Tribes: Ascend Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • Light Armor Class Guide
  • Medium Armor Class Guide
  • Heavy Armor Class Guide
  • Soldier Guide
  • Technician Guide
  • Pathfinder Guide
  • Juggernaut Guide
  • Raider Guide
  • Doombringer Guide
  • Sentinal Guide
  • Infiltrator Guide
  • Flag Punting Guide
  • Skiing and Speed Guide
  • Doombringer Guide

    1. The Doombringer is an offensive powerhouse and is mainly used for dealing damage in combat.
    2. The Doombringer’s main weapon is the Chain Gun. This is the strongest assault weapon in the game. This gun fires right where you aim it and can deal damage very quickly.
    3. The Doombringer can also use the Heavy Bolt Launcher, which is another weapon that fires in an arc. The bolts fired do explode on contact, making this an excellent weapon for long range attacks and for hitting enemies across a distance.
    4. The Saber Launcher happens to be the Doombringer’s only secondary weapon. This one will definitely take some getting used to, as there is no weapon quite like it. Essentially, you can target enemies while they are in the air. This weapon will launch a homing missile at the target that will follow it. It will explode upon contact with terrain or can be shot down before it hits your enemy, but otherwise, it won’t explode until then. A huge advantage with this weapon is the fact that it can target all vehicles (yes, even the ones on the ground!). Using this one properly in these types of contexts will definitely give you a great advantage.
    5. The Doombringer has two options for belt items: The Frag Grenade and Mines. The Flag Grenades, are, unfortunately, quite useless as they are the weakest grenades in the game. You can use them to pick off enemies that are barely clinging to life. Otherwise, you’re not going to gain any significant ground with these Frag Grenades.
    6. The Mines are much more useful than the Frag Grenades, BUT.. you have to purchase them. They are just peachy for placing strategically to pick off enemies and protect your base. In fact, this is probably one of the only two times I’d recommend ever considering using the Doombringer for defensive purposes.
    7. The Doombringer has the Force Field, which brings me to the other scenario in which you can use him for some stellar defense. The force field can be set up strategically and will damage enemies that run through it. It will also reveal stealth and help you spot those pesky Infiltrators.

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