Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough

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    1. Move into the enclosure on your left to climb the stairs in front of you and move through the corridor at the top to continue forward down the blue-lit hall, then collect from a surplus of ammo in the next yellow-lit room and turn back around.
    2. Enter the orange-lit area on the left to pry open the next set of doors in the corner and make your way down the corridor behind the doors you just pried open to encounter a decepticon ambush, then turn around to retreat and run from the enemies until an explosion occurs.
    3. Turn back around to see that Metroplex has destroyed the decepticons and continue moving forward along the corridor ahead to activate the armory recreator at the back of the last room, then make a right up the ramp beside you to reach the red barricade wall at the top and smash through it.
    4. Move left to locate the third warp cannon in the distance and drop onto the next ledge below to approach the edge of the platform on your right, then drop again to the next level below and cross over to the area ahead.
    5. Smash through the next red barricade wall in front of you to enter the enclosure and continue breaking down the obstacles in your path to climb the stairwell at the end, then activate the store at the top to purchase the necessary equipment.
    6. Make your way down down the orange-lit hall on the left to reach the bridge at the end and turn right to start opening fire on the decepticons in the distance, then target the airship that flies above and turret in the back right corner ahead so that they are destroyed by Metroplex.
    7. Move forward between the cover points ahead to cross the bridge and eliminate the decepticons blocking your path to approach targeting range of the third warp cannon above, then direct metroplex to destroy the enormous gun and activate the next cut scene.
    8. After Metroplex falls to the ground, transform into a vehicle to continue driving forward past the rubble that has been cleared away and finish crossing the bridge to enter the enclosure on the other side.
    9. Enter the next corridor ahead to navigate the burning hallway and squeeze through the last opening on the right to reach the purple-lit room, then pry apart the door in front of you to get knocked down by Starscream and activate a cut scene.
    10. Press the indicated buttons to resist during the next cut scene and wait for Metroplex to attack, then command the enormous autobot to repeatedly smash Megatron until he is destroyed and complete this chapter.

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