Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough

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    1. Transform into a vehicle to drive forward off of Metroplex’s hand and land on the steep hill below to make your way down it, then follow the orange-lit floor arrows around the road to continue in the direction of the onscreen diamond marker.
    2. Cross the next narrow bridge ahead on the right to ram into the enemies in front of you by pressing the indicated button and reach the other side, then ramp into the enclosure below and make a left at the bottom to approach Metropex’s location above.
    3. Make a right at the top of the next ramp to clear away the decepticons on the ledge by ramming into them, then continue smashing through the line of enemies around the corner to return to the road and follow the orange-lit floor arrows forward.
    4. Drive left towards Metroplex’s next location to cross the bridge ahead and continue ramming through the decepticons in your way, then move beneath the enormous autobot’s enclosed hand to enter the structure in front of you and follow the corridor forward.
    5. Activate the next store ahead on your right to purchase the necessary equipment, then continue moving forward through the structure to climb the ramp in the back corner and approach the enormous warp cannon that you see in the distance at the top.
    6. Continue moving forward along the ledge in the direction of the enormous purple warp cannon to eventually activate a cut scene, then drop into the area below amongst the decepticon leapers that have just landed and pick up the indicated rocket launcher to destroy them.
    7. Search the surrounding orange-lit areas for extra ammo and equipment to continue fighting off the decepticon leapers that land around you, then eliminate the last one and press the indicated button to enter targeting mode.
    8. Aim your targeting laser at the purple decepticon warp cannon above to press the indicated button and direct Metroplex to destroy the enormous gun, then move through the indicated orange-lit corner in the surrounding area and approach the fallen bot under the ramp to listen to the audio log.
    9. Climb the nearby ramp to reach the corridor above and move forward through it to reach the outside ledge on the right, then enter the orange-lit doorway ahead to navigate the next hall maze in front of you and reach the outside ledge at the end.
    10. Open fire on the decepticons below and ignite the red containers to help you in clearing them out, then drop down to their level to pick up the fuse in the back right corner and continue fighting your way in the direction of the onscreen diamond marker to the left.
    11. Move forward past the next wave of enemies and install the fuse in the generator on your left to ride the jet that appears beside you upward, then land on the ledge above to collect the additional ammo ahead and turn back around to drop down to the previous level.
    12. Pry open the next door ahead on the left to enter the corridor in front of you and wait for Metroplex to destroy the group of decepticons at the end before safely exiting the hallway, then drop to the furthest of the pit below on your left and pick up the audio log.
    13. Climb the ramp that wraps around the shaft to reach the vent at the top and blow it open to continue moving forward through the blue-lit corridor, then pry open the door ahead on the left to reach the jet on the other side and use it to ascend to the next ledge above.
    14. Make your way forward into the outside area ahead to pick up the blueprints on the right, then turn back around to re-enter the previous corridor and make a left at the fork to drop to the next level below.
    15. Activate the store in front of you at the bottom to purchase the necessary equipment and complete this part of the chapter.

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