Tribes: Ascend Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • Light Armor Class Guide
  • Medium Armor Class Guide
  • Heavy Armor Class Guide
  • Soldier Guide
  • Technician Guide
  • Pathfinder Guide
  • Juggernaut Guide
  • Raider Guide
  • Doombringer Guide
  • Sentinal Guide
  • Infiltrator Guide
  • Flag Punting Guide
  • Skiing and Speed Guide
  • Soldier Guide

    1. The soldier is the most basic and easy to use class in the game.
    2. The soldier is also versatile and does not specialize in a specific task. He can be used for base attack and defense, attacking within fields, etc etc. Because of this, the Soldier is also very good in switching in between different roles on the fly.
    3. The Soldier’s first weapon is the Assault Rifle. This is a good overall weapon to use when you are outside but is fairly basic in its functionality.
    4. The Spinfusor, the Soldier’s second weapon, follows one strong bullet in a straight line in front of where you are aiming it.
    5. The PumperDX is the Soldier’s next weapon and it fires grenades. This weapon is best used in close range combat and when in close proximity indoors.
    6. You can purchase the Eagle Piston for the Soldier as well, an additional gun that is great for finishing enemies off when their health is low.
    7. The Soldier has three possible items that he can wear on his belt. They are the Frag Grenade XL, the Proximity Grenade, and the Anti-Personnel Grenade.
    8. The Frag Grenade deals a small amount of damage for a grenade but makes up for it by having a higher attack radius.
    9. The Anti Personnel Grenade is essentially the opposite of the Frag Grenade- greater damage but a smaller attack radius.
    10. The Proximity Grenade, as the name might suggest, detonates based off of how close it is to the enemy. If you throw it far away from an enemy, it will take longer to blow up. Inversely, if you throw it close to an enemy, it will explode almost immediately.
    11. Grenades are good for using in close quarters and when indoors.
    12. Lastly, the Soldier has an Energy Pack and a Utility Pack that are both upgradable.

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