Trine 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Story Begins
  • Forlorn Wilderness
  • Mudwater Vale
  • Moonlight Marsh
  • Petrified Tree
  • Shadowed Hills
  • Hushing Grove
  • Mushroom Caves
  • Mushroom Murk
  • Searock Castle
  • Eldritch Passages
  • Icewarden Keep
  • The Final Chapter
  • Searock Castle

    Searock Castle

    1. Move to the right. Get the hang of jumping in water, you’ll be doing it quite a bit. Leap from coconut to coconut to cross the next gap, and then you’ll meet a crab. You can’t kill it, but jumping on it will put it down for a little while. Drop off the edge to your right and take up residence on the coconut. Let the crab hit the switch to extend the platform above, and quickly jump across. Use the low ledge you see next to wait for the swinging spikes to swing past, then run along the platforms and jump to the far side before it catches you. Drop a crate on the blue switch, then jump on the platform. Drop another crate against the wall, and be ready to hustle, as the flame will destroy the crate, dropping the platform quite quickly.
    2. The next fight is rough and may make you wish you’d switched to easy mode. There is a flaming berserker, an armored goblin, and a few others to make things difficult. Stay on the defensive to triumph, then pull the switch to move on. Drop down in the next section to play with some pipes. Use the triple valve and then a curve pipe to aim some air at the dropping platform. Get to it and hover in the air until the rotating platforms come around for you to reach the next ledge. As you move along, expect to drop from the next bridge into the water. Come out on the right side and use the grapple to ascend and kill the fire berserker to get a chest. Then keep moving right, dealing with a few more goblins on the way. Use the grapple to stay near the top, it’s much simpler. At the fire wheel, move an exploding barrel across to the small place for it on the right and then blow it up. Place two more barrels on the struts, and jump from the one on the left to the one on the right, grappling it to get through the gap, avoiding the flame.
    3. Head to the right, pull the lever and go for a ride. At the bottom, swim under the first outcropping, then surface to go back to the surface on the right. Hop up and pull a coconut down. Hop onto it and throw a hammer to release the boulder overhead. Follow the boulder down, pop up for air, and continue along the bottom, avoiding the eels. When you pop up again, look for the swinging platform. Jump off to the left for a collectible, and to the right to keep going. Use a plank to block the fire spitter on the far right, then negotiate the platforms while avoiding the fire from the other two. Easier than it looks. The booby trap section to follow is a pain, and I found it easier to just keep jumping that figure out the patterns.
    4. Move to the right and a cage door will open for you. The lovely big bridge you come to next will collapse under you, bringing on a wave of goblins. Put them down and then move to the right. Use the hammer to open up the path. Head up and to the left for another continue point and a switch. Blow up the exploding barrels to the left to clear the path, take out the goblin, and then use crates to get up on the platform. Destory the goblin who pops up and then wreck the crate jamming the gear. Pull the switch and move on. Use two planks to block the fire breathers on the right and left sides of the next section, and then hop up and use the knight to clear the barrier. Stack crates on the third crab to reach the next ledge, and then jump across the octopus platforms to reach the next section. Head right and then jump up to the next ledge, break through a barrier, and enter the castle.
    5. The painting will shake and a big wave of goblins will attack, mostly normal, but with an archer above, an armored guy, and a fire berserker to keep things interesting. Head over the fallen bookcase on the right when you’re done. Use the wizard to move the fire cannon out of the way, then use a fire barrel to block the gears when the rotating platform is flat. Then use a crate and a plank to cross the remaining gap. In the next section, use the grapple to pull the wood platform down, then put a crate on it. Jump onto the platform it extended, move all the way to the very left edge of it, and pull down the platform above with the levitate power. Jump on it and let it carry you up, burst the water bulb, and then adjust the platform so it waters the seed. Climb the pods it grows to reach the next area, move to the right, fall down off the dropping platform, and now you’re in the lair of the king!
    6. His attack is the same as the bonecrusher, only his weapon is on fire. There’s only one place where his weapon will be trapped, and it’s all the way to the left. Take out the annoying extra goblins as fast as you can, and remember, the weapon doesn’t hurt when it’s swinging down, just when it hits, so keep jumping at him until you get over him to safety, and whale on him. That’s all there is to it!
    7. Once the battle is won, head through the hole that opens and read the secret note that falls. The Trine will show up, break open a hole for you to drop into and the level is over.

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    4 Comments on Trine 2 Walkthrough

    Hans Bauer

    On January 9, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    I have enjoyed this as well as the previous one of Trine
    I found the second one too short and I miss some of special effects from Trine 1
    Keep on making games like this and I will buy them
    There are not too many games for the Mac platform


    On January 25, 2012 at 9:52 am

    It was a very nice quick enjoyable game with awesome level design.


    On February 15, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    This is a very nice game..i hope there is another part of the story were the heroes start a new journey and adventures.


    On March 12, 2012 at 10:23 am

    How can i do this on single player -___-”