Trine 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Story Begins
  • Forlorn Wilderness
  • Mudwater Vale
  • Moonlight Marsh
  • Petrified Tree
  • Shadowed Hills
  • Hushing Grove
  • Mushroom Caves
  • Mushroom Murk
  • Searock Castle
  • Eldritch Passages
  • Icewarden Keep
  • The Final Chapter
  • Petrified Tree

    Petrified Tree

    1. Move to the right, break through the barrier with the knight, and then move through the lab. Use a bubble to get up and over. In the next room, use levitate to move the boulder through the mirror and onto the button to move on. Through the door you will be attacked by a giant spider, so have the knight ready, AND be ready to defend. Move on, float up on a bubble, and hit the button in front of the pipe to move the gate in front of you. Bring both crates in front of the gate, and use them to jump up and onto it when it rotates, so you can get onto the other side.
    2. Next you’ll learn to play with portals for real. Use the two switches to manipulate them, and if you fall, use the wind pipe to blow yourself back up to the main level. The more you drop through portals, the more momentum you build, so it’s easy to pop up over the railing on the far side. Conjur a crate to open the gate button and then go up and over. Hey, you didn’t miss those goblins, did you? Because I think they missed you. Another wave of several big guys and several archers is next. Then use the shield to get past the fire wheel that comes up next.
    3. Use the next series of portals to channel the flame into the cauldron, then ride the bubble to the top. If you drop down and go to the right instead, you’ll see the secret chest. Use the shield to get past the flames on the next section, head all the way to the right, then use levitate to adjust the right flame cannon. Then you’ll have to use the open spaces to adjust the switch. You’ll need to move it, run, run back, and keep moving it. Fortunately it rolls back slowly, but it’ll take a couple fo pulls. Through the door is another open section with lots of goblins. Use the hammer to clear the barrier up top to move on.
    4. You’ll head through a library and then run into a spider. Toast it, then move up. Look for another spider to attack from above. Then leap across the dropping platforms, then use the grapple to lower yourself safely past the next shooting plant. In the next section, move the portal so it absorbs the flame, allowing you to safely ascend on the bubble. Use the ascending and descending platforms to get up, go under the gate, throw the switch, and through the door. Now you’re at the end of hte level and OH MY GOD!

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    4 Comments on Trine 2 Walkthrough

    Hans Bauer

    On January 9, 2012 at 3:40 pm

    I have enjoyed this as well as the previous one of Trine
    I found the second one too short and I miss some of special effects from Trine 1
    Keep on making games like this and I will buy them
    There are not too many games for the Mac platform


    On January 25, 2012 at 9:52 am

    It was a very nice quick enjoyable game with awesome level design.


    On February 15, 2012 at 6:36 pm

    This is a very nice game..i hope there is another part of the story were the heroes start a new journey and adventures.


    On March 12, 2012 at 10:23 am

    How can i do this on single player -___-”