Trine 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Story Begins
  • Forlorn Wilderness
  • Mudwater Vale
  • Moonlight Marsh
  • Petrified Tree
  • Shadowed Hills
  • Hushing Grove
  • Mushroom Caves
  • Mushroom Murk
  • Searock Castle
  • Eldritch Passages
  • Icewarden Keep
  • The Final Chapter
  • Forlorn Wilderness

    Forlorn Wilderness

    1. Use the grapple to reach the orb up and to your left. Then use it to proceed, staying up high. When you reach the first obstacle, bring down the log to proceed. Use the knight to break apart the wood surrounding the orb beneath where the log was. Shoot the flower immediately above to drop another orb. Next you find your first true puzzle. Grapple the right side of the log to bring water down, creating a mushroom. Then use levitation to move the catching leaf to grow the second shroom. Gather the orbs, then return the spilling water to the right, and drop a crate on the tipped log to grow more shrooms. There is a hidden orb in some debris on the right, then move up. Around now you should hit 50 orbs and be able to upgrade a power! Remember, you can change your upgrades on the fly as often as you like without penalty, so use them to fit the appropriate situation as much as you want.
    2. In the next chamber you’ll see a rock drop, then jump across and drop your own rock to proceed. Use the hammer to clear the path, grab the orb that drops, and stay as the knight to take on the goblins who face you next. Once they’re gone, use the thief to grab the orbs up above.
    3. Next, conjur a crate to raise yourself up on the platform, then jump across to the bridge to move on. Stand at the very edge of the bridge and levitate the wooden crate to yourself. Build a stack of four crates to reach a very large orb. Conjur another box to your right to block the plant’s fireballs. Move past it then above it to get two more orbs and crush it. Keep going all the way to the right on the bottom for a couple of orbs and a goblin or two. Head back up to the right, riding the swinging rocks, moving to the right to match their pace when you’re on them. A pack of goblins will attack then, and you’ll need a ranged attack for the archer and the knight for the footsoldiers. Blocking will be essential.
    4. There’s another fire plant on the other side, so block it, and then levitate and drop the crate you see above. Bash open the wall to the right, then again. Use a crate to block the fire plants, and use the knight’s block to get past. Use the switch and right about now you should be getting another upgrade! Proceed back the way you came, go up, avoid the boulder, kill the goblin, and then follow the boulder’s path for some loot. Jump over it to proceed. Jump up and grapple the swinging log to reach the leaf above you, then use the bubbles to ascend. Conjur a crate to reach the highest orb, then look for a treasure chest on your right. Collectible!
    5. Use crate and levitate the half log to create a “slide” for the water, then use the grapple to pour it on the left side, onto the plant and that will clear your path! Next you’ll see something scary that is certainly coming up again soon. Kill two goblins and do some shroom jumping to proceed. Then you’ll find a clever little puzzle. Let the log beneath you go, then throw the lever so that the log gets pinched in the lower platform. By the time you reach it, it will bounce back a little and you can leap off it to move up and to the right. If you blow it, levitate the log back up and keep it in place with a little crate until you’re ready.
    6. Shove the block off the edge to kill the goblin, then prepare to kill a couple more. The big block plus a crate will let you move up and over, where there will be an archer waiting. Drop a crate in between the fire plants, climb up and get ready for a posse of goblins. The final one, an archer, is in hiding, so hit him with an arrow. Then conjur a crate to climb up and over. In the next section, drop a crate before the lowest plant, jump up and over it for shelter, then keep going. Use your knight to kill the archer, then use a crate to get up to the left for your loot.
    7. Use levitate to fix the pipe to reach the next section, and use the power of the air to retrieve the orbs. Finally you will reach the snake temple. Boss fight? Boss fight. Whlie the attacks are impressive and the goblins will keep coming, the offense is deceptively simple. There are three wooden platforms in the air between you and him. Destroy them. If you dodge, he’ll take out the one above you eventually, but you can drop crates on the other two and be done in no time. If you’re fast, you don’t even have to get in harms way. First big bad down!

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    4 Comments on Trine 2 Walkthrough

    Hans Bauer

    On January 9, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    I have enjoyed this as well as the previous one of Trine
    I found the second one too short and I miss some of special effects from Trine 1
    Keep on making games like this and I will buy them
    There are not too many games for the Mac platform


    On January 25, 2012 at 9:52 am

    It was a very nice quick enjoyable game with awesome level design.


    On February 15, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    This is a very nice game..i hope there is another part of the story were the heroes start a new journey and adventures.


    On March 12, 2012 at 10:23 am

    How can i do this on single player -___-”