    23. Destroy the tanks marked with target icons first, as they are your primary threats at that time, then continue clearing out the various decepticons and enemy vessels to keep the health of the Ark Fueling Station full.
    24. Continue destroying the enemy forces below until the neutron gun malfunctions, then exit the turret to approach the previous door that will suddenly lock and wait for the next area to open beside you.
    25. Move down the staircase that forms beneath you to enter the corridor at the bottom and continue forward to encounter another locking door, then move through the wall that opens on the left and drop into the next area below.
    26. Make your way through the next door that opens on the right to head down the staircase that forms beneath you and make a right towards the bright light, then continue moving forward to pull the lever ahead and complete this chapter.

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