Transformers: War for Cybertron Walkthrough

Breeze your way through both the Decepticon and Autobot campaigns with this detailed walkthrough. No matter whom you favor in this knock-down, drag-out robot war for Cybertron, make sure that you’re supporting your chosen side with as much firepower and guile as possible.

Table of Contents

Decepticon Campaign

Autobot Campaign

Decepticon Campaign

Chapter 1: Dark Energon

Crash Site

  1. After crashing the warship, follow the other Decepticons away before the ship explodes. Just keep up with them and jump over obstacles with A.
  2. The ship explodes when you reach a safe distance. You’ll be attacked by a turret after a short cutscene. Blast it with your weapon by pressing RT. Reload with X.
  3. Follow the Decepticons to the left through the wall they blasted out. You’ll pass a red cube along the way, on the right – blast it or smash it with R3 to get a health pickup in the form of an Energon cube. Look for more cubes along the way for power-ups.
  4. Stick with your Decepticon teammates as they follow the path through the station. Along the way, you’ll be engaged by sentry guns hanging from the ceiling. Shoot them and duck behind cover when they return fire to avoid taking damage.
  5. You’ll approach a locked door with a control panel after that. Interact with the panel by approaching it and pressing X.
  6. Through the door, you’ll be attacked by some of Starscream’s troops when you round the corner. Use the debris in the room as cover as you unload on them.
  7. NOTE: You can transform at any time into a vehicle – if you’re using Megatron, that vehicle is a tank with a cannon. Hit L3 to transform.
  8. NOTE: You can also check the pause menu for tutorials on how to use your various abilities. Make use of it for tips, such as that using the hover ability increases your weapons damage.
  9. While fighting the troops, look for yellow canisters around and behind the enemy position. Shoot them and they’ll explode.
  10. With the way clear, head up the ramp to the control panel at the top. That creates a way for you to access an exit on the other side of the room, but also triggers an attack by enemy troops.
  11. Hit Down on the D-Pad to focus in on the approaching Autobots and take them out. Then follow the other Decepticons as they climb the boxes to get to the area where the enemies appeared.
  12. At the top, you’ll have jets of flame to dodge. Wait until they stop firing, then run through.
  13. On the other side, you’ll find a Magma Cannon on the ground you can pick up with X. It fires explosive rounds you can detonate with LT.
  14. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: While standing on this ledge, look across the room to the left. There’s a tall, thin structure there that’s a little higher than your position. Look for the symbol on top of it.
  15. Hit the button to the left and then start unloading on Starscream’s troops below you. You have an elevated position, which gives you a tactical advantage. Fall back if you need to replenish health.
  16. Drop down when you’re ready and deal with the reinforcements. The best place to fight them from is the right corner of the room, where you can hide behind crates. There are also Energon cubes in the area if you need health.
  17. NOTE: Keep an eye out for explosive canisters, which are scattered around the room and are very helpful in taking out larger groups of enemies.
  18. Watch the door at the other end of the room – more enemies will break through it, but they’re bottlenecked, so open up on them before they have a chance to enter the room and fan out.
  19. Follow your team through the door. Grab the Energon cube as you go. Follow the path through another door into a hallway that slopes up, where more troops attack you.
  20. Stay behind cover to minimize your exposure and take out the enemies. Jump up the barricade and you’ll found the corner into another attack. Watch for a sentry turret hanging from the ceiling.
  21. Through the wall the Autobots blasted through, you’ll come into a large room that extends downward. You’ll need to drop down to progress, but first, hover across to the destroyed ramp for an Overshield power-up.
  22. Drop down and mount one of the ion turrets. Autobot reinforcements will come flooding from the other side of the room, but you can manage them with the turret’s help.
  23. ACHIEVEMENT: Snap off the turret with X and carry it around with you to start racking up kills toward the “Action Master” Achievement. Get 10 kills with one turret for the achievement.
  24. When you’ve fought through the troops, you can use their entrance into the room to escape. Keep moving to the next room, where troops will attack you from the walkway above.
  25. These guys carry missile launchers. You’ll get an indicator message notifying you of a missile streaking toward your head – use that information to strafe sideways and dodge clear. Climb up the ramp and get behind the boxes there for cover.
  26. When the Autobots are clear, climb up and continue through the door they attacked you from. After battling one or two more enemies, you’ll reach the Decepticons’ forward command post.
  27. ACHIEVEMENT: When you arrive, you’ll notice Decepticons guarding and escorting several Autobot prisoners. They’re all encircled by white energy bindings. Kill them – all but one – and you’ll unlock the “Your Lucky Day” Achievement when you leave the area.
  28. Head through the command post with your team to the elevator at the far end and use it to reach Soundwave.

Base of Operations

  1. Check the command post for some items; near Soundwave is a crate you can smash to get a new weapon, the Energon Battle Pistol. You can also pick up an Energon cube. Closer to the exit is a pile of grenades to the left of the door. Use X to pick some up.
  2. Follow your team to the elevator and take it up. At the top, you’ll enter a long hallway where Starscream’s troops will engage you. Kill the first two and go around the bend to where a much larger force waits.
  3. Use the Energon pistol you just picked up to stay behind the crates and sharpshoot the enemy troops. You can plug their heads with the gun for a one-shot kill.
  4. Further on, watch for sentry turrets along the walls, which can do some serious damage to you. When they’re clear, advance around the corner. Check the left side of the hallway for an EMP Shotgun and Energon.
  5. You’ll hit a door after picking up the weapons. Through it is a big room with all kinds of cubes being moved around. There are also two Autobots on the ramparts with force fields.
  6. Clear out the enemies on the ground floor, using the cubes for cover from the force field soldiers. Head to the opposite side of the room and climb the ramp there.
  7. From this walkway, jump and hover to the center of the room, where there’s another platform. Then jump and hover across to the side with the force field Autobots.
  8. Now that you’re behind them, you can approach these two soldiers and take them out easily. Then return to where you went up the ramp.
  9. Hit the button here to extend a bridge to the other side, and trigger a flood of reinforcement soldiers charging you. This is a good place to transform if you’re Megatron and use his tank turret to blast the unwitting troops.
  10. Cross to the far side. The hallway leads to another door, and when you approach it, you’ll walk into an ambush. Use the cubes in the hall for cover if you need it and pick off some of the troops inside the room.
  11. Be careful as you enter the elevator room, as Starscream’s troops have set up elevated positions on either side of the door. There are also troops milling around in the center of the room. Look for Energon in the center of the room if you need it.
  12. Your best bet is to pick off a few of the enemies from the safety of the hallway before venturing in to mop up the rest. After that, hit the control panel.
  13. More enemy reinforcements come in through the open doors on the right and left of your position, starting with two Autobots hidden behind force fields. You can get behind them and destroy them if you wish.
  14. You’re pretty much without cover down here, however, so keep moving and knock out the force fields with fire if you need to. Kill those two guys and look for pickups scattered around the room to replenish.
  15. Circle toward the edges of the room to avoid fire from the high ground and mop up the remaining Autobots. The fight shouldn’t be hard if you keep clear of being shot by everyone at once.
  16. With those guys dead, pick up anything remaining the room that you might need and approach the center door – it’ll be marked on your HUD – to trigger a boss fight.

Boss: Brute Autobot

  1. The boss is a armored Autobot who carries a shield and a club. He’s only dangerous up close, but he also has a tendency to lock onto a single character and pursue him, so steer clear.
  2. The only way to damage this guy is to circle behind him and shoot the glowing purple section on his back. Hit it with your strongest weapons – including the shotgun, if you brought it.
  3. When the boss raises his club for a big strike on the ground, hop into the air. The shockwave from the attack sends out an EMP that disables several of your systems, including your targeting reticule.
  4. Basically, play keep-away with the boss until you can defeat him. Lure him toward you so he’ll expose his back to your teammates, and attack his back when your teammates are being chased by him.
  5. After a few minutes, you should make this guy history without much trouble.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: For blowing up the backs of five of these Brutes, you’ll unlock the “Brute-a-kiss” Achievement.

Ventilation Shafts

  1. Leave by the door the boss entered through. You’ll come across some arcing electricity blocking your path – shoot the emitters on the walls to clear it.
  2. At the end of the hall, you’ll enter a reservoir room full of liquid. Kill the Autobot on the far side and then use the control panel to extend the bridge.
  3. Take the bridge until you can shoot the red marker to the left and jump into the vent. You’ll drop down into a ventilation tunnel.
  4. Go forward, avoiding the flame jets that occasionally pop up. After a bit, you’ll reach a fan – blast it to continue forward.
  5. After two fans, you’ll reach a vertical shaft you need to drop down. Destroy the fan and drop to the walkway below.
  6. Check the sides of the walkway for a new weapon, the Neutron Assault Rifle, and some grenades. Destroy the fan and you can drop down again.
  7. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: When you go to drop the third time, you’ll be able to go all the way down. Instead, look for the round opening you can enter before the bottom of the shaft. Drop to the top of it, then jump down inside. You’ll find an Overshield and an Autobot symbol. Find and destroy all 25 of these to receive the “Scavenger Would Be Proud!” Achievement.
  8. Follow your team up the ramp from the bottom. You’ll reach a huge open room with snipers in elevated positions ahead.
  9. Turn right and find cover in the middle of the room, toward the back. You’ll find an Energon cube and a battle pistol you can use to snipe. Start taking out enemy snipers.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Drop any two snipers inside of five seconds and you’ll unlock the “Targetmaster!” Achievement.
  11. Advance past the bridge when the snipers are clear to the door marked with the map marker. You’ll encounter another Brute when you get there.
  12. This is a tighter area for fighting the Brute, but all the debris means he’ll also have a tougher time moving around. Make use of your jumping ability and nail the big guy when he’s stuck against objects.
  13. Through the door is a series of smashing implements that emit purple electricity on impact. Switch to vehicle mode and head left, driving past each when the electricity dissipates. Use the boost ability with LT.
  14. You’’ll find the path on the left as you leave the tunnel. Follow it to a bridge control, and take the bridge to an elevator.
  15. The elevator empties into a big, open room that is soon populated with enemy Jet Fighters. Get behind cover and start blasting them.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: Use the ramp to get close to the jet transformers. When one of them is in Jet Vehicle mode, smash it with your melee attack in the air to get the “Fire in the Sky” Achievement.
  17. ACHIEVEMENT: On these same jet guys, when they switch back to Transformer mode, look for jets coming out of their feet that allow them to hover. Blast those jets. Destroy five guys by taking out their foot thrusters to earn the “Footloose and Fancy Free” Achievement.
  18. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Climb the ramp to the bridge and take it across. You’ll find a control panel there once you’ve defeated the Jet Soldiers. Bypass that and go to the right. Climb up to find pickups, including an overshield, and look to the right for a platform across from you. The Autobot Symbol is there.
  19. Go to the control panel and hit it, making a path across to the destroyed walkway on the left. It also triggers more Jet Soldiers to come attack you. Blast them and head to the walkway.


  1. Follow the debris path across to the other side of the station. You’ll be engaged occasionally by Jet Soldiers, but nothing major. Watch for weapons to pick up on the right side of the path.
  2. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: You’ll come to a door section that’s guarded by sentry guns on either side. Look up to the left, beside the door, as you approach it. You’ll have to shoot the Autobot symbol from a distance to get it.
  3. At the door protected by turrets, you’ll face an Autobot stronghold. The first wave of attackers consists of snipers scattered around the top of the room. Blast them from behind cover.
  4. More Autobots will come to attack you. Take them out as they join the battle, while trying to minimize any damage you might take. Around this time, a Brute will join the fray, as well as more gunners on the top level.
  5. Take down the soldiers firing at you first – they’re the most problematic. The best way is to hop up onto the debris and climb to the top level, then blast everyone up close. When those guys are down, you can go back to taking care of the Brute.
  6. To leave, climb back up and exit the way the Autobots came in. Drop down right through the doorway to the ledge below and look right for another Overshield.
  7. Follow the debris path again. When you get to a large platform, more Jet Soldiers will engage you. Attack and destroy them quickly, as you have no cover against their attacks.
  8. Keep moving. Further on, you’ll fight more Jet guys, as well as standard Autobots. Watch for missile indicators as you fight. Before long, you’ll clear a path back inside.

Stealing the Dark Energon

  1. Head inside and go right to find a Battle Pistol. Then follow your team back in the other direction.
  2. Drop down when you find a hole in the floor. Spin around and check behind you for grenades and an Overshield. Up ahead, your team will be fighting jet troops. Kill them and open the door around the corner.
  3. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: You’ll enter a large room that’s open on the left side. Go past the pile of debris that looks like broken cylinders and turn right. You can jump over a low barricade in the right wall to get into a tunnel along the side of the room. The entrance is beside a blue flame. Further down, you’ll find the Autobot Symbol.
  4. Cross the room to the door on the other side to reach Starscream. He sends more guards after you, so proceed to the left and descend downward to fight them. Watch for two sentry turrets when you first drop down. There are two on the ceiling and two on the floor.
  5. NOTE: If you still have that Battle Pistol, this elevated position is a good place to snipe from.
  6. Around the corner, the room opens up. Look for sentries on the columns on the right side of the room.
  7. Fight your way forward until you get to another drop-down point. Snipe the enemies before you head down.
  8. You’ll reach the central containment area next. Blast through the enemies, but watch out for the turret-wielding Autobots. There are two of them and they’re a lot harder to bring down than other enemies.
  9. When you’ve fought through those guys, grab one of their turrets and back up out of the central area. A flood of enemies is about to stream into the room from the left and right. Turn your turret on them.
  10. Keep out of the center room to avoid being scrapped by crossfire. Keep unloading on the enemies until they’re all gone – not such a big deal – and shoot the white central cylinder to access the Dark Energon.
  11. Now go to the purple marker on the other side of the room. Check around the outside of the room for Energon and ammo. You also can grab a spare turret from the entrance if you want.
  12. Hit X at the purple marker to blast through the barricade. Mop up the remaining Autobots and then head for the next purple marker to end the chapter.
  13. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll get the “Dark Awakening” Achievement for finishing Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Fuel of War

Kaon Cliffs

  1. You’ll start as a flying vehicle. Check the tutorial on the menu by pressing Start.
  2. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Your Decepticon teammates will jet off under an archway as soon as you begin. Fly up with A so you can see the rocky top of that arch, where you can blast the Autobot Symbol that sits there.
  3. Fly along with your teammates and head to the left of the waterfall. Land and head through the door.
  4. On the other side, you’ll run into an Autobot probe. Blast it or slip past it. There are more further on.
  5. Keep moving by transforming and flying around the central cylinder. You’ll encounter more probes, and beyond them, a door.
  6. Fly through to a shut door, where you’ll have to activate a switch. On the other side is a tripwire field. Look for a glowing, upside-down triangle shape on the far wall behind it. Blast it to clear the switch.
  7. Follow through until you get to the another tripwire field. Look to the right for a tunnel you can access in vehicle form. Fly to the far end and look in the upper left corner of the room, beyond the second set of tripwires, for the control switch. Blast it.
  8. Head through the passage on the right side of the room. You’ll find yourself over a group of Autobots getting a briefing. Look left and right for explosive barrels to give you the edge, and ambush them.
  9. NOTE: As Starscream, you start with the equivalent of a sniper rifle. Put your elevated position to good use.
  10. There’s another tripwire set over the door leading out of this room. When you’re finished fighting, fly up to the top of the room, facing the same direction. There’s a door there. Blast the two locks on either side of it to get access to the room beyond. On the wall to the right is the tripwire switch to shoot.
  11. Drop back down and follow the Decepticons through the tunnel. You’ll come to a gap with rocket-firing Autobots on the far side. Get behind cover and blast them.
  12. When you’re ready, fly across the gap and take on the rest of the enemies. They’re scattered in groups of two all through this hallway. Use cover and watch for explosive barrels to help you out.
  13. Beyond the soldiers is a door you have to activate. On the other side, an Overshielded Autobot will charge you.
  14. Stand back – this soldier’s primary weapon is a scattergun, which is only useful at close range – and unload on him until his extra protection is down. When that happens, kill him like any other soldier.
  15. You can’t get through the sealed bulkhead, but you can go under it. Drop down the shaft to the right.

Energon Reservoir

  1. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Immediately outside of the shaft, look at the left wall, where you should see some pipes and a room beyond. Shoot through at the Autobot Symbol there.
  2. Switch to vehicle mode and follow your teammates through the cave. Be careful to avoid the steam jets and waterfall along the way.
  3. At the far side of the cave, you’ll reach an Autobot position where everyone is using rocket launchers. Stay back and target the sentry guns on the sides of the entrance first.
  4. If a missile comes your way, you can dodge it pretty effectively by rolling with RB.
  5. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: While facing the platform with the Autobot soldiers, spin around and check behind you. There’s a narrow passage on the right side of the rock wall there. Fly through and turn left. Look for a platform above a waterfall – on it is your symbol.
  6. Clear the way and land on the platform. Check the other side for ammo and Energon, then fly through the canyon.

Boss Fight: Canyon Cruiser

  1. The ship has mortars scattered on the outside of it, which you’ll have to destroy. They’re your first order of business.
  2. When the mortars fire, try to keep moving. They’ll hurt you pretty badly if they catch you stationary. A good strategy is to land on the ship and attack the mortars at close range to destroy the first batch of three.
  3. NOTE: There are four Energon cubes scattered on the outside of the ship for when you need them.
  4. When you take down the first set of three mortars, two more sets of two will appear on either end of the ship. Destroying the first set also triggers a counterattack from enemy fliers.
  5. Take down the attacking Autobot soldiers first, being careful to avoid mortar attacks. Then land and crush the first set of mortar tubes.
  6. More fliers come your way with another set of mortars destroyed. Take them out, then get the last set of mortars.
  7. Now you’ll be engaged by a couple of waves of enemy fliers. These guys can be tough, so grab Energon if and when you need it. Try to keep moving and stay back from the enemies.
  8. NOTE: If you need a breather, try flying back to the platform on the other side of the bend to the left, the one you left before engaging the ship. Enemies generally won’t pursue you there, and you can regroup and attack from afar.
  9. You’ll have to clear out all the fliers before you can attack the ship itself. When you do, the hull doors will open, exposing you to rocket fire from soldiers on foot. Dodge their rockets and land at one of the side doors.
  10. Clear the way of Autobots and grab any Energon you may need that’s remaining. You’ll want clear out these guys, then cut back toward the bow of the ship, where more troops are.
  11. Kill these guys from afar if you can, without dropping down to engage them directly. There are more than you think.
  12. Get ammo and Energon from the front of the ship before returning to the back section. Watch yourself here, as you’ll have to fight through a few overshielded Autobots on your way to the energy core. Make sure to finish them quickly, or their overshields will regenerate.
  13. Head to the map marker when the way is clear and press X to plant a DET pack. When that’s done, follow the Decepticons to the upper deck. As the hull breaks away, fly clear.

Autobot Menace

  1. Land at the entrance that the Autobot ship previously shielded. Grab ammo from the boxes to the right, and check to the right as you enter for an Overshield.
  2. After you see the cloaked enemy, check to the left for a Plasma Cannon you can switch to. Then descend down the shaft ahead.
  3. Just beyond the shaft is a room where you’ll be engaged by tiny Autobot Cloakers. They fire charged Plasma Cannon bolts at you, which are pretty powerful.
  4. When the enemies go invisible, look for the yellow charged up plasma, and put your bullets slightly to the right of it. You’ll have six or seven of these guys to take out before you can move on.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: If you can manage to headshot a Cloaker while it’s cloaked, you’ll unlock the “That’s No Mirage” Achievement. Try to find a cloaked one while it’s firing at you, against a light background where you can make out its shimmering outline. Remember also that Cloakers are smaller.
  6. Hit the control panel when they’re all dead and head through the door. You’ll enter a huge, open room, with side sections that are filled with Autobots, and a door blocked by an energy shield at the far end.
  7. Your Decepticon teammates will transform and start shooting up the place as jets, but before you do that, instead head left. You’ll pass some pickups on the way and come to a laser tripwire field.
  8. Look at the back wall on the left, through the field, and you’ll see the switch slightly turned away from you. Blast it to deactivate the field.
  9. Run down to the end of the area and grab the Overshield on the ground. Then return to the side passage you passed to get it and start taking out Autobots. Use the walls for cover from the bots across from you.
  10. When this section is clear, return to the tunnel and take it back to where you started, then go right. Repeat the process – find the tripwire field and take out the switch. Along the way, stop and grab the rocket launcher on the floor along the left wall.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: For taking out all the tripwire switches, you’ll receive the “Thief in the Night” Achievement.
  12. Clear this side of Autobots as well. Keep an eye out for spare Energon – there should be some down here – and when you feel comfortable with the level of fire you’re taking, you can head over and hit the switch near the front.
  13. Hitting that button opens two battery casings on this side of the shielded door. You can go ahead and thrash them now. When you’re done with that, return to the other side and do the same there.
  14. NOTE: There’s another Overshield on the right side, near where you took out that last tripwire switch. Also, you can use that rocket launcher to take out all the sentry guns and fliers accosting you.
  15. Now that the heavy lifting is done, feel free to switch to vehicle mode and fly out there to mop up the Autobot rocket troops and fliers. There are a couple of backup Energon cubes on the roof of each of these side bunkers if you need it.
  16. Finally, blast the exposed door to open the path. You’ll face another wave of enemies when you knock out the shield, so take cover. Knock out the rocket guys first, then take on the flyers.
  17. When the door’s open and the way is clear, fly over the bridge and through into the next area.

Deeper into the Core

  1. Follow the Decepticons as they fly through the tunnels deeper underground. Before long, you’ll enter a large, open area with a central cylinder.
  2. There are two access points to the interior of the center section, but both are guarded by sentry turrets and probes. Hang back around the corner and take them out while suffering minimal damage.
  3. NOTE: Check the platforms around the outer edge of the room for Energon cubes, and the one in the back right for an Overshield.
  4. Head inside and down to the lower level. You’ll be attacked by a series of Cloakers. Past them, activate the terminal by pressing the button.
  5. That triggers an Autobot ambush of significant size. Turn around and start heading back up – you’ll be fighting the whole way.
  6. Grab the Energon cube that’s up the ramp just ahead if you need it. Try to keep clear of any rocket attacks the non-flying Autobots might send your way. You’ll fight fliers here too.
  7. Once you get through them all, find the button at the top that opens the way forward. Switch to vehicles and fly down the tunnels.
  8. You’ll run into Autobot opposition before long. Land and grab the sniper rifle and the rocket launcher if you want them – you can use both to clean out the enemy soldiers pretty easy.
  9. Watch for snipers up high on the right and left; two mortar-firing, force field-shielded bots on the ground; and flyers in the air. You can trounce just about all of them from safety back at the opening of this tunnel.
  10. Look for an Energon cube on the platform on the left wall, where the sniper is, if you need one. Clean out all the enemies and land near the two force fields to restock on ammo.
  11. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Fly through the waterfall at the back of the tunnel for the symbol, as well as a couple of Overshields.
  12. Follow the Decepticons to the left of the tunnel, where you can land and activate a door. There are weapons on either side of it if you need them.

Autobot Command Station

  1. You’re walking into an Autobot-fortified position. Kill the guy right in front of you, then get behind those cubes for cover from the turrets set up to the left and right.
  2. Use the sniper rifle you brought (if you have it). It’ll quickly make history out of those turret gunners. Then turn your attention to the tunnels below them, where more reinforcements are coming up.
  3. Fight your way to one of the ramps and head up. You’ll have to kill quite a few Autobots to get to the top. Once they’re all cleared, grab an Energon cube from the top if you need it, and ammo from the area near the turret.
  4. Also, snap off one of those turrets. You’ll want it in a second. Now go to the map marker,  push the button to open the door, and stand back.
  5. Inside the central section of the area are a bunch of overshielded soldiers who sling grenades your way. Step back and concentrate your fire with the turret on them one at a time. When they’re dead, get any supplies you need from the other side’s turret station.
  6. Blow the lock off the door in the middle room and head down.
  7. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: When you enter the power station, before doing anything, go to vehicle mode. Turn around and face the wall with the door you just entered through and go to the right. You’ll see the symbol on a platform on the wall toward the corner, behind some cubes.
  8. While you’re flying around, go to the opposite corner – back wall, other side of the room – and look for an Overshield on a similar platform.
  9. Go back and hit the button. Turn around and hit the button that opened up behind you.
  10. You’ll have to destroy three switching stations, much like you did with the tripwire fields. Follow the red glowing conduits to find them – one is on the lower level on the wall, and two you can reach by flying.
  11. Hit the button again – there will be two – and fly into the tunnel that opens up. At the far end, land on the power cable and plant the charge. Make note of the Energon cube here if you need it later.

Boss Fight: Cybertron’s Sentinel

  1. It’s not exactly clear what this thing is, but it does attack you. The first phase of the attack involves heat-seeking energy blasts from several guns. You can attack the guns, but it’s more important to keep moving.
  2. Dodge the blasts with the roll ability and keep firing. If you can destroy some of the gun barrels, you’ll lessen your torment.
  3. Not long after that attack, the machine will switch to firing several laser beams and then rotating. You can easily dodge these by flying up and down until they go away.
  4. Next, the power core will be exposed. Lay into it with everything you’ve got.
  5. The machine goes back to firing the guns at you next. Knock out any you can and get ready for the switch to the lasers.
  6. On this rotation, the lasers are bigger and take more precision to avoid. You can still dodge them up and down, but there are more and you’ll have to move faster.
  7. Hit the power core again, then wait: the machine raises the magma beneath the floor and then somehow uses that to shoot fireballs at you. Keep moving and get high to dodge as many as you can.
  8. The machine then kicks the lasers at you again. Dodge the fireballs for another few seconds.
  9. Right after the fireballs quit, the lasers start moving. First they go as a unit, and you just need to stay between them.
  10. When you see the lasers rotate, the top and bottom beams will go in opposite directions from one another. Don’t change your strategy – pick a set, top or bottom, and just stay in between the beams, below or above the other set.
  11. You don’t have to survive it long: the power core is exposed right after that. Blast to destroy the machine.
  12. As the machine starts to be activated, fly up through the tunnel it creates. Use your boosters so you can go vertical and dodge the tendrils of Dark Energon that spread through the tunnel. There’s no real danger here – just get to the top.
  13. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Starscream’s Brigade” Achievement is yours when you complete Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: Iacon Destroyed

Infiltrating Iacon

  1. Down below you is the entrance to the Star Galleries, and it’s heavily defended. Find some cover and start taking down enemies.
  2. Look for two mortar-throwing troops in the top right and left corners of this area, up on the walls. They’re behind force fields, so pick your shots.
  3. There’s an Energon cube near the waterfalls at the front of the building if you need it. Push your way in and grab ammo inside the building, before advancing through the archway. There’s also a weapon pickup against the wall in front of the passage as well.
  4. The next room is populated by Cloakers. Find a good spot where you can’t be flanked and look for their plasma cannon signatures.
  5. When they’re dead, you can advance downward to the left. Around the bend, you’ll enter another large entrance area with snipers on bridges in the center.
  6. If you don’t have a battle pistol, run to the fountain and grab one. Then you can pick off the snipers.
  7. Follow the Decepticons to the back of the court and find a ramp to the second level. New sniper reinforcements will appear at the door ahead. Use the shields along the bridge for cover as you blast them.
  8. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Just above the door on the wall at the end of the bridge are a pair of big statues. Above those is a circular structure, and inside that is the Autobot Symbol.
  9. When you’ve killed all the soldiers, head to the door and open it with X. On the other side, you can grab Energon to your left and ammo to your right if you need either.
  10. The next room has a security pillar that falls in the center, emitting lasers and covering the floor with electricity. Dodge the lasers carefully and jump to the terminal at the back of the room. You can get there by using the side terminal platforms.
  11. Hit X to deactivate the pillar, then drop down to the floor and go through the doors leading out. Turn left in the next big hall – there are three sentry guns on the wall at the far end that will lay into you. Get to cover quickly.
  12. You also have two overshielded Autobots to deal with. They carry scatter guns, so stay back and hit them hard and as quickly as you can manage.
  13. With those two soldiers dead, clear the turrets and head to the door. There’s a weapon pickup on the right side of the room if you want it.

The Star Galleries

  1. You’ll enter the Star Galleries next. There are grenades and other pickups scattered around.
  2. ACHIEVEMENT: In the center of the room is a display of Cybertron with several orbiting planets. Shoot each of the planets – including one moon; they’re all highlighted in orange – to unlock the “Chaos Bringer” Achievement.
  3. Behind the Cybertron model, on the floor, is a rocket launcher. You’ll be facing Jet Soldiers soon, so grab it if you like the weapon against enemy vehicles.
  4. Take the ramps up and activate the container for the Omega Key. Watch the quick cutscene, then, if you haven’ guessed, you’re in for an ambush.
  5. This attack is one of the tougher in the game up to now. Autobot Jet Soldiers pretty much surround you and there’s not much of anyplace to go. There is Energon beneath the ramps and ammo at the bottom of each.
  6. You might have success taking up a position halfway down the ramp, where you can use a pillar to protect yourself from either one side or the other. The tougher attackers seem to be the soldiers who land at the top of the ramp and then run down in the second half of the battle.
  7. Protect yourself and keep blasting away. The rocket launcher from earlier is handy for taking down jet vehicles quickly and easily, but they’re often not as difficult to deal with as the foot soldiers coming from above.
  8. The game will save your progress right after the fight. Drop down, heal up and gather ammo. When you approach the door with the map marker, you’ll face two turret-carrying Heavy Autobots.
  9. Use the room’s natural cover and keep plugging away. Try to focus fire on a single enemy, kill him, and steal his turret gun. That’ll allow you to easily destroy the second enemy.

Iacon City Subsystems

  1. Go into the tunnel. Check the short offshoot branches to the right and left for Energon and weapons. At the back is an Energon container for charging your secondary weapon.
  2. The way is marked with a map marker. Blow the locks off and knock the door out of the way to get through.
  3. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Step onto the slowly spinning fan blade and ride the fan around to the back of the axle. On the back, hanging on the axle, is your Autobot Symbol.
  4. Drop down carefully to the next fan blade lower, then again to the third one. Ride that blade around until you get to a door you can knock down and go through.
  5. You’re entering subway tunnels. Climb up the ramp and kill the Autobot. Then turn around and jump the gap you just entered from to find an Overshield.
  6. Head down the tunnel. The spheres you’re seeing are mines – avoid them. That’s fairly easy to do, however, so go to vehicle mode and burst on down the tunnel.
  7. Before long, you’ll come to some archways, and the tunnel will have clear sides. Stop there and go around the archway, or check for laser tripwires and jump over them. If you trip these, they’ll trigger several sentry guns further down the tunnel.
  8. Keep going around the arches or checking them for wires. If you have to, take cover behind the crates near the last arch and shoot down the turrets.
  9. Keep moving on down. You’ll eventually come to a tunnel where a train crosses you. Go across quickly after the train passes. If you check the crates to the right of the doorway, you’ll find Energon.
  10. Through the door, go to the right to reach the door with the map marker. Then double back left to find grenades, some ammo and a scatter blaster if you want a weapon switch.
  11. When you get to the end of the path on the left, look to the right at the door with the marker. You should be able to shoot the red-marked locks from this position. Then return to the door to get through.
  12. Drop down and get ready to fight Cloakers. After a second, you’ll be under attack, and two terminals will be marked with blue icons. Go to them quickly and use X to corrupt them.
  13. Now take on the Cloakers. Look for the yellow glow of their weapons and take them out. When the fighting is finished, go to the marked exit door to leave.
  14. You’re back in the subway tunnels, Check left and right of the door for Energon and a weapon, then go to vehicle mode and head down the tunnel. Go around the orange archway, which is outfitted with tripwires.
  15. You’ll cross two perpendicular tunnels, but both have ramps just before them. If you boost over the ramps and hit A to jump at the top, you’ll clear any train in the way. Head on down to the end.
  16. Stop when you see the wrecked train. Head to the far left of the train to find a weapon crate in a corner; go down beside the wreckage on the left of the train cars and you’ll find an Energon repair ray weapon.
  17. Regroup with the Decepticons up on the ramp to the right. As you approach them, check the left wall for a terminal that accesses an Energon vending machine, spitting out a cube if you need one. Then go up the ramp.

Autobot Transit Center

  1. At the top of the ramp are two subway tunnels and an Autobot squad between them. Take cover or rush across and engage them up close, it’s up to you.
  2. Be careful when you get across – there are rocket soldiers in the group, and in a moment they’ll be reinforced by Overshield troopers.
  3. You might want to hang back, on your side of the tracks, and pick away at the Autobots. There’s a rocket launcher to the right as you come up the ramp and ammo in the center of this side, as well as cover.
  4. Dispatch the first wave and use cover to take out the Overshield soldiers. When that’s done, another group of stronger Autobots will appear on the far side of the second set of tracks.
  5. Use cover and snipe away at these guys. There are a lot of them with assault rifles, but they’re not particularly bright. Finish them and make your way up the left ramp.
  6. Follow the map markers. Keep an eye out for Energon crates along the way. When you see Autobots ahead, advance to cover and watch as they get bombed.
  7. Climb up the rubble in the center of the courtyard to reach the tunnel to the right. At the end, you’ll come upon a train yard where Autobots are amassing.
  8. You have two options: Drop down into the fray, or snipe from your elevated position. Both are pretty viable – on your ledge to the right is a burst-firing pulse rifle, which allows for some sniping.
  9. On the ground, drop down and check under your ledge for an Overshield and to the right, in front of the first train, to find a rocket launcher.
  10. Either way, finish the Autobots on the ground. Be especially wary of missile fire – there are a ton of guys with launchers down there. If you stay up top, use the tunnel walls to foil their aim.
  11. When the ground troops are dead, flyers will appear to attack you. Knock them down quickly. That rocket launcher makes this especially easy.
  12. Drop down and check the left side of the train yard for Energon. Then climb the ramp to get to the path on the right side of the yard.
  13. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: When you get to the top of the ramp, you’re standing on a set of train tracks. Spin around so you’re facing away from the map marker and go to the force field that blocks your way down the tunnel. The Autobot Symbol is hanging on the wall above the tracks.
  14. Go down the tunnel toward the marker. As soon as you see the alcove on the right, get off the tracks. Grab the pickups there and wait for the train to pass, then head to the alcove on the left ahead.
  15. There’s Energon here if you need it. When the coast is clear, buzz over to the map marker in the furthest alcove. Crash through the door in the floor and descend.
  16. Open the door and fight through the Autobots down the tunnel. After the cutscene with Brawl, you’ll round a corner into a fight with a Brute and a few Overshield troopers.
  17. Back up around the corner, separating the Brute from his backup. Kill the Brute, then use EMP grenades on the Overshield guys. There are grenades at the corner just outside the room the Brute came from.

Assault the Anti-Air Gun

  1. Push around the corner when the coast is clear. Autobots will blow out a wall to attack you – stand back and pick away at the rocket launcher trooper and the Overshield soldier.
  2. Flank around the side of the wall to the right and toss a grenade at the two soldiers sniping off the roof. Kill them and grab one of the telescopic weapons in the area: either the battle pistol or the photon rifle. Get ammo and Energon as well.
  3. Go to the roof and shoot across the street below at the snipers on the roof there. Kill them, then shoot down at any remaining troops on the ground.
  4. Drop down when it’s clear. Check to the right, through the archways, for an Overshield. Across the street is Energon and ammo. When you’re resupplied, go left to talk to Brawl.
  5. Hit X at the door, then proceed to the map marker. After a cutscene, you’ll be on the roof. You can snipe from here to clear the street ahead, or go down and fight at a lower position. Either way, clear the snipers.
  6. Move up. You can stick to the buildings by crossing the street. Keep moving forward until you can ID your main threat – a series of turrets. These keep getting refilled by enemy gunners, so ignore them.
  7. Instead, get behind the enemy position from the ground level. There’s an entrance into the buildings on the right, or an alley you can sneak into on the left. Either way, get behind the turrets.
  8. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: From the street level, facing the turrets, head left. You’ll go down a small alley, where there’s an opening to your right into the building and a door with the Autobot symbol ahead. Turn left, so that you’re moving into another alley, and look along the left wall of the tall tower-like building there. At about eye level on the ground, just next to a grenade pickup, is the symbol.
  9. Watch yourself as you approach the street that leads to a closed door and an Energon cube behind the enemy positionn –  a Brute will attack you there.
  10. Push inside the building and grab ammo and weapons as you go. You’ll find a ramp before long – take it up to the map marker and start killing Autobots.
  11. The best way to do this is to clear the two turrets, then grab one. Make sure you’re clear from sniper fire, then run to a turret and rip it clear of its moorings. Push forward toward the marker or Autobots will flood in to retake the sniping and turret positions.
  12. Push forward into the building and up the ramp. Through the door, you’ll find the anti-aircraft gun controls. Kill the last of the Autobots, hit the control button, and hop down. Take up one of the turrets to fight off the counter-attack that shows up next.
  13. Watch the bridge above for snipers, your greatest danger. Kill them, then sweep your turret down and knock out the missile launcher troops on the street.
  14. You’ll get a momentary lull before you’re attacked full-force again, this time from the left side. Snap off your turret and find some decent cover. Use the turret to seek out and kill the snipers above your position.
  15. Keep punching out snipers until they’re gone, then look for two large turret-carrying Autobots. Focus your fire on them. With the backup of your team, you should be able to take them down.
  16. Grab the turrets those two Autobots dropped and turn your attention back down the street. Autobot flyers show up next, but you can smoke them with that turret easily.
  17. A few seconds later, the flyers are backed up by snipers and a couple of turret-carrying troopers on the bridge. Prioritize the snipers first, the flyers next, and the turret guys last. Make sure you find a good spot to defend yourself.
  18. You’re getting close to the end, but you’re likely out of ammo. If your turrets run out, turn around and go up the ramp to where another one sits empty. Grab that one and turn your attention to the left building again – two more turret-carrying big guys are coming your way.
  19. This last wave, which is huge, is just a matter of survival. Don’t stop firing and continue to hold out for a few more seconds until the bombers show up and level the Autobot forces. When the fighting is over, drop down and head away from the map marker for Energon, then proceed up the street.

Boss Fight: Tank Battle

  1. The tank bot is huge, but unwieldy. Stay away from it – it sometimes emits a huge EMP shockwave that will send you flying and do some damage.
  2. Instead, circle around behind all the cover and get behind the tank. Concentrate on the back-center portion of the base. Keep hitting that spot and you’ll eventually cut through the tank’s armor.
  3. Under that armor is a glowing fuel cell, just like on the Brute Autobots. Tag that spot a few times and you’ll knock the huge Autobot back into its humanoid form.
  4. NOTE: Ammo, weapons and Energon are scattered all over this area. If you need anything, stay clear of the tank, abandon the fighting, and go resupply. You shouldn’t have to worry about buying it while your back is turned.
  5. In Bot form, the huge Autobot is a little more mobile, but not much. Stand well clear and make sure it’s not shooting your way, and concentrate your fire on its chest.
  6. Before long, like with the tank panel, you’ll weaken and destroy the armor on the Autobot’s chest. When you expose the glowing section, hit it hard to destroy the boss.

Inside the Iacon Vaults

  1. Hit the button on the vault door and fall back before it explodes. Inside, shoot the debris with the red mark to make a hole you can fall down. Grab Energon and anything else you need that’s scattered around these rooms.
  2. In the room below, go to the map marker and you’ll see that the vault has big crushy things that fall from the ceiling. You’ll get a symbol on the ground in orange, warning of your impending death. They descend in the hallway ahead, so get ready.
  3. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Right after the first big crusher rises, spin around and look at the wall behind you, above the opening you just walked through. You’ll see the symbol hanging on the wall.
  4. Go to vehicle mode. Wait for the first crusher to fall and lift up again. When it does, drive under it and wait for the second to fall in front of you. When that lifts away, gun your booster and slide underneath the third to the other side.
  5. Grab a weapon if you need it from the right side of this area, then blow down the door to the Omega Key.

Boss Fight: Zeta Prime

  1. When you enter, the floor will start to glow. Run to the right to avoid the crushers that fall from the ceiling. Just stay away from the glowing floor.
  2. After he chases you with the crushers, Zeta summons a bunch of Energon copies of himself to fight you. Switch to vehicle mode and stay clear of them. You can do a lot of damage while retreating.
  3. Kill the clones and try to avoid getting hit by their EMP shockwaves, which will slow you down. About midway through the battle, crushers will start descending from the ceiling again, so watch for the glowing floors.
  4. NOTE: If you need more ammo, check the destroyed bodies of the Energon clones of Zeta Prime.
  5. Clearing the clones leaves Zeta’s machine core vulnerable – it’s the red spinning thing in the center of the room. Blast it.
  6. That triggers another cycle of crushers – first in a ring around the edge of the room in sequence, then in a ring around Zeta’s bubble, also in sequence. In vehicle mode, you can more effectively escape the ceiling crushers around Zeta’s bubble, then slip back to the outside where they’ve lifted clear.
  7. Next you’ll fight clones again. Watch for the ceiling to descend on you and keep moving. Clear out the enemies to get another shot at the machine core.
  8. The next crusher cycle just has the ceiling crushers chasing you. Go to vehicle mode, pour on the boosters with LT, and zip around the room until they quit chasing you.
  9. Zeta dispatches a whole mess of clones again – this time in a huge mass right around you. Get clear and you can attack several at once when they bunch together. Just watch out for the ceiling.
  10. Fighting the clones doesn’t take long and isn’t hard. When they’re blasted, quickly recharge your ammo and change out of vehicle form. Open up on the core until it’s destroyed.
  11. The difference with this last core cycle is that ceiling crushers attack you. They come down in a specific pattern, so just keep your eyes open and don’t fire blindly.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: “The Fall of Iacon” Achievement is unlocked for defeating Zeta Prime.

Chapter 4: Death of Hope

The Omega Key is Angry

  1. Leave the crashed ship. On the platform outside, check to the left of the crate for a weapon and grab Energon from along the right wall. Proceed ahead and drop down to the bridge below.
  2. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Immediately when you drop down, turn around and face the wall behind you. Scan up above the bridge on the wall for the Autobot Symbol, above where you dropped from.
  3. Follow the bridge until Omega Supreme attacks you there. When it does, fall back a ways to stay clear of its missile attacks, and shoot at the bridge supports, marked in red.
  4. You should do fine here and not take any damage. Knock out the bridge, then fall back when ordered to the door behind you.
  5. Inside, check to the right for grenades, left for ammo. Go up the ramp and you’ll trigger a fight with an Autobot Brute. He has backup in the form of an assault rifle soldier.
  6. Kill the minion, then focus on the Brute. After a second, a turret-carrying soldier will appear on the other side of the room. It’s safe to mostly ignore him until you’ve done away with the Brute.
  7. NOTE: Check the room from which the Brute came and you’ll find an Overshield to help you out.
  8. Now turn your attention to the turret fighter. Kill him and get his weapon before proceeding.

Cargo Lift

  1. Follow the hallway. Watch for weapons and grenade pickups along the way. When you see Omega Supreme, run to the end of the hallway and get into the elevator around the corner.
  2. Clear the locks on the elevator and ride it up to the top. Then shoot the locks again to get back to the bottom whenever the elevator stops.
  3. Exit the elevator and follow the walkway and the other Decepticons. Press on until you get to the bottom – though if you turn around and check the catwalk behind you when you drop the first time, you’ll find an Energon crate.
  4. At the bottom, look for Energon and weapons, then get to the door. It’ll open on two Autobots gunning for you. Shoot them down and advance down the hallway toward a third Autobot.
  5. Omega Supreme shoves its hand into the tunnel as you’re heading through it, drawing you toward him with magnetism. Open fire on the hand until it’s destroyed, then cut down the hallway to the right.
  6. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: When you reach the shaft, stop. Step over so you’re facing into the shaft but with one shoulder against the left wall. Look behind the spherical elevator thing for the Autobot Symbol on the back wall of the shaft.
  7. Drop down. Grab weapons in this room, as well as ammo and Energon, and follow the corridor to the door. There’s another weapon in the back corner and a set of grenades along the right wall.

Storming the Control Dome

  1. Blow through the door and engage the Autobots. Stay here in the doorway to minimize your exposure to the turret soldier standing in the middle of the room. Instead, knock him down from here, where he can barely hurt you.
  2. You’ll also be dealing with jet fliers, but they also won’t leave the central room. When you’ve cleared the way, go ahead and enter.
  3. Autobot reinforcements arrive almost immediately in the form of two Brutes and two assault rifle troopers. Kill the smaller guys first, then knock out the Brutes as they go running around this room.
  4. Leave by the Autobot’s door and grab weapons and ammo along the way. You’ll reach a door Megatron has to blast open with Dark Energon.
  5. Destroy the three sentry guns repairing the door and go through it. Head out onto the road, dodging or shooting through the big ball mines as you go.
  6. Your best bet is to just jam on the boosters. There are ramps and other obstacles in the way, and without sufficient speed, you’ll die. Plus the mines hurt quite a bit.
  7. NOTE: If you go down to the right along the edge of the road, you’ll eventually hit a ramp, landing right in front of an Overshield.
  8. Get to the far side and blast through the Autobots. Resupply with all the pickups and head up the ramp.
  9. At the top, Omega Supreme will drop off a large contingent of Autobots for you to fight, including one of the big Tank bots.
  10. First, go to the left, where you’ll find a ramp and an Overshield soldier approaching your position. Kill him and check the wall right before the ramp for a Null Ray sniper rifle.
  11. Return to cover at the ledge where you first entered this area. Start sniping the Energon repair sentries scattered around the battlefield. There are two on the left, two on the right and one in the back.
  12. With the sentries destroyed, snipe the Autobots. Get the snipers in the back first, as well as the rocket launcher troops there.
  13. NOTE: There’s Energon along the left wall, which is effectively a tunnel to the other side; and in a hollow section right under the ledge where you first entered this battle.
  14. Now look for a turret to the right of all your cover. Get into it or pick it up and start laying into the remaining Autobots and sentries. When you’re clear, use it to smash the chest plate of the huge Tank Autobot.
  15. The turret should be enough to fell the huge transformer and leave you clear. Drop down and find any Energon and health you need.
  16. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Before heading to the map marker, take the ramp to the far side of the battle field – it’s along the left wall from where you entered. Go to the top and into the space where the Autobots appeared when they attacked you, right above the map marker. You’ll find the Autobot Symbol on the left wall of that chamber.
  17. Drop down to the map marker and engage the last of the enemies, a few assault rifle troopers.

Maintenance Tunnels

  1. Drive down the road through the door. Omega attacks you again, so follow the Decepticons inside. Check the halls for weapons and keep with your teammates.
  2. Through the destroyed wall, you’ll enter a horseshoe-shaped room populated with snipers. Watch for an Overshield trooper below your position to the left as you enter.
  3. Look to the right, to the platform where the snipers are located. Behind them is an Energon sentry. Destroy it, then mop up the bad guys.
  4. Now look to the top of the cylinder conduit running through the center of the room, where you’ll see a few more snipers to drop. When they’re down, proceed to the map marker and break down the door.
  5. Inside the conduit, blast the sentry gun on the ceiling and proceed to the top. Wait till the blast dies down in the power conduit, switch to vehicle, and boost through to the far end. You’ll have to break a door to get through.
  6. Back outside of the conduit, three jet fliers will attack you. There’s a rocket launcher along the right wall if you need it.
  7. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Stand in the center of this bridge and look out over the chasm. On the wall, above the central conduit, is the Autobot Symbol.
  8. Enter the other power conduit. This one goes faster, so repeat the process but watch for the door on the right to come up quickly. Get into it and find the control panel for the door on the other end.
  9. Repeat the process to get out of the conduit, watching for the door further down on the right. Follow it until you get another map marker.

Guardian on the Bridge

  1. Go left at the bottom of the ramp to break into a room with some spare weaponry, then follow the Decepticons to the right.
  2. The next room is full of Cloakers. Take your time and pick your targets. Remember that you can fall back to pick up Energon in the room behind you if you need it.
  3. When you can, go to the door and open it. In the bridge control room, you’ll face a pair of Overshield troops straight ahead. Kill them and turn left to take out two sentry guns.
  4. Beyond those, there are a couple of assault rifle guys and one carrying a turret. Smash through them all from a distance if you can.
  5. NOTE: Check the alcoves in the right-side wall for an Overshield.
  6. When you’re clear, hit the button to extend the bridge, then head to the door marked on the map. Go to vehicle mode and cross the bridge with your boosters on the whole time.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: Cross this bridge in 33 seconds and you’ll unlock the “Motormaster!” Achievement. The best way to do this is to load the “Guardian on the Bridge” checkpoint as Soundwave, immediately switch to vehicle mode, and use his extra booster with RB in the straightaways.
  8. Don’t let off your booster as you cross the bridge. Dodge the mines first. When you see Omega Supreme, go straight up the middle.
  9. After you cross between the two Autobot statues, the way through the middle will be blocked. Cut to the right to go up the wall and around the obstruction, or try to jump it.
  10. Keep bearing right down the middle. The bridge will give way beneath you, but don’t jump – just drive straight and you’ll land on the other side, inside the building.
  11. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Immediately upon landing, head up the stairs to your left and turn left at the top. You’ll see the symbol behind a pane of bullet-proof glass. Lob a grenade or get close to the barrier and double jump to get a clear shot at the symbol.
  12. Follow the Decepticons. You’ll enter a round room that has an outer corridor and an inner circular section that contains a lift. Inside this whole area are Cloakers.
  13. Move carefully and use cover and you’ll be able to take the Cloakers without much problem. A good strategy is to stay in the outer ring section of the room, so that the enemies have fewer directions to attack you from.
  14. When they’re dead, the lift brings down a Brute and two assault troopers for backup. The Brute will chase you into the outer ring, so use that to your advantage. Mop up afterward and take the elevator.

Battle on the Terrace

  1. The cannon area is loaded with turrets and has a Tank bot in the center. In addition, there are Overshield troops scattered about, and a couple of Energon sentries repairing the enemy forces.
  2. First, leave the elevator room with full supplies and check around the side of the round thing right outside the door for an Overshield, should you need it. Then head up the left-side ramp.
  3. NOTE: There’s also a turret right here beside the door, to the left of the ramp aiming outward.
  4. Target the Energon sentries first, making sure to stay behind cover when you do. Knock them out, then kill the nearest turret gunner and head that way.
  5. You can use the turret, either mounted or carried, to dispatch the Tank bot, the Overshield troops, and the pair of turret-carrying soldiers that appear, one on either side of the area. You’ll have one show up to your left, so be careful.
  6. When you’ve taken the turrets, you can turn your full attention to whatever bothers you most – first the turret soldier, likely, then the Tank bot in the center of the area. Once he’s down, you’re just moping up with overwhelming firepower.

Boss Fight: Omega Supreme

  1. When you’ve killed all the Autobots, find an outward-facing turret and prepare for the boss. You can tear these turrets off – they’ll respawn.
  2. Watch out for Omega Supreme’s big Energon beam – don’t get caught in it, or it’ll cook you. You also have to watch out for the energy balls he fires while he uses it.
  3. Your best strategy is to grab a turret, yank it free, and unload on Omega until you run out of ammo. That way, you can stay in the back of the platform, avoiding most of his attacks.
  4. After cycling through his weapons, Omega will deploy some Autobot flyers to come after you. He’ll disappear — knock them all out to get him to return. Then grab a turret and turn it on him.
  5. NOTE: There are points during his attacks when Omega is invulnerable. Watch your targeting reticule: if it’s red, fire away. If not, hold back.
  6. Once you’ve damaged him to about half health, Omega will start to deploy flyers as well as stick around and attack you. When that happens, stay in the back of the platform and do as much damage as you can to Omega before turning your attention to the flyers.
  7. If you need supplies, they’re literally everywhere, including under the central platform. All these respawn if you need them, but return to your safe haven in the outer ring while fighting.
  8. Watch for Omega to erect a white shield in front of him. He’s invulnerable when this happens, and he’s launching heat-seeking rockets at you. You can knock those rockets down with any gunfire, though.
  9. The rest is just you hammering away and clearing flyers so they don’t murder you. Go look for supplies when you need them and avoid the Energon beam. Omega himself is not that hard to handle.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll be rewarded with “The Secret of Omega Supreme” Achievement

Chapter 5: The Final Guardian

Megatron vs. the Omega Key

  1. Your second battle with Omega Supreme puts you in a huge arena with cover all around the edges. Before you really begin to engage in battle, run around nabbing the first four Autobot Symbols. Also, make note of where Energon and weapons and ammo spawn – they’re scattered around the room.
  2. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Go to the side of the arena that’s tallest and face the back wall, standing in the center. There are two sections immediately to the right and left of the center, where the wall curves. Step under the right curved section and look up at the overhang to find the symbol.
  3. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Still standing at the highest point of the room, look to the side wall with the smaller tower. In the center of that wall, above the metal cover walls, is where the symbol is hanging.
  4. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: From the same place, look up on the opposite wall for the taller tower, where there are two round lights. Go to the opposite corner from that tower, so you can see further back inside it, and look for the Autobot Symbol – it’s in the middle, behind several obstacles. It’s tough to see at first.
  5. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Next, look down in the center area where Omega Supreme is. On one side is a small ledge along the smaller wall, where you’ll see a crate for an Overshield. On the wall just behind it is your symbol.
  6. The trick to defeating Omega Supreme is to destroy the several turrets scattered all over its body. There are four on its back and six on the front. Hit those with some fire and you’ll destroy them.
  7. When you knock out enough turrets, a blue map marker will appear. Flip to vehicle mode and haul ass to the marker, which is a battery with a terminal. Run up to it and hit X to corrupt it with Dark Energon.
  8. Omega Supreme will snag the battery and become vulnerable from the Dark Energon. When that happens, hit it with everything you’ve got to do some damage.
  9. Omega’s attacks are generally easy to dodge, so long as you have cover to get behind. Omega’s right hand targets you with a laser and unloads two sets of four missile salvos.
  10. After a salvo, Omega will try to target you with its left hand – a tractor beam. Once it charges on you for a while, it’ll draw you to it and send you flying. If you duck behind cover, Omega will often destroy it with the beam.
  11. When you knock out enough of the turrets, when the battery appears, you’ll also be attacked by a couple of Autobot fliers. They specifically protect the battery, but if you go to it in vehicle mode and escape quickly, you can just snag Energon on your way to safety.
  12. Enough damage will drop Omega to its knees and earn you a checkpoint.

Omega Supreme’s Last Stand

  1. Now Omega’s chest opens, allowing you to strike at its heart – but it amps up all its attacks as well. On the two taller sides of the arena, you’ll find two buttons you can press that will raise turrets out of the floor. You can rip those free to attack Omega.
  2. The boss is bringing a couple new huge attacks your way. He has a salvo of missiles that comes from his back when he leans forward, which can fly over the top of your cover.
  3. He also has the missile attack from the last stage of the battle, but instead of switching to the tractor beam, the other hand fires huge, powerful fireballs. When those are coming your way, go to vehicle mode and just floor it to get away, as the fireball attack destroys cover.
  4. ACHIEVEMENT: You can unlock the “Destructor!” Achievement by getting Omega to knock out all the cover in the arena. That fireball beam will do the trick – just get him to target you with it, then drive behind cover until it’s all destroyed. Three or four cycles of attacks will do the trick.
  5. AUTOBOT SYMBOL: Go to the lower side of the two ends of the arena. Let Omega destroy the cover walls there and you’ll find the symbol – half-sticking out of the ground, on an angle.
  6. As long as you don’t get hit with all of any one of Omega’s attacks, you won’t die from them. Switch to vehicle mode and floor it to an Energon cube.
  7. In fact, use vehicle mode to evade most attacks. If you’re carrying those turrets around, you’re going to get squashed.
  8. Drive back and forth between the turret stations, ripping them free when Omega is focused on someone else, and pour their full ammo stores into the boss’ chest. It shouldn’t take more than three or four full turrets to destroy him.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: Defeating Omega Supreme earns you the “Victory is Mine” Achievement.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Depending on the difficulty level you’ve been playing on, you’ll unlock the “Decepticon Grunt” (Easy), “Decepticon Seeker” (Medium) or “Decepticon Warlord” (Hard) Achievements. You’ll unlock the lower difficulty achievements if you’re set to a higher difficulty.

Autobot Campaign

Chapter 6: Defend Iacon

Iacon Under Seige

  1. You’ll start at the bottom of an elevator. Exit into an Autobot command center, where in the center, you’ll see a hologram of Jetfire.
  2. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Like in the Decepticon Campaign, scattered throughout the Autobot missions are 25 purple Decepticon Symbols that you must destroy. For the first, stand at the back of the holo emitter and look up, over the map marker. You’ll see a second-floor walkway and the symbol in the center. Destroying all 25 earns the “Grimlock, Smash!” Achievement.
  3. Go to the map marker and open the door. Follow the Autobots past the downed Decepticon ship, killing the straggling fighter beyond it.
  4. Downed Soldier: Just ahead, you’ll see Autobots fighting. Quickly run out to the one that goes down on the left – he’ll be marked with a blue “Revive” map marker. Hold X to save the soldier. There are five such soldiers, but if you leave them too long, they’ll die. Revive them all for an achievement.
  5. Down the ramp, you’ll reach a street. Turn left to find a weapon and Energon crate in the corner, then stick with the Autobots as they go right.
  6. Decepticons will jump a ramp to attack you. Take them out – grab Energon and ammo to the left of the ramp if you need it.
  7. Just a little further, around the debris, you’ll encounter more Decepticons scattered in front of a door. Defeating them triggers the arrival of a few more soldiers in an elevator just beyond.
  8. Fight your way to the elevator and take it up. At the top, take out the two Decepticon troops and get to the control panel to activate the planetary guns.
  9. Jump down from the control room to the street below. Head to the map marker around the corner to the right, where Decepticon jets will attack you.
  10. There’s lots of cover here, so pick a jet, hide from it, and then take it out when you have a clean shot. Just make sure to stay clear of the fliers’ short bombing runs and you should come out okay.
  11. Drive over the bridge when you’ve dealt with the fliers. You’ll find Energon at the next door.
  12. In the next room, Decepticon Brute attacks you. Steer clear of its melee attacks and get behind it – concentrate your fire on the glowing purple backpack to take it out. Shouldn’t be hard.
  13. Take the lift down. At the bottom, transform to vehicle mode to jump the gap in the bridge, then proceed back inside. Around the bend to the right, you’ll encounter Decepticon soldiers.
  14. Just ahead, you’ll leave the building to go outside, where a squad of jets waits for you. Hang back inside, using the debris there for cover, and blast them before proceeding.
  15. Downed soldier: The Autobots will run left, but hang back. Instead, run along the street that goes to the right, outside of the building. You’ll find an Autobot further down who’s fighting a jet. Kill the jet and revive the Autobot. Just past him is a weapons cache if you want to change.
  16. Stick with the Autobots as they ascend to the left. You’ll pass a group of soldiers fighting Decepticons across the way.
  17. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Just at the top of the stairs, turn and look out over the chasm at the bridge across from you, the Decepticon position. Starting from the left building, scan over the bridge until you see the symbol, which is perched over one of the bridge’s posts.
  18. Another squad of jets appears to fight you. Use the turret to mow them down easily. Watch also the bridge across from you, which will eventually be populated by rocket troopers.
  19. Clear the smaller troops out as the Decepticon warship appears. Focus your fire on that next.
  20. NOTE: You can be pretty effective by snapping your turret off at this point and backing away from the edge or finding cover. That way, the warship’s returned fire won’t hurt you while you dish out your turret fire.
  21. When the warship falls, grab Energon if you need it – it’s all over the place here – and follow your teammates as they leave on the road to the right.

The Road to the Decagon

  1. Stick with your teammates and drive along the road ahead. You’ll pass through a hub area where an alcove pans to your left with an Energon crate. Beyond that, the road will split – one path will break off into a ramp leading forward, and the other curves to the left.
  2. The easier road is the left one. You’ll find ammo and weapons along the way, but further down you’ll encounter two turret gunners on a building across from you that you need to destroy. They’re near the map marker.
  3. If you take the high road, over the ramp, you’ll encounter four gunners, but you’ll have the opportunity to snipe down on the two at the low road. There also is Energon and a battle pistol and ammo scattered along the high road, but the same weapon also is available on the low.
  4. Either way, the two paths meet up again just past the map marker. Keep driving until the road explodes and you fall.
  5. Go through the building and out the other side. Blast the sniper right across from you.
  6. Downed Soldier: Watch for an Autobot trooper to go down to your right. When he does, run over and revive him.
  7. Go across the courtyard to the other building. Grab ammo if you need it and then take the ramp on the far side of the interior section. You’ll see another Decepticon sniper above you.
  8. When you’ve crossed, continue ascending. There are two more snipers on the roof above and across from you, right after you watch a random Autobot get sniped.
  9. Take out those two and climb out to the path to the left. You’ll face one more sniper as you go.

False Propaganda

  1. The next room is a newly taken Decepticon command post. Check the ramps to the sides for weapons and ammo, and grab Energon near the door if you need it. As you advance, you’ll be attacked by soldiers from further down the road.
  2. Kill the regular soldiers and then find cover to deal with the big turret-carrying trooper that appears after them. Put some distance between you and him and just keep firing. You shouldn’t have much trouble.
  3. Head into the corridor covered in Dark Energon. Drop down to the middle-height path and check behind you, under where you started, for an Overshield.
  4. Up ahead, use your weapons to cut through the Dark Energon crystals covering the door, and follow the corridor to the right.

Boss Fight: War Machine

  1. The war machine uses two basic attacks at the start of the battle. The first sends a Dark Energon shockwave throughout the arena, so stay back or you’ll get cooked by an EMP.
  2. When it’s not doing that, the top of the machine will rotate from right to left, sending out balls of energy that curve to seek you. However, they only curve right to left, so stand behind the Dark Energon crystals for cover a little to the left, so your right side is covered. That way, the attack can’t reach you.
  3. Stand behind cover and shoot the legs of the machine. If you need it, there’s Energon and ammo scattered around the circle, between the crystals and on the outer ring.
  4. When you’ve knocked out the legs, you’ll have a chance to shoot the center portion of the machine to do some damage. Unload, but go to vehicle mode when you do and watch your sides, because…
  5. The machine is now firing a big sweeping purple laser at you, which goes all the way around in one direction or the other. It’ll destroy you almost instantly if it catches you, so keep moving.
  6. The laser destroys all the cover in the room, so switch to vehicle mode and stay that way. Drive around the machine, grabbing ammo and Energon as you need it. Between laser sweeps, the war machine will fire those purple rockets at you. Dodge those by moving quickly around the circle.
  7. When the machine fires up the laser again, turn to dodge it and turn your attention to the center. Unload on it with everything you’ve got while you avoid the slower laser beam.
  8. Keep resupplying as you go. Dodge the rockets, attack during the laser sweeps. This is repetitive, but it’s the last of the machine’s tricks. After a few cycles, it’ll die.

Iacon Speedway

  1. Follow the path past all the Dark Energon until you reach the road again. Transform to vehicle and look for where the crystals are glowing on your left side, before you get to the clear-covered portion of the road.
  2. Blast through those crystals and you’ll find an alternate road, where there’s an Overshield. it links back up with the main path further down.
  3. Drive on. You’ll hit a hub with Decepticon resistance before long. Check the road behind you after dropping down for grenades and an Energon crate. Then clear the way of enemies.
  4. Further on, more resistance in a hub. Kill the enemies – there aren’t many – and then clear the crystals from your path.
  5. You’ll start seeing war machines populating the area around the road. Watch for their fire as you hit ramps and pass portions of road that aren’t covered. When you jump to a perpendicular road below you, you’ll be accosted by a squad of jets.
  6. Cut to the right to find supplies, including a rocket launcher. Use it to frag all the enemy vehicles, including a couple of cars beyond the jets.
  7. When the road slants up and you come to some debris, transform and get ready to fight another squad of jets. After that, drive until the road breaks off, and drop down to the courtyard below.
  8. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Either from the road above or the yard below, look across to where the road continues after the broken section. In the center is the Decepticon Symbol – it’s way up high if you’re on the ground, more or less straight across if you stand on the ramp and look forward.
  9. Up ahead, you’ll join up with Autobot fighters dealing with Decepticons. Defend the guys carrying the turrets – they’re good allies to have and will help you push forward.
  10. Smash through the attackers – there’s a ton – including the rocket troops on the bridge above you. Check the left and right alcoves for weapons, and if you need Energon, there’s some up ahead on your left in an interior section.
  11. Through the breach in the wall, watch out for snipers ahead and to the right. Keep pressing the attack and eventually you’ll run out of enemies.
  12. Now climb up the platforms on the right of this area and you’ll reach the bridge above. Activate the control panel there to open the door ahead.
  13. There’s a war machine attacking Autobots in the courtyard beyond. Ammo up and get out there. You’re pretty far back from it to start, which is a good position for this fight.
  14. Downed Soldier: First, watch to the right of the war machine, up on an elevated position. An Autobot will get knocked down there. Hurry over and revive him.
  15. Now drive back to where you started, toward the building behind your original position. Inside is an Overshield and some Energon crates.
  16. You can check the building to the left as well for a new weapon.
  17. Keep hammering at the war machine from a distance and it’ll fall. Then follow the map marker to a lift and take it up. Clear the door of Dark Energon crystals to get through.

Central Ventilation System

  1. Around the corner, you’ll face a squad of jet fighters. Follow the path as you clear them – you’ll run into Decepticon troopers up the ramp, and more jets beyond them.
  2. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Get to the top of the ramps, where you’ll find a rotating platform you need to ride to advance. Instead, spin around and look over the side of the ramp behind you. You’ll see the symbol underneath the path where it curves across from you.
  3. Ride the turbine to the far platform. Pass the Autobot soldiers and stop at the ledge leading to the other turbine. Look for the jet enemies – one way off in the distance to the right, one approaching you from the left.
  4. Kill them from here if possible before jumping onto the turbine. Look to the next one, which is lower, as you approach it. Switch to vehicle mode and boost if you have to, but jump to it when the platform you want is rotated furthest to the right that you can get it – it’ll save you time.
  5. Downed Soldier: You’ll need the time saved to get to the Autobot soldier who goes down on the platform to the right of the second turbine. It’s a long jump, so wait till the last possible moment on the turbine, then jump to the platform. Quickly revive the fallen Autobot. You’ll unlock the “Paging Ratchet” Achievement for getting all five.
  6. That opens a door behind him, which has grenades and a Null Ray sniper rifle. Snag it and take out the Decepticons below you.
  7. When the coast is clear, drop down. You’ll get back to the road – drive to an Autobot command station, where you can get Energon and weapons. Pick what you’ll want to take with you on the assault on the Decagon. There’s a sniper rifle in the forward right corner, which might be your best option.
  8. Open the door and exit the room. Ahead, Autobots are fighting up the staircase toward the Decagon. Fight through the Decepticons – the worst of them is the turret-carrying trooper out ahead. Watch for missile launcher troops further up the hill.
  9. The battle isn’t tough. Effective use of cover should get you through easily. At the top, get inside the Decagon and grab supplies as you pass them.

Inside the Decagon

  1. You’ll encounter a squad of ground troops and some jets in the first Decagon chamber. Next to the first column you pass on the left is a rocket launcher – use it to thrash the vehicles and the troopers. Extra ammo also spawns next to the pillar.
  2. Advance through to the next room. You’ll see a ramp upward – take it to the top. In the room below, a Decepticon Brute waits. If you still have the rocket launcher, use it from here to dispatch him with zero trouble.
  3. Continue to the communications array. The central portion rotates – shoot one side or the other so that the prongs are lined up with the holes in the floor. Then find a control panel and activate it.
  4. That starts the machinery working. Follow the Autobots to where the cubes are carried from the floor and ride one up. At the top, wait for the electricity to stop and cross to the center of the bridge.
  5. There’s a big beam crossing the center portion. After a second, a cube will rise up into the center of the beam – hop on top to clear it.
  6. Beyond that are two emitters that project electricity down onto a round platform. They swivel back and forth over the middle portion of the ring. Wait for one to stop firing, then run under it – they aren’t synced, so it’s one way or the other.
  7. Ride up to the next level, where Decepticon forces will engage you. Watch for jets and a few assault rifle troops. Most of these guys are standard low-level soldiers.
  8. Push up the ramp. As you near the top, you’ll have to fight off snipers to your right. Clear them and ride the next cube to the next level.
  9. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: As you ride this cube up, look at the communications array in the center of the room. You should see the Decepticon Symbol right in front of you as you rise, just above the electrically charged cylinder portion in the center. It’s on the sharp-looking protrusion that hangs down over the cylinder.
  10. You’ll reach the top and engage enemy flyers. There’s a weapon cache to your right and Energon in the central area of the floor, if you need it.
  11. Kill the flyers and advance toward the map marker. Several more Decepticon soldiers will appear to fight you. Use cover to your advantage, then proceed to the lift.

Boss Fight: Starscream

  1. At the top of the lift, grab weapons and Energon. The rocket launcher to the left is advisable for the upcoming battle.
  2. You’ll engage Starscream in the next room. He starts out in his jet vehicle form, so use the rocket launcher’s lock on ability to punish him for it.
  3. Starscream’s first set of attacks includes a direct EMP blast he shoots at one target. You can avoid it by staying behind cover. He’ll shoot at you, leave the arena, and come back to fire purple rockets. Dodge them by strafing.
  4. Keep plugging away at Starscream with the rocket launcher. Grab Energon from the lower floor if you need it, ammo from the raised area.
  5. When you’ve knocked Starscream down to about 50 percent health, he’ll switch forms. Now he hovers around, blasting you with his scattergun. The closer he is, the more damage he’ll do.
  6. Try to keep the central round structure between you and Starscream. It’s not easy, as he uses his dash ability to quickly get around your cover. Just keep hammering away with your favorite gun and backing away.
  7. Make sure you keep yourself in Energon if things get hairy. Before long, you’ll pound Starscream enough that he’ll go down and you’ll end the mission.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll unlock the “A Prime Problem” Achievement for defeating Starscream.

Chapter 7: Kaon Prison Break

Prison Entrance

  1. When you get to the firing squad, you’ll be freed by Air Raid. Drop down into the service tunnels when he opens the way.
  2. You still have your melee weapon – use it to break down the grates before you. Advance through the tunnels and get ready to melee some spider robots.
  3. ACHIEVEMENT: Take out 100 of these spider things during the course of the game and you’ll unlock the “Blast-arachnia!” Achievement.
  4. Follow the Autobots where they drop down. You’ll find a grate to break through, and below, two Decepticons you have to kill up close. Take them out.
  5. Use the panel to open the door in that room and you’ll surprise two more Decepticons. Kill them quickly and grab the guns along the left wall.
  6. Laserbeak: Take a gun from the wall and go look out the window on the right with the bars on it. Look up on top of the roof of the building across from you and pan right – you’ll see a little bit of motion on a small, jutting-out ledge. Shoot the bird here (and twice more in this mission) to unlock an achievement.
  7. Open the next door and you’ll immediately be fighting back outside. Take down the ground troops across from you first, but don’t go out too far or you’ll be dealing with snipers to your right.
  8. When the guys across the bridge are dead, head out some and turn toward those snipers. Clear the first few out from here with your weapon’s zoom function.
  9. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Hop across to the octagonal platform to the right of your bridge, making sure you’re facing the central column. When you land, turn left and use your weapon’s scope. Look along the track that’s transporting the coffins to the distant wall, between the buildings there. You should see the symbol on the wall way in the distance.
  10. Grab Energon from the building across the bridge if you need it and advance toward the map marker. Knock down any snipers in your way – there will be about four total. Then head up the ramp. Hit the button there.
  11. The doors below you are open, but they allow in Decepticon reinforcements. Snipe them from here or drop down for a closer fight. Clear the way and head through the doors.
  12. Ahead, a huge crawling machine comes up the wall toward you, brandishing four sentry guns on its side. Take out the guns and the doors on the machine open, exposing several Decepticon rocket gunners.
  13. Use headshots to knock out the rocket troops quickly, before they can do any serious damage. Kill them and grab the Energon and ammo if you need them on your platform, then board the crawler.

Boss Fight: Megatron’s Ambush

  1. When the crawler stops, exit it and check either side of the walkway for plasma cannons. There’s a cutscene with Megatron before you’re attacked by several Decepticon troopers.
  2. Stand at the base of the little protrusion right in front of you, as it provides about the best cover in this room. Go ahead and just keep plugging away at the enemy vehicles – they don’t take much damage to destroy.
  3. For the most part, you should have an easy time with these guys. Look for Energon to your left and right if you need it.
  4. After killing the troops, Megatron sends a bunch of spiders after you. Shoot them if you want (or can), but remember that you can keep them off you and hit many at once with the melee attack.
  5. Heal up immediately after each wave of fighters if you need to. Right after Megatron’s speech following the spiders, he’ll send a ton more Decepticons to kill you.
  6. Grab ammo – should be to your right, and then strafe to a back corner and put your back to the wall. The enemies come from the doors on the side walls to your left and right – hiding in the corner partially eliminates their ability to target you from both sides.
  7. Concentrate on the opening you can see from your corner and start taking out the numerous jets that are flooding the room. There are also standard car soldiers here, but they’re much less worrisome.
  8. Use your weapon of choice to keep slugging away at the jets. With some luck, they’ll only hit you from one side and you won’t take too much damage before you kill each one. Using the photon rifle, it only takes two or three bursts to kill each one.
  9. Mop up the cars when you finish with the jets. It’ll be easier and you can use the uneven terrain for cover. When you’ve killed them all, you wind up back in a jail cell.
  10. You’ll eventually see a marker on one of the cell walls. Go to it and hit X and you’ll escape into the hallway. Go ahead to the intersection, where you’ll find a gun. Grenades are ahead to the left.
  11. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Facing down the hall from your cell, go straight through the intersection once you have a gun. Look in the last cell on the right – the symbol is right in the middle of the room.

To the Dungeons

  1. Head to the map marker. Snag the EMP shotgun on the way to the door, on the left wall. Then open it and deal with the Decepticons on the other side.
  2. Once you’ve cleared the room, you’ll be notified of reinforcements on their way to you. You’ll have to deal with three total waves of enemies, entering by different sets of doors. The first set is to the left from where you entered. Look for doors glowing green to indicate where enemies will be coming from.
  3. The first wave is a standard set of troops. Use the room’s geography to keep cover between them and you and pick good shots. If you need supplies, cut into the halls that the Decepticons just entered from, where you’ll find Energon, weapons and ammo.
  4. The second wave contains regular troops and a Brute. Murder the minions and use your EMP shotgun on the Brute’s back to drop him in two shots.
  5. For the final wave, you’ll get a few regular soldiers, a Brute, and a turret-carrying trooper. Kill the little guys first, keep cover between you and that turret, and knock down the Brute with your shotgun. Then throw everything you have at that turret trooper to kill him.
  6. NOTE: If you’re playing as Optimus, use his Battle Cry ability with RB. It boosts your whole team and makes your armor and weapons stronger.
  7. Grab that turret and go to the marked wall. Destroy it with X and enter the room beyond, where there’s a fast-moving stream that will drag you into a set of grinders: which means instant death.
  8. If you can fight your way to the other side of the stream (it’s not that hard, just use single jumps to keep you out of the water), your reward is an Overshield and an Energon repair ray, through the grate to the left.
  9. Head up the ramp. At the top, check the left for grenades and grab ammo as you pass it, then open the door at the map marker.
  10. You’ll find Air Raid inside, but you have to fight some Decepticon Cloakers. Watch for their glowing plasma cannons.
  11. Kill them and go through the door into the tunnels. You’ll face spiders on the way in, but they’re not so bad. At the end, resupply and hit the button.
  12. Now you’ll fight Cloakers all the way back out to Air Raid. Be careful, they can be devastating with those plasma cannons at close quarters.
  13. In the second tunnel, you’ll deal with Cloakers and spiders in tandem, but fewer of each. Fight your way to the switch, where you’ll find Energon and other supplies.
  14. Free Air Raid and return to his holding area. He’ll activate an elevator for you to board, so follow him.

Prison Command Room

  1. Go to the map marker and open the door. You have a big fight on your hands in the next room – turn left.
  2. Use the terminals along the walls for cover and take down the several Decepticon assault rifle troops. When they’re dead, advance into the larger portion of the room.
  3. A Brute busts in here and you have to deal with it in a relatively confined space. Get it distracted and lay into its back to take it out. There’s Energon and ammo in the corner just to the right of the hall where you entered if you need it.
  4. Activate the control to open all the Autobot cells. Exit the room and stick with the fleeing prisoners as they fight through the Decepticons. Keep an eye out for pickups on the way to help you resupply.
  5. Keep pushing forward or the Decepticons will continue to respawn. In the last room, a Brute will crash through the door you need to use. Kill it and advance forward.
  6. Stay behind cover as a group of jets attack you in the hangar. They shouldn’t be tough to take out if you act fast and try to keep your head down.
  7. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: When you enter the hangar, head to the left and look through the windows out at the drop ships there. The ship to the left of the one that just departed has the symbol on its wing.
  8. Laserbeak: Turn around and look at the entrance to the hangar. Above the door is a piece of metal that juts out. On the left side of that, you’ll see the Laserbeak bouncing around. Blast it.
  9. Go to the map marker. You’ll eventually come to a wall crawler. Activate it, then jump on a turret.
  10. Use the turret to tear into the enemy wall crawlers. Attack their turrets, located at about nipple height on the crawler: in the middle. When you’ve knocked out yours, turn your attention to one of the others.
  11. After enemy crawlers, a few jets will come your way. You can shoot at them or just stay under cover. Eventually you’ll just get too low for them to follow.

The Final Approach

  1. You exit into a large room with honeycomb floors. In the distance, a Decepticon behind a force field is whipping missiles your way. They can destroy the floor.
  2. NOTE: If you decide you’re not in a hurry, go to the right of the Decepticon missile trooper’s platform to find an Overshield. You can also get on his platform to find some sniper weapons and ammo.
  3. It’s possible to drive past this first guy. In the next room is a pair of missile troopers. Get behind the column just to the left and snipe at them if you have the hardware. You can kill both pretty easy and avoid damage.
  4. Advance onto the platform ahead. Again, if you have sniper weaponry, just plug the missile trooper from here.
  5. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Standing on the platform, look a little to the right. The symbol is in the distance. If facing straight ahead off the platform is north, the symbol would be directly northeast from you.
  6. Keep moving. Decepticon drivers are now heading your way, and won’t stop coming. Advance to where you see a small enemy bunker. Clear it and you can take the supplies inside.
  7. You can start just flooring it. Dodge the holes in the floor and make for the map marker. Round the corner and go up the ramp toward the next one.
  8. Directly in front of you, a wall crawler falls through the floor. You can stop and kill the Decepticons on it and take supplies from inside it.
  9. Laserbeak: Standing with the wall crawler to your left and looking forward into the next room, you should see a large column rising into the air. On top of it, in the center, is the Laserbeak. It’s hard to identify from this distance, but look for an irregular silhouette on top of the column. Shoot it and you’ll receive the “Beak Breaker” Achievement.
  10. After two more markers, you’ll make a left turn and see sniper beads start landing on you.
  11. There are two ramps on either side of a central section in front of the snipers. Drive up a ramp and then double back on the high part to get behind cover. The furthest spot away from the snipers, behind the cylinder, has a null sniper rifle.
  12. Snag the rifle and pick off both snipers and vehicles. Headshots are a one-hit kill on the snipers, but the cars will be destroyed no matter where you hit them.
  13. Head up when you’re clear. Check the white tower area at the top of the ramps for an Energon cube if you need it. Then ascend past the two purple sniper positions.
  14. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Listen for Megatron to say “You will never leave this prison alive.” You should be about to go up a ramp onto a bridge. Instead, step sideways at the bottom of the ramp and look under the bridge for the symbol, floating in the middle just beneath the structure.
  15. Across the bridge, grab all kinds of health, weapons and ammo from the staging room, then open the door to Zeta Prime’s chamber.

Boss Fight: Soundwave

  1. Soundwave is protected by a shield and you can’t damage him. Instead, focus your fire on the turrets to his left and right as they appear.
  2. Keep destroying the turrets as they pop up. Stand back and stay behind cover to minimize your damage.
  3. Also, stay back from Soundwave. He fires some kind of sonic ray that will send you flying, but its range is severely limited.
  4. Knock out the turrets enough times and Soundwave will send his little buddy Frenzy to attack you. Frenzy is really small, but hops into the air and shoots a ball of energy at you.
  5. Keep behind cover and try not to take a lot of damage. As Frenzy runs around, just keep gunning for him. Try to hit him as much as you can, as fast as you can, or Soundwave will heal him from a distance.
  6. Before long, Frenzy will go down and Soundwave will come out to heal him. When that happens, focus fire on Soundwave and hit him as hard as you can.
  7. NOTE: Soundwave may counterattack with that sonic cannon of his. If you stay back further than about 15 or 20 feet from him, however, he’ll never hit you with it. Just keep punishing him.
  8. When you’ve done some damage to Soundwave this way, he’ll call Frenzy back to him. When that happens, watch for turrets to destroy again – this time, they’ll appear at the two locations beside Soundwave and the two side walls on the left and right sides of the room.
  9. NOTE: When the turrets are destroyed, they’ll drop Energon cubes and Energon shards. Gather these – you’ll need the health and the shards make your secondary weapons available, which can be very useful in this battle.
  10. Do enough damage and Soundwave dispatches another little guy, Rumble. Repeat the process with him.
  11. Stay well back from Rumble – he’s much more formidable than Frenzy was. Up close, he can pound the ground to send shockwaves at you that will hurt badly.
  12. Try to keep something between you and the little guy to avoid his attacks. He fires high-powered single-shot bullets at you, and will occasionally charge forward and melee you. Both attacks require a line of sight on you, however, so stay clear and use cover.
  13. Pummel Rumble to put him down. When Soundwave comes out, hit him hard and fast – if you do enough damage, he’ll call back Rumble and you won’t have to fight the little bastard again.
  14. It’s turret time again. Find a good spot and start taking them out. Recharge your supplies if you need them.
  15. Soundwave now kicks out his last little helper, Laserbeak. Comparatively, Laserbeak is a pushover.
  16. Stand behind whatever cover you need and don’t let Laserbeak get a direct line of sight on you – it has a punishing laser attack. It will also do a divebomb maneuver like the jet soldiers you encounter everywhere, so steer clear of that.
  17. Laserbeak barely moves, however, so just ravage it with fire and it’ll go down really really fast. Pound Soundwave when he arrives and you’ll end the fight and the chapter.
  18. ACHIEVEMENT: “The Last Prime” Achievement is your reward for defeating Soundwave.

Chapter 8: To the Core

Omega’s Holding Cell

  1. Blow the locks off the first door and proceed through. After you get the shot of Omega Supreme in restraints, go through the left door and collect additional weaponry.
  2. Keep moving forward and check the alcove to your left for grenades. You’ll get to a series of glowing orbs – blast them when prompted.
  3. After you’re shown the map, the door right behind it opens to Decepticon soldiers. There aren’t many – pound through them and go through the door.
  4. On the other side are a few stronger soldiers, including one guy with a rocket launcher up on a ledge at the back of the room. Dodge his missiles as you get close. If you need ammo or Energon, check the back of the room under his ledge.
  5. Cut left up the ramp into a big computer room. Cloakers appear here – watch for their glowing weapons and use the terminals for cover.
  6. You’ll have to break the door locks again to continue. Right on the other side are two Decepticon assault troops, though, and you have nowhere to hide. Toss a grenade first thing and unload on them to keep your damage down.
  7. Hit the control panel to complete your objective. Next you’ll have to head to a pair of controls on either side of where Omega’s being held.
  8. Go through the door and you’ll come to a T junction. Take it left first. You’ll enter a room where a Decepticon drops down in front of you, and up a ramp to the right, two more fire missiles at you. Kill them all.
  9. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Standing in this room at the door you entered by, look to the back left corner. You’ll see a grate there – break through it to enter the room beyond. Inside to the left is the symbol, as well as an Energon repair ray and a pair of Energon shard crates.
  10. Head back up the ramp to the control and release the first restraint. Be careful when you head back down – it triggers a Cloaker attack.
  11. Continue to the other map marker. As you go, the grate wall in front of you will blow out as Decepticons attack you. Blast them both and keep moving along the hallway. You can jump through, but you’ll only reach the computer room you left earlier.
  12. Up the elevator is the switch. That opens the door into Omega Supreme’s holding cell room. Return to the T junction and go inside.

Stopped at the Gate

  1. When you enter Omega’s chamber, you’ll find it populated by several rocket launcher troops. Take cover and shoot them down. There aren’t many.
  2. Having finished that, you’ll now need to defend Omega from counterattack. Go to the map markers to activate a couple of repair sentry guns, which will blast you with Energon during the upcoming battle.
  3. The first wave of enemies is made up of standard car soldiers. They shouldn’t take much to bring down. You’ll get them in layers, however, and from both sides. You need to do your best to keep them off Ratchet.
  4. Look to the sides of the room for a way up to the center bridge. There are also weapons there for you to take.
  5. Holding off the first wave shouldn’t be too tough. Stick close to Ratchet and let the Energon sentries keep you alive.
  6. Ammo is a real problem in this fight. Try to conserve yours as best you can.
  7. After the first wave, you’ll have some time to set up defenses. Go to the map markers on the left and right of Omega Supreme and activate the doors. Inside are more weapons.
  8. Drive to the wall behind Omega and you’ll find a pathway into a hallway there. Inside, activate the control panel to turn on a hidden Energon gun. You can duck back here to heal. There are also three Overshields – take one now and save the rest for later waves.
  9. NOTE: If Ratchet takes too much punishment, he’ll go down and you’ll have to revive him. This can be tough, especially later, because Ratchet is in the middle of all the crossfire. Leave him on the ground too long, however, and he’ll die, resulting in mission failure.
  10. Snipers are your next problem. You can grab a Null Ray sniper rifle from the right side of Omega when facing him, which helps in taking them down.
  11. More soldiers come through the doors. Find a different weapon and keep hammering away. If you can get up the side ramps onto the bridge, you’ll find a turret you can rip free.
  12. This portion of the fight ends with a team of missile launcher troops, who can be really tough to fight through, and a guy carrying a turret, who appears last. Clean them out as quickly as you can and then focus everything you have on the turret guy.
  13. NOTE: When the turret trooper goes down, make note of where his turret falls – it can be a handy weapon later.
  14. You have a very brief respite here. Run over to the new map marker and activate one of the panels. That produces a turret missile launcher. Go heal up behind Omega in the secret hallway, grab a shield, and come back for that launcher.
  15. NOTE: It’s really important that you get up to the bridge and activate the control panel there. It fires up two auto defense turrets that will seriously help in the next wave.
  16. This wave is a mess – flyers, then snipers to join them, followed by more flyers. Run over and grab that first missile launcher that came out of the ground – you’ll want that.
  17. Start knocking down jets with the missiles. Wait till they are definitely not moving before you fire – you only have 10 rounds in this launcher and 10 in its counterpart at the other control panel, and you’ll want them all.
  18. The cool thing about these missiles is that they explode in a huge ball of death, knocking out multiple jets with one detonation. Kill as many as you can.
  19. When the snipers appear on top of the bridge, turn your attention to them immediately. They all seem to hone in on Ratchet and drop him, and you can’t afford to be reviving him just yet. One missile on each side should take down all of them.
  20. Mop up the last of the flyers – get the other launcher if you need it, but try to save a few shells. When most or all of the jets are down, two turret troopers show up from the back corners of the room.
  21. Take your missiles and plug one of the turret guys in the face. It’ll take several to drop him and you may have to go to a conventional weapon to finish the job. When you have, grab his turret and run to the other side of the room.
  22. Try to find the second turret trooper before he gets to Rachet and drop him with his teammate’s weapon.
  23. Get back over to Ratchet. Souped-up standard troops are filling the room, driving around in vehicle form. In addition are two more turret troopers. Find and kill them first.
  24. Grab one of the turrets from the big guys you dropped and sit tight. Clear any vehicle troopers that get near you, but what you’re waiting for are the two turret troopers that are about to appear at the back of the room.
  25. If you can keep clear of fighting for the time being, you can use your turret to make really short work of the first turret trooper that appears. Pick one door or the other and just lay into him.
  26. NOTE: Remember that you have to be on-hand to pick up Ratchet if he gets into trouble, and this can be tough. Cruise back and nab another Overshield whenever you get into trouble – it fully restores all your health.
  27. More than anything, you need to keep yourself and Ratchet alive. Take cover, hide and snipe if you need to. The other Autobots can do a lot, so long as you can keep Ratchet relatively protected. The two turret troopers will eventually meander down by Omega Supreme. They’ll attack Ratchet some, but not him exclusively, so use that opportunity to take cover and pick off targets.
  28. When you knock down the last of the soldiers, you’ll have one last adversary – a tank.

Boss Fight: Tank

  1. You’ll probably remember how to do this from the Decepticon campaign. It’s even easier here, especially with full use of dropped turrets from your enemies.
  2. Snag one of those turrets and meander behind the tank. Hit it in the back center armored panel, where the red triangle is.
  3. Just lay into it. You’ll eventually crack through the armor and reveal a glowing battery pack on the tank.
  4. Now dump ammo into the battery pack. After a short while, the tank will transform into its robot form.
  5. If you need more ammo, dump your turret and drive up to the center bridge. There you’ll find another turret you can board or pull loose.
  6. Aim at the tank bot’s chest and unload. Like with the back of the tank, you’ll eventually crack through its armor and reveal a glowing power pack.
  7. Hit the glowing spot hard enough and long enough and the robot goes down. All told, the whole thing will take maybe two minutes with this level of firepower.

Into the Core

  1. Follow the map marker down the tunnel. You’ll come to a shaft to jump down. Grab weapons and Energon from the areas around the shaft, then hop in.
  2. At the bottom, you’ll come to a spot where there are two sealed paths.
  3. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Take the left sealed path. Follow the hallway and jump over the gap that falling debris makes in your path. On the other side, you’ll eventually pass the Decepticon Symbol, right there in the open.
  4. A little further, you’ll reach an open area with Decepticon troops waiting for you. Take them out and wait for another batch to drop in.
  5. When that happens, check the platforms on either side of the Dark Energon crystals. Up there are two rocket launcher troopers. Snipe them or otherwise handle them first, then concentrate on the soldiers.
  6. You’ll get another batch of regular troops and another couple missile guys on the platforms next. Kill all of them and get behind cover.
  7. After all the regular soldiers, an Overshielded Decepticon drops in to attack you. Headshots will bring him and his shield down most quickly.
  8. Finishing the first Overshielded guy brings on two more. A grenade is handy for knocking out their shields quickly. When they’re both dead, the way forward will be opened – head through.
  9. Clear the way forward through the corruption. You’ll have to drop down another long shaft.
  10. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Immediately at the bottom, check for the nearest wall – possibly right in front of or right behind where you just landed. You should see a grate. Cut through it to find the Decepticon Symbol and Overshields in a small nook.

Cybertron Slugs

  1. After the cutscene, you’ll find yourself on a turret. Your job is basically to look for Decepticons and mow them down. Ignore the ones on the street in front of you – instead, look for guys above you, both in front and to the sides.
  2. The first things you’ll see are enemy jets. Lay into them quickly, then, as you move forward, watch for missile troops above entrances and to your right.
  3. You only have to survive moving forward, so watch for enemy bullet trails and follow them back to the guns firing them. Before long you’ll get past all the troops and stop at a corner.
  4. Right after seeing the corrupted worm, watch in the direction it was going for more enemy jets.
  5. The corrupted worm shows up next. It will spit spiky, explosive orbs at you and your team. Shoot the orbs down.
  6. After you’ve destroyed about a dozen of those over two spitting sessions, more enemy jets will appear. Shoot them down quickly.
  7. Next, the worm will spit explosives while you fight jets. Make the spiky orbs the priority. When they’re all gone, finish the jets. The worm will leave and you’ll move forward.
  8. Ahead is a bridge with a huge Destroyer Decepticon on it (the same guys who turn into tanks). Don’t even bother to fire at him – instead, look under the bridge beside the left and right walls for two cylindrical columns. Shoot those and the bridge gives way.
  9. Now look for Decepticons around the level of those two bridge supports, about at your level, along the walls. There are a few set up to shoot you from the sides as you move forward. Blast them.
  10. Turn your attention to the wall ahead of you. There are two missile launcher Decepticons behind force fields. Ignore them. Instead, look below them for standard troops running back and forth. In between them are exploding barrels. Shoot those to take out all the soldiers.
  11. You should sneak under the wall position without incident now. Ahead, shoot the Decepticons in the corners.
  12. The corrupted worm appears again. Shoot down its spiky orbs and you’ll charge it. In the next room, you can mow down fleeing Decepticons, but eventually you’ll wind up falling through the floor.

Energon Floodgates

  1. When you wake up, grab the Energon cube if you need it and follow the corridor. You’ll come to a switch – hit it and go through the gate, then wait for Ironhide to lower the second gate and jump down.
  2. You’ll encounter some spiders as soon as you meet up with Ironhide, but not many. After that, follow Ironhide until you come to a gap you can’t cross. Warpath will extend a bridge – look up for some Dark Energon spouts you can shoot to clear the way.
  3. Cross to the other side and grab Energon if you need it. To the left, more spiders will attack you. Fight through them and get more health if you need it.
  4. Following right after the spiders is a squad of Decepticons. Well-placed grenades can do some serious damage here, if you have them. Throw them at the enemies as they bottleneck themselves at the Dark Energon crystals.
  5. The attackers quickly become overwhelming as spiders and jets join the fray. Prioritize targets as best you can – jets first, missile launcher guys second, everything else third. Stay back and snipe if possible.
  6. When you stop the attack, go down to where the Decepticons attacked from and head right. Grab the Energon if you need it and find a path around to the back of the gates blocking your team’s path. Hit the button to clear the way.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: Just ahead, you’ll see a slug on the path across from you, with a Decepticon Destroyer approaching it from the right. Look up to the ceiling above the Destroyer – there’s a big stalactite there, with pink around its base. Shoot the pink part when the Destroyer steps under it and it’ll fall on him, killing him and saving the slug. You’ll snag the “Slugfest” Achievement for your help.
  8. Ahead, enter the lift and hit the button.

Sea of Corruption

  1. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Get out of the lift and drive down the path until it bends left. You’ll see a turbine on the wall in front of you. Stop here and go right, to where there’s a large pool of Energon. Climb out onto the rocks until you can see the Decepticon Symbol on the third, highest rock.
  2. Continue on the path until it ends. You’ll have a pool of Energon ahead of you – look up for a stalactite to shoot down and make a path. Grab Energon and ammo on this first square platform.
  3. NOTE: You can make a stalactite path to the right to grab a couple of crates of Energon shards if you need to.
  4. Keep going toward the map marker by jumping off the portion of the platform that looks like a ramp, onto the next squarish platform. A stalactite will drop in front of you.
  5. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: The map marker tells you to head left. Ignore it and walk toward this platform’s ramp. Jump across to the platform beyond it and look for a stalactite to shoot to the right. Cross the pool on the stalactite platforms to get to the rocks on the far side. Around behind them is the symbol.
  6. Shoot the stalactite in front of the map marker to cross to the core entrance. Hit the button in front of it and open the way inside. As you enter, look for weapons on the sides of the path.

Boss Fight: Corrupted Worm

  1. The boss is almost too close for you to really see how to avoid its attacks. To start, stay in the center and wait for the boss to scrape its claws across your platform.
  2. When it does scrape its claws, a bunch of Dark Energon crystals appear. Shoot the back three or so and make your way to the corner.
  3. Dodge between the corner and the center as the boss fires shots at you from its mouth. After a second, it’ll plunge its claws down again, detonating all those crystals. If you don’t destroy the few that are closest to you, you’ll be killed or grievously wounded by the explosion.
  4. The worm’s mouth opens after that, allowing you to target it. Blast it with everything you can manage.
  5. In response, the worm leaves momentarily, shooting balls of energy at you that spawn spiders. Kill them and get to the center.
  6. Watch out for the boss to shoot energy at you and wait for the claw again. It’ll create the crystals, which you need to blast. Dodge around until it detonates the crystals.
  7. Quickly get back to the center. The worm now fires a massive laser from its mouth, which it sweeps over the platform. It will sweep back and forth over the ground at first, so jump over it to avoid getting blasted.
  8. The boss will also swing the laser up, above head level, trying to catch you jumping by accident. Just stand still when this happens and wait for the cycle to complete or for the laser to come back to ground level.
  9. Target the mouth after the laser quits and dump your ammo into the boss. It’ll leave again , triggering another cycle that starts with spiders.
  10. Along with the spiders will come a few other things, among them Energon cubes. Grab one of the three cubes from the front of the platform and get back to the center.
  11. Dodge the claws and shots and destroy the crystals when they appear. Repeat the process until the crystals are destroyed.
  12. The laser attack will be faster and last for longer this time. Jump it when appropriate and you should be okay.
  13. After that, just shoot the boss in the mouth when the opportunity arises. It should die during this third assault.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT: Your reward for completing Chapter 8 is the “You Got the Touch” Achievement.

Chapter 9: Aerial Assault

Attack on the Relay Station

  1. There’s not much for you to do here. Turn on your boosters with LT and fly along the beam.
  2. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Fly through the circle where the metal is orange and superheated. Up ahead is a metal structure with some cables, with the path cutting around it to the left. Fly in close and look for Decepticon Symbol in the middle of the structure, among all the cables.
  3. Keep moving along the beam. Dodge the floating round mines and keep with the path as it cuts to the left. You’ll eventually come to a place where the beam is split by a relay station.
  4. Fly through the rotating beams and take on the Decepticon jets as you arrive. You can use your jet’s missiles, which lock on to targets, to make the job a little easier.

Boss Fight: Station Defender

  1. Immediately after clearing the jets, a huge robot will attack you. It’s primary attack right now is rockets, so hang back and watch for them to be tracking you. Do the barrel roll to dodge them.
  2. Shoot the red-marked weapons systems on either side of the robot and stay well back. It shouldn’t take much to destroy them both.
  3. NOTE: Look for two roundish, orange platforms hanging to the right and left of the Station Defender – those platforms contain respawning Energon cubes. Fly down and grab one if you get injured.
  4. The station dispatches jet fighters to support the Defender, which is still firing rockets like crazy. Dodge the rockets and destroy any jets that engage you.
  5. Watch out for the defender, which is now firing one of those giant, sweeping lasers. For the most part, if you stay back and to the side, you shouldn’t be troubled by it.
  6. When the laser stops, the Defender will start to recharge. Blast it when it does, but watch out for the onslaught of rockets it fires during this time.
  7. Three cycles of laser sweeps and recharges should put the Defender down. When that happens, fly into its center and activate the panel there. Then shoot the orb and step out of the way. The whole thing will explode, allowing you to enter into the station.

Coolant Chamber

  1. Fly inside. After the short cutscene, advance into the station. Grab weapons and grenades as you enter.
  2. Shoot the two red-marked energy stations as you go. Avoid stepping into any of the liquid Energon, and take note that there’s an Energon crate at the right platform, where that energy column thing is.
  3. Destroying those two targets triggers a Decepticon attack. Look out for a pair of Overshielded troopers – use the energy column’s housing as cover and take those guys down first. One will go left, the other right.
  4. After that, mop up what remains of those guys. Go to the control bubble and hit the panel there, then switch to vehicle mode and take on the Decepticon jets that come your way.
  5. NOTE: There’s Energon, weapons and an Energon shard crate in the small offshoot room in the left wall, just past the control bubble.
  6. Fly into the next room and destroy the three sentry guns there.
  7. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Before advancing, look at the left wall for a round section with a small round porthole in it. You can see the symbol through the small window. Shoot the round section and it’ll explode, giving you access to the symbol.
  8. Follow the Autobots ahead to the end of the line. Look for Decepticons lobbing missiles at you from the wall to your right. If you check the corner to your left, you’ll find an Overshield and weaponry.
  9. Kill the Autobots, then climb or fly over the wall, but hang back. Beyond are a pair of sentry guns, a bunch of missile troopers and a few jets. Stay here, somewhat behind cover, and start knocking down enemies from safety.
  10. Clear the jets and sentry guns, then set about mopping up straggling ground troops. When you’re done, approach the pump and blast the red-marked sides to shut it down.
  11. Continue toward the next map marker. You’ll see a control bubble rise out of the coolant. Land on one of the side platforms and you can blast at the Decepticon missile troopers on it from behind cover.
  12. When you’ve cleared the bubble, land and hit the button inside to descend.
  13. Unfortunately, room ahead is filled with Cloakers. Be careful to avoid shots as you move around. There are weapons on the sides of the room and an Energon crate on the floor in the left corner from the entrance. Clear the way and board the lift that opens up when you do.

Coolant Control Room

  1. When you reach the control room, you’ll see weapons boxes scattered everywhere. Crack a few open if you want to, and grab ammo too. A sniper rifle is preferable for most of this fight if you’ve got one.
  2. Switch to vehicle mode and fly up to the second level, over the door you entered from. Land in the corner and hang out.
  3. The room fills with Decepticons. First they’re the missile launcher variety – start capping them from up here to avoid taking any damage whatsoever.
  4. You’ll see Megatron speak and another wave will commence. This one includes jet soldiers, who will occasionally hover up the ramp toward you. Switch to vehicle mode and mow them down when that happens, or when they’re just flying around. Drop any ground troops in the meantime as well.
  5. When you’ve cleared that wave, you’ll hear Megatron a third time, and a Brute will enter the room, along with two guys with turrets. The Brute also can fire missiles, so be aware.
  6. There’s not much strategy to this. The turret guys are slow and there’s so much junk in this room, they have a hard time zeroing in on you. Grab Energon from any of the four corners of the room or on the bridge you’re standing on, and ammo if you need it.
  7. Concentrate fire on one of the turret guys from behind cover. When you drop him, you can use his turret on both the other turret soldier and on the Brute. Kill them both – it won’t be too hard – and activate the panel at the head of the room. Then fly through the tunnel that opens ahead.

Coolant Tunnels

  1. ACHIEVEMENT: Pour on the speed as you fly through this tunnel – if you can do it in 22 seconds, you’ll unlock the “Powerglide Perfomer” Achievement. It’s not too tough, but the tunnel is a bit windy, so you may want to fly through it once or twice. Reload the “Coolant Tunnels” checkpoint for another go.
  2. At the end of the tunnel, land with the other Autobots right at the end and head left for an Overshield. Advance to the right and take the elevator down.
  3. Outside, you’ll be accosted by: two Brutes, a series of snipers, and a huge Destroyer. This sounds daunting, but it isn’t. At all.
  4. Switch to jet mode, rise up above the Brutes, but stay below the floor the Destroyer is on. Swing to the left and put a column between you and the Destroyer. There – you just eliminated all threats to your safety.
  5. Now unload with missiles and guns on the Brutes to explode them. Swing around to the right, still staying lower than the floor and keeping stuff between you and the Destroyer.
  6. Fire everything you have at the Destroyer’s chest. Eventually you’ll cut through its armor, and then blow its power supply.
  7. If you still have that sniper rifle, now you can creep up the ramp, put snipers in your sites, and drop them with headshots. If not, approach cautiously in vehicle mode and kill them with overwhelming force.
  8. Decepticon reinforcements start to come through the door you’re headed toward. Fly up to the Destroyer’s platform and shoot down on them – you’ll avoid their missiles and have a clear shot.
  9. If you need Energon or weaponry, check the sniper perches for it. Drop down and head through the door. Follow the path – after you see a Decepticon drown coolant in a room above you, you’ll face two more around the corner.
  10. Keep moving. You’ll see a huge hallway where electricity is arcing across the room. Fly to the end and land just before the next room to avoid being the target of missiles.
  11. There are a ton of missile guys in this room. Hang back and snipe if you can, or use the room’s central column for cover (there’s also a minigun on it). You shouldn’t have too much trouble clearing the way, but vehicle mode is inadvisable because the missiles will lock onto you.
  12. When you’re done here, grab weapons from the center of the room and take one of the paths around the outside. You’ll come to the nerve center, the entrance to which is marked by a big conduit filled with purplish energy running along the ceiling.
  13. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Right as you enter the nerve center, look up at the conduit of energy. Fly up to it and on top is the Decepticon Symbol. If you get to the two Decepticons on turrets, you’ve gone too far.

The Nerve Center

  1. The spot with the Decepticon Symbol actually is a great place to snipe the two turret gunners from. Clear them and drop down. Head to one of the sides of the room to use the wall for cover and start knocking down enemy jet soldiers.
  2. Watch for missile launcher guys along the side walls and jet troops just floating around. Kill them all – you can even use a turret to do so, if you like.
  3. Now run to the two switches, which have map markers. There’s Energon near them if you need it.
  4. When the plasma core is revealed, blast it to start it overloading. Then return to the area near the turrets, but stay just behind them, to repel a Decepticon counterattack.
  5. You’ll deal with standard soldiers, Overshield troops, and snipers during the counterattack. The Overshield guys are the toughest to deal with, so be careful of them.
  6. Watch for the snipers and take them out fast – they’ll be up high on the left and right walls.
  7. NOTE: Fly up onto the central power conduit that runs along the ceiling and grab an Overshield.
  8. Stay back behind cover sniping, firing your minigun, or blasting away in vehicle mode. Just keep mowing down enemies. You can also use the turrets, but they leave you exposed – better to let your teammates do that.
  9. You just need to survive long enough for the plasma core to explode, which happens when it reaches 110 percent. Keeping killing enemies. You won’t have too bad a time if you stay back behind your teammates. Finally, the core blows and you wind up back outside.

Approaching Trypticon

  1. Fly along the tunnel. You’ll see a series of huge mines – shoot them in the glowing red circles to destroy them from afar. You don’t want to mess around with these things.
  2. Keep moving. Before long, you’ll be attacked by a set of enemy jets. Use missiles to lock on and destroy them. Then fly up to the platform.
  3. You’ll hear your teammates call out the presence of turrets. When that happens, fly back a little way to stay out of the turrets’ range, or below their eyeline, and take out the second wave of Decepticon jets.
  4. From there, you can land and turn your sites on the turrets. Clear all three of them before proceeding. There’s Energon and spare weaponry at the back of the platform ahead.
  5. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: At the turrets, you’ll see a glowing orange bubble, where you’re headed. Go to vehicle and head left. Fly up and look downward for a squarish structure that’s open in the front. Underneath the overhang, inside the structure, is the Decepticon Symbol.
  6. Get into a turret and fire down into the bubble, which is overrun with Cloakers. Clear them all out and go down and use the control panel.
  7. That opens the way forward. Go to vehicle and fly into the orbital gun.

Decepticon Destroyers

  1. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: As you’re flying into the Trypticon gun, you’ll approach various moving parts and see glowing pink things spinning on the ceiling. Fly low: as you enter the room that your path dead ends into, you’ll see that you can fly into a shallow trench between two platforms, with bridges running overtop of it. At the end of the trench is the chapter’s final symbol.
  2. Fly up and land on one of the platforms, toward the nearest edge, and get behind the cover there. You’re dealing with quite a battle: two Destroyer tanks, a pair of snipers to the far right and left, and two turret troopers.
  3. Grab ammo and Energon from behind the cubes where you’re standing, then turn and deal with the snipers. This should be especially easy if you have a sniper rifle; if not, fly up to the ledge, drop the sniper, and grab the weapons and ammo from the alcove there.
  4. Use what you find to kill the other sniper and start attacking the fuel cell of the nearest tank. If you get the opportunity, attack the turret guys as well. There’s Energon in these alcoves if you need it.
  5. Shoot down on the enemies and clear them out. You can kill everybody from the safety of these alcoves. Hit the tanks until they become robots; hit the robots’ chests until they die. Stay back from the ledge and nothing can touch you.
  6. After killing the turrets and turning the tanks to robots, a squad of jets will be dispatched after you. Use your vehicle mode rockets to get locks on them and take them out.
  7. Once you’ve cleared out all the enemies, fly to the map marker, through the tunnel in the center of the room.
  8. Use your jets to move quickly. You’ll come to a conduit in which you have to dodge a series of lasers – try to make for the corners, as the beams rotate toward you.
  9. Beyond that, you’ll reach the Conversion Cog. It’s bristling with turrets, all marked in red. Just unload on them, dodging their missile counterattacks.
  10. It’s not too tough to deal with these turrets. Hit them with missiles until they’re all destroyed and use the barrel roll for defense if anything comes to close to you. When the cog itself is revealed, shoot it to destroy it.
  11. Turn around and gun it for the exit.

Boss Fight: Trypticon

  1. Trypticon is easy for a boss fight. You want to target the jetpack on his back whenever he turns around.
  2. When Trypticon turns to fight you, watch out for his laser, his primary weapon. He angles it toward you, and barrel rolling isn’t enough to dodge it.
  3. Instead, make hard turns left or right and hit your boosters to get clear. You’ll have to dodge the laser twice during the first cycle.
  4. Hit the jetpack when its exposed. When Trypticon turns back around, he’ll send a salvo of missiles your way.
  5. Wait until the missiles are getting pretty close to you, so that they’re bunching all together, and barrel roll clear. You’ll dodge all of them handily. You’ll be attacked by the laser again, and then Trypticon will fire more missiles at you.
  6. Hit the jetpack and repeat the whole process until you’ve won the fight.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: Sending Trypticon back to Cybertron unlocks your “The War Within” Achievement.

Chapter 10: One Shall Stand…

The Threat Emerges

  1. To start with, you only need to follow the path to Trypticon’s crash site. Take this time to find supplies and locate Decepticon Symbols.
  2. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: From the start, look for a round sign hanging down from an archway with two robot silhouettes on it. It’s in the first archway you pass under. Turn around when you’re past it and shoot the Decepticon Symbol on the back of the sign.
  3. Drive forward to the first map marker. When you get there, the path turns left toward another map marker. Walk forward until you hit a wall of debris. A little right of center is a white cylinder – shoot that and it’ll blow a hole in the wall.
  4. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Just on the other side of the wall, look for an alcove to the right. Step up to where there’s a crate of Energon shards and look up, inside the structure, on the left wall.
  5. Continue on to the map marker and Trypticon will knock you into a crater below.
  6. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Quickly, while Trypticon is talking, face him. Look for a pile of debris right in front of him. Run to it and look around the back, right at ground level, to find the symbol.
  7. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: Spin around and look to the wall at the back of the arena. You’ll see an opening, where a plasma cannon sits on the ground. Go into the opening and turn left – the symbol is on the back wall, behind a waterfall. This opening is under the area you can reach with the ramps to the left and right.
  8. Trypticon’s primary weapons are his shoulder cannons, which are devastating. Try to find a good place to hide from them for the time being – behind the central column holding up the bridge right in front of him is a good place.
  9. After unloading on you with the shoulder guns, he fires several energy balls at you. The best way to beat these is to strafe sideways.
  10. In a few seconds, two terminals will become available at the back of the room, at the highest point. Hide from the shoulder cannons until they’re done firing, then switch to vehicle mode.
  11. Drive as fast as you can up to one of the terminals and switch it on. Then jump down to avoid fire and drive to a safe spot – up front is pretty decent.
  12. NOTE: If you need Energon – and you likely will – there are a couple of cubes, with weapons and ammo, back up by the switches. Conserve them for the moment.
  13. From a safe place, aim up at the conveyor belt you just activated. Shoot at the Energon batteries up there to set them overloading. They’ll explode near the shoulder cannon that corresponds to their side.
  14. Knock out enough batteries and you’ll destroy the cannon. When the coast is clear, drive up and activate the other switch and repeat the process.
  15. Killing the other cannon triggers a cutscene. Afterward, grab the shiny new Overshield and head up to the upper point in the back of the room. You’ll be hanging out there for the duration.
  16. Watch Trypticon’s movements. He’ll turn sideways, to one side or the other, corresponding to which side of the room you’re on. When he does, watch for which side his tail is on, and immediately boost your way to the other side in vehicle mode.
  17. The attack is Trypticon’s tail, and it ravages half the arena when it falls. It’s easy to avoid and he gives you plenty of lead time. Just make sure you’re on the correct side of the level.
  18. Dodge two tail attacks, then a series of blasts from Trypticon’s mouth. Just run sideways, facing Trypticon, or jump to avoid them. When that’s done, two red spots will appear on his chest. Target one and unload on it.
  19. After three or four attack cycles, you’ll destroy one of the red areas. Repeat the process, turning your attention to the other.
  20. NOTE: The area you’re staying in, at the top of the level, has everything you need – spare weapons, ammo, and Energon. Look around for it during the lulls when you’re strafing to avoid the energy balls.
  21. Destroy both red coils on Trypticon’s chest and he’ll destroy the area.

The Battle Continues

  1. DECEPTICON SYMBOL: While Trypticon’s talking, face him, then turn left and run to the wall. You’ll see a minigun. Stand at it and look for a hole in the wall with flames in it. Looking through the hole, you’ll see the Decepticon Symbol just beyond the wall. You’ll grab the “Grimlock, Smash!” Achievement for your efforts.
  2. Get any weapons you need and drive up the ramp to the back of the room. The first thing Trypticon will do is fire a huge salvo of missiles at you. In vehicle mode, use boost (and the RB boost if you have it) and burn across the back road to avoid getting hit by the missiles.
  3. You can immediately turn around and drive back with regular boost in the other direction. Trypticon’s next attack is to fire a beam of purple energy balls at you, which are painful but slow enough that you can strafe while running to avoid them.
  4. Next, watch for Trypticon’s tail. He raises it, simultaneously firing a bunch of missiles at you and taking aim. See which side of the level the tail is aiming at and get to the other side. Strafe to avoid the missiles.
  5. All those missiles create a bunch of Dark Energon crystals. Those, in turn, explode, damaging you. They also spawn spiders in the process.
  6. Watch for the red spot to appear in the middle of Trypticon’s back, behind his head. That’s his power source – hit that with everything you’ve got while the boss is doing his tail attack, or while strafing to avoid the purple energy blasts.
  7. Deal with the spiders quickly, get to the far left or far right, and wait for the missile attack in vehicle mode. When Trypticon fires, blast your way to the other side of the map.
  8. NOTE: Look for ammo at the side of the base of each ramp, and grab Energon from the edge of the platform by Trypticon when you need it.
  9. Dodge Trypticon’s attacks as detailed above and keep firing whenever you’re not being chased by missiles. Do enough damage to middle power source and one will appear to the left of it.
  10. Try to align yourself so that you finish dodging the missiles and wind up on the left side of the map. That way, when you strafe to avoid other attacks, you are lined up to continue firing on the boss’ vulnerable spot.
  11. Destroy the second power source and a third one shows up to the right of center on Trypticon’s back. Repeat the process, collecting any additional weapons you might need when you’ve got a second. Once you get the rhythm, it’s not too hard.
  12. When the third power source goes down, Trypticon will go into death throes.
  13. ACHIEVEMENT: As Trypticon is dying, quickly drive down and stand right in front of him. As long as you’re close to center, you should be fine. Trypticon will squash you with his hand right before he falls. You won’t die, but you will get the “First We Crack the Shell…” Achievement.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ve finished Chapter 10, so you’re awarded an Achievement: “The Harder They Fall.”
  15. ACHIEVEMENT: Depending on the difficulty level you were set on when you completed the campaign, you’ll received the “Autobot Prime” (Hard mode), “Autobot Commander” (Medium mode), or “Autobot Recruit” (Easy mode) Achievements. If you select one of the harder difficulties, you’ll get the achievements for the easier difficulties under it, as well.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: If you also finished the Decepticon Campaign, the “Till All Are One” Achievement is yours as well.

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On July 6, 2010 at 10:57 am

Thanks for making this detailed walkthrough, it really helped me finding all the symbols.

You only made two slight mistakes:
Chapter 7: the first lines of “To the dungeons” (including the 7th Decepticon symbol) were actually still in “Megatrons ambush”. I found this out after having only 24 symbols and searching “To the dungeons” thoroughly with no luck.
Chapter 9: “Coolant tunnels” 18th Decepticon symbol, you explained that when you reached the two turrets with enemies, you’ve gone too far, but in fact, the symbol is right above those turrets in that same room.

Hopefully this comment will prevent people from making the same mistake as I did, doing a checkpoint over and over for nothing. LOL


On April 27, 2011 at 2:10 pm

You know, I was going to write my own Walkthrough loosely based on the official Guide, but I found this to be a much more comprehensive guide to both the Autobot and Decepticon Transformers campaigns. Good work!!!

Yahya Habib

On November 19, 2011 at 11:10 am

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