Trials: Fusion – Hidden Squirrels Locations Guide

Discover the hidden squirrels of Trials: Fusion with the complete locations guide.

There are 20 squirrels hidden across the tracks of the futuristic downloadable racer, and unlocking them isn’t easy. Some of these are so cryptic and bizarre, they’re hard to understand even when you know what to do. Don’t sprain your brain looking, just check out the exact instructions below.

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Hidden Squirrels Locations Guide

Squirrel #1:

  • Track: Waterworks
  • Location: Get to the checkpoint right after the falling platform, then back up onto it. Slowly creep down the ladder on the back end until your back wheel is under the water, then complete the level to acquire the squirrel.

Squirrel #2:

  • Track: Observatory
  • Location: At the top of the red ramp, look for a snail warning sign in the background. Slowly drive forward until you hear a ringing noise. Back up across the flat surface at the top of the ramp, rolling down the slope and returning to the water.

Squirrel #3:

  • Track: Cliffhanger
  • Location: At the checkpoint before the last, near a rock slope and yellow barrels, roll backwards and fall onto the path in the canyon below. Don’t reset, just wait.

Squirrel #4:

  • Track: Ski or Ride
  • Location: At the first checkpoint, stop and back up before the ramp to build up speed. Bail out to send your driver into the hanging gondola.

Squirrel #5:

  • Track: Shear Pressure
  • Location: Go to the checkpoint before the last and slowly drop off the following ramp onto a closed pipe below. Land on the flat surface and it’ll explode, launching your bike into the sky. Bail out and launch your driver forward to land in an area past the finish line.

Squirrel #6:

  • Track: Skyscraper Showdown
  • Location: Just before the finish line, use the bump in the ramp to bail out and launch the driver above the exit marker.

Squirrel #7:

  • Track: Park and Ride
  • Location: Keep going until you find a “UNUG” sign next to a No-Bikes warning. Look below the UN sign — there’s a square. Bail out and dump both rider and bike into the platform with the squirrel sign.

Squirrel #8:

  • Track: Blimp My Ride
  • Location: At the start of the track, go in reverse down the ramp. Hit the red button, then drive forward to the red lights on the first ramp. Slowly approach then back away once they turn green. Finally, back up again to the last platform and drive forward. Little squirrel signs will appear — collect about 35-40 of them to earn the squirrel.

Squirrel #9:

  • Track: Road to Ruin
  • Location: At the start, there’s a checkpoint on a fallen ruins pathway with a small hole directly behind the red marker. Bail out and dump the driver into the hole without the ride going in too. Respawn then drive forward to unlock the squirrel.

Squirrel #10:

  • Track: Stormtroopers
  • Location: Jump to the first metal platform with a checkpoint. Hit the red marker then reverse back onto the metallic section, then back past the starting point and up the hill. Keep going to find another squirrel.

Squirrel #11:

  • Track: Marina Marina
  • Location: At the second checkpoint, drop down to the area below with the pyramid-shaped ramps, and back up to a raised ledge. Bail out backwards to roll the driver over the high ledge. Drop into the shrubbery to get the squirrel.

Squirrel #12:

  • Track: Base Invader
  • Location: After passing the launching jet and activating the checkpoint near the ramp that bolts upward. Start at the checkpoint and go down the metal ramp, then up and bail out to grab onto the hanging winch chain. The winch will move toward the background. Drop down so that the driver lands on the background conveyor belt, and you’ll get the squirrel.

Squirrel #13:

  • Track: Swamp Crash
  • Location: At the start, back up and nudge the tree behind the starting point to knock it down. Now continue through the track like normal without faulting. Continue until you reach a fallen log used as a ramp over a canyon below. There should be a wooden raft waiting. Crash onto it to get a squirrel.

Squirrel #14:

  • Track: Temple Trouble
  • Location: Drive forward then back up from the start to hit a panel switch behind the beginning point. Hit the second switch in plain view ahead of the next ramp. The third switch is found on a pillar on a fallen ruins ramp. Stop before making the jump to scaffolding ahead and hit the switch, then back up down the ramp to hit a fourth switch right next to the checkpoint. The fifth switch is on a pillar just past the next checkpoint. Continue through the wrecked scaffolding to a dig site with a circular door in the background. The sixth switch is on a ramp ahead. Hit it and reverse over the last switch to finally get the squirrel.

Squirrel #15:

  • Track: Rocky Road
  • Location: While driving, take note of the conveyor belt above the rocks. As you drive under it, you’ll reach rocky peaks used as ramps. On a steep rock near the raised platform, bail out and fall backwards to land on the conveyor.

Squirrel #16:

  • Track: Eco Park
  • Location: Drive to locate a single cactus hanging out underneath an angled solar panel used as a ramp. Instead of jumping to the solar panel, bail and hang onto the cactus for a few seconds. Now that funky colors and lights are appearing, complete the track perfectly to earn the squirrel.

Squirrel #17:

  • Track: Cold Storage
  • Location: At the second checkpoint, you’ll need the momentum from the first checkpoint to launch yourself up and bail out. There’s another winch wire above. Cling onto it to get the squirrel.

Squirrel #18:

  • Track: Cave Dweller
  • Location: Just as the map starts, drive out of the falling lift and bounce off a pipe. You’ll need to reach the elevator roof and back into the cave alcove behind the wreckage.

Squirrel #19:

  • Track: Covert Ops
  • Location: This one is thankfully easy. Complete the track, fall into the pit past the exit, and just wait. Don’t leave the level and a squirrel will appear.

Squirrel #20:

  • Track: Jungle Gymkhana
  • Location: This bizarre challenge requires you to find three switches and three puzzle statues. Align each in order, from top to bottom, by reaching each circular switch near a checkpoint and waiting for the correct color to appear. Top Row: Red + Blue / Middle Row: Green + Red / Bottom Row: Yellow + Blue. Finish the level and wait to unlock the last squirrel.

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