Trials Fusion: Rustlands DLC – All Squirrel Collectible Locations

The search continues for more hidden squirrel in Riders of the Rustlands DLC. Ubisoft’s Trials Fusion goes out of its way to include strange secrets, and these new collectibles won’t be easy to uncover on your own. Find them all the easy way with the instructions right here.

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All Squirrel Collectible Locations

There are three secret Squirrel collectibles hidden in the “Riders of the Rustlands” DLC.

Squirrel #1:

  • Track: Junkyard Funk
  • Location: Before reaching the 2nd checkpoint, you’ll use a large concrete pipe as a ramp then leap a large gap to land on an overturned car. Instead of continuing forward, drive partly up the ramp ahead then slide backwards and launch yourself into the container, bailing out to get inside. You’ll want to fly into the area with the hanging white light. If you do it successfully, the container door will close and the spaceship will take off.

Squirrel #2:

  • Track: Rags to Riches
  • Location: This one can be finicky. Continue along the track until you reach a checkpoint at the top of a tall ramp with a hanging wrecking ball to the left. There should be a visible next red checkpoint ahead that you won’t want to activate yet. Instead, back up and use the sharp ramp to jump toward the wrecking ball and bail out mid jump to touch it. It won’t work every time, so give it a few tries to activate the squirrel. All you have to do is bail out and touch the hanging wrecking ball.

Squirrel #3:

  • Track: Gone to Waste
  • Location: Work toward the sixth checkpoint past the corkscrew jump. There’s a small ramp ahead leading to a barrel obstacle. Instead of leaping from the ramp to the barrel, bail out to land on the balcony to the right and directly below the ramp. This is one tricky, you’ll need to launch and bail out straight down. The visible balcony isn’t your goal, you’ll want to bail on the lower platform. There’s a large black shipping crate below. If your rider lands in front of it, a cutscene will activate.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Squirrel Scavengers (10 points / Bronze):
    Find all 3 squirrels in Riders of the Rustlands.

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