Tribes: Ascend Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • Light Armor Class Guide
  • Medium Armor Class Guide
  • Heavy Armor Class Guide
  • Soldier Guide
  • Technician Guide
  • Pathfinder Guide
  • Juggernaut Guide
  • Raider Guide
  • Doombringer Guide
  • Sentinal Guide
  • Infiltrator Guide
  • Flag Punting Guide
  • Skiing and Speed Guide
  • Medium Armor Class Guide

    1. The four medium armor categories include the Technician, the Raider, the Soldier, and the Scrambler.
    2. The Technician is primarily used for support type defensive purposes.
    3. A lot of the Technician’s abilities involve upgrades to his turrets. You will also be able to upgrade your grenade ammo with a few of the abilities. Once again, the order in which the talents are purchased will be important depending on how you utilize your characters.
    4. The Raider sports a pretty nice grenade launcher. Strengths include speed and durability.
    5. In terms of abilities, you will be able to upgrade your MJ4 weapon in several ways. You will also be able to upgrade aspects of your grenade launcher such as blast radius and clip size.
    6. The Soldier is weak against anti-armor. Most of the soldier’s stats are pretty average. Consequently, the soldiers are fairly basic and easy to use.
    7. The soldiers are an all around type and can be used for attack and defense equally.
    8. The biggest ability to take note of is the Bounty Hunter ability. It costs a LOT (a whopping 14,000), but it will make you pick up a lot more points after each battle if you make the investment, making other abilities much easier to get. Other than that, the upgradable abilities are fairly standard and across the board, increasing stats like speed and health regeneration.
    9. The Scrambler has an ARX Buster, a Sparrow, a Jammer Pack, and a Whiteout Grenade.
    10. The scrambler’s biggest strength is durability. He is also able to reveal to you stealth hostiles, which will prove to be very important in the game.
    11. You will be able to upgrade whiteout radius and duration, increase ammo capacity for the ARX Buster, range for your Jammer, and of course, the typical health regeneration talents.
    12. The Ranger is fairly flexible in terms of combat contexts and is very damaging in close range combat (although his range is decent overall).
    13. You will be able to upgrade speed, ski control, and the typical stats at first. Later on, you will be able to increase Thumper ammo capacity, grenade logistics, and health regeneration.

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