Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough

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    1. Leave the store to continue moving forward through the hallway ahead on the left and use melee strikes to clear away the wreckage blocking the exit, then drop into the orange-lit corridor below and move through it to reach the crash site.
    2. Open fire on the decepticons attacking the crash site below to the left and direct Metroplex to attack this area as well until it has been cleared of all threats, then drop to the ground and use the various cover points to fight your way forward.
    3. Approach the downed airship at close range to eliminate the surrounding enemy forces with the help of Metroplex and move up the stairs ahead on your right to continue destroying decepticons hiding in front of the enclosure at the top.
    4. Head left through the enclosure to finish the clearing the enemies from outside and make your way down into the area below, then move forward across the battlefield in the direction of the next onscreen diamond marker to reach Warpath’s location and activate a cut scene.
    5. Afterwards, move left to pick up the diffraction barrier and set it up in front of the ledge that Warpath is guarding to protect him during the forthcoming battle.
    6. Collect rifle round from the surrounding area and approach Warpath’s position to help him pick off the decepticons charging towards your location, then direct Metroplex to attack the larger pockets of enemies, tanks and shotgunners on the battlefield ahead.
    7. Move consistently between the two ramps leading up to the platform you’re on to fend off the oncoming waves of decepticons with rifle shots and assistance from Metroplex, then make your way forward across the battlefield in the direction of the second warp cannon after the next onscreen diamond marker appears.
    8. Approach the enclosure ahead on the right to fight your way up the steps and enter the building at the top, then continue defeating the decepticons blocking the path towards the onscreen diamond marker and join Warpath by the fallen statue debris to help him remove it.
    9. Make your way down the narrow corridor behind the fallen statue head to activate the store and purchase the necessary equipment, then follow Warpath over to the open windows on the left and direct Metroplex to destroy the enemies attacking from outside.
    10. Move through the open doorway on your left to reach the outside battlefield area and head forward to snipe the enemies taking cover in front of you, then target the airship above and direct Metroplex into destroying it.
    11. Look up at the warp cannon above to approach it and climb onto the next platform ahead to get within targeting range, then direct Metroplex to destroy the enormous gun and complete this part of the chapter.

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