Tribes: Ascend Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • Light Armor Class Guide
  • Medium Armor Class Guide
  • Heavy Armor Class Guide
  • Soldier Guide
  • Technician Guide
  • Pathfinder Guide
  • Juggernaut Guide
  • Raider Guide
  • Doombringer Guide
  • Sentinal Guide
  • Infiltrator Guide
  • Flag Punting Guide
  • Skiing and Speed Guide
  • Light Armor Class Guide

    1. The four armor types associated with light armor are the Pathfinder, the Sentinal, the Infiltrator, and the Jumper.
    2. Pathfinders: Great speed and acceleration. Decent control. The weakest aspect is is durability.
    3. The Nitro Ammo talent is one of the most important talents this class possesses- it is the ability that you are going to use to knock the flags out of your opponents hands. To use this ability, you throw it like a grenade.
    4. The health regeneration talent is fairly self explanatory- the rate at which you regenerate health goes up in correspondence to the particular talent.
    5. The other talents related to this class include upgrades in the spinfuser and shotgun ammo abilities.
    6. Please note that the strategic order in which you purchase talents is very important.
    7. The Sentinal is the second class of light armor options. The sentinel’s biggest strength is the range. Decent stats include speed. The sentinel’s biggest weakness is, again, durability.

    8. The sentinel should mainly be used for strong defensive stops, as well as its sniping abilities.
    9. Talents include upgrades to the Drop Jammer (the sentinel’s main weapon) radius. You can also upgrade the Drop Jammer’s health. In addition, you are able to make upgrades to the Nova Blaster, as well as basic stats like energy and speed.
    10. A very important ability to take note of is the Wheel Deal. This one will enable you to get around the map much more easily.
    11. The sentinel is able to make upgrades to his Claymore related abilities. Again, the order in which you purchase the talents does matter and impact gameplay strategically.
    12. The Infiltrator has stealth capabilities, including sticky grenades and a stealth pack that allows him to go invisible.
    13. The Infiltrator displays good speed and decent control. Again, its weakest point is going to be durability.. seeing how this IS the light armor class :].
    14. The infiltrator is fairly difficult to use and takes some practice. Once mastered, this branch of the light armor class will really help you with your attacks.
    15. You can upgrade your Rhino, your Sticky Grenade efficiency (including damage and radius). Of course, some of the most important upgrades include the stealth talents that the infiltrator is able to learn.
    16. The infiltrator’s range of attack is medium.
    17. The Jumper uses the Bolt Launcher and a Sawed Off Shotgun as his main weapons. Strengths include acceleration and control. The weakness- you guessed it, durability!
    18. The Jumper closes distances extremely quickly. As the name implies, he jumps high up and fast. Although his speed is average, the acceleration for Jumpers is exceptional.
    19. Talents include upgrades to the jump pack (including energy cost efficiency and potency). A very key ability of this class is the Safe Fall ability, which greatly reduces the damage you take when you land after a high jump. You will also be able to make upgrades to your bolt launcher. Other than that, you will have the usual universal abilities (along the lines of health regeneration, etc).

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