Tribes: Ascend Game Guide

Table of Contents

  • Light Armor Class Guide
  • Medium Armor Class Guide
  • Heavy Armor Class Guide
  • Soldier Guide
  • Technician Guide
  • Pathfinder Guide
  • Juggernaut Guide
  • Raider Guide
  • Doombringer Guide
  • Sentinal Guide
  • Infiltrator Guide
  • Flag Punting Guide
  • Skiing and Speed Guide
  • Technician Guide

    1. The Technician is used for Base Defense.
    2. The Technicians first weapon is the TCN4 SMG. This SMG is definitely an outdoor weapon with a good firing rate and a 32 bullet per clip limit.
    3. The Thumper fires an explosive grenade and is, like most grenade weapons, best used indoors.
    4. The Improved Repair Tool repairs things much more quickly than regular repair tools.
    5. You can also purchase the Sawed off Shotgun for the Technician. This weapon fires multiple shots consecutively and is good for close range combat. Since the Technician should almost exclusively be used for base defense, this is a great addition to the Technician’s arsenal.
    6. The Sparrow is a pistol that is slightly weaker than that of the Soldier. Otherwise, it works in the exact same way- good overall weapon and strong in field combat.
    7. The Technician has two possibilities for belt items. The first of these is the Technician Grenade, which you probably won’t find yourself using too often since it is weaker than most other grenades.
    8. The second belt item is the Motion Sensor. The Motion Sensor isn’t used to deal any heavy damage but is great for exposing stealth. Again, a great tool for defending your base. Plant them around corners if you sense an attack coming!
    9. The Technicians also sport Light Turrets. These are extremely handy when it comes to- you guessed it- setting traps to defend your base.

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